Friday, February 27, 2015

Theoretical Power

In America, under the Constitution, there are supposed to be three co-equal branches of government. That has been true in the past. Today it is no longer true. 

Through President Obama's first four years the Democrats held complete power. They froze the Republicans out altogether. On each and every point they acceded to their leader's wishes. During the next two years, the Democrats still held the balance of power. They controlled the Senate. That was enough.

Harry Reid stifled any attempt by the Republicans to share in governance. Passive Republican leadership and a cooperative press allowed this to happen. President Obama started usurping congressional power. Republicans could not stop him and the Democrats were content to allow what has become a soft coup d'etat. 

Today, we no longer have the government that our founders gave us. The three part balance of power only exists when all parties agree. When the President no longer agrees, it is all over. The Congress and the courts only have theoretical power. The President alone has real power at his disposal. 

The President has control of the Department of Justice, the military, and homeland security. A lot of people with guns, armored vehicles, prisons, and the power to arrest. His power is not theoretical. It is only far too real.

So, when the President ignores the courts, or the Congress, or even the Constitution, what are we going to do about it. Nothing, because there is a new election coming in 2016. We'll straighten things out then, right?

But what if the President wants to stick around a bit longer? Think about that. I have.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Go On. Say It. I Dare You.

The word that no one seems to be able to say is genocide. At least when it refers to Christians. There are at least six non-Roman Catholic sects in the Middle East. From the Copts to the Maronites to the Chaldeans. Most have lived in this part of the world much longer than Islam has existed.

I know that the Quran claims an existence to Islam back to the times of Noah. Claiming Nuh (Noah) as a prophet of Islam. But Islam began with Muhammad. When Muhammad was born there were thousands of devout Christians in hundred of churches celebrating the life of their Savior. Their communities grew and flourished.

The Christians believed in tolerance and peaceful co-existence.  Their faith told them to turn the other cheek and they did. The "eye for an eye" philosophy of the Old Testament was made null and void by the birth and teachings of Jesus.

Many, perhaps even most, Muslims were content to live in peace with their Christian neighbors. Parts of the Middle East flourished. Life was good if  somewhat harsh. 

But as always there are malcontents. Those that flock to violence. Those that revel in evil. They found their justification in their holy book, the Quran. While Islam accepted Jews and Christians as "people of the book", they were not Muslim. Those that do not accept Allah and the Muslim faith are infidels. The Quran teaches that infidels may be killed, taken as slaves, or pay jizya, a tax, and subject themselves to Islamic law as dhimmis.

Since the end of WWII, when Jews were given part of Trans-Jordan as Israel and the Palestinians refused their opportunity for a homeland, things have gotten worse. Lebanon, which was once a garden spot, is now a shambles. Iran is striving for Persian hegemony. Oil money fuels violence.

And suddenly, arise the new Caliphate. ISIS. Bloodier and more violent than could have been imagined a few years ago. The leadership extolling the most fundamental version of Islam and doubling down on that. Disaffected young people, mostly male, flocking to them like moths to a flame. Make that more like flies to blood, relishing a chance to murder for Allah. 

And they love soft targets. Passive Christians. Women. Children. They grow beards and think themselves men. There is no manhood here. Men don't rape and behead women. Men don't bury children alive. Men don't sell little girls. Men don't commit genocide.     

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

GOP = Goofy Old Politicians

The GOP, what was once referred to as "the Grand Old Party", is stuck in the 1950s. The "establishment" Republicans are what used to be called "Rockefeller Republicans". Not to put too fine a point on it, rich, white, and out of touch. They long for the days when Eisenhower built the interstate highway system and both sides of the aisle went out for drinks together after a hardly days work.

I claim some small degree of expertise here because I used to be a Republican and even ran for office twice (unsuccessfully) as a Republican. In those days the liberal Republicans were more liberal than the blue dog Democrats. They were the establishment and they were the seat of power in the party.

In those more naive days, you won elections. You raised money. You toed the party line. You moved on up when the opportunity presented. The more well connected you were, the higher up the ladder was your starting point. Start high enough. Don't screw up publicly. You could get a chance to run for President. Just wait your turn. 

Well, the Goofy Old Politicians, in their heart, believe it is still that way. While the Democrats learned to do hard ball, down and dirty, gotcha politics, Republicans were still meeting at the Harvard Club, or some such establishment, and sipping aperitifs. They seemed to be happy to be the loyal opposition in that great Washington club sometimes referred to as the United States Congress. 

Swap some votes for a little hand-me-down power and life was good. As long as you cooperated the folks with the real power would let you slip something through once in a while or strongly oppose a bill that they had more the enough votes to pass. Just play the game and they all survive and dine off the fatted calf. 

So now the GOP has an opportunity. They have the House and the Senate and there is a Presidential election on the way. But they are dropping the ball. No, wrong, they never picked up the ball. They left it laying on the field because the had no idea what to do with it. While they should be taking strong public positions and touting them long and loud, all we hear is "the sound of silence".

Two months after taking power, the unpopular President and a loud and often strange minority have backed them into corners at every turn. OK, GOPers, you kept the same old leadership. Now you are getting what you paid for. Hooray for the Goofy Old Politicians.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stop The Presses

Just stop the presses. There is obviously no news out there that is fit to print. So, save the forests. Don't waste the ink. Send the Pressmen home. News is discontinued for the duration.

One might think that al Shabbab threatening to attack the Mall of America would be a huge story with reporters from all over the world heading into the American heartland. Small potatoes. Not worth the cost of putting a reporter up in a cheap motel.

Perhaps the story that ISIS is recruiting (taking) children as young as five and training them to kill in the most gory manner for the glory of Allah? Too judgmental. Nothing that we would do, but other folks see things differently. No story there.  

Well, how about the ongoing scandals at the IRS and the VA? Those are unresolved and deserve serious attention. No. Just made up news. Some would say Faux News. Conservative gotcha journalism. Forget about it.

There is the fact that the administration cannot call ISIS Islamic even though they call themselves Islamic. And the DHS even says that Christian conservatives are the biggest threat. Opinions. Opinions. Opinions. Who knows? They may be right. Time will tell.

Could we look at all the scandals in Hillary's life? Suspicious financial activity. Dicey fund raising. The ongoing saga of a philandering husband. No. No. Hillary is a fairy god-mother. Every morning she rises pure as the driven snow. How could anyone suggest that there might be news there?

There is a couple of things that I thought might be worth a little squib. You know. One paragraph on page six. Rudy Giuliani said some uncomplimentary things about Barack Obama at a private dinner. Wow, there is news. Get everybody on this right away. Track down everyone that was there. Run with this. Page one, above the fold. Banner headline. I can see a Pulitzer in this.

And Scott Walker didn't complete his senior year at college. In spite of that crippling handicap he feels qualified to be President? Just because he has done well and good in the world and been an awesomely successful governor? Now we have two stories worth going to press with. 

Get those presses running. We have liberals to protect and conservatives to gut. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

History Revisited Again

I have written a blog on this subject before. I feel that it needs to be done again. In my estimation, this country has been on the wrong path for years. Lately things seem to go nowhere but to the worse.

When I was a lad, my father worked in the textile industry. He started out running a wool comb. Became a fixer. That was what they called the men that repaired machinery in the mills. Was promoted to overseer. When I was ten years old, he was transferred to another facility in Rhode Island as superintendent. 

In those days, little Rhode Island was an industrial powerhouse. Textiles were still thriving. There were companies like Brown and Sharp. There were four active naval bases. There was work at all skill levels for those that wanted to work.

By the time I was in my early twenties and starting out in the world, those who we elected to preserve and protect our country and our states decided that America was too good to need manufacturing any more. What America needed was for everyone to have a college education and work in a nice clean service economy.

As always, when politicians try to turn our world in an Eden redux, things go astray. The unions started challenging companies that couldn't afford the challenge. They either closed or left the country. Foreign manufacturers, particularly Japan, started manufacturing quality automobiles and machine tools. They sold well in America. Textiles moved to the South and ultimately left the country. Our politicians let this happen.  

What they either didn't understand, or didn't care about, is that a service economy is not sustainable. No new wealth is created and good jobs disappear for the low end employees. My father was not an educated man. But with the opportunity to work in the mills at a low level, he could learn the next higher job and move up in the system. He was ambitious and did just that. That is until his job disappeared and went to Mexico or India or China. 

If we want our country back we have to get our manufacturing base back. That is already happening in the automotive industry. We're creating new wealth in those areas where we pump oil or gas. The cure for cheap foreign labor is automation. And we are good at technology.

We have the means to get the powerhouse America back. The people will have to be the impelling force to achieve this. The politicians are to much in love with the status quo as it supports their power over us. We, the people, need to take control and take back our country. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-Five

Note to President Obama: Young Muslim men do not join jihad and martyr themselves because they don't have a job. They do it to please Allah and get early entry into Paradise.

If Hillary should win the Presidency, she would be the first woman President. But more important, she would be the second bad President in a row. We cannot afford two in a row.

In spite of our President trying to stop jihadist with words, (He is trying to bore them to death.) it will require bullets and bombs to get the job done.

This Winter ranks in the top three worst I can remember. I was much younger for the other two, so I hate this one the most. I just looked out the window and it is snowing again. This is turning into some weird science fiction movie.

So, Jeb is the smart brother?  Where does he go first? To old family friends, political advisers, and failed spin doctors. The same people that cost his father a second term. That brought insults and castigation down on his brother. The same ones that will lead him down the garden path of nineties politics. Wrong name. Wrong time.

I'm not seeing Carly Fiorina as President, but if a Republican wins, I hope they will offer her a serious position. That woman is too smart not to be part of an administration trying to bring us back from the edge of the abyss.

I heard that our government has just announced that this is the third warmest Winter on record. Where?

I love seeing the Democrats getting the "screemin meemies" because Netanyahu is coming to visit. Last I checked, he is a great and good ally. He should be greeted as such.

I want a job with the Department of Energy. Party Time!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Everyone has heard of of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb or al Qaeda in Yeman. Al Qaeda in Iraq is now ISIS. The al Qaeda franchise is growing. 

Our President says that al Qaeda has been crippled with the death of Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden's little group was the original core of al Qaeda. They have been diminished. But the franchise has grown beyond anything bin Laden dreamed of. Multiple leaders in multiple groups have recruited from all over the world.

While bin Laden kept things close and tight, the new generation of AQ entrepreneurs have expanded the organization in every phase.

But there is one AQ group that is not discussed. That is AQNA. Al Qaeda in North America. If you think that it doesn't exist, there is a job for you in the Obama administration. First of all, it has been reported that, at least, twenty-two jihadist training camps exist in the United States. The FBI is aware of them but say they have broken no laws. 

There seems to be amazingly little information on what portion of the population of the United States is Muslim. The best estimates I could find place it between five and eight million. So if ten percent believe in violent jihad, we have a pool of over half a million possible recruits. 

Another pool of recruits, scaringly enough, come out of the prisons. There is a very active effort in the prisons to convert inmates to Islam. So we have a pool of people who are already schooled in violence, who resent being imprisoned, that are brought into a religion that, in it's most fundamental teachings, supports that violence.

Now, does anyone believe, with all that going on, that there is no AQNA. And, if I am correct, does anyone believe that they would have no contact with ISIS. I feel that it is safe to make some inferences based on past performance and advertised goals. That is what I have done.

Put this together with the push for shariah law in some communities and exclusionary behavior in some neighborhoods, I hear alarm bells ringing in my ears. I may be wrong of course. But I wouldn't bet against me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why The Caliphate?

The politically correct crowd insists that Islam is a religion of peace. They are wrong. Anyone who has spent even a modest effort to read the Quran and study the life of Mohammad will understand that the root of Islam is steeped in violence, war, and retribution. Those that are not Muslim, and more specifically, not of the worshiper's Muslim sect is an infidel. Infidels may be killed or enslaved.

Over the centuries, many Muslims have adapted there religion to the established laws of the country in which they reside. They are still schooled in Shariah Law and many practice it within their own communities. Most realize that if they cut off the hands of a thief, they would run afoul of the civil authorities. To most, that sacrifice would be too great, so they "render unto Caesar". They find the comforts of Western Civilization are easily adapted to and enjoyed in this more modern age.

There are, however, many that prefer the fundamentalism of the ancient ways. They find that the literal Quran and the life of the Prophet are the only true Islam. All else is apostate. To act entirely in this manner, in most of the world, would make one a criminal. To act this way continuously would bring down the wrath of local authorities.

As the world has borders, and within those borders civil governments rule their territory as they see fit. Fundamental Islamists have a problem. Even in their own Middle Eastern countries, excesses would not be tolerated. So their ancient religion came up with an ancient solution.

Enter the Caliphate. Osama bin Laden talked about the Caliphate. But his vision saw it far in the future. After 9/11 bin Laden took to running and hiding. He did not have the means or the personal security to organize the new Caliphate.

Abu Omar al Baghdadi took over al Qaeda in Mesopotamia and united other disparate groups to form, what we now call, ISIS. He declared ISIS the new Caliphate. Young fundamental believers flocked to him. Not because they didn't have jobs, as our State Department would have us believe, but because they were true believers and wanted to fight for Allah and Islam or because they were drawn to the opportunity to commit violence. They were perfectly willing to become martyrs for the cause.

To Muslims that join ISIS, state borders no longer matter. The Caliphate transcends the state. Sharia Law can be practiced with impunity for it is the law of Islam. It is their intent to kill the infidel and rule the world. That was the right and obligation they were given by Allah in the Quran. 

To defeat them, we, the Western World, must recognize that we are not fighting a geographical enemy. We are fighting an ideological enemy that is fully wrapped in a religion. Our leaders may make light and say they will not fight a "whack-a-mole" war. But they had best get around to identifying our enemy and the type of war that must be fought. And they need to do this quickly. If they do not take control of the situation, much more of our blood will be spilled. Then, we must have skilled war fighters decide how to win this war. This task is far above the skill level of a neighborhood organizer.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I do not usually criticize television programming. It isn't worth the effort going after the lowest common denominator. But the channel that labels itself, "the History Channel", has finally gotten to me.

Apparently real history isn't interesting enough or there is not enough of it to fill those programming hours. So they are now, in my mind, the CryptoHistory Channel. I picked up that expanded name from them. You see, in their long and constant search for "Bigfoot", they frequently interview the most respected crypto-biologists. What is a crypto-biologist, one may ask? A crypto-biologist is a pseudo-scientist that studies species that do not exist.

To translate, they are people who pretend to be scientists, pretending to study, critters that exist only in their imagination. Whee!!!! Then they go out in the dark of night, with cameramen and audio techs and producers, wearing night vision equipment, stomping through the woods, pretending they are sneaking up on their pretend monsters. They periodically stop, with a startled look, and say, "did you hear that? That's Bigfoot." Of course they never find the unfindable, even though they have followed leads in almost every state.

They also love to produce shows about strange people living in strange places doing strange things. Whether it is gator hunting on the bayous or moon shining in the back woods of Apalachia, they're on top of it.

Their people have virtually worn out the roads and pathways around Roswell, New Mexico and Area 51. But they will pursue those alien packed ufos until the end of time or when they can no longer  sell commercial time. Whichever comes first.

We have a population that is losing contact with the history of their great country, never mind the history of civilization in general. From the biographies of great and productive people to the rise and fall of civilizations through time, there are millions of good solid interesting stories that would be far better than the fertilizer we have been getting. If you are going to call yourself the History Channel, do history. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

I Am Embarrassed

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, our staunchest ally in the Middle East, has been invited by the Speaker of the House, to address Congress. It is within the Speakers purview to make such an invitation. In spite of public denials, the White House was informed. With the present day turmoil in the Mideast, this could be a watershed moment to present our country as a reliable partner.

This should have attention equal to the State of the Union speech. It is, in fact, equally important. This is an American moment that the President and his cohorts are turning into a cheap political moment.  Make no mistake, this is an important point in modern history.

Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor and activist, has announced that he will attend Netanyahu's speech. This man's presence lends a level of gravitas otherwise unattainable. So two of the most important representatives of our most important Mideast ally will be attending a meeting of Congress, and the President and his minions wish to turn this into a two-bit political moment.

There are times that this country must come together. This, it seems, should be one of those times. But the one man that should be leading the parade is AWOL. Since it is not about him and what he wants, it will not get his support or the support of his weak kneed skirt kissers. 

Would he be so intransigent if this were a meeting organized in support of his friends at CAIR. Our President and those that are are absent with him have embarrassed our country, it's citizens, and a good and true ally. This is nothing but cheap politics and a President's inability so see the world as it really is. 

Mr. Obama, your agenda is not reality. It is merely your agenda. You may believe that you have the power to reshape the world, but you do not. As you steer the "Ship of State", may I suggest that the "five and dime" compass that you seem to be using is not up to the task. We are floundering. You are floundering. I see in you lately, a deep anger. Acting on that anger will only make things worse. It is time to start by rethinking a bad decision. Go to the speech.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Three Years

I started blogging almost three years ago. I did this because I was unhappy with the way the country was going under the leadership of Democrats. More specifically, liberal Democrats. Even more specifically, under the leadership of Barack Obama. The promise to "fundamentally change the country" was going exactly the way I feared it would. Badly. 

The good thing about the early days was that I could write about politics or economics or history. My topics were all over the ball park. But as time went on, I was more and more forced to comment on the actions and scandals of the administration. It was like having tunnel vision.

First they threw the baby out with the bath water on Obamacare. They messed up medical care for the ninety percent to cover the ten percent. Many of whom didn't want medical care. Now medical care is a pigs nest and we still have ten percent without coverage.

Then came "Fast and Furious". The administration allowed guns to be smuggled to the Mexican drug cartels. They were supposed to be tracked but they forgot to do that. So the guns came back across the border in the hands of killers.

Then there was Benghazi. Four good American patriots died in a logistical and security debacle. My guess is that the root cause of this mess was also about gun smuggling by our political leaders. But it was covered up. We were lied to. Repeatedly. 

Then there was the IRS attacks on conservative groups. They denied the obvious. They lied to Congress and hid documentation. Then John Koskinen, the IRS Commissioner, testified in a blatantly arrogant and smug manner. They are still obfuscating. 

Then there is the evil treatment that our hero veterans are receiving at the hands of the VA. Months go by. Promises are made. But we see no signs of progress.

Then there is mess that is our foreign policy. The secret of our foreign policy is that there is no policy. It is like watching an unskilled boxer in the ring. He tries to counter punch because he hasn't the skill to control the fight. But he is always too late and his punches lack power. As the fight goes on he tires and gets confused. He may not go down, but he is out on his feet.

It is hard for me not to focus on these and many other subjects like them. But it is not fun. It becomes a chore. I force myself, from time to time, to find new territory. It brings me joy to do that when I can. In the meantime, I guess it will be business as usual.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Has anyone seen the Republican Party? They seem to be missing. They did pretty well in the last election. House, Senate, Governerships. They won it all. The sound of "We Are The Champions" still faintly echos over Capitol Hill.

Since then, I have seen a few of their members. Always as individuals. Giving one-on-one interviews. No power interviews. No podium. No stack of a dozen or more microphones. Did the leadership all get snowed in somewhere? Are they hiding under their bed lest they have to actually lead.

I mean the thing with Bibi was great. It lets a good and great ally know we still care and it deeply ticked off the White House at the same time. It doesn't get much better than that. But that was then, this is now.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, even with his boo-boo, are getting more press than.... What's their names? It's been so long I've forgotten. You know. The guy with the tan and the guy that looks like he just got goosed. Olly olly oxen free. You can come out now.

The Republicans need smart politics over the next two years. They have to prove leadership. It will be a dangerous time because there will be obstruction by the Democrats and blame will be heaped on the Republicans by both the Democrats and the press. So the Republicans must be open and take their case to the voter at every opportunity.

Moreover, they must be on the right side of the issues. They must make clear to the under informed, and they are legion, what the right side is and why it is the right side. Not just once but repeatedly. 

If you are in politics, you know what must be done. But one needs the courage and willingness to face the public and do it. No more gentlemen. Don't be afraid of a fight. You may make a few enemies but you will make more friends if they think you can be trusted.

So don't be afraid to take on the hard issues. And don't be afraid to castigate the opposition for obfuscating and demagoging. Speak to the country often and loudly. Let your voices be heard and the conservative case made. Nothing less will succeed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Gangs All Here

I wasn't really paying attention to the TV until I heard someone say that "the United States does not face an existential threat". I think it was Susan Rice. As usual, she was wrong. Our worst existential threat is from inept, greedy, and foolhardy politicians. But that is not the point this time. 

Let's just deal with those that are violent, outside the law, and know no limits. Most of these alone would not be a great threat. Combined, they can do real harm. First are the gangs. I can remember when the Hell's Angels came on the scene. They were a scary bunch then. Compared to some of today's gangs they are teddy bears. 

The worst is the MS-13, Mara Salvatrucha. They started in El Salvador and now exist, at least 10,000 strong in every major city in the country. Every day, more keep arriving across our wide open southern border. They have competition for top spot from the M-18 gang. Mostly, but not entirely Mexican. They may have even more members than MS-13.

While no one motorcycle "club" can compete with these gangs, combined they, very easily, could. Then there are the old standbys, the Crips and the Bloods. They cannot be ignored in the deprived areas of the larger cities.

But these enemies of the state make no effort to "hide their light under a bushel". Their garish tattoos and confrontational attitude identify them to any and all. They advertise. There is another group far less visible. That is the way they want it. They want to be invisible until they strike. Then they seek fame, fear, and martyrdom. I will put them all under the classification of jihadists.

These jihadists may be lone wolves. They may be Al Qaeda affiliates, or ISIS, or independent groups with loose ties among them. Make no mistake, they are here. They too cross our southern border with impunity. There are at least twenty-two jihadist training camps within our borders. In spite of our Presidents declarations, there are two thing these people have in common. They gain their justification through the Quran and they identify themselves as Islam.

Jihadists take the long view. They strike when they are prepared. Remember, two strikes at the World Trade Center, the Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, Times Square. They are not done. They are growing in numbers and skills. So do not believe those that would pacify you. We do face existential threats. Be wary and be careful when in public. If in doubt, raise an alarm. Protect you and yours. The President's lovely call to prayer isn't so lovely if it is followed by an explosion.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Free Candy

Suppose you live in a place where there is a candy store on every street corner. Open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Anybody, adult or child, could go in there at any time and get whatever candy they wanted. Anything from Godiva chocolates to gummy bears. Since these candy stores are on every corner, you are always within walking distance.

Even though everyone in the country is happy with these circumstances, the government is not. You see, the government is never happy with that which it does not control. So the government, in their collective genius, decides there is an inequality of results at the free candy stores. So to promote "fairness", they must step in and regulate. 

So to create a fair and balanced candy store, the regulators decide those wonderful Godiva chocolates would only be available on Mondays with a maximum of two to a customer. And everyone that comes into the store must take a pound of sugar free black licorice. Other candies would be available at the discretion of the regulators. Oh, and their might be usage fees (taxes) coming soon.

Does my little fable remind you of what is going on with the internet? It should. I spend hours every day on the internet. Reading news, blogging, shopping. Sometimes even sightseeing. I have broadband and a non-windows machine. So I get around pretty quick. I, along with most people, are very happy with the internet as it stands. It provides the openness and freedom that Americans used to enjoy in most aspects of their life.

So now the government, the people that brought you Benghazi, the IRS, the VA, and so many other debacles, want to big foot their way in and control the internet. To what end, other than giving a bunch of anal retentive bureaucrats their jollies.

It is one thing to say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". But here we have to say, if it ain't broke don't break it. The people that can't keep Chinese hackers out of the Pentagon computers want to control the internet. That would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. So, I suggest that everyone politely tell their Congress Folks that they may want to put a stop to this. People that are on-line vote, also.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Your Lyin' Eyes

Some newspapers and much of network TV are telling you that the recession is over. The Obama recovery has finally kicked in. We are all successful and life in these United States is good. Then you look around. Maybe check some alternate news sources. Reality kicks in.

The new organizations reprint White House handouts. Their proof for how well the economy is doing is based on two pieces of information. The stock market is up and unemployment is down.One of these "facts" is irrelevant. The other is a lie.

The President talks like a populist. He claims to be doing everything in his power to help the middle class. What has he actually done in the past six years? Abso-fricken-tutely nothing! Au contraire, most of the administrations actions stab the middle class in the back. He even took a run at killing 529 college savings plans. The uproar created scared him off.

The stock market being up has made the very rich, very much richer. The people that Obama goes to to raise funds are rolling in it. The big banks are sitting on vaults full of our money. Crony capitalism had filled the pockets of those the administration chooses to be winners. Due to Obamacare, the big insurers are getting huge profits. And because of high deductibles their outflow will be down. High profits for the chosen.

The number published for unemployment is down. That number is as real as the proverbial unicorn. If you want to see the true state of employment look at the Labor Participation Rate. That number represents the number of people actually working as a percentage of population. Right now, it is lower than it has been in over three decades.

The new jobs claimed by the administration are lower level jobs than the jobs lost. Many have given up even trying to find work. So they no longer even exist as far as the government is concerned. Part time jobs are counted as equal to full time jobs even if they are a few hours a week.

So when you see someone on TV ranting about the good times we are enjoying, you may wish to ignore that person and, in this case, believe your lyin' eyes.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-Four

First of all, Congratulations to my New England Patriots. It was an amazing season and an even more amazing win in the SuperBowl. Some times it just all comes together.

Katy Perry hasn't got a great voice. She is not a great dancer. She is, however, a great entertainer. You don't always have to have a great voice. I give you Louie Armstrong and Joe Cocker. Not so good voices but could sell the show.

Whoever came up with that "dead kid" commercial, should be drummed out of the corps.

The Middle East just gets more insane as our "Joe Cool" President proves that even atrocities in the name of Allah won't provoke him in to saying Islam. Or even getting too excited. Just the same old "degraded and destroyed" line, as he does the mere minimum about it. 

Note to countries such as Russia and China, who befriend Islamic states. They will turn on you too. You are also infidel and not to be tolerated. Then they would fight Sunni against Shia until only one Islamic sect was left. Then civilization would waste away entirely as they would not produce the means to survive. Man came out of the caves and built a world. Islam would drag us back into the cave with ruins behind them.

If you think Loretta Lynch, Obama's nominee for Attorney General, would be any different from Eric Holder, you are sadly mistaken. The President tolerates no one who does not support his agenda.

The two most devastating aircraft to ground troops are the AC-130 and the A-10. Why do we not fill the area with spotters on the ground and wave after wave of shot and shell. A-10s by day. AC-130s by night. Turn ISIS' days into hell. 

I hates me some ground hogs. I was really tired of Winter six weeks ago. And now some fool rodent tells me I'm getting six more weeks? I'm ready for Spring, baseball, green stuff on the trees........

Jordan has a King who acts like a President. We have a President who acts like a King.

Brave men like Chris Kyle go to war so idiots like Michael Moore can say stupid things and strut like they are important.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Modest Suggestion

Americans have to get back to loving America. I know millions of you out there in flyover country do. You get up in the morning and go to work. You raise your families as best you are able. You eat meals together and go to church together. You love baseball and football. You take your sons and daughters fishing and enjoy family vacations. You are, what my wife calls, real Americans.

Real Americans don't need my suggestion. They are already there. So I am addressing this to two groups. The first is the elitist politicians that treat this country like their own personal version of "SimWorld". A place for social and political experimentation where the results don't matter. If an idea doesn't work the first time, double down. Try again. If it doesn't work the second time, it makes no difference to them. They protect themselves. They are unaffected. The "little people" take the brunt. Move on.

These "leaders of men" go abroad and apologize to those that would destroy our way of life and apologize for that very way of life that has given them the power to do damage without repercussions. They plot their Machiavellian ploys using our wealth and our people, particularly the military, like chess pieces to be sacrificed. They particularly, should heed my suggestion.

The second group is the intellectual elite and those that think they are the intellectual elite. Those folks that mostly hang about colleges and universities. There is also a large group that has settled into newsrooms. They like to look down their noses at real Americans. Now, mind you, most of these people couldn't fix a car, or build anything. Their life is in their mind and it all comes out their mouths. 

These are the people that talk down America. We have flaws and they are willing to magnify every one to prove just how low and degenerate this country is. They absolutely need my suggestion.

Well here it is. Get one of those nice little pamphlets that people like the Heritage Foundation give away. It is titled "The Declaration of Independence" "The Constitution of the United States". Read it. Cover to cover. Think about it and contemplate what it has given you. Think about where else in the world you would be blessed with that kind of freedom and that kind of protection. The put your big boy or big girl pants on and start acting like an adult rather than a spoiled ten year old.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Free Haircuts, Get 'em Here

The Pope has offered free haircuts to the poor to increase their dignity. I am loathe to take on the Pope with the following that he has. But really? A haircut. With all of the wealth of of the Roman Catholic Church, is that the best you can do?

How about a safe place to sleep. A shower. Some clean clothes. A nourishing meal. Shoes. Clean socks. I know this Pope was "of the people". He still lives in a palace with clothes adorned in gold thread. His custom made scarlet slippers would support a poor family for six months.

The lack of humility shown by some of the religious is a thing to behold. I remember a time in my life, that due to circumstances, I had to deal with parish priests. Humble and humility were not words in their vocabulary. The phrase popular today would be. "their way or the highway". We chose the highway.

To Roman Catholics, the Pope is the vicar of Christ. In that role he speaks for our savior. Somehow I have difficulty picturing Jesus in a white alb with scarlet slippers in the back of the Popemobile. 

Jesus would feed the hungry. He would clothe the poor. He would walk among us laying on hands and giving consolation.

I admit that I may be going over the top a little bit. But I found the offering of haircuts, so off beat that I had to make my thoughts heard. 

I am a wee small voice in the wilderness. I seldom speak on things religious. Most of my efforts are fighting against the politicians and their harmful policies. Politicians are a worthy and needful target.   

Most times, among religions, I see it as "live and let live". But, haircuts, in today's world!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wheel of Fortune

President Obama is concerned for the middle class. He told us that before he was elected. He was greatly dismayed by income inequality. People believed him and voted based on that belief. Once he got elected he spun that giant Presidential Wheel of Fortune. 

Oh, he gave that wheel a great and mighty spin. Just to make sure the wheel spun long enough, Ben Bernanke and Tim Geitner put their shoulders into the effort. These three mighty economic talents would see to the middle class and adjust income inequality. One could feel the electricity in the air. America would be saved.

They took great baskets of cash to save failing companies. They saved the biggest banks and insurance companies. They were to big to fail. My God, it would have been a cataclysm. They gave great sums of money to "green" companies like Solyndra. Those that built magnificent wind farms and jewel like solar fields. They rescued General Motors. How could the world survive without General Motors? And they, brilliantly reserved money for "shovel ready projects".

At the same time, the FED cut interest rates to the absolute bone and started running the money presses at top speed. They would do their share to solve America's financial problems through "quantitative easing". You may never have heard that term before. No one did. They made it up to make it sound important. It means, "increase the money supply and cut interest rates".

After six years, the results of this policy have been astounding. The banks were able to pay out big bonuses to there highest level employees. The insurance companies backed Obamacare every step of the convoluted way. The wind farms and solar fields never met expectations. In fact they pretty much struck out except for their unnerving ability to kill eagles.

General Motors claimed success. But they still have some serious product issues. And they still owe us a lot of money. I think $10 billion, but I could not confirm that. When they went looking for shovel ready projects they couldn't find any. Anyone that has ever worked in construction could have explained that to them.

The greatest effect of quantitative easing was to buoy up the stock market. Even while business and employment are down, the value of stocks have seen new records. Those that have the means to invest  have gotten substantially richer under the Obama reign. So Obama made good on his promise to change the income gap. Middle class folks have lost about ten percent of their income while the one percent have gotten much richer. Yes sir he fixed that income gap for his rich friends and left middle America behind. Thanks Barack.

Monday, February 2, 2015


No, not the TV show. I am referring to the condition of life that surrounds us today. It seems to be everywhere and touch our lives in far too many ways. The problem is that so much of the jeopardy that touches our lives starts with politics. 

People around the globe are in danger from terrorism. But that danger is multiplied by the inability of politicians to cope. In Europe the politicians have allowed Muslims to build Islamist neighborhoods where even the police don't go. They operate under shariah law and have become breeding grounds for jihadists. As their religion is a religion of fatalism, they have no fear of the consequences of coming out of their enclaves and doing harm to anyone they choose.

In this country the administration keeps the borders open and allows the operation of, at least, twenty-two Islamist training camps within those borders. All of this, while the administration courts CAIR, negotiates with Iran, and bows to Saudi kings. Anyone that doesn't believe that these policies are going to bite us harshly, is sadly mistaken.

In Europe, Jews are in jeopardy brought about by the worst resurgence in antisemitism since Adolph Hitler ran Germany. Jews in Israel face the existential threat of being surrounded by a Muslim world that wants them wiped off of the map.

But there are other jeopardies that we face. Some are violent. Some are just destructive. If you happen to live in the inner city, you face danger from gang violence. Your kids are in danger of not getting a decent education because most inner city schools are a mess and the politicians bow to the teachers union and fight school choice.

If you are politically active in a conservative manner, you may find the source of your jeopardy is the IRS. The administration has turned them into thugs to correct or suppress political opinion. If you are middle class you are in jeopardy because the middle class has lost about ten percent of their income and many jobs hang by a thread.

The chaos increases daily. Those that wanted power abuse or misuse it. For some bizarre reason, the press tolerates it. The people raise their voice and no one listens. Evil and fear dominate the news. But there is never blame. Politicians shrug their shoulders and avert their eyes. Conditions worsen. This jeopardy is no game.