Friday, February 28, 2014

Random Thoughts - Thirty Three

Democrats enjoy claiming that Republicans are racist because they want photo ids for voting. Let's examine some history:
     Republicans freed the slaves.
     Democrats started and populated the KKK.
     Republicans passed the Voting Rights Act.
     Democrats fought the passing of the Voting Rights Act.
     Republicans support school choice.
     Democrats are against school choice.
OK, I think that I now understand who the racists are.

Harry Reid claims that anyone that has a story that they have lost care or had their premiums go up under Obamacare is a liar. Harry has just called an awful lot of good American citizens liars. Does anyone believe poor old Harry? Of course not. We all know, he is a liar.

Good old wacky Uncle Joe Biden. At an NAACP meeting, he announced that he is a "white boy" but he can still jump. I would like to make three points. I would hate to hang by my thumbs since he was a boy. At his age, if he jumped, he would break his hip. Finally, if a Republican had said that, they would have thrown him out and he would be called a racist in every newspaper in the country.

I didn't intend to write on racism so much but it is the big topic this week. Representative James Clyburn the Democrat from South Carolina has claimed that expecting a black candidate to get fifty percent of the vote plus one, is racist. What is he expecting? Maybe like T-Ball. You get a trophy if you just show up. 

It must be a full moon this week or something. Harry Reid did it again. He accused the Koch brothers of trying to buy the country. That is impossible since the Democrats have already sold it to George Soros.

I am tired of cold weather and I am in sore need of watching a Red Sox game. I know that nobody cares. I just had to say it. And, once again, it is snowing.

Russia gave each of it's Olympic gold medalists a new Mercedes. America wants to tax our gold medalists ten thousand dollars each. I think that says something. I think it says, we have too much government and it really doesn't care about anything but itself. Pride in country? Forget it.

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