Saturday, March 1, 2014

Listen To The Mocking Birds

Mr. Obama, it is all over. You have failed. You have failed, and continue to fail, because so many of your programs were just wrong headed. There are other reasons, of course. The fact that you preferred to operate as a dictator rather than negotiate with the opposition party as all Presidents before you have done contributed heavily to your failure.

Trying to operate as an idea man with a grand plan, then walk away and leave the grunt work to others brought you no good will. But your crowning masterpiece was to try through subterfuge to take over the health care of the American people. Did you think we were so stupid that we would not catch you in your lies.

All of this, along with your penchant to mimic the lifestyle of Louis XVI of France, has made you less than endearing to most Americans. In fact, it has gotten so bad, that the mocking birds have come out. You are being mocked and laughed at. Most certainly, not to your face. After all you are still a powerful man and we have seen how you treat those that you see as enemies.

I didn't realize how low your reputation has fallen until last week when I saw a bunch of Minnesota Democrats, at a town meeting, laughing in public when Obamacare problems were discussed. You set your own self up for the fall. When you campaigned you promised things far beyond your abilities. 

You promised to change world opinion. Actually, that you have accomplished. We used to be respected by our friends and feared by our enemies. Now no one either fears or respects us. What is far worse, those that were our friends no longer trust us. Now to make matters worse, you have that pathetic excuse of a Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, gutting the army. This could bite America right square in the butt, but you have him set up to take the fall. As usual, the buck stops no where even close to you.

But carry on with your "let them eat cake" attitude. You don't hear them. You don't see them. But those of us that live out here in reality land can listen to the mocking birds. Their volume gets louder every day.

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