Monday, February 3, 2014

I Hope I Wasn't Wrong

Over the past few years, I have heard and seen in print, where many people think Barack Obama is a Muslim. I have denied it. Although I was not a fan I felt that he deserved the benefit of the doubt. I now wonder if I was mistaken.

It is well known that Obama was first schooled in a madrassa. That would mean that he studied the Koran. In fact it would mean that, even as a small boy, he was required to memorize parts of the Koran.

Also, as part of Islamic schooling, I have no doubt that he is familiar with the practice of taqiyya. That is a tenet of the Islamic faith that allows the faithful to lie to infidels. To live as infidels. To do virtually anything that allows them to advance Islam. There is also another tenet called kitman that is less well known. Kitman allows Muslims to withhold information that may harm Islam. In other words, when among infidels, they have a free license for any behavior they declare necessary.

There were a number of early signs that increased my suspicions. It was fine to hold out the hand of friendship to those in the middle east that hate us. I didn't, for a minute, believe that it would work. One would expect a new, avowedly liberal, president to try. But an American President, bowing that low, to a Saudi prince. Not right, just not right. An American, particularly a President, bows to no man.

Then came the comment about the beauty of the muezzin's call to prayer. Not that much all alone but one more rung in the ladder. Add to that the fact that CAIR representatives are welcome in the White House in spite of CAIR's well known affiliation with HAMAS and alarm bells must go off. Along with the President's concern over Arab interests he has shown a decided disrespect for our closest ally in the area, Israel.

I have to ask, how many American adults that read the news and are aware of international politics would allow Iran to play us like our President has? They have been doing it for years and"the smartest President ever" hasn't caught on yet. Obama celebrates the complexity of international diplomacy by reducing the sanctions on Iran. Now they even have the temerity to threaten us with a devastating war that would bring about our destruction. But our President looks the other way, plugs his ears, and they march on to nuclear weapons. Once again Iran won. We lost. Well, not we. He.

If you don't understand just how dangerous that is, look up the legend of the "Twelfth Imam". Read it carefully and in reference to current history. I think that will make my case.

Then there is energy. It would seem to me that our President would do anything he could to make America energy independent. For the immediate future that means fossil fuels. The time is not here for green energy. The technology cannot handle the load. Wasting money on failing companies, as Obama has done, will not accelerate the process. Obama's administration has done everything possible to stifle American energy production. The only people that profit from this is Warren Buffett and his railroad hauling Canadian oil that should go through the Keystone pipeline and middle eastern sheikhs.

No one has seen the President leave a mosque with a Koran and a prayer rug. But the circumstantial evidence built up here at least gives me pause. Where ever his loyalties lie, they don't seem to lie with the majority of the American people. And in that, he is so wrong. I just hope I wasn't wrong.

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  1. I really don't know what Obama's game plan is. Is he just a tool being used by the real power holders? Is he a typical corrupt brutish Chicago pol who by virtue of his race and a guilt ridden white populace found himself in the white house? Or is he truly a radical Muslim who's aim is to assist in bringing the Western world into the new Caliphate? Can't say, because thanks to the lapdog media, we know almost nothing about him. But whatever he is, he does not harken anything good for what people traditionally think of as the United States.