Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Department Of Making Suggestions

As has been said,"time marches on". What is old becomes useless and must be tossed aside into the scrap heap of history. We live in a brave new world, with new ways and new ideas. Things that once seemed etched in stone grow pale in the dawning light of a new era. Great minds come to the fore to lead us down roads the we more humble beings never new existed.

To that end, I have a suggestion. I suggest that we change the name of Congress to the Department of Making Suggestions. Back in the olden days (olden days being defined as before the Obama Presidency) the House of Representatives and the Senate met separately, laws were proposed, debates were held, joint committees were established, differences were worked out, votes were held, laws were signed by the President and became the unequivocal law of the land.

In the new world order, we have been shown the error of the old ways. They are far to slow and cumbersome. Worse than that, these two very factional bodies actually, on occasion represent the will of the people. True the process has been more difficult lately. Also true that sometimes laws passed in Congress conflict with our Constitution. This is even greater proof that the old system is far to slow for our modern high speed political minds.

In the olden days, if a law was found disagreeable to some, they could petition the courts for redress. On occasions where this hope for redress started at the Federal District Court and had to go all the way to the Supreme Court, years would pass and the country might suffer under bad law. Never more

Now the Department of Suggestions can pass all the laws they want. The President and the Attorney General are now the supreme law of the land. They allow what suggestions fit in their governance style and apply those. The rest are just ignored. If they need a law that doesn't exist, the President just takes out his "pen and telephone". I get the pen part. The telephone thing still confuses me. If the Constitution gets in the way, ignore it. Now that's dictatorial Presidential power.

And if the Supreme Court dare challenge one of these bits of Presidential legislation by fiat, a President can always sit them down at the State of the Union speech and publicly humiliate them. Yessir it is a brave new world having the smartest man ever as President. 

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