Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Random Thoughts - Seventy-Two

Back in the day when there seemed to be a little bit more sanity in the country, when a man was loud and extolled his very own greatness, when he explained at length how smart he was, and how stupid and inadequate everyone else was, he was labeled a "blowhard". He was then ostracized and ignored as a useless human being. Now he gets a shot at being President.

As I am sure everyone knows by now, a Washington state football coach has been threatened with dismissal by his employer for praying before games. Athletes that are religious have been praying or giving thanks as far back as I remember. It is traditional. Come to think of it, such actions are protected in our very own Constitution. But those of a secular atheistic bent care not for anyone's rights when their tender psyches are offended. I say once again - Dudes, it is freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. If this good man gets fired, I hope he sues and gets millions.

I read this morning that all those enlightened Europeans, much admired by our President, who gave up their firearms are now scrambling to acquire those selfsame firearms because of the influx of of Middle Easterners prone to violence as a political tactic. I guess they realize that "progressive-ism" is not so great when it bites you in the butt.

Does anyone really believe that the FBI will do anything about Hillary's dangerous and criminal activities. If they gave a pass to low hanging fruit like Lois Lerner, Hillary is free and clear. That is unless the President comes up with a reason to take her out of the game. He controls everything. It may be just an "echo of my mind", but I still hear the hoof beats of a dark horse coming down the canyon. But whatever happens, please, no dynasties.

I see where Iran will execute one thousand prisoners this year. Where are all those liberals that get all up in arms if we execute one murderer in this country. 

I don't have time to write any more today. Halloween is coming up and I still need to get some garlic and silver bullets.

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Sense Of Privilege

The trouble with liberals, they like to think of themselves as "progressives", is that they have a sense of privilege. They are the, self-described, intellectual elite. They don't care for physical work as that makes one sweat. So they prefer to think about things and talk about things and make up grandiose schemes. In warm weather these occupations can be done under air conditioning so as to remain sweat free.

Since they incessantly talk about these grandiose schemes, they always end up with a consensus among their fellow elites. If one is part of this deep thinking group one knows that it is intentions that matter. Actual result are far less important and outright failure proves nothing.

The fact of the matter is that most of their schemes fail. Since they base their efforts on people and societies doing the "right" thing as they define it, failure is inevitable. People and societies operate in their own perceived self interest. They are more concerned with results than theory. 

So when the "intellectual elites" gain power, society becomes a social experiment. They see it as the opportunity to show the world the overwhelming greatness of their collective thought. So we end up with a weak military, open borders, political correctness, universal abortion, gay marriage, the IRS used as a political enforcer, and a nineteen trillion dollar debt. You get wars that aren't wars. You get Islamic jihadists beheading Christians. Then you get Christians and Jews being called terrorists and the jihadis being called....... nothing at all. 

Many of the things that have been done are criminal in nature. Our Justice Department seems to be giving every illegal action a pass. And that is the reason that Democrats are holding their noses and lining up behind Hillary. If a Republican gets in, a new Justice Department can re-examine all that has been done. A Democrat will offer cover until the Statute of Limitations runs out. 

So we can support criminals with a sense of privilege or we can try to clean up the mess they are leaving us with.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Last Of Benghazi

I started writing about Benghazi almost three years ago. I hope this will be the last time that I write about that tragedy. I knew almost immediately that we were being played by the administration because too many things didn't make sense. I encouraged people to go after the truth. I was sure that the day would come and the truth would be known.

Over time, hints and rumors were revealed that allowed us something pretty close to the real story. And it was ugly. But as is typical of the Obama administration in general and Hillary Clinton in particular, obfuscation preceded any truth. Documents were denied and facts were spun. E-mails were wiped and servers were hidden in bathrooms, lest real responsibility be doled out.

Trey Gowdy is a true American hero. He continued, in the most professional manner, to dig for the truth. He did this in spite of the minority members of his committee being part and parcel of the cover up. E-mails were finally found and delivered to the committee. Ms. Clinton was brought before the committee. The truth was presented. 

Ms. Clinton went into full Clintonian mode. Deny, deny, deny. What can't be denied, dis-remember. What can't be denied or dis-remembered, spin. And that is what she did. Including blaming Ambassador Stevens for not getting increased security, because he was "kidding". Really. An American ambassador in one of the most dangerous parts of the world asks for more security personnel, and she thinks he is kidding?

So the rumor was floated that a third level aide named Kennedy denied the request and Hillary never heard about it. That is just not believable that such a denial would be made without the Secretary's approval. But Hillary smirked and smiled and threw up her hands in victory when her questioning was over. It was reminiscent of an end zone celebration at a pro football game. And just as unbecoming.

Those of us that care, now know most of the truth. What we still don't know is why there was no military intercession. One Spectre gunship or a couple of F-18s could have broken up that attack before those men were killed. It has been said that both assets were available and could have been there in time. Why were they not brought in and who made that decision?

But it was Hillary's State Department. It was Hillary's ambassador. And it was Hillary's deal in Benghazi. She failed. She does not deserve to be President.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Not A Crime

Practicing ones religion is not a crime. Practicing it publicly is protected by the Constitution. Although many people seem to be of such a weak nature that they are shocked and offended at the merest sign of a religious activity. Have we reverted to the depravity of ancient Rome where practicing Christians used the secret sign of the fish to identify themselves to the like minded.

Last week a high school football player from upstate New York scored a touchdown. As many professional players do in multiple sports, he raised his index finger toward the sky to give thanks to God. The referee immediately penalized him for taunting. So, the referee is not a sports fan and is unfamiliar with this practice or he has bad vision and didn't correctly see which finger was raised or he is a lout and an atheist and brought his hate for Christians onto the field. 

If the first is true, I think it very odd that a man that referees football would not be a fan of sports in general and football in particular. But, could happen. This might stand as an excuse. If either of the other two are true, he shouldn't be refereeing. 

I am not a fan of full grown professional athletes doing silly girly dances in the end zone looking like fools. I also dislike the trash talking garbage that goes on in sports today. Those are taunting. Raising one finger as you go to the sidelines or round the bases is harmless and, certainly, not taunting. The referee that penalized him was wrong and owes that young man and his parents an apology. 

What I would like to see is every player in every game in the division where this referee works raise a finger when they score in support of this player. If they get a penalty, accept it and move on. Then go on doing it each and every score. Make a point of the principle for the principle is more important than the game.

Monday, October 19, 2015


I have heard complaints that the Democrat Presidential candidates are not diverse enough. If you judge simply on the basis of skin tone, that would seem to be true. But we are told not to judge a person by the color of their skin. Perhaps there are other factors that need examination to show diversity.

First the obvious. To be thorough, I am assuming that Joe Biden will become part of the field. So that would give us an elderly, happy, but somewhat confused Vice President, an elderly, angry, harridan of an ex-Secretary of State, and an elderly, whacked out, socialist, Senator. I'm starting to see some diversity already.

Now, two are male and one is female. But at their age I'm not sure it matters anymore. Hey, diversity is where you find it. I believe there are three other candidates making a run for the nomination, but as I can't remember their names, I doubt anyone else can.

OK, onward. You have one that always has a big grin. You have one that always has a big frown. And you have one whose eyes kind of glaze over. I think that the one with the big grin has it because the other two have gone so far left that all anyone can see is their backsides as they race each other into fiscal oblivion.

And support structure. One is supported by a sitting President. One is supported by an ex President. And one is well loved by Fidel Castro. That is pretty diverse. When you come right down to it, you would think that the political party that produced FDR and JFK could do better. 

Have they gone so far into the stagnant pools of leftist big government thinking the no bright young minds are willing to follow? When times are bad and your solution is higher taxes and more regulation, all the diversity in the world is not going to make for a candidate that is good for America.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stand Up

The State Department says that Christianity is under attack around the world. Judaism is also but that would never be spoken of by the Obama State Department. The attacks in foreign climes are mostly from Islamist groups. Particularly ISIS. What they call ISIL. Our President seems eager to cede them the Levant. That is a leap that, I am sure, Israel and Jordan are not prepared to make.

Christianity is also under attack in this country, by the far left, atheists, and the ACLU. If you are part of a Christian organization that takes political stands, you will be targeted by Homeland Security, the IRS, and the Department of Justice. Plan on it. And don't expect any support from the Southern Law Poverty Center or the NAACP.

It is coming time where, not only Christians, but all Americans who respect and love the Constitution and believe in the freedoms delineated in the Bill of Rights have to stand and take a position. The camel of governmental control has more than his nose in our tent. It is in here full head and shoulders, and he is tramping on our rights. Even as they are telling us that they plan to go even further.

If you haven't read George Orwell's classic "1984", do so. And pretend that the title is "2024". If some of that book doesn't creep you out because it sounds familiar, you haven't been paying attention.

Young people don't have the perspective of time to realize how intrusive the government is today. Find a politically aware curmudgeon over sixty-five and have a long discussion.  When the government starts pushing religious organizations around, and they are, they have stepped over a line they should never cross. 

Stand up now if you love freedom, or lose it forever.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Random Thoughts - Seventy-One

During the Democrat pseudo debate, the two major players were trying to outdo each other in giveaways. Not one mention of how to pay for all of it. But there are some things that I would welcome them giving Americans. They could give us back the rule of law. They could give us back the right to succeed through hard work. They could give us the freedom to prosper. They could give us less divisiveness. They could give us a government that works for the good of the country. Wouldn't cost a cent.

Do we really need a two year Presidential campaign? Do we really need loud mouthed, self-aggrandizing politicians yammering at us and getting in our faces for twenty-four months or longer? Six months is enough. If you can't bring your case to the people in six months, you are not qualified to be President.

And yes, Benghazi and the e-mails are still important!

Sunday, another stop in the Patriots Check Our Balls tour. Can't wait. Go Pats.

It is being reported that Iran never signed Obama's nuclear deal. They signed their own version, which is considerably different. If this is so, Obama has tried to hornswoggle us once again. Oh, and by the way, he is leaving troops in Afghanistan. If it weren't so sad it would be fun seeing him backpedal his girly bike.

When I was a kid, our teachers loved our country and encouraged patriotism. Many of today's teachers seem to hate our country, hate the military that protects them, and discourage patriotism in their students. This is just evil.

Speaking of patriotism and evil, no person should ever be disallowed to fly the American flag, anywhere they choose as long as it conforms to normal flag etiquette. This is especially true of homeowners associations. A flying Stars and Stripes enhances any piece of property.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nanny Care vs. Opportunity

In the Democrat debate between the two relevant candidates, the other three eminently forgettable non-entities being irrelevant, the contest seemed to be about who could give more taxpayer money away to those who have done nothing to earn it.

There was an elderly gray haired man who would convert the USA into Denmark or Sweden. The state will take most of your earnings in the form of taxes, leaving you with a small allowance.  Then the state will pay for the basic needs of producers, non-producers, and even those that get dumped there from some turmoil ridden area of the globe. The problem being, as Margaret Thatcher said, "eventually socialists run out of other peoples money".

Then there was an elderly blond (not really blond), with no sense of style, who swerved even farther left making tons of promises that our collective checkbook can't cover. As she is a well known stretcher of the truth, like Benghazi, it just doesn't matter at this time. These are promises that she has no intention of keeping anyway. This is a woman who would sell her soul to be the first woman President. And she may well have done.

Neither of these people represent the America that I know and love. Actually, at this point in time, very few of these self aggrandizing Washington elitists represent my America. Of all those running for President, the ones that I have any faith in at all, I can count on one hand. And I don't even need my thumb. 

America was built on freedom and opportunity. I believe most Americans want that again. They don't believe in a country over regulated by a bunch of greedy politicians passing out favors for gain and wrapping the populous in a cotton blanket of false care so that they don't realize what they have lost.

Americans work hard. They play hard. They do not do well with capricious controls. Most know the Bill of Rights and the protections it provides. Liberals hate those protections because they love control. They foolishly believe that they are intellectually entitled. They are teaching our young people to accept this. We would do well to teach them properly at home, as many already are. Nanny state, never. Opportunity, forever.   

Monday, October 12, 2015

Elderly Lose More Ground

Previous to the Obama administration, it has been four decades since seniors did not get a cost of living adjustment to their Social Security. Since Obama took office, it has happened three times.

When Obama was first elected, before the "consumer price index" was even calculated, our new President announced that there would be no increase in Social Security for two years. It could be that he was prescient and knew the future, or it could be that he would order government figure finaglers to finagle the figures. Either way.

Through all of this, he was able to support raises for government employees, who all ready average seventy-eight percent higher pay than the private sector, and school teachers. I guess their cost of living went up, while seniors living on Social Security were doing just fine. Those little old men that you see bagging in grocery stores are just doing it for fun, maybe.

They tell us that because the price of gas has fallen the "consumer price index" will not increase. A few points. The "consumer price index" is based on younger people earning a salary and active in the work force. They live a far different life style than the elderly.

Seniors don't use much gasoline as they travel far less. A few errands, usually near by, a couple of times a week is typical. While a young person may put twenty thousand miles a year on a vehicle, a senior will be closer to two thousand.

The cost of food and medical care have risen. These, along with the cost of housing, are the big bites in senior's budgets. But government accountants see what they want to see or what they are told to see. I would be willing to bet that sometime next year a raise for the insiders happens. Maybe a small raise, but a raise none the less. And when teacher's contracts come up, speeches in support of raises will be made. But the elderly will survive. At least, most of them.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Greed Of Atheism

Atheists are a greedy bunch. Not only greedy but downright nasty. Our country is supposed to operate their way or hit the highway. Their opinion must take full precedence. No other opinions matter.

Most Christians and Jews have a comfortable "live and let live" life style. They feel that everyone has a right to their own opinion. They may feel that you are wrong. They may even try to convince you that there is a better way. Barring anything satanic, they won't get all in a snit if you publicly display your religious symbol to celebrate your holiday. They didn't bat an eye when the government made up Kwanzaa as a holiday. I'm still not sure if that is religious or secular.

But atheists seem not to be like us. They are easily offended and get weak kneed at the sight of any public display of a religious symbol. Even if it has historical significance. One might even say that they get hysterical about the historical.

To make matters even worse, they all seem to have atheist team lawyers on speed dial. The mere sight of a cross or a menorah gets a call made within seconds. A Creche in the town square will bring out the whole law firm. Even the managing partner who hasn't left the office in twenty-five years.

Since most city fathers and city solicitors are gutless wonders, totally concerned with their political careers, the well hooked up atheists usually get their way. What we have here is the tyranny of the minority. That is because we are placid people willing to turn the other cheek. 

People, we have to put a stop to this. Those that try to take away our freedom of religion so that they can have freedom from religion are just wrong. They really need to learn how to share. We need to stand up and they need serious counseling.

Friday, October 9, 2015

A Puzzlement

I live beside a large river. One time, looking over the bank, on a ledge a few feet below my feet was a tangle of Water Snakes. Twenty. Thirty. A lot. They were so ensnarled, resting there in the sun, that you could not count them. 

When I think of the Mid East today, the image of those snakes comes to mind. A snarled up mess where one cannot connect head to tail. Too many snakes looking to control too small a ledge. Even the small ones are poisonous.

I watch the news and try my best to sort things out. The scorecard constantly changes. First there are the religious teams. All Muslim, of course. There are the Shias. Syria, Iran, most of Iraq. Then there are the Sunnis. Some of Iraq, ISIS, and fellow travelers around the world. Saudi Arabia is Wahabi. Then you have Qatar, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Morocco et alia. It is a snakes nest.

They all go by the theory that, "the enemy of my enemy, is my friend". For now! Tomorrow? We'll see. Throw in an ineffectual United States, leading from way behind, and a testosterone driven, Putin ruled, Russia, and you have a real garbage stew. Hillary wanted to know what FUBAR means. This is the definition.

America's influence started waning, in the area, when Jimmy Carter kicked out the Shah of Iran and turned it over to the mad mullahs. These ideology driven mad men, immediately started attacking the United States verbally and kidnapped and held prisoner the whole staff of the American embassy. Rather than reacting, our government sat paralyzed for over four hundred days. Since then, except the years after 9/11, the US has proven to be weak and ineffectual. 

 The gap that we left, gave the perfect opening for Vladimir Putin to step in with the Russian military. By doing this, he reaped great benefits. He humiliated Barack Obama. He embarrassed the United States. He immediately gathered Iran and Iraq to his side along with his old friend Syria. He became the hegemon of Mid East power. He made himself the premier world leader. All for an nickel and dime investment.

But here are the puzzlements. Does Putin fully realize that his Mid East buddies are his buddies only because they have a common enemy? Russia is still an infidel country and they will turn them at the drop of a scimitar. When Putin sent rockets against rebel troops in Syria, some hit Iran. Was that an accident? Maybe. Might it have been a warning for the mullahs to behave? Maybe. Will every other country in the area try to befriend Mr. Putin? Probably. Has the United States just lost all influence in the area? Yep!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Greatness Is A Three Legged Stool

Back in the days when cows were milked by hand, milkmaids carried a three legged stool from cow to cow. Floors in cow barns were uneven, but a three legged stool would always be stable. (No pun intended.) As my old geometry teacher would say, "three points describes a plane.

The greatness of the United States was built on three points of honor. They were Country, Family, and Faith. These were the three points that provided the stability that our country needed grow and prosper.

We had a republic based on a Constitution that made every man equal and protected the individual from government excess. I realize that it took many years before "every man" actually meant and protected every person who is a citizen. But we did get there. People were free to live where they chose, work where they chose, own there own property, get an education and prosper. And prosper we did. Two hundred years from colony to superpower and manufacturing dynamo.

The core of our nation was the family. A family with two parents that brought up their children with a love of honesty, integrity, and a respect for traditions. Children were a gift, not a burden. Discipline was taught along with love. Families joined and became communities. Children were given freedom, but they were watched. By teachers, by neighbors. Raising children was a joint effort. And woe be unto any child who's mother got a phone call reporting misbehavior.

In spite of what some people are want to say in these times, this country was built on Judeo-Christian principles. From the Ten Commandments to the Beatitudes we, for the most part, learned our values from Biblical religion. Thankfully, today many still do. The problem is that many no longer respect people of faith.

It seems that the glue on our three legged stool is crumbling and the legs are falling loose. We have acquired a class of professional politicians who believe that the country and all in it is their plaything. Many are abandoning the Constitution. Especially the Bill of Rights. They have destroyed our manufacturing base and support those that are overtly anti-religion. 

More and more, two parent families are giving way single parent households lacking in direction and stability. We have a generation of parents that, not only lack the parenting skills to provide discipline, get angry and combative if a neighbor or teacher should intercede. 

Atheists and others have targeted our Biblical religions with the full support of many powerful politicians. Although we are supposed to have freedom of religion, these anti-religious zealots are driving religion from the public arena.

Right now, our country is in decline because our leaders and many citizens have lost sight of what is right and good. They have forgotten, if they ever knew, what our country was like at our best. Perfect, no, but a far length ahead of whoever was in second place.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Siberian Tiger

I am not a fan of Alexander Putin by any means. He is ex KGB. He is a dictator. He is a thug. There is little about him that makes him likable as a man. He has one trait in common with our President. He will grab power whenever and however he can.

Beyond that, Mr. Putin and our President are far different. Putin seldom speaks. He doesn't rant ala Khrushchev. He doesn't theorize like Gorbachev. He is the Russian version of Silent Cal.

While Mr. Putin says little, he loves to pose for pictures. But he poses for manly pictures. Let no one say that Putin is not a manly man. Standing in a dojo dressed in a gi, proving his martial arts training. Taking target practice, pistol in hand. Riding a horse, shirtless. Carrying a rifle, shirtless. Swimming with dolphins, shirtless. Even petting a cheetah. Shirt on for that.

But Putin loves his country. He believes that Russia has lost it's former glory and that it is his duty to restore it, by any means necessary. He mourns the decline of the USSR into Russia and independent countries that were once Soviet Republics. His only restraint was a powerful United States.

Mr. Putin has met with our President. He has talked with our President. He has taken the measure of our President. And he sees an opening to move his plans forward. His takeover of the Crimea was virtually unopposed, allowing him to threaten the rest of the Ukraine. That is an ongoing Russian effort. 

America's blurred policy in the Middle East, has opened the door for his expanded efforts in Syria showing that he is willing to fill the gap and be the strongman in that area. It is working so well that even Bibi Netanyahu has visited him in Moscow. It has been said that he is dragging Russia into a "quagmire". I believe he has carefully calculated the "cost/benefits" of this adventure. Look at a map. He will have Iran, Iraq, and Syria in support. That is a pivotal nexus of the Middle East.

What we must fear is, where will he go next. Will he try for one of the Baltic States. Tigers are hungry beasts and seldom satisfied for long. They seek that next meal and will use tooth and claw to take it down. The only thing they fear is a bigger stronger tiger.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


As much as I enjoy listening to it, I am not writing about Beethoven's Sonata No. 8, Opus 13. As a matter of fact, I am listening to it as I write this. Once again I must target my writing where, in the best of times, I could write not one word. Would that I could. Truthfully, I would prefer a President who is quietly effective and I could write on other subjects. But........

Pathetique. Politely French for pathetic. The best description that I can conceive of for our inordinately incompetent President. When the President speaks, as he does far too often, explaining that everything is going just as he planned, I can't help but think of the punch line of that old joke about a mother who's son is in a marching band. "Everybody's out of step but my Johnny". It seems the whole word is out of step but Barack.

Back, standing before Greek columns, he bragged that he would restore the economy, heal the rift between the races, and bring peace to the world. In hindsight, that is totally laughable.

The economy is worse than it has been since the depression. Fewer people are working than since 1978. Middle class incomes are down. The poor, particularly those of color, are disproportionately harmed. Housing is slowing. Job creation is less than the number entering the work force and illegal aliens are taking most of the jobs available. Is that how our President planned to restore the economy?

As far as any rift between the races, that is getting wider and more violent by the day. Black agitators are now calling for violent attacks on whites. They are telling blacks to gang up and hunt down and beat isolated whites. Sneak up behind cops and shoot them. Recently a veteran accidentally bumped a black man in a restaurant. He apologized. When he left the restaurant, he was sucker punched and jumped by a gang of black men. He nearly died. Black anger is being stoked daily. And they are taking it out on the wrong people.

Obama's abandonment of America's place as a strong world leader has started a fire in the Middle East that could end up as WWIII. But, just a few minutes ago, I saw him on TV, once again, bragging about how he now has Putin exactly where he wants him. Horse puckey. He is at sea in international affairs without a compass. Mr. Obama is truly pathetique.