Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Hope Americans Get It!

I hope Americans get it. I know that the politicians either don't get it or just don't care. Most people understand it when their own households are involved. But Mayors don't get it. Governors don't get it. Presidents don't get it.

You cannot continue to outspend your income year after year. Also you cannot enter into expensive contracts that will bankrupt your town or state of country years down the line, when someone else has to clean up your mess.

There is a name for this behavior. It is called "Greece". People want to retire at forty-five years old? God bless them. Give teacher golden retirement plans with full health care? No problem as long as endorsements and votes are forthcoming. Contracts to political cronies without a care for competence or results? Hey, it's expensive to run for office. Let the little people and businesses pick up the tab.

So deficits go on and the national debt continues to grow. Worse, it is growing at an accelerating rate. Cities and towns are declaring bankruptcy and are unable to perform basic services. Oops! California is about six feet under water financially. But they go blithely along doing all the wrong and wasteful things. 

What we need to understand is that we are now ruled by a class of career politicians. Their attention span extends no further than the next election. Their overriding mind set is -"what is in it for me?" Their next thought is - "how can I move up to the next highest office?"

So our National Debt is currently at $18 trillion. That is 18 with twelve zero's after it. If you want to see something really scary, Google the National Debt Clock. It will put things in perspective in seconds. The worst part is that much of that money is owed to people who don't much like us. 

So if you didn't "get it" before, I hope this little exercise helped you to "get it".

Stealing Childhood

I understand that childhood is not always a happy time. Circumstances can bring difficulties that some children just do their best to survive. But when people, educated people, people that pretend to be people of faith, steal the childhood of generations for their own purposes, that is just evil.

I just read an article in the Washington Times by Douglas Burton and Marios Efthymiopoulos about the state of education in Iran. From the time they are in kindergarten these children are taught to wage war and expect a life of martyrdom. They are even taught to expect nuclear war.

These children are presented with an Islamocentric world view where Iran leads Muslims through the final apocalypse And is the final unifier of all civilization under the Islamic faith. To do this, they explain to these unformed minds they must be ready to fight, kill, and, if necessary, sacrifice themselves, for the cause. So much for the religion of peace.

Worse, it does not stop there. ISIS steals children as young as ten. They hand them AK47s and send them out to fight. These children are not warriors. They are sacrificial lambs. They teach these children to kill prisoners with a knife. They teach them to behead their "enemy".

These actions are all sanctified by their ever so "holy" mullahs. Their religious men who, they believe, talk to angels. After all, these are no less actions then were done by "The Prophet", so they are a legal and just means to propagate the faith. 

But we don't hear much of this sort of thing in our usual news. One needs to have enough interest to seek out news from different sources. Unfortunately most people have neither the time nor the inclination to make the effort. So I will continue to spread the word as best I can.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Render Unto Caesar

The Supreme Court has made a decision. Whether it is right or wrong depends on your point of view. I have previously taken the position that marriage, being primarily a religious rite, should be between a man and a woman, as most religions would have it. I have changed my opinion. 

Even though marriage is primarily a religious rite, it is equally a civil action and has been since Roman times, at least. So I accept that civil law also has a right to define marriage. As Jesus said "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's".

But, accepting this, civil authority should "render unto God what is God's". In other words, if churches do not accept same sex marriage, the government should not force them to. The government has many ways to punish those that stray from the federally approved path. To use those punishments on any church taking a moral stand would be flat out wrong and unconstitutional. I am certain that there will be many liberal churches out there willing to accept same sex marriage giving the option of a religious ceremony as well as a civil ceremony. 

I do, however, disagree with what the Supreme Court did. I am referring, not to the contents of their decision, but to the fact that they made a decision at all. It is not the Supreme Court's duty to legislate from the bench. And that is exactly what they have done. They have usurped the duties of Congress.

In the past seven years the concept of the tripartite government has become so blurred as to be unrecognizable. We have the President writing new law. We have the Supreme Court writing new law. We have regulating agencies writing new law. The only ones that seem unable to write new law is the Congress.

Rightly or wrongly, the deed is done. Americans will accept it and live with it. No one will be harmed. Some people's moral sense may be bruised. But then some people will have a little more joy in their life. All in all, I suppose life is in balance and time will march on.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Better, It's Not

I hate to be repetitive. But sometimes I just have to be. Probably, most of my readers get it. It is still worth saying one more time. At least one more time. The economy is not improving. The job market is not improving. The GDP, which was doing an under powered slog, is now dropping. Once again, we are sitting in the muck at the bottom of an economic version of Dismal Swamp.

Yes, the stock market is up. For one thing, the stock market does not represent the economy as a whole. Second, the stock market is riding a bubble caused by the Feds policy of zero interest. So now the Fed has a tiger by the tail. Things won't improve until they move the interest rate upward. If they do take that action, the bubble will probably burst and the bottom will fall out of the market. 

Every month the administration, with great fanfare, announces how many new jobs they have created. Usually around 200,000. March was a sickly 126,000. That is not even close to enough. The only reason that the unemployment rate is not going up is that when people run out there unemployment and give up looking they disappear from the statistics. The Participation Rate, the true measure of employment, is still the worst it has been since the Carter administration.

The United States needs a 4% GDP to provide decent jobs and salaries for it's citizens. The present administration has been trying to convince the world that 2% is the new normal. It is normal only when the economy sucks. To the consternation of those that would rule us, last month they announced a GDP of negative 0.7% and were excitedly happy when they could revise that figure up to a negative 0.2%. I do not believe that this calls for a soulful rendition of "Happy Days Are Here Again".

We get periodic statements that the President's people are working hard on the economy. What they seem to be working hardest on is finding ways to jiggle the numbers to make things sound better. They are not better. The American people are sadly underemployed. 

The big problem is that all of the moves that the government has made, have made things worse. The bigger problem is that they are sure that the problem is they didn't do enough of the wrong thing. And even worse than that is that they are so arrogantly sure of themselves that they never even consider a different path out of Dismal Swamp.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

We May Have Lost

There is no more liberal wing of the Democrat party. It is now the Liberal party. They might as well change the name. They rule. Really, they rule. As in king, tsar, emperor, or any other despotic tag that you can assign. 

The President has become a dictator. He has successfully wielded his pen and telephone to grab all of the reins of government to his own nurturing bosom. Except that he only nurtures liberal causes and his own legacy.

As of today, the Supreme court has joined the lower courts as the Judicial Branch of Liberal Government. The rule of law has been replaced with a comfort zone. If it seems right, it is right. Why make hard decisions and stir up trouble?

For years now, the IRS and the Department of Justice have voluntarily become the Liberal Government's enforcement arm.  The Main Stream Media is the Liberal Government's information bureau. If I have to trot out my reasoning on this, you have been watching too much MSNBC and reading the New York Times.

Like any good despotic government, the Liberal Government has spies operating under cover. Many of those spies have been pretending to be Republicans. They have, in fact, taken over the Republican party, neutered it, and now pay homage to the Presidents plans. The ring has, most certainly, been kissed.

So here we stand. Frozen out of our own government. No longer even the "loyal opposition". Can we take our country back? Possibly. I believe that we have only one chance. If we continue with a hard left liberal in the Oval Office after 2016, we could have generations of liberal rule. They will build the dependency rolls. They will allow more grateful non-citizen voters across our borders. And they will attack our Bill of Rights.

I fear for the future of my country.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Random Thoughts - Sixty-Three

The country needs more Charleston and less Baltimore. Grace humbles people. Violence enrages them.

Today's liberals think that those that are white or Christian should just sit in the corner and shut up. You have no right to opine on any subject. You have no right to succeed. You are the evil oppressor. If we are the evil privileged oppressor, why do we have to sit in the corner.

Some of the statements that I hear from college professors lately makes me wonder where they grew up. Acute Political  Correctness Syndrome may be fatal to your sanity.

I must state once more, I started shooting firearms when I was ten years old. That was sixty-six year ago. I have shot firearms all of my life. I have spent time with like minded people without ever seeing a firearm drawn in anger. Actually without even hearing a voice raised in anger. People who enjoy shooting sports, including military, law enforcement, and civilians, are among the most pleasant people I have ever spent time with. They are the ones protected by the second amendment.

Sooner or later this foolish Iran nuclear deal will blow up in somebody's face. I fear we have gone so far down the wrong road and weakened ourselves so much in the process, the only real option is to walk away. We know that Barack Obama has so much skin in this game now, he won't allow that to happen. 

With the way things have been handled in Baltimore between the mayor, the prosecutor, and the police commissioner, I wouldn't blame the cops on the street if every one of them quit. How can you work for bosses like these. 

Once again it is the Republican hierarchy that is standing with the President and empowering him on this vile and un-American trade deal. The whole crew of them need to be stripped of power and sent home.

Hillary or Bernie? Really? This is the best of the Democrat party. Two elderly curmudgeons, one of whom is for sale at any price. OK any price over a million.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Turkey For Thanksgiving

I find ISIS fascinating. Fascinating in the way one find a freight train hitting an eighteen wheeler at a railroad crossing fascinating. It is loud. It is messy. It is bloody. And it is dangerous.

What makes them particularly dangerous is that they accept no humanitarian bounds to their efforts. They have a goal. They are smart and savvy. They have a program of leadership and training. They are situationally adaptable. They are also despicable.

In my little world they are ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The President, for some inexplicable reason, honors them by calling them ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. By doing this, the President is ceding to them control of Jordan and Israel. Our two strong allies.

They seem to think of themselves as the new Islamic Caliphate, destined to control the Middle East today and the world tomorrow. So let's look at where they are. They started grouping up on the road to Baghdad where they could have been destroyed with a minimum of effort. Since they were only the "JV team", why bother. 

So now they have split Iraq. They threaten Baghdad. They own the Syria Turkey border area. And their ranks are growing daily. So the varsity, Al Qaeda, is almost off the court and the "JV" increases in strength continuously.

So where will they go from here? They cannot go east. Iran is in the way and they are not yet ready to take on a true military power. But the old Caliphate, the one they wish to emulate, went west toward Europe. They actually ruled part of Gaul.

To accomplish this, the next step must be Turkey. Right now, Turkey should be gearing up to battle ISIS. Their country is full of ISIS sympathizers. Their southern border is weak and already subject to incursions. President Erdogan seems to be tone deaf to the danger.

Unless things change radically, ISIS will have Turkey for Thanksgiving. Probably not this year or next. When they are prepared. You can bet it is on their to-do list.

Monday, June 22, 2015

It's A Jumble

For most of my life things were pretty much cut and dried. The government took care of administrative things, protected the public, and preserved the Constitution. Unfortunately, this was often done with wide variations in quality and honesty. In this aspect, little has changed. But taxes were collected, wars were fought, and the streets were frequently plowed in Winter.

There was religion aplenty. Protestant, in it's many guises, Roman Catholic, Orthodox Catholic, Judaism, Islam, Hindi, something for everyone. Those people of faith could mount the pulpit and preach their doctrine. The faithful could live their daily lives according to that doctrine without fear.

A persons home was their castle. It was sacred and was to be protected as that castle protected the family in it. Even the police were excluded unless they could prove to a judge an overwhelming need to breach that domestic fortress. Similarly, your property and possessions were protected unless legal action said otherwise in a court of law.

We were protected in all these thing by the most perfect legal instrument ever written by the hand of man. The United States Constitution. The body of the Constitution does these thing by inference. Many of the framers were unsatisfied with that and wrote the, more specific, Bill of Rights. Today this is all under attack.

Somehow we have raised up a group that think of themselves as secular progressives. I think of them as atheistic liberals. These people love big government as it is needed to control the unruly masses. Those people in "fly over country who cling to their Bibles and guns".

They despise religion as a salve for weak and frightened minds. They, like the blood sucking vampires that they are, cringe at the sight of a cross or any other religious symbol. Although, they do seem to have an astonishing tolerance for Islamic symbolism. Maybe they feel a kinship. They would stifle some religious activity and criminalize other. When the government controls religious speech or any other speech we have become a totalitarian state.

They have put your money and property in danger by over extending the laws of eminent domain and requiring banks to report cash deposits so that the government can steal your bank account without a crime being committed. Just because there may possibly have been criminal activity.

You know the people that lead this group by their first names. Barack, Hillary, Bernie, Elizabeth, Mitch, John (there are two), Nancy, Harry. It's a long list. But it is a list of people that wish to change America in ways I, for one, never want to see completed. Elections are coming and we must take the power away from these people. Our freedoms are too precious to waste.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

We See Satan's Work

Good people, people that gave to their community, gathered together in the peacefulness of their church. They gathered to study the Bible. The guidebook of their Christian faith. And a stranger came among them. They greeted him and made him one of them, as Christians are won't to do. He spent an hour in their company and he betrayed them.

As Judas Iscariot betrayed Christ, this foul and debased young man drew a gun and shot these good and innocent people who had no means to protect themselves. He claimed a cause against blacks. He claimed heinous crime had been committed by them. His claims were untrue. These kind and wonderful people that he confronted certainly didn't commit any crimes. They were a respected minister, older women, and Christian believers. What they were was a safe and easy target for a coward.

Although I have a religious background, I have never believed in Satan. Until now. I looked into the face of Dylann Roof and I understood. Call him Satan. Call him the anti-Christ. By whatever name, their exists an evil entity.
The Face of Evil

From Charles Manson to Jeffry Dahmer, we have seen sick and depraved killers before. But they were different. They burned with a sick fire to be corrupt. Roof has a hollow coldness that is unhuman. His soul has been taken away. He feels neither joy nor remorse. He is on his masters path. If his master calls he will answer. Otherwise, he will wait.

On the other side of this horrible coin, the families and those that survived were allowed to speak at Roof's indictment. As one they forgave the evil that had been done to them and prayed for this young man's soul. They are better people than I could ever be. May God bless them for their strength.

I can only hope that the political hacks and race pimps will show some, well deserved, respect for these people. Charleston seems to be well equipped in all aspects to handle this storm without outsiders trying to capitalize on their grief. 

I can only ask that the prayers of all good and right thinking people will help to support those in their grief and may the wounds heal quickly. This will never be forgotten. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Evil Walks Among Us

Where did any attempt at civility go? Civilization survived through the "Dark Ages" into the "Age of Enlightenment". I realize that hungry nations still waged war. But lately there seems to be a sea change in peoples psyche. People are angry. So angry that they are willing to kill, maim, destroy reputations, even destroy peoples lives because they disagree on politics or religion or climate change, just about anything. Worst of all, there are those that still hate based on skin color.

Most of this was written before the terrible insane events in Charleston, South Carolina. The acts of that young man are pure proof that evil does walk among us. Such deep and diabolical hatred cannot be normal. It must be fed and nurtured through the years. To walk into a church where he was accepted by good people, spend an hour in their company, and then turn on them in the worst possible way is nothing less than Satanic.

If race is not driving your rage, it is probably religion. Religion should bring peace to people. It should bring people together to find areas of mutual understanding and comfort. Religion should not drive a blood lust. The idea that God created all mankind and would love all equally seems to be alien to that which is billed as "the religion of peace".

Today even politics is not seen as a difference of opinion. Some people have taken to acting as if any with a differing opinion, gain political influence, it will destroy their way of life. Demands have replaced negotiations. Threats are used in place of bartering. Destroy your enemy is today's watchword.

Some say the "End Times" are near. I was brought up on the King James version of the Bible. I learned to love it's language and phrasing. It takes more effort to understand than the more modern versions. It is well worth the effort in my thinking. But I also learned the meaning of the word allegory. People told stories to explain the unexplainable. 

So I never was a particular fan of St. John's Book of Revelations. But it seems like, today, evil is walking forth in the land. But I will never believe that we are doomed. We can, and I pray we will, get by this. The problem is the lust for power and money. Those that try to intellectualize this greed and convince themselves as well as others that they work for the good of mankind, are the guilty parties. 

When people decide , for whatever reason, that the structure of society doesn't meet their needs and they must change things by whatever means, life gets out of balance. Kind of like a "tilt" in the old time pinball machines. The only power that we have is to do good and to support others that try to do good that way we might, in time, be able to restore equilibrium. Until then. Keep your head down and watch your back. It is ugly out there.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Business Is Business

Donald Trump just announced that he is a presidential candidate. This was expected. I did not see his announcement but have heard him expound on the subject many times. Mr. Trump is a great business man. Some that did watch, think he said what needed to be said. Many think he had a case of the screaming meemies and went over the top. But I think he loves America and the opportunities that living here provides. He is a great negotiator and understands the world as most politicians never will.

But then Donald Trump is not a politician. He never will be. It is not in his DNA. Politicians would never be comfortable around him. He is smarter and more accomplished than most of them. He understands things in a way that they never will.

That is both his strength and his weakness. It is his strength because he is a hard headed businessman. He would not succumb to phony idealism. No one would be able to pull the wool over his eyes. He lives for the negotiation.

It is his weakness because he is not a member of the club. He has never held office nor been mixed up in the down and dirty of politics. He has never had to compromise his standards just to get a bloc of votes. I hope he would never. Those lesser lights of the political scene would hold him in disdain because he is not one of them.

In Washington, if you would make things work, you have to get the fools to come into line along with the smart ones. Sorrowfully, many of the fools in that town have much power. It is not a perfect world and Washington is a highly imperfect city.

So as much as I like many of his ideas, I can't see him as President. But it is a shame to waste that powerhouse of talent. Can you imagine if he were negotiating with Iran rather than John Kerry. Or negotiating with Putin. How about trade deals with China. Wouldn't he be an asset as the Presidents personal negotiator. Team him up with a strong conservative President. They could do much to heal our damage. I can hear the cries and moans emanating from Foggy Bottom already. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

An Open Letter To Jeb Bush

For the record, I voted for both your father and your brother. For all of the bad things that have been said about your brother, I thought him an honorable man who loved his country. He made mistakes. But his mistakes were not from greed or malice. I feel that his mistakes were brought about by loyalty. 

Your brother tried to be your father's second and third term. To do this he enlisted the support of family retainers. I think he would have been better served by people of his own generation. Past is past. The future is upon us.

I was initially against your candidacy because I don't like dynasties. They are, simply, not good for the country. I watched your announcement speech and was much encouraged. You said many of the right things. I hope that you meant them.

Going back to the family retainer thing, it might help people like me to have some idea about your thoughts for cabinet members. I know that naming names will not happen. Some assurance that you are a new Bush with a different agenda and different ideas might help.

I would speak, in reverent terms, about the Constitution, frequently. That great document has been badly treated and needs a great deal of healing. In my opinion, much of that damage has occurred because the Republican leadership abdicated their opposition position and hid in their offices while our Constitution was abused. Corrective action is sorely needed there.

I still don't know if I would vote for you in a primary. At least now I am willing to listen. In a general election, I most certainly wouldn't vote for Hillary. Or whoever replaces her. I know she looks invincible now. She also looked invincible eight years ago. And now she has eight more years of hard road on her.

One last point. If you should be the candidate, I hope that you will consider Carly Fiorina as a running mate. The woman is formidable. Running against Hillary or Michelle or Elizabeth or Bernie or someone still under the radar, she would be a game changer. So, good luck. Give it your best shot. There's a long trek ahead.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why Would They?

Why, on  God's good green Earth, would Congress give Barack Obama fast track trade negotiation rights? Barack Obama not only doesn't negotiate, he has no idea how to negotiate.

When Mr. Obama took office as President, he made a major decision. He chose the royal presidency where all must come to him as he ruled from the Oval Office. Not just Republicans, but Democrats also must come to him, hat in hand and tugging on their forelocks. 

The Obama style of negotiation was that his inferiors should do as he instructs them. And he saw all as his inferiors. To aid in this, he had his loyal obstructionists, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. He owned two of the three branches of government. He was king.

His power slipped a huge notch when he lost Congress, but his haughty attitude prevailed. He instructed. He ordered. He bullied. The one thing he didn't do is get results. It did not help that the results of previous efforts proved shoddy, ineffective, or downright bad.

Effective leaders know how to rein in their egos, treat their opposition with cordiality, and compromise. Successful negotiators know that in negotiations, a smile, an acknowledgement, and giving a little, can get you a lot in return. Our President never got the memo.

His personal negotiations with Bibi Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin failed miserably. Where we had a friend in one and the respect of the other, we now have mutual antagonism.

But the greatest example of Obama's lack of skill is the nuclear negotiations with Iran. While it is certain that the results will be left in John Kerry's lap, it is equally certain that the President is pulling the strings. The American position has been, appease, appease, appease. The administration wants a deal so badly they will accept any terms. That is not negotiation. It is surrender.

Giving President Obama fast track trade capability is like handing a sixteen year old boy the keys to a Ferrari on the day  he gets his license. Not good for you. Not good for the boy. And not good for the Ferrari.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Be What You Wanta Be

Throw away your birth certificate. Ignore those silly DNA tests. Only your surgeon knows for sure. And maybe he, she, or it even doesn't. And above all, keep prying eyes away from the changing booth.

You have become a blank canvas. And you are the artist. There was a time when we respected what God gave us. Today, God doesn't even have a vote. The Army said "be the best that you can be". Today, society says, "be whatever you want to be".

I am trying not to make this a conservative versus liberal thing. But as I am sorting things out in my mind, I'm sorry, I have to score it, liberals ten, conservatives a weak one. Actually, not even that. I'm just trying to be fair and balanced.

We have a high ranking college professor who declares herself American Indian with little or no substantiation. In spite of considerable personal wealth, she named herself the champion of the poor and aggrieved. Almost immediately, she became a star in her own little portion of heaven.

Schools now have decided that boys are not necessarily boys. They are possibly girls in disguise. And girls can be what ever they want to be at any given time. Plumbers can tell the difference, but, apparently, school teachers cannot. Pick your own lavatory preference.

As much as I am making fun of modern liberal stupidity, there are times when the results are tragic. As in the case of one child whose misbegotten parents are feeding him medication so that the natural generation of sex hormones within the body will not take effect. That is beyond cruel. You know that poor child will be screwed up for life. Sorry, I know no more descriptive term.

But today, I saw the best yet. A young woman (at my age, they're all young) is the chairperson of the Spokane, Washington branch of the NAACP. This young black woman has startled her parents. They are as white as the driven snow and felt that she was too. But no! She is black. She has declared herself so. And, amazingly enough, the NAACP branch agrees with her.

So sit yourself down in a comfy chair. Perhaps a glass or two of very good wine might help. Examine closely your self image. Down deep at your core, who are you, what are you, really. Think deep thoughts. Examine alternate realities. Then come forth like a butterfly from a chrysalis and redeclare yourself to the world. You are now who you think you are. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Aiding And Abetting

I hesitate to label behavior as traitorous. But that might apply in this case. I refer to the "top secret" trade bill that President Obama is treating with such urgency. It is hidden away in a secret room that only the chosen may enter. Even then they must swear a blood oath never to divulge the dark secrets shown to them. Real Harry Potter-ish.

Then Congress is expected to pass this bill with only the select few having full details. Once past, the details may be available to us of the lower castes. Cranky's rule number one - If you need to do it in secret, you probably shouldn't be doing it. This is a trade bill. It effects the country, the economy, jobs, and even our place in the world, for generations to come. We will all feel the results of this plan, good or bad. 

Any bill that over reaching should be debated openly and in public. Mr. Obama has shown a tendency to be more concerned about his image and legacy than the well being of the country. I cannot help but suspect that is also true in reference to this bill. But he is like the scorpion begging a ride from the frog. He is what he is. We've learned to expect no better.

The traitorous behavior to which I refer is that of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan. They have become the President's loyal serfs in this effort rather than our loyal opposition. We see where the phrase, "you must pass it to find out what is in it", got us before. Can we expect better results now?

I've not been a fan of these three men for some time now. I've thought them to be weak kneed and fuzzy minded. I did not expect them to go over to the enemy. Today and in the future, they deserve no support in any endeavor from any good American. 

While this may not rival the deeds of Benedict Arnold, it does rank someplace above the "Black Sox" scandal. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

In Search Of Reality

As I have often stated, I read a lot of news. Some times I read whole articles. Sometimes I scan headlines. Almost always the TV is on in the background with a news channel at the edge of my awareness. On occasion it becomes too much input. Especially when the screamers are on TV trying to sell their position through sheer volume.

When I was very much younger and Timex was a brand new product line, reality was what ever John Cameron Swayze said it was. There were only two channels on TV and his was the most credible voice. Later that same public trust was given to Walter Cronkite. 

Today there is no single voice that is the voice of honesty and reality. Everyone in the news business has a viewpoint and an agenda. That is the prism through which they view current events. Even this could be tolerated if they calmly presented the news as they see it. But that is insufficient unto their purposes. 

So news has become - tell the public what they must believe and present your evidence. If you must exaggerate your evidence or, even, make it up, that is all for a good cause. But even more, rip any other position. Do everything possible to destroy those with opposing views, both publicly and privately. 

For some years now, government has aided in this effort. We, the citizens, have been sliced and diced into smaller and smaller groups until we find ourselves fighting for the survival of our liberties. Look at the groups that have had targets painted on them by our government. White males. Police. Christians. Tea Party folks. Pro-Lifers. Conservatives. Heterosexuals. Gun owners. Military. Those that believe in America's greatness. Business people. There are, most certainly, more. But I have made my point. 

Reality is out there and I know where it can be found. It can be found under a government that adheres strictly to the Constitution of the United States. A government that understands that "We the People" means exactly that. We are all Americans first and under that banner we must be unified. We are being manipulated. People, open your eyes. As they used to say on the X-Files, "the truth is out there". We just need to recognize the lies and the liars for what they are.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Preserve The First Amendment

Actually, preserve the whole Bill of Rights. For years now, the first, second, and fourth amendments have been under heavy attack. But lately, the first amendment is receiving particular attention.

Those in power seem to feel that freedom of speech and freedom of religion are expendable. And, as usual lately, they try to limit our rights by extralegal means. They know that a Presidential order or a new regulation does not trump the Constitution. But they still try to sneak it by.

It started with the IRS trying to shut down any conservative voices by eliminating or stalling their organizations rights to tax exempt status. A ploy that they deny to this day in spite of obvious evidence to the contrary.

Then they tried to resurrect the old "Fairness Doctrine". This would limit conservative talk shows and blogs unless they balanced equally with liberal thought. Of course the New York Times and the Washington Post would be allowed to carry on with their right wing news.

Then we have our President encouraging a ban on offensive speech through the UN. It seems this offensive speech doctrine only controls speech against Islam. It is still proper and acceptable to insult and defame Judaism or Christianity.

The latest effort goes after a favorite target of liberals, those that legally own and shoot firearms. They are now trying, through executive order, to ban online communications involving firearms, ammunition, gunsmithing, or anything else involving guns.

Gun hobbyists are not criminals. They discuss firearms because they enjoy sharing information with like minded people. If they were archers, shooting arrows instead of bullets, no one would give it a second thought. If they were fencers discussing swords, no one would care. 

But the fact is that all of this is protected by the Constitution. The power hungry liberals just don't care. What I care about is why are they so eager to disarm honest people. Those that wish harm will still get their weapons. I leave you with one final fact. They disarmed Great Britain. The rate of violent crime went up. A lot. A liberal world is not nirvana.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Elderly White Woman Plays The Race Card

Hillary Clinton is no spring chicken, nor is she a person of color, unless that color is green. She still plays the race card at every opportunity with marvelous insincerity. Hillary lives in a world of self proclaimed entitlement. And now that proclamation tells her that she is entitled to be President. In her own mind, she has paid her dues and it is right and natural for her to be the first woman President of the United States.

Part of that dues payment was being the long suffering wife of Bubba the Philanderer. Truly, she had a life apart from his. It was a symbiotic relationship. She took a portion of his power and she supplied him with a public image of a stable marriage. 

Hillary used that power well. Even though her attempt to take over medical care ultimately failed, the creation of the plan gave headlines and a political reputation of her own. Her overreach and it's sheer weight finally caused her plan to collapse. 

Hillary was off the bench and into the major leagues. Most people look kindly on the Clinton years and Hillary bathed in that aura. Her name was in the headlines. The fact is that those headlines usually referenced something about standing by her man.

When the Clinton term in office ended, Hillary picked up her carpet bag and headed for Long Island. Daniel Patrick Moynihan's Senate seat was available and Hillary knew that she was a shoo-in. So Hillary found employment in one of the greatest jobs in the world. In my humble opinion, anyone that gets to be a Senator and leaves that job voluntarily, is out of their mind. 

But after eight years, leave she did. Her years in the Senate were of little note. She kept a high visibility factor with little noteworthy effect. She had planned then to be the next President. Along came Barack Obama and her hopes were dashed on the rocks of despair as they used to say in the old soap operas.

Her nemesis then asked her to join his administration as Secretary of State. Probably wanting to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. So in her years in that office she racked up many miles flying all around the world with heavy emphasis on Africa. About as far away from Washington as the President could send her. She did however seem able to ingratiate herself with governments that either donated to the Clinton Foundation or asked her globe hopping husband to speak for a large fee.

Through all of this, it appears that her primary qualification to run for President is her gender. It seems that she has used her public position to her family's benefit. She has ignored the law and the honest requirements of her office. She has erased documentation she was required to save. She has been the center of scandal and worst of all she seems to perpetually angry. I do not believe the country can afford her back in the White House.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Reexamining Religion

I am sure that this little blog will anger some people. New ideas always do. I have been thinking about how people in America have fallen away from religion in recent years. In my youth, you went to church on Sunday morning. Services were held hourly from eight o'clock until eleven o'clock. If you were Roman Catholic, you might have gone to midnight mass, so you could sleep in on Sunday.

Back in those glory days of yesteryear, things were less organized than they are today. Kids went out and played when parents didn't have anything else for them to do. Not so today. Kids are herded and protected as never before because evil walks among us, as it never has before. Today the activities of the young ones control the family schedule. Little league, junior hockey, and innumerable soccer leagues crowd the family calendar.

These sports are good and healthy for the young ones. But ice time, field time, gym time, whatever is needed is limited. Families adjust to what is available for their kid's teams. Is this more important than church? No. But it has helped to alter family schedules and one does not preclude the other. 

Sports teach kids a lot of life's most important lessons. Sportsmanship, fair play, honesty, and success through personal effort and through team effort are not the least of these. In the competitive arena these lessons are taught in an atmosphere that the young easily understand. It's fun and it's not preachy.

Here's the problem. Most organized churches expect people to adapt to them. They tend to be rigid in their mindset.  Are families going to give up their family's sports for church? As a general rule, that doesn't seem to be happening. 

In my youth, many many years ago, the church I belonged to had a youth fellowship organization. It was very important in my life and the lessons I learned support me to this day. One thing that I learned is that faith does not require a large congregation, a choir, and a massive pipe organ. Also it doesn't have to occur at ten o'clock on Sunday morning.

I am just thinking that going onward, perhaps religion should go retail. Go for the small group but do it more often.  The wholesale concept doesn't seem to be working all that well today. People need religion. A person never understands the importance of their faith until it is tested. If you have none you will, most assuredly, fail that test.

Friday, June 5, 2015

In Search Of A Legacy

Every President wants to leave a legacy that will be noted by historians. The telescope of the future is more important than the magnifying glass of the present. Having your name in history books gives more gravitas then having your name in newspapers.

Unfortunately, some take their eye off the prize. That was Bill Clinton's failing. He couldn't tell the difference between the big prize and instant gratification. That failing turned around and bit him, so to speak.

Richard Nixon was building a great legacy. Then that little megalomania thing kicked in and he got kicked out. Yes, I know that he resigned, but it was forced as more and more evidence was piling up against him. Today, the best thing people say about him is that he always wore a suit and tie in the oval office.

Ronald Reagan got it just about right. Two successful terms. Great economy. Brought down communism. You don't get a much better legacy than that. 

Barack Obama wants a great legacy. He is not even going to get a good legacy. He is focused to much on his legacy rather than being a good President. He talks too much. He doesn't listen enough. He surrounds himself with sycophants because he hates to have anyone disagree with him. Worst of all he thinks he knows more than anyone on any subject.

Look at the results. The economy is down. Middle class salaries are down. There are fewer people employed than in the last four decades. Obamacare seems to be blowing up. The Middle East is in turmoil. Iran is on an unstoppable path to nuclear weapons. There are riots in the cities. Police are being targeted by thugs. Jihadists are infiltrating the country. He has written laws by shredding the Constitution.

How can anyone expect to pull a decent legacy from that jumble of mismanagement. While he likes to compare himself to George Washington or Abraham Lincoln he actually suffers even in comparison to Jimmy Carter.

The shame is that, being the first black President, most people, including those that did not vote for him, wanted him to succeed. His lack of trust in those good people who would have 
helped him and his distrust of the nature of the American people along with his overbearing ego have given him a legacy lost.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Random Thoughts - Sixty-Two

If I never see another picture or article involving anyone named Jenner or Kardashian, it will be way too soon. How dumb do you have to be to find them entertaining. 

Here we are at the beginning of June and I just watched the Red Sox play baseball like they were really trying to win not just get the game done. Where did this aggressiveness come from and where has it been? And more important, will it last?

So now Barack is the first Jewish President as well as the first black President. This is really going to disappoint his Muslim friends. That is unless he is taking advantage of Taqiyya. Only his Imam knows for sure. Mazel tov.

The reason that only one third of the air missions that United States pilots fly against ISIS actually attack is that the Commander in Chief is micro-managing the effort. He should assign his professionals the task writ large. Let them manage the details. That is what they are trained for. As a general rule, neighborhood organizers don't have a clue about military efforts.

I still cannot believe that Hillary will be the Democrat candidate. There are still other possibilities out there. Michelle may still be one. Wouldn't she just love to boot stomp all over Hillary's chances?

The State Department declared, at a press conference, that we have killed 10,000 ISIS soldiers. After the press stopped snickering, they asked where the figures came from.No one seemed to know. I'm astonished. 

I see where an IRS employee ripped off $326,000 using stolen IDs. What a wonderful organization we have to hold all that power over us. Oh, and with Obamacare they have access to even more personal information. Hey, it's the government. They'll fix it. Right? Just like they fixed the VA and Amtrak and the Post Office.........

As a conservative I don't usually endorse Democrat Presidential candidates. But I think a ticket of Lincoln Chafee and Bernie Sanders has interesting possibilities. As the texters put it LMAO!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


"Today, we are the most respected nation in the world." Thus spake our delusional President. And he rejoices in the fact that he is responsible and that will be his legacy. That is the core of a long and troubling term in office.

Barack Obama is a man in search of a place in the history books equal to his self image. He is the man that would cure the worlds ills. Bring peace in our time. End wars forever. End racial strife. He told us all this while he was running for office. Obviously, many believed him.

Did he try? Well, sort of. Mr. Obama sees himself as a man of great ideas. But he does not do grunt work. Underlings are there to make his great ideas happen. This allows him time to recreate, raise money, and speak profoundly every day. 

It would appear that there are few, if any, underlings up to the greatness of the Obama idea factory. Obamacare was to be the shining star in the Obama firmament. Instead of a beautifully organized and well functioning plan, we got a dog's lunch of mismatched pieces, many non-functioning, that, to this day, are a shambles. They are rapidly becoming an unaffordable shambles. 

His idea to end all wars didn't work out too well either. Telling the enemy that you are quitting and telling them the date on which you will quit doesn't work. To Mr. Obama's great surprise, they didn't quit when he did. They waited him out and then redoubled their efforts. Welcome to the mess in the Mideast.

For the past five years Mr. Obama has been bragging that he has turned the economy around. Well he has certainly done that for the one percent, but the vast majority of our population is still hurting. Many have given up searching for work as more aliens flood in to our country willing to work for lower wages.

Mr. Obama's words have helped to turn the police into a perceived enemy and turned many against others based on age, race, politics, or sexual preference. I have never see the country so divided.

We have, as a nation, spurned our friends. So they ignore us. We have shown weakness. So our enemies laugh at us. Our President has shown disdain for our citizens and our Constitution as he takes credit for non-achievements. Our President is so eager for a great legacy, he is destroying his chance for a good legacy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Toilet Paper Partnership

I know, TPP doesn't really stand for toilet paper partnership. It stands for Trans Pacific Partnership. It is another Obama project that gives lie, once again, to his promise of transparency. This huge change in American policy is held as secret as the Manhattan Project once was. Only politicians with a "top secret" security clearance are allowed to read it under threat of prosecution if they divulge it's contents. It is kept in a secret room under guard. It cannot be removed or copied. 

It is amazing to me, how the press is not going after this like the pit bulls they are supposed to be. I know that their heartfelt love affair with their idol President, though slightly weakened, is still strong. I know that they think he is beyond error. But, how can they still believe he is beyond chicanery?

We have had some leaks, compliments of Julian Assange, of WikiLeaks fame. It appears that signing on to this agreement would amount to signing over some of America's sovereignty to TPP. In other words our domestic policies in areas affected would have to agree with all TPP policies.

One of the most heavily affected areas would be the internet. Control would pass from American and independent control to a committee with members from twelve disparate nations from Peru to Viet Nam. Control of the internet would be handed over to the modern version of the Tower of Babel.

Another interesting term of the agreement would be the requirement that we allow the importation of food and drug products that are not up to our safety standards. Why would we be eager to agree to this. And if I hear these things with my limited resources, where is the press with their thousand times greater resources? Because there is more. Much more.

This is just another globalist project designed to dilute American exceptionalism. I can see how the world would have a problem with it, but why do our own political leaders have a problem? They have been trying to bring America low since the mid sixties but, being Americans, we still find away to keep our country great. We just need new leadership to help us along the way.

Our prayers go out to the family of Beau Biden.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The New Normal????

I was just watching some "news" on TV. OK, it was opinion. But today, opinion and news fill the same slot. It is up to us to discern the difference. The "news"person involved was commenting on the current growth rate of the GDP. She opined that 1.7% is the new normal. Apparently, our President has strained so hard trying to improve the economy he needs to be fitted for a truss. 

As Colonel Morgan used to say, "horse puckey". As my cranky self says, "it is the Keynesian normal". Which, by definition, is abnormal. Old John Maynard was a few gills short of a litre. But for some reason he became the economic darling of upper class Brits. To this beleaguered day, he is still loved by liberals. It is that "Big Government" thing.

Since the Obama s took over the White House, Barack has taken the economy, wrapped it up in brown paper, sealed it with packing tape, put it in a crate, and shipped it off to China. In the first quarter of this year we have an astounding 0.7% growth rate. Astounding, yes, astoundingly low. Think of it this way, with all of the non-citizens flooding across our southern border, at 0.7%, the country is actually losing ground.

If Americans want to accept this as the new norm, we will soon be a third world country. But we don't have to accept that. What we have to do is get our heads back out where the sun is shining and be America again. When I was a child, it was shameful to be "on the dole". Now it is a point of pride that the "suckers" are supporting your lifestyle. 

We need a new WPA to supply work for the able bodied. No work, no cash. Care for those that cannot care for themselves. Force the lazy and attitudinous to grab themselves by the bootstraps and contribute. 

Get rid of over regulation and bring back innovation. Either rein in the IRS or get rid of them. Throw out politicians that put party and agenda before country. Americans haven't changed all that much. We have just ceded too much power to the wacko fringe.

To get our America back and be successful again, the change must start in Washington. And we are the ones that can force that change.