Saturday, October 29, 2016

Random Thoughts - Eighty-Eight

I am really concerned about education in our country. I see young people interviewed on the news and they are sadly lacking. We are fortunate. we live in the suburbs where parents are concerned and take part. We have decent schools. Unfortunately, the cities, especially the inner cities seldom have that advantage. But there are still kids there who want to learn. Who know that a good education is their way out. The cure is available with magnet schools and school choice. The only reason that it is generally unavailable is liberal politician subservience to the teachers unions. We need to stop sacrificing the children.

I love the Sandals commercials. Beautiful island. Beautiful water. Beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes. Everyone dances like a dance instructor. Everyone plays tennis and golf like a pro. I ain't going there. I'm looking for a commercial with plain folks with beer bellies and muffin tops who trip on the dance floor and muff every other shot. I'd go there because I would be among my own.

Director Comey is trying to resurrect his reputation with the help of Anthony Wiener. He may be doing the right thing, but his reputation is gone, never to be recovered. My advice, clean up this mess and go.

I realize that I have been doing a lot of "Random Thoughts". My readers seem to enjoy them and I enjoy writing them. With the ugliness of the political scene, it allows me to make some serious points and still add some lightness. It's just fun for me.

I have to finish this today. Tomorrow is Patriots football. A second crack at the Bills but with Brady. This is going to be good.

As they say around here "not fur nuttin but", why, when they find vote tampering, is it always Republican votes that are switched to Democrat. I'm seeing a distinct pattern here.

We have got to put a time limit on electioneering. Politicians have just made things miserable with there little lusts for power. Four months. That should be more than enough!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Writer's Block

I know that I haven't written much lately. Sorry about that. I don't know if I have writer's block or if it is that I am just so disgusted by this election. Hillary is trying to tell us it is "for the children". It isn't. It is about her getting power. If she and her fellow leftist democrats do, they will shred the Constitution. They have the first, the second, and the fourth amendments in their sights. Personal freedom will be gone. 

Meanwhile Trump goes around shouting like a demented twelve year old who has not yet learned to filter his speech. If it pops into his head, it comes out his mouth.

But, at least I have my Patriots. 6 and 1. Next Sunday, retribution.

A note to my southern New England friends. Your going to need a new calendar soon. There is a Massachusetts organization called Vest-A-Dog. They purchase vests and safety equipment for police K-9s. This is a great cause. Go to and buy their calendar or other products. Great dog pictures and you'll be doing good works. My favorite is March, he's family.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Leopardesses Don't Change Their Spots

HRH who would be queen of the known universe, hasn't changed a bit over the years. And that is not a good thing. The stories have been repeated from too many venues over too many years not to be believed.

Back when she and Bubba were the top dogs in the top kennel in Arkansas, tales started leaking out about her harsh treatment of her state police security team. Right from the git-go she apparently looked down upon them in utter disdain. She treated them like servants and cursed them out royally for any perceived slight.

As time marched on and she and Bubba got to be the top dogs in the big white kennel, her attitude, it has been repeatedly said, got no better. I'm not sure if worse is even possible. Multiple sources have told of the sad and rude treatment she rained down on the Secret Service agents sworn to protect her, even to interfering in their ability to do their job. But, it seems, that it wasn't just Secret Service, police and military were also subject to her scorn and derision.

More time passes and Her Royal Highness ends up as the Lord (OK, Lady) and Master of Foggy Bottom. The second most powerful position in our government. As Secretary of State, she had her own police force, Diplomatic Security. These fine, well trained agents, took the privilege of guarding the Secretary, as an honor. But not under Hillary. Senior agents who normally fought for the position, were now fighting to get out of the job. Ultimately, she ended up with a security team of junior agents.

As it is told, she not only looked down on the agents who would take a bullet for her, but she also derided and embarrassed our Ambassadors. It is protocol, when traveling in a foreign country, for the Secretary and the Ambassador ride together in their armored limousine. Hillary would oust the Ambassador and travel with Huma Abadin, her friend and Deputy Chief of Staff.

The point being that the woman handles power like her own personal club as a weapon of fear and subjugation. Should a person of this nature hold the reins of power of the most powerful nation on Earth.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Random Thoughts - Eighty-Seven

I haven't written much lately because I've been tied up with personal stuff. 

I'm not happy that the Red Sox went down in three, but I'm happy Brady is back. Speaking of baseball and football, the last Sox game was the best called game that I can remember. The umpire was consistent and precise with the strike zone. It can be done but seldom is.

That having been said, I don't have anywhere near as good feelings about the officiating on Patriots games. Some calls against the Pats seem a little weird and some against opponents seem to be ignored. But, maybe, it's just me.

I hate this presidential campaign. I dislike both candidates, but I dislike Hillary a whole lot more.

Hillary said that a candidate must have a public and a private position on issues. What she is saying is that her actual position is the opposite of what she proclaims to us "little people".

Director Comey of the FBI should resign. And if he doesn't, those under him should resign in protest. Because of him, we are no longer a nation of laws.

Respect the flag and respect the National Anthem, or stay out of the public arena. People have died to protect your right to act the fool. That doesn't mean that you should.

Violent attacks on police officers are increasing. There seems to be a sense of entitlement, especially among young men of color, that they have the support of the President and that the police are legitimate targets. We are also seeing more "kill the crackers" and other threats on the white community. This must be stopped before it gets much further or we will be seeing open warfare.

The next ship or boat that fires on a US Naval vessel should be blown out of the water before they can get a second shot off. The same goes for shore installations. John and Barak, stop micro-managing military decisions. You are both incompetent at it.  

Friday, October 7, 2016

Future Food

I have always admired those people referred to as Futurists. Thinkers and philosophers who see what is now and compare that to future needs, and suggest what the future may be like. Although ill equipped, I am about to take a shot at being a Futurist.

The third world is pockmarked with small farms barely feeding families or villages. Some of the more prosperous countries grow large quantities of a single crop or two, like rice or wheat. The land area of Europe is insufficient to have farms that can feed the world.

Canada has a short growing season. Mexico contributes, but not enough. The United States has the land area, the technology, and the massive agri-business to handle the load today. But not into the future with today's efforts.

There are cities, like Detroit, where large areas have fallen into ruin. Right now they give no value back to their city. I can see these blighted areas being plowed under and huge, warehouse like, structures being built. Multi-story buildings where one acre of building would yield five or more acres of productive space.

I picture fish tanks on the top floor where talapia, salmon, trout, and other species of food fish could be grown and harvested. Underneath there could be floors of twelve foot tall tomato plants in a constant production cycle. Below that floors of various greens. The waste from the fish could fertilize the plants. One end of such a building could be dedicated to harvesting, processing, and shipping their product.

A program like this would clean up destroyed neighborhoods, provide jobs, and enhance tax revenue for the cities. I think that it would even be feasible to provide free public transportation to bring workers in without wasting space on parking lots.

I have seen fish raised indoors and plants raised indoors. It is just a matter of uniting the systems and increasing the scale. All we need is leadership.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Random Thoughts - Eighty-Six

I wish that Barack Obama showed as much concern for our police and our veterans as he does for "Black Lives Matter" and the Muslims of the world.

In three hours, the Patriots will start their fourth game of the season. It will be the last without Brady. If they win this one, they will be 4 and 0. That will really stick it in Goodell's shorts. And we fans will smile and smile and smile and.............

It must be great to be twenty years old and know all that there is to know. But it is harsh to get to be forty years old and realize how little you actually do know.

Those that continue to deny that most of the violence in the world today is rooted in fundamental Islam will change their tune as it increases in number and scope and they are personally and deeply affected by it. Pick up a Quran and read the immutable words of Allah as told to Mohammad.

Liberals live in a world where ideas and intentions replace facts and reality. 

The United Nations is attempting to override the sovereignty of the United States.  It is trying to impose laws, taxes, and regulations. Our President seems amenable to this. It must never be allowed. He has already ceded control of the internet. He is a globalist and his dealings must never occur. Also, is this another Obama policy that Hillary would adopt?

My immediate plans are to have lunch and watch some Patriots football. But I, like MacArthur, will return. 

OK. My Patriots lost. I am not terribly surprised. A rookie Qb and they did not play well. The Bulls did. But, call me suspicious, not that I want to cast aspersions on NFL officialdom, but there were a number of weird penalties, or lack of same, that make me wonder. They would not have won anyway, but I dislike tampering in sports, and I am of a cranky and suspicious nature.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pander Bear

A good presidential campaign recognizes the issues confronting the country and delineates programs to deal with those issues. This year there is no good presidential campaign. There is not even an adequate presidential campaign.

This year we have the two worst examples of presidential politics that I can remember. On one hand we have an oversize man with an oversize ego shouting oversize ideas with no true plan to fix any of the multitude of problems we face.

Slightly, and only slightly, does he deserve credit for, at least, naming and sort of describing those problems. Recognizing the problem, being the first step in  solving it, gives hope that he may surround himself with smart and competent people and charge them with getting the difficult jobs done.

The other candidate can barely pander enough. There is no group, voting bloc, ethnicity, or social program that she will not pander to. She waxes poetic and gives big hugs to people that she would not live within miles of, as long as it is on camera. 

And when she has no immediate group to pander to, she reverts to that old Clintonian standby, originated in the Bubba campaigns, "it is for the children". When there was no logical reason to begin a program dear to their hard little hearts, it was always "for the children". It almost never was, but since the obedient press never questioned, all was good in Clinton's Washington.

This year we have the best of two sad choices to select. Since "none of the above" is not going to work for us, we have to choose the least bad for the country. With all of our difficulties, I cannot see the pander bear doing anything but digging the hole deeper.

So, once again, I will hold my nose as I vote, and go for Donald Trump. Please God let me be right.