Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Too Soon Old

I was thinking of a phrase that I first heard in my youth. "We are too soon old, and too late smart." The truth of that short sentence has occurred to me many times over the years. But never as much as now. 

President Obama was carried into office on the votes of idealistic young people, who hadn't yet come to appreciate the greatness of America and the free enterprise system along with the votes of the elderly who succumbed to the scare ads posted by Democrats. Remember throwing granny off a cliff.

Obama preached "hope and change" in vague and grandiose terms. But his agenda came to be one of hopeless change in no uncertain terms. The press had so vilified George Bush that most everyone believed that any change would be for the good. We have spent five years discovering just how wrong we were.

Recall, in his first Presidential campaign, Obama extolled the virtues of government controlled healthcare and made huge promises that, we now know, he never intended to keep. Just about everyone I know has had their healthcare turn into turmoil because of Obamacare. And it will get much worse before it gets any better.

He never told the young people that supported him that the cost burden of the sick and the uninsured would fall on their shoulders. They can't get jobs because Obamanomics has destroyed the job market. They are paying off loans on overpriced college educations that don't fit the needs of whatever job market is left. Many are forced to move back home and live in makeshift apartments in their parents basements. But our President signed a law, of his design, that forces them, under penalty of the law, to purchase a health care plan that they do not want nor can they afford.

Now he wants to gut social security and medicare leaving the elderly hanging. COLAs are cost of living increases to social security. They are figured annually based on the percentage rise in prices. But the government decides what price categories are involved in the calculation. In Obama's first two years when the cost of fuel doubled, seniors got no increase. Federal employees, however, did. What a surprise. Now Obama also wants to reduce payments through Medicare Advantage programs. Hey, Barack, that's OK. They're old anyway. Don't worry about it.

Obama likes to target the low hanging fruit. Those that are not organized enough or wealthy enough to fight back. The AARP won't fight back even though they claim to represent retired people. Their support is for Obama not the people that support them. Never forget, the AARP exists primarily to market insurance of various types to the elderly. It would be nice if the press picked up on this and ran with it, but they're on Obama's side too. Yup, we are too soon old and too late smart. 

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