Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Random Thoughts - Eighty-One

I see where Dennis Hastart got fifteen months in federal prison. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who molests a kid should get life. It is even more insidious when it is done by coaches or clergy. For those that may not know, Hastart was a wrestling coach.

I just put a comment on a Facebook piece extolling the virtues of Hillary as President, taking umbrage at their conclusions. Needless to say, I was heartily disagreed with. I cannot believe that there are still some people out there that think she would be good for the country. There are none so blind...........

OK, so Trump is not my choice for President either. But if it comes down to it, you can bet your life, I will hold my nose and vote for Trump. And I hope that anyone who supported any other Republican candidate will do the same. Anybody but Hillary.

Did you see where China has successfully tested a hypersonic missile? They are pushing out. North Korea has successfully launched a missile from a submarine. Iran is testing ICBMs and we are giving them the cash to pay the tab as they ignore our non-treaty treaty. Meanwhile, we shrink our military and turn it into a social experiment. Wake up, the whole world is laughing at us.

All of the money that Americans spend on education and only thirty-seven percent of high school graduates are prepared for college in math and reading. Maybe the problem is not money.

The Cranky Conservative Doctrine is: America First. The NE Patriots Second. The Red Sox Third.

I see where Chris Mathews wife lost her run for Congress. That and married to Chris Mathews too. Some folks just never get a break.

President Obama says that we are living in the most peaceful time in history. One never knows whether he is confused, delusional, or lying.

Last night Red Sox pitcher David Price threw fourteen strikeouts. Welcome to Boston Mr. Price.

Monday, April 25, 2016


The elitist politically correct geniuses are at it again.  Through some bizarre thought process they have decided that, if I eat a taco, I am usurping Mexican heritage. And all the time, I thought I was just enjoying lunch. And to think of all of the times that I have eaten Kung Pao Chicken.

As a matter of fact, I am a serial offender. Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Chinese, French, German, I love them all. I have even done ethnic cooking myself. I am doomed.

I assume that all of the Taco Bells and Chipoltes that are owned by non-Mexicans will have their franchises revoked and be closed, immediately. Chinese restaurants all seem to be run by Chinese, so they are safe. But since only Chinese can eat there in an honest embracing of their heritage, will there be enough business for them to survive.

Will a person ordering an Italian Sub at Subway be required to have DNA proof of his bloodline? Can I no longer drink German beer? Must I forgo my morning bagel. These difficult questions scream for answers. 

May I no longer dream of owning an Audi or a Mercedes? As I have some French blood will I be forced into a Puegeot? I'll keep my American made white mini-van for a while longer. Im safe on all counts with that.

A while back, when we went to Paris, I attempted to greet people and ask basic questions with what little French I know. I was told before we left, that they appreciate the gesture. It seemed to work. We were treated nicely. Now I find that I was insulting them.

Yessir, every time I turn around these twenty-something geniuses with no experience and little knowledge, find a way to make me change how I look at the world. The way I am looking at it now is that we all have to just start ignoring these fools.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Freedom Revisited

Back in 1787, when the Constitution was signed, we were the most free nation on the planet. We had shed the onus of the rule by King George III and declared that we were a democratic republic. 

The early years were difficult. England took another shot, being the War of 1812. Surviving that, we built a navy equal to or better than the, so called, great nations. We were a free country populated by a free populous. We were farmers and trappers and hunters and frontiersmen. 

We moved our frontiers out and built towns, then cities. We populated the country, raising crops and cattle and pigs and sheep along the way. We had no limits. The government did what a government should do. 

The government protected our borders. They staved off foreign incursions. They protected the rights of citizens to live without government interference. Those were the good old days.

But as governments do, ours grew. And as governments unfortunately do, we acquired a breed of professional politicians. While they were busy growing a nation, our ancestors did not do what they should have been done, and squashed that trend before it got a foothold.

As our ancestors didn't, and we are inheriting the fruits of their negligence. To put it bluntly, the current crop of power hungry candidates, for lack of a better word, would not be welcome to a dinner party in my home. There is not one of them that I would care to call an acquaintance, never mind a friend.

People, we can, and must, do better. States Rights, America first, the Constitution of the United States of America, it is not like we don't have a road map. Recover American freedoms now, or we will lose them forever.

This election cycle seems to be a dead issue. lord knows that Hillary or Bernie will be ten steps backward. Anyone on the Republican side will be no better than a place holder. People, get serious. You are losing the greatest country that the world has ever seen. Step up and fight for America's future.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


This is an angry old shrew.

The difference is that this one isn't running for President.

Sorry, couldn't help myself!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Family Faith Future

America is losing things that they need. To use a phrase that seems to be somewhat common now, we are becoming unbundled. I know it is not the "good old days" any longer and "Leave It To Beaver" is but a faint memory, but we seem to be losing much of what used to unify us as a family, a community, and as a nation.

In the olden days, back when we were bringing up our family, a strong unifying factor for family and community was the church. We attended most Sundays, worked in the kitchen for church suppers, and generally put in our time toward the necessary tasks that make a church an extended family and a keystone in the community.

Somehow church going has fallen out of style for many. Partially from laziness, but much from the feeling that attending services and believing in God is childish and unsophisticated. The pseudo sophisticates of today, being the elite and deep thinkers that they believe themselves to be, profess that if you can't feel it, if you can't hold it in your hand, if you can't spend it, it does not exist. 

Faith is difficult. I have always considered faith more of a search than a position. There are those that can take things on faith and never question. I was never one of those people. In my heart, I questioned everything. Much of it, I kept in my heart and never spoke of to anyone.

Now, in my reclining years, I see and understand thing that I never did before. Because of this my faith grows. I have learned one thing that I am sure of, those that claim to know what God would do or what God would think, are full of themselves and are as wrong as the atheists who disdain any belief at all.

Our future as a people and as a country is in question. The current political crop have seen to divide us and turn us against one another. This is not without purpose. And as always, the purpose with politicians is power.

If we return to faith and family we can rebuild our sense of community. Doing this we can take back the power and keep it where our Constitution intended it to be. God bless America.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Self Interest

Stop! Stop right now. Forget about Republican. Forget about Democrat. Forget about liberal. Forget about conservative. They have all sold you down the river. We need for America to utterly change their voting habits.

People need to start voting in their own self interest. If you are poor or foolish, that means, in this election, you will vote for Bernie Sanders. All he promises is to give something for nothing. Of course he will bring the country to it's financial knees by doing this but, hey, free food, free college, a free ride if your too lazy to work. What could be better?

Thankfully, people that totally dumb are in the minority. But the great mass of middle class Americans could make a real difference if they spurned those party labels and the bushels of horse puckey that those extolling those labels rain down on us. 

From city council on up, we need issues oriented voting. This is not as easy as it may seem. One has to be aware of the issues and develop an understanding of them. One needs to have a grasp of possible solutions and hold candidates feet to the fire on their positions. Candidate with the best solutions gets the vote.

Beware. Many politicians first and best solution for any problem is to throw money at it. That is your money they are throwing around and, many times sharing with friends and supporters. We can force them to cut back on flagrant waste, but it takes effort.

And, dear God in Heaven, now more than ever we need term limits. The pigs are allowed too long at the trough. No office holder should be allowed to stay in office more than twelve years. That's two terms for Senators. And once those twelve years have been served they would be ineligible to run for any national office but President, if they so choose.

We have been left behind by those that now seek to rule us. We must take the power out of their hands and return it to it's proper and fitting place. In the hands of good American citizens.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

How To Make A Terrorist.

I never knew how easy it is to create a terrorist. According to Hillary Clinton, it merely requires the ownership of a firearm. That amazes and befuddles me. According to Ms. Clinton, "the minority of Americans who own guns terrorize the great majority of Americans who do not". 

So, apparently, since our country's founding, a large chunk of the citizenry have been terrorists. I wonder if she includes the heroes who fought the British and gave us our freedom from tyranny. But then, hasn't it been proven many times that a disarmed populace is subject to tyranny. Perhaps she feels that the tyranny of the left is appropriate for us so that our lives can be directed by our intellectual betters. 

Another note to Ms. Clinton. Gun owners in America are not the small majority that you say they are. And I think you know that. Just because people don't run around brandishing firearms does not mean that they do not possess one or more. Many people who own a gun for home protection prefer for it not to be known. 

I once lived in a first floor apartment with a sliding glass door off of the living room. It was just off of a main road that connected to a seamier side of town by about a mile. I had a loaded handgun on a high shelf less than five feet from where I slept. I never needed it, but I was always more comfortable knowing it was there.

As I was an active sport shooter, I spent much time in the company of good folks who enjoyed firearms, whether for hunting or target shooting. I have never known one of those good people to be a terrorist. I will bear witness, as I am sure many others will, that the society of active shooters and gun owners in this country are a peaceful lot. But most are prepared to protect, not only themselves, but their neighbors, should the need arise.

I believe that Hillary actually knows all this. But it is her nature to grab onto any cause that will enhance her standing with her liberal political base. It is the liberal cant that guns are fine for them as they are morally superior but not for the "great unwashed masses in fly over country" as they cannot be trusted.

The protections that we have in our Constitution were written by intellectual giants. Those that wish to change it today are intellectual midgets. Protect our Constitution.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Big Thumb

Back, many many years ago, when people actually went to a butcher shop to purchase meat, some butchers were wont to turn a pound of hamburg into a pound and a quarter by the careful application of their thumb to the scale. Now, most of us go to supermarkets and never even see a butcher. So today, the thumb on the scale technique is seldom, if ever, a problem. With butchers, that is.

We do, in this modern world, have one person with a big fat heavy thumb who is not above, not so subtly, applying said thumb to the scales of justice. That, of course, is our constantly commenting President, Barack Obama.

Either he thinks that the American people are so stupid that he is sneaking one by us, or he just doesn't care. The first big incident was when his friend,Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, got into it with the Cambridge police. The police went to a breaking and entering call. Dr. Gates rightly claimed ownership of the property. It is still police procedure to clear the house and make sure it is really safe. Dr. Gates stirred up a fuss and was arrested for disorderly conduct. 

So the President gets on TV and claims a lack of knowledge but "the Cambridge police acted stupidly". No, the Cambridge police acted properly, it was Dr. Gates who was arrogant and stupid.

The same took place over the story of Treyvon Martin and the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. He cannot resist the opportunity to opine even when proper decorum would be to stay silent. There are just some times where Presidential interference is just wrong.

But now we have the most egregious example of the big fat thumb on the scales. Mr. Obama is publicly discussing every aspect of the investigation into Hillary Clinton. He is, without a doubt, sending grossly unsubtle messages to both the FBI and Loretta Lynch. With severe criminal charges involved, the President is making light of the situation. 

Mr. Obama has put himself above the law, and now he is doing the same for Secretary Clinton, even though he denies it. If he succeeds, we are no longer a nation of laws.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


We have become the United States of the disunited people. It has become the national pastime to take offense. Every remark, whether public or private, is examined in detail to find any excuse for complaint.

College students, who should find debate a learning experience, are traumatized by being exposed to opinions that differ from their own. Administrators who allow dispute on campus become the target of single minded lynch mobs. A questioning glance has become a criminal act called micro-aggression. 

Never turn away from a perceived act of aggressiveness. If someone cuts a line or bumps your elbow, start swinging. Better yet have a bunch of friends with you and turn it into a brawl. That'll show them.

Find a cause. Any cause. The more outrageous the better. Get a bunch of like minded people involved, have signs printed, and find a public forum where you can protest. Remember, the more outrageous, the more people you will anger. Meetings involving politicians, public officials, or college administrators are fertile ground for disruption.

America has become an angry country. It wasn't this bad when people really had something to be angry about. Fighting the Jim Crow laws and fighting for civil rights always started as peaceful demonstrations. The violence in most cases was brought by those insisting on the status quo. 

For the past decade or more there has been a concerted effort to separate the American people into groups. Then these groups have been manipulated. Some have been encouraged to think their cause is preeminent, while others have had their causes downplayed as worthless.

There has been a movement to create an equality of outcome while we should be concerned with equality of opportunity. The result has been a diminishing of everyone's progress except for the rich and powerful. There are those who are trying to take down America from the inside. We are allowing them to succeed.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Really? Who Cares?

It's a hot political season and people like to opine. Public people just love to opine publicly. Some even get paid for it as talking heads on what are supposed to be news shows but are actually more like propaganda.

These shows make some sense when those involved have been involved in the political arena and have some actual insight into the personalities and the political process. There is one Sunday show that I like, that has a well informed moderator, two Democrats, and a Republican in a good four way discussion. The reason that I like it is that the political figures are pretty much disgusted with everybody and everything. It is probably the most honest show out there.

The rest of the programs all seem to be grinding the usual axes. Some try to claim it as analysis but the disguise is pretty thin. That especially goes for that guy with the big brain, the big white board, and the big grease pencil. 

At the next level, thing deteriorate pretty quickly. There is one intolerable hot mess that does deserve mention. It is a daytime show where a bunch of the most air headed women that have ever walked the earth discuss current issues with a guest. If the guest is of a liberal persuasion they just toss softballs. It just gets saccharin and boring. But if the guest is conservative they reach way down in their collective bag of dumbness and come up with questions that would embarrass a nine year old. Then they go off on diatribes about how the world should be run. That is if you had an urge to destroy civilization. 

But the cherry on the sundae is the show biz types. You know. Various guys named Justin. Older women named Bette or Meryl or Susan and oh so many more. Some even promise to show us how important they are to us by leaving the country if the wrong candidate wins. 

Well, just because you've made a ton of money in show business doesn't mean your smart or well informed. It does mean that you are probably very self centered and think the universe revolves around you first and Hollywood second. I doubt that many of you read much beyond scripts and Variety. 

Everyone should have opinions, even Hollywood types. But as far as announcing their opinions to the world. Really? Who cares? 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Whistling In The Dark

Our leadership whistles in the dark. They are afraid and they can't admit that fear. So they act like little kids and want daddy to check under the bed for monsters and leave the light on please, so the monsters won't come.

There are monsters out there. Many of them and their ranks grow yearly. They're invisible monsters because they look just like people who are not monsters. So they can hide in plain sight.

Our noodle spined leaders fear them so much, that they can't even speak their name. They allow them into our country without even trying to identify them. They think if they show these monsters that we are kind and caring people, the monsters will change their mind and leave us alone.

News flash for the noodle spine class. That ain't gonna happen! It is part of their religion to hate us. Their prophet instructed them to hate us. Their holy books order them to hate us and kill us, for we are not them. We are infidel. Our lives are forfeit and our women are for their pleasure.

Islamic jihad is the monster and ISIS is the shining example of how a monster can grow when those that fear it have not the will to destroy it.

Granted, not every Muslim is of that strict fundamental frame of mind. More are than those of the lily liver are willing to admit to. They would rather good American lives be destroyed than to give up their politically correct position and face the truth.

It is part of their religion that they are allowed to do anything that furthers the cause of Islam. So they can shave their beards, live among us and live our lifestyle until they emerge as the monster around the corner.

I believe it was President Erdogan of Turkey who said, "There is no liberal Islam. There is no radical Islam. There is just Islam." Exactly!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Random Thoughts - Eighty

I am tired of this election. I am tired of Trump. I am tired of Hillary. I am tired of Bernie. None of them make any real world sense. None of them seem to have solutions for the real issues. Is divisiveness all we will have for the future?

After suffering from bronchitis for two weeks, it is difficult to get my head around writing. But then the news has been so repetitious, one must dig deep for something new to say.

I have to laugh at these tender minded (minded was not my word of choice, but I try to not be rude) college students who can't tolerate opposing opinion or harsh realities, even worse, the feared micro-aggression. Wait until they face the real world. Better bring their blankies with them.

It is now out in public that George Soros is spending millions on protesters in order to destroy any non-liberal candidate. He is a Hungarian born One Worlder who is bent on bringing down America. He could be the model for Ernst Stavro Blofeld of James Bond fame. Has anyone ever seen him with a white cat?

We're getting close to that time folks. Will Hillary be indicted or will Obama and Lynch
elevate her above the law? My guess is they will cover for her. Rule of law be damned.

It appears that the Republican elite, commonly known as feckless RINOs, are on a collision course with those of us who reside in fly over country. Let them be warned, they are neither loved nor trusted. At this moment, they may have the power and the money. We have the votes. Without those they will be like a fire in the wind. The embers blaze hot, burn out, and disappear, never to be seen again.

Franklin said,"we've given you a republic, if you can keep it". We're losing it. The Constitution is slipping into irrelevancy. Our military has been gutted. Our manufacturing base has been given away. Education is dumbed down a little bit more every year. We get the same promises that are totally ignored after each election and the press is a co-conspirator. Is anybody fed up yet?