Thursday, April 30, 2015

Redefinition For Fun And Profit

Watch any network (liberal) news show. Jobs? Forget it. ISIS? Old news. Iran nuclear deal? Not a problem. Hillary? Very old news. Nope the redefinition of those pesky code words is the important topic for America.

Words, I am told, have meaning. For most of my life, if I didn't know that meaning, I could haul out that big heavy copy of Webster's Unabridged and look it up. Those days are gone forever. Take your OED and your Webster's and relegate them to a box in a dark corner of the basement or attic. To define words today, one needs a liberal. 

You see there are so many code words and hidden meanings out there meanings can change in seconds. Since liberals define those secret meanings, one must have a liberal nearby at all times lest one lose some important nuance or misspeak in a harmful and grievous manner.

In summing up the terrible events in Baltimore, it has been made known that "thug" is actually a code word for the N word that nice people of ashen hue don't use. Apparently liberals just know that those of us with pale complexions would really love to use the N word but don't wish to sully our reputation for manners. So we have these secret white guy conservative codes that liberals have decoded, using their official Obama decoder rings, much to our chagrin.

Remember when we were told "Miss" or "Mrs." were sexist and inappropriate? We were told we must use Ms. OK. Go along, get along. Wrong! Even Ms. has become a sexist code word. Our newest instruction is to use the unpronounceable Xs. It seems that that cuts across all possible gender subsets.

Until everyone adopts and loves the liberal position on every issue and we all agree with no real need for discussion, liberals will happily set you straight (oh, crap), set you right (oh, crap again), adjust your thinking. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


It has been at least fifteen years since I have been to Baltimore. Except for the Inner Harbor area it was obviously a city in decline. Those were the days when it was called, probably justly so, "the murder capital of the United States".

It is a shame. Because Baltimore is a great tourist destination with Camden Yard right there by the Inner Harbor, along with decent restaurants, and the aquarium. Some aggressive leadership and constructive thinking could have brought Baltimore back to it's deserved place in America.

Apparently, any efforts fall under the classification of "too little, too late". Running a city is like running a home or running a business. As problems arise, deal with them quickly and completely and all will be under control. Barring acts of God, the leadership will not have to deal with disasters. Let problem go uncared for and rot sets in. People lose respect for their city, it's leadership, and finally, themselves. 

As I watched the ongoing debacle, I saw an inexperienced mayor try to allow her citizens freedoms that should never be allowed. Anyone with reasonable insight could have foreseen that, on the day of Mr. Gray's funeral, there would be trouble. Police should have been in position before the schools let out. That would include State Police so that there would have been an overwhelming force. National Guard should have been staged in nearby in case they were needed.

Youths, starting to wild and cause trouble, should have immediately been isolated and taken from the scene. Most of all, the mayor should have acted with strength and resolve and not as the appeasing parent giving them "room to destroy". 

So now, as always happens in situations like this, people have destroyed their own neighborhood. They have destroyed the businesses that they have relied on for services. The senior center is gone. What appeared to be a fine new drugstore is gone. Their check cashing service is gone. Many will never be rebuilt.

Baltimore, if it is to be saved, must turn itself around. Right now. The urban decay must be eradicated. Peaceful order must be restored. The police must be a presence. A firm, tough, but fair and professional presence. The days of a "hard ride" to the station house must end.

God bless the City of Baltimore. I hope they can do it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Many years ago, I had a friend who lived beside a lake. He had a little boat called a Sea Snark. It was basically an over sized surf board with a small cockpit, a rudder, a centerboard and a sail. They were cheap and they were fun. They would sail in a light wind and move out smartly in a good breeze. When we visited, I would confiscate his Snark for some time on the water. I really liked that little Snark.

More recently, in fact last month, I came across another Snark. One which I immediately purchased. It is a clever device that I clamp on the headstock of my ukulele. When I pluck a string, the Snark senses the vibrations and displays the note being played on a little LCD. This allows me to tune my instrument exactly rather than rely on my somewhat defective hearing. Now, this little Snark I really love.

Then there is a third type of snark, with a small s, that is not lovable. Not even likable.  Really sort of sad and reprehensible. This snark is a living breathing person who feels they are superior and looks with disdain on others. Those that disagree with him are nothing but simple fools who deserve nothing better than his cutting remarks and self righteous put downs. 

For some reason people like this are not capable of seeing themselves as others see them. They look into that "magic mirror on the wall" and it tells them exactly what they wish to hear. That they are the "fairest of them all". We who gaze upon their overly exposed lack of humility actually see them as what they are. Arrogant, mean, and spiteful.

So when the primary occupant of the White House is a snark and announces publicly that he doesn't have a bucket list but has a list that rhymes with bucket he frameworks his snarkyness in the most objectionable manner. When his humor is tinged with acid and any rare self-deprecation is so obviously contrived, he lowers both himself and the proud office he holds.

So there you have it. Three snarks. At least two of them will do what they are claimed to do and therefore are worth having around. See, I can be snarky too.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Importance Of Being Independent

I get e-mails from various organizations looking for me to either join up or to renew my old membership. I ignore them all. I disaffiliated myself from the Republican party years ago. I am a politically independent "Constitutional Conservative".

As much as I support the NRA, in word and deed, having been a lifetime shooter, I am no longer a dues paying payer. To paraphrase Groucho Marx, I choose not to belong to any group that wants me as a member.

I accept no advertising. I write my blog free and clear of any constraints but my own conscience and, hopefully, good sense. I will attack those I find offensive. I will support those I find upright and patriotic. I am an old style American. "My country, right or wrong, but always, my country".

Those that I find most abhorrent are those that will sell out their country for personal profit or personal power. Unfortunately, we have a prime example of a couple who have exhibited this sort of behavior looking for a second stay at the White House.

This is nothing new. Back when the Clintons were enjoying their first round of "what's in it for me?" they received campaign contributions from a company that was owned by the Chinese military. A later technical exchange gave up some highly confidential information on US radar systems. 

Back in those days, there was a non-political couple who ran the White House travel office for years. They were held in high regard by everyone. Hillary had them fired so Clinton supporters could take over.

The Clinton Foundation has been hugely funded from foreign contributions by countries looking for favors when Hillary was Secretary of State. That worked well for both sides. Their excuse is that the Clinton Foundation does good works around the world. That is an excuse not justification.

The Clintons do not deserve a second shot at the pinata. We are going through difficult times now. Another Clinton White House would only make matters worse.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cranky Upgrade

Writing a blog like mine can be depressing. Not the writing. That part is fun. It is constantly reading and listening to news that brings one down. If you are attempting to blog about conditions in the world though, you must put in your time doing the homework.

Lately conditions are so bad that I found myself always depressed about something. There are way too many somethings out there to be depressed about. I decided that something had to change. I thought about cutting back on the number of essays that I produce. I decided that would change nothing.

I needed something new and different. So I thought about a number of things. Most were too expensive or would get me in trouble with the law or my wife. So after much agitation and contemplation, three months ago, I bought a ukulele.

The perfect solution. It is cheap. My first one was only fifty dollars. They are supposed to be fairly easy to learn. Emphasis on fairly. I like music. And I was looking for a diversion not a career. There is also all kinds of on-line support. 

So my new uke arrived via UPS. I learned to tune it on-line and also found some on-line instruction. Things went fairly well. The soprano uke I bought was somewhat difficult because I have big hands. But I was having fun. I bought a second uke. A tenor. The bigger size fits my stature better.

I decided early on that I would take pleasure in the process and not worry about the results. The process has been a ball and I have actually had some results. I now have a repertoire of ten songs and play every day. I haven't had this much childlike fun in years.

This morning, on the occasion of our fifty-fifth anniversary, I sang and played Happy Anniversary to my wife. She neither laughed nor fled the room. I consider that a victory.

Now I am only depressed when I actually study the news. It is impossible not to be. But I pick up my uke and hum and strum and revive my soul. Everyone needs some simple joy in their life and I lost sight of that. So write some poetry or sing or teach yourself the ukulele. It is time well spent.   

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Confusion Reigns Supreme

I don't know if it is stupidity, ineptness, amateurism, or just gross incompetence but is there anyone affiliated with the Obama administration that gets it right? Where to start?

Since it is the most dangerous to mankind in general, the negotiations with Iran should get the premier position. At this time, they are no longer negotiations. In true negotiations, both sides have firm positions that they will not go beyond and chips that they are willing to trade. The only firm position here is by Iran. They will give up nothing. The American position is that John Kerry will lie belly up until the Ayatollahs rub his tummy. Then Mr. Kerry will say they agree.  Mr. Obama will make a self aggrandizing speech. Iran will end up with nuclear tipped ICBMs within ten years.

But wait, in an unexpected and unprecedented show of muscle, we are sending a military flotilla off the coast of Yemen to prevent Iran from rearming the rebels. Has the Obama administration finally discovered the usefulness of the military? Well, not according to his State Department. According to their spokesperson, Marie Harf, they're just out for a little cruise and being a floating traffic cop, keeping the shipping lanes open. 

Meanwhile at the VA, the new director has dug right in and found nothing he can change. Whistle blowers are still being stomped. Incompetents are still getting bonuses. Our heroes are still dying.

While cracking down on a seriously criminal raisin farmer who just wants to sell his crop without government interference, they are fining him seven hundred thousand dollars, ICE is required to release violent criminal illegal aliens back into our cities.

The IRS hasn't enough money to give proper taxpayer support at tax time, but somehow they can find money for bonuses and new furniture. The AG's office finds crimes to prosecute most importantly when race or politics are involved. The military thinks it is right to have the men and women of ROTC parading around in red high heels. The EPA kills much needed jobs. The Secret Service and the DEA are suffering under a failure of management. 

The list goes on. It cannot go on like this much longer. Washington has never been know as an area where efficiency matters a great deal. And, Lord knows, they have never been as competent as their egos tell them they are. But we are at a new low. We need to get our country back.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Disgusted, I Am

I think ROTC is a great program. It does so many good things for young people and for the country. It provides the next generation of educated and trained officers for the military. It is a hugely maturing influence on those that join. I helps to provide a extremely expensive education to some that would fall by the wayside.

Let us not lose sight of one thing. ROTC is a military organization. Proper dress and decorum are a large part of the military image. It brings a sense of seriousness to the training and the tasks to come.

ROTC, in fact, the military as a whole is not a place for social engineering, social experimentation, or other fal-di-rol. The military are serious people doing serious work. They need to respect themselves and gain the respect of others.

So why in the world would the powers that be require both the men and women of ROTC to walk around in red high heel shoes claiming it is to bring attention to the problem of rape. I have no desire to minimize that problem. It has received a lot of press over the past few years. Some of that press has done more to obscure the problem than to shed light on it.

But where does asking people newly into the military experience to go out and publicly act the fool aid in understanding a criminal action that they are not part of. To make matters even worse, I cannot even develop a clear picture of the situation. There seem to be at least two schools involved. Some say it was voluntary. Some say it was forced upon them.

Whatever the circumstances, in my opinion it was demeaning, childish, and downright stupid. This reeks of politicians using the military for their own social agenda. Unfortunately it also reeks of officers unwilling to put their careers on the line to protect their people. So in my Yoda voice, I say "disgusted, I am.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


As I write this, some of the world's finest athletes and some of the world's greatest people are running the Boston Marathon. Two years ago the people taking part in this iconic race were attacked in a cowardly and vile manner. This act was committed by two deranged young men who accepted the most fundamental form of Islam as the guiding force in their misspent lives.

Be aware. They did not act alone except in the final phase of this planned attack. There were those who call themselves men of religion who subverted these young minds with tales of exalting Allah and the joys waiting for them in Paradise. After all, should they not follow the instructions of the Prophet? If this is, in fact, a true path, why have the old men who befuddle these young minds not already walked it.

They did not work but seemed to live well. So someone out there was financing this operation. It is very likely that the financing was funded by oil. The billions of dollars that we send to the Middle East easily finds it's way back across our borders to buy the goods and services needed to do us harm. We could be energy independent, but we continue to shovel money to those that hate us and would support our destruction.

Bomb making is a skill. Putting the electronics together is, in itself, beyond the ability of someone not well trained. It takes skills and training beyond anything in the Tsarnaev brothers history. So there was also the support of a bomb maker.

This was a military operation brought about by non-military people. We were, once again, attacked. We are at war. Whether that is politically acceptable to those politicians who accept or reject such things, it is an immutable fact. I think that most people realize this and know full well who we are at war with.

But once again the athletes have come and joined with the citizens and the Boston Marathon goes on. I admit to a sense of nervousness until the last runner clears the finish line. I expect I am far from alone in those feelings. But they do come and run and celebrate one of the worlds great sporting events.

Today we are all Americans and we are all Bostonians. We celebrate the greatness of our country and the greatness of the City of Boston. The United States started here. It will not end here. It will go on forever.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Christian Conservative

The Main Stream Press (I prefer, menial stupid press) tends to equate Christian Conservatives as being violent knuckle draggers permanently attached to their assault weapons who hate everyone not like them. They even accuse little old ladies that are part of the Tea Party movement as being part of this mythical group.

Unsurprisingly, they have it all wrong. But then, to them, facts matter less than agenda and indoctrination. First of all, there are a wide variety of Christians, from Orthodox Catholic to Roman Catholic to all the various and diverse Protestant variations. Each of those groups have their share of liberals as well as conservatives. Both religious and political. There are also those that would be considered by some to be conservative that have no concept of religion.

That last group are not conservative. They are anarchists. They have no moral code, no sense of right or wrong. They tend to be crude, cruel, and violent. Their religion and politics are pure hedonism. They are part of a different problem altogether.

I will not write about Catholicism because I have not been part of that faith. I have spent my life in Protestant churches and been active in Episcopal, Congregational, and Methodist at various times in my life. Through all of those iterations I have been and remain a political conservative.

I bill myself as a Constitutional Conservative. Since the United States united, the Constitution has been the perfect framework on which to build a great nation. We only get into trouble when we deviate from that document and take liberties. Lately the government has been intruding far too deeply into personal liberties and into States Rights.

Most Protestant churches have no overriding dogma. They practice the "priesthood of all believers". Each person creates there own relationship to God. Likewise, they all find their own interpretation of the Bible. This can range from pure fundamentalist believing that the Bible is the exact and literal word of God to a more liberal (I hate to use that term) interpretation of a Bible written by men of inspired philosophy, history, and allegory.

Although people tend to group with like minded individuals, political conservatives exist across the full gamut of Protestant thought. Boiling it down, the derogatory term, "Religious Right" is a term made up by political liberals to denigrate the opposition. It has no real world meaning. But Christians, as a group, are generally ready to "turn the other cheek". That is how they have prevailed through two thousand years.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-Nine

I wish I could understand what motivates some people. Aaron Hernandez had a chance at the perfect life. He was a talented athlete playing for a great team and making a ton of money. He should be an idol and role model for young Hispanics. Now he is just a role model for gang-bangers spending the rest of his life in a metal box. What a terrible waste.

Harry Reid has endorsed Hillary. Broken, beaten, and disgraced by his own words, he still thinks that he is relevant. He loves Hillary because she always ends their conversations with, "I love you, Harry". News flash to Harry. Hillary lies!

Speaking of Hillary, is the Democrat party really going to anoint her? I think that she may be walking into another trap, ala 2008. Suddenly a younger, more attractive candidate who speaks well and connects well with people will show up on the scene and the wall flower will miss another prom.

There are twenty some al Qaeda camps within our borders. There is an ISIS camp eight miles south of our border in Mexico. The administration is releasing illegals that have committed major crimes back into our cities to commit more crimes. What the hell ever happened to "Protect and Defend".

New management at the VA. Same old problems. Things are worse if anything. Could they just get something right. Our heroes deserve better.

I have seen some hand wringing about those Atlanta teachers who are going to jail. They stole their salary from the city and they stole an education from kids who badly need it. And they conspired to do all this. They deserve every second they get and they should not get good time.

Don't you just love the phrase, "not on my watch", when it is used by our President. Translation: "I'm kicking the can down the road,desperately trying to get a legacy. Once I'm out of here I don't give a rodents posterior what happens. That will be someone else's problem."

Is there a jail out there that can hold Boyd Crowder?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oh Conspiracy

"Oh conspiracy, raisest thou thy ugly head?" is a line from Macbeth. I read Macbeth about fifty years ago. That line stuck with me. It just seems so appropriate today.

Don't get me wrong. I am no conspiracy theorist. I will admit, however, that it is difficult not to be in this day and age. I find this particularly true in reference to the selling of Islam. For most of my life I have been, at least, aware of the Muslim faith. As a kid I read about Ali Baba and the "Adventures of Sinbad". I also read the "Thousand and One Nights". (Kid's version) Allah and Mecca were familiar, as was Mohammad.

But that was the extent of it. I went to college with Muslims. We all got along fine. We were not the "Great Satan" and none of us had anything to do with the Crusades or Muslim forays into Gaul and Iberia.

Since the reorganization of the Middle East after WWII, unrest has been increasing at an increasing rate. Various Muslim sects started killing other Muslims, Jews, Christians, Kurds, and on and on. We ended up planting our feet right in the middle of it. 

We became the "Great Satan" and a target for jihad. Both groups and lone wolves desired to bring jihad to us. They tried. Some were tragically successful. And we elected a new President.

The new President assured us that Islam was a religion of peace. All else was misunderstanding. I saw no evidence of this as a lot of blood was flowing. People were being beheaded, stoned, hung, and women were being mutilated. But still the administration insisted that Islam was peaceful. All of Washington seemed to take up the refrain.

Now I see in the schools, they are teaching Islamic prayers and reciting the "Pledge of Allegiance" in Arabic. Now, in Wisconsin, one High School is have a "lets pretend we are Muslim" learning session.

I see groups promoting shariah law in the United States. I'm even seeing Islam based clues in crossword puzzles. Al Qaeda has training camps on US soil. ISIS has a camp in Mexico, just south of our border and is running their people into the country. I thought Mexico was supposed to be a friend. Why would they allow this?

Just because I am not a conspiracy theorist does not mean I cannot say, "Oh conspiracy, raisest thou thy ugly head?"

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Atheist Intolerence

I am a Christian. I have my own set of beliefs that I pretty much keep to myself. I expect no one to agree with me. And I do not try to force my beliefs on others. This is America. The first amendment provides protection to our God given freedom of religion.

I almost never get offended by the beliefs of others. The exception is when those beliefs either require or permit beheadings, stonings, and treating women like cattle. When those of other faiths celebrate their religious holidays, I celebrate their right to do it in the public square, to parade their symbols through the streets, and to speak out loud their celebratory greetings so that all may share in their joy.

Even the old holidays like Halloween that have lost their old meaning and been turned into a fun time for children are fine and do no harm to the public good. I would have opening day of the baseball season as a national holiday. In some areas, opening of the deer season is a local holiday. No harm. Even if it doesn't make you happy, be happy for those that it does.

So why are atheists so intolerant. Why do they need to change freedom of religion to freedom from religion. A cross or a menorah memorializing veterans in front of a public building does them no harm. It may give those families of fallen heroes some comfort.

This country was founded with underpinnings of religion. Roger Williams left the intolerant Puritans behind in Massachusetts and founded Rhode Island for religious freedom. The Puritans disappeared into history while religious freedom survived. 

Freedom is what has made America great in the past. While we are going through a bad patch right now, freedom shall make us great once more. If any country would be great, it's leaders need only emulate our Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. 

Intolerance breeds hate and jealousy. It is the base position of those that think themselves superior, while their narrowness of understanding crushes their souls. Their superiority is a concept of their own devising. A narrowly held concept that will die away as did Puritanism in it's time.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Democrat: The Reality Show

I really don't understand what is going on with the Democrat Party. They are turning themselves into worlds weirdest reality show. Not that they are running around a jungle naked or anything like that, thank God. But in reorganizing for the end of the Obama Reid public nightmare, they have become just over-the-top strange.

It seems that they are willingly spontaneously accept Hillary Clinton as their next candidate for President. Hillary, who has more baggage than cruise ship. Hillary, who was Secretary of State under an absolutely destructive foreign policy. Hillary as part of the dynasty that would bring Bubba back, trolling the White House corridors. Hillary, who screamed at Congress, "what, at this point, does it matter?" Hillary, the person who refused Ambassador Stevens the security he requested,leading to his death.

So, suppose they decide to reject the ongoing Clinton dynasty and turn a new corner. Crazy uncle Joe would love to come down from the attic and take a shot. Of course there is miles and miles of Joe's feature moments. Like taking a baby's pacifier away and putting it in his own mouth. That's just gross and also very weird. And the time he asked a man in a wheel chair to stand up and take a bow. Whoops. And the time he asked a blessing for a gentleman's dead mother who happened to still be alive. He's got a million of them.

Then we have the newest face in the crowd. Once farrier, once Republican, once independent, now Democrat, Lincoln Chaffee. Lincoln's father, John, was one of the best governors Rhode Island ever had. Lincoln was one of the worst. Lincoln is a man who doesn't know what he doesn't know, and doesn't seem to care. Maybe he could be paired up with Joe and make a ticket. Frightening.

We have, Elizabeth, our pretend middle class Native American non-candidate, who is actually quite rich and quite Caucasian and, I suggest hoping for a draft. She would just go around in circles because she can only turn left.

Our country is in trouble. Economically and internationally it has been mismanaged. We need a serious leader, not an ideologue. We need a person who will be respected. Not a clown suitable for family entertainment. The Democrats must have someone with brains and gravitas that could run.

Elections are a crap shoot. I want a conservative candidate to win. But since we never know until the votes are counted, I would prefer to have a contest between two qualified people.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Once, back in the early seventies, I acquired a real estate license and tried my hand at selling houses. These were the days before McMansions. Most of the houses for sale in my area were post WWII capes and ranches of around eight hundred to twelve hundred square feet. Small homes for new families.

But every so often an old majestic Victorian would come up for sale. I loved them. In San Francisco they referred to them as the "painted ladies". Painted up with four or five different colors in a nice fresh coat they were beautiful. Tall turrets with spiral stair cases. Big dining rooms. A kitchen with a butlers pantry. A home to be cherished.

But before we make an offer, lets examine things a little more closely. Let's start with the foundation. A great old stone foundation is certainly a suitable footing for an attractive older piece of real estate. But as I poke at the mortar, I see that it is crumbling in places. Quite a few places. And there are signs of water leakage. That is not good. 

So, lets check out the plumbing. There is not much bright shiny copper here. I see a lot of dangerous old lead piping. And those old iron drains are cracking and starting to leak. Some of the plumbing seems to be held together with duct tape. Slap-dash amateur repairs. This is definitely not good. 

There's the electrical box over there. Let's check that out. Ouch! A thirty amp service for this big house. And it has fuses rather than breakers. Oh my, knob and tube wiring. This house hasn't been updated since it was built. It is certainly inadequate for today's high powered living.  So now we have gone beyond "not good" into inadequate for the time and the task.

So, as attractive as this "painted lady" may appear on the surface and no matter how much you see it as part of your future, it would be a terribly bad purchase that anyone would live to regret.

If you wouldn't buy an old house because it speaks to you charmingly, whispering "buy me, buy me", why would you vote for a painted lady who whispers to you, elect me, elect me, for I am a woman. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Now I Understand

We are all aware that the Reverend Al Sharpton has been a guest in the White House many many times. I believe that the count is now over eighty times. I, like most of you wonder why. I doubt that he is there to lead the White House staff in prayer. I wouldn't think that a intellectual discussion on the philosophy of religion in politics with the President would be on the books. I don't think either man plays chess. So that is out.

Maybe they go down to the gym and shoot some hoop. No, Al doesn't look to be in shape to be competitive. I would suggest that he may go there to see the Obama daughters as a favorite uncle who read to them when they were much younger. But with his reading skills, they would have had to read to him.

I feel that the answer is far more basic. I suspect that Al has become the in-house rabble rouser. Mr. Obama has benefited by stirring up a racial division in this country and old Al is his "Aide de Camp". Whenever an opportunity arose for the presidential race card to be played, a college professor in Cambridge, a shooting victim in Florida, a person of color shot by a cop, Obama drops the card and Al's on a plane with his megaphone.

OK, that is a ploy. It is the means to an end. But what is the end game? We have just had a black man shot by a cop. It was video taped and it seems like a bad shooting. But all of a sudden a group shows up in South Carolina chanting "black lives count", and "no justice, no peace". 

The cop was fired and arrested. He sits in jail. Justice is being served. But still they chant. Suddenly the Reverend Al calls for a national police force. This is the second time lately I have heard that call and it scares the hell out of me. If you, like me, feel that we are losing our Constitutional freedoms at the point of "a pen and a phone", then you have to fear this. 

The DHS presently has a domestic army of over one hundred thousand. All of them armed twenty-four, seven. A national police force would be even larger. This, along with the idea that liberals would love to disarm the law abiding public is gut wrenching. I realize that all of this would be unconstitutional. But that doesn't seem to be much of an obstruction lately.

Keep your eyes and ears open folks. The country you save may be ours.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Denial Ain't A River

Denial isn't a river. Denial is public policy. And I, for one, am getting tired of it. It is our country and we deserve accurate information. Bad or wrong information puts us in danger and causes us to make wrong decisions. It seems every elected or appointed official in Washington has willfully bought a ticket for the train to denial.

What started me on this tirade was the electrical blackout in Washington yesterday. I am sure that, when the lights went out in the White House, the Justice Department, and other big deal seats of government, there was a lot of sphincter tightening and stomach roiling. But auxiliary generators kicked in. The lights came back on. Sighs of relief were exhaled. 

Then, within minutes, we were assured that terrorism wasn't involved. Bull. That was pure denial. There is no way that qualified engineers and investigators could have been brought together, found the fault, gathered evidence, and come to an accurate conclusion, that fast.

The first line in the government denial script is, "there was no terrorism involved!" There is never any terrorism involved because there is no terrorism in this country according to those that would rule us. And that non-existent terrorism has nothing to do with Islamic jihad. Ask anyone in the administration and they will explain it to you.

Those twenty odd jihadist training camps in our countryside are just vacation camps for angry young men of Middle Eastern ancestry. They just enjoy things like martial arts and marksmanship.

According to the administration, there wasn't a "smidgen of illegal behavior" by the IRS. And Beau Bergdahl was really a fine young man who got confused and wandered away. And a movie trailer caused Benghazi. It just goes on and on. 

Even the loyal liberal press is starting to show signs of rebellion. A little late to the party, but better late than never. But this administration, never at a loss for a straw target, has elevated Christians operating under "white privilege" to the level of causing all of life's problems. They pray that, with a little luck, that will offer them cover for their ineptness for the next two years.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Snake Oil

Gallons more snake oil from America's snake oil salesman in chief. "Step right up ladies and gentlemen. No rush. There is plenty for all!" We have a "once in a lifetime opportunity", according to our President. Senator Feinstein assures us that the Iranians are sincere. With assurances from these two great foreign policy mavens how can there be any doubt.

To gather further assurance, we have only to think of that hardened negotiator, John Kerry, sitting at that table making sure that we never ask more than what the Iranians are willing to give. To him, time is of no essence. Mr. Kerry cagily brings them to the point of signing and they say "no, not yet. We disagree with this jot and that tittle." Not a problem for our tough and experienced negotiator. 

Iran needs a couple of days. A month perhaps? Not a problem. After all, this is a "once in a lifetime deal". I am sure that, at this point, Mr. Kerry quickly calls Mr. Obama requesting advice. Since Mr. Obama wants a legacy and Mr. Kerry wants a Nobel Prize, and Valarie Jarrett is heard in the background acting as the Greek Chorus chanting "give them time", negotiations will be stretched to "infinity and beyond".

So Mr. Obama, Americas top snake oil salesman, tells the world the he has got this under control. He knows best. He has the intellect and the calm demeanor to deal with this. Just because Israel and Saudi Arabia are right under the nuclear gun, what do they know compared to the smartest man that ever lived? Besides he has the very intellectual John Francois Kerry (he speaks french, you know) for counsel. What could be better?

So the snake oil will be poured. Those that wish to believe will swoon in rapture. The under informed will believe it a good thing because they are under informed and don't care. And those of us that try to be informed, never buy snake oil, and have some experience in the world realize that the culmination of this international insanity will be long after both principals in this shoddy morality play have retired in wealthy comfort never to be affected by their actions leaving a huge possibility that many will suffer greatly.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-Eight

A record number of Americans not working. A record number of Blacks not working. Job numbers are being revised downward. Economic growth rate is zero. And, except for the very rich, peoples income decreased last year. Thanks Barack. You have given us all the hopeless change we can stand. Blaming Bush won't work any more. This is all on you.

And the fun thing is that Obama and Kerry together know about about negotiating a nuclear arms agreement as Obama does about economics. Zilch, zero, nada, nichts, rein, nothing. And the Neville Chamberlain award for political naivete' goes to................

Is there anyone that thinks things in the Middle East and Africa are going to improve in the foreseeable future? Too many hornets nests have been poked. And some of those hornets are very well armed, compliments of either the US or Russia, and they won't waste an opportunity to blow things up and kill Christians, Jews, and any Muslim from another sect.

So Robert Menendez is being indicted and Lois Lerner is skating. Forget the laws of our once and future great nation. It is all about politics and loyalty in the face of incompetence and skulduggery.

Things are looking up. We're having a hot spell. Around fifty degrees, so I'm into shorts. And the baseball season is opening today. OK, so it's not football. But it's still better than soccer. Don't tell my two youngest grandkids I said that.

Harry Reid is quitting the Senate. It can't be too soon. He is a vile despicable little liar who has done nothing but harm civility in the country and collegiality in the Senate. My final wish for him is: Harry I hope the door hits you in the butt on your way out.

I hear that Chuck Schumer is the likely replacement for Harry Reid. Isn't that kind of like jumping from the frying pan into another frying pan. Where is Tip O'Neil when you need him?

What we need in this country today is a CCLU. A Christian Civil Liberties Union to balance what is being done by the ACLU and other atheist organizations. Are there no Christian attorneys out there that could do some pro bono work on this? 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Purposeful Polarization

Must I hate everyone who doesn't agree with me? Is there no more room for debate? Look like me. Act like me. Think like me. Otherwise, you are my abject enemy and it will be my mission to destroy you. You, your family, your career, and your hopes for the future.

That is what we have come to in this country. It is insane. This applies particularly to Christians. They make an easy target because they won't try to behead you if you insult their religion or their moral code. You will notice the loud mouthed heroes in the public square never go after Muslims. They get a special dispensation because the loud mouths fear them.

Christians believe in the Bible. One of the Biblical tenets is that marriage is between a man and a woman and the basic reason for sex is procreation. This belief is supported by most practicing Christians to a greater or lesser degree.

That does not mean that they wish to kill or even banish those that believe differently or behave differently. The strength and the weakness of today's Christians is that they are a peaceful and tolerant people. They may love one thing. That does not mean that they hate all that is not that one thing.

On the other hand you have the LGBT (I hope that I haven't left anyone out) activists that have long since won their war. But they are a bunch of sore winners. They want tolerance for themselves in any and all situations but are not willing to return tolerance to others.

Worse than that, they go out of their way to create situations to embarrass and harm those that are not completely subservient to their lifestyle. Yesterday, a tiny family business, in a location most of us never heard of, was all but destroyed because they live their life as Christians. This was cruel and excessive. 

In my mind, it was a would be reporter, trying to make news and get exposure.  I hope she is proud of her exploits. She is putting good people through hell for no good reason.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An Exercise In Futility

Who better to send on an exercise in futility than John Kerry. To his credit, he soldiers on (forgive the bad pun) in spite of being, what anyone else would recognize, on the path of wasted time. He will sit at a negotiating table accepting abuse from his opposition as if it were his due. He will continuously back down under pressure. He will agree to anything to get some kind of agreement even if it is just oral.

The administration's new best friends, the Iranians, are playing John Kerry, and in turn, Barack Obama, like a cheap violin. To anyone else the music they play would be shrill, off key, and awkward. To the gentlemen, Kerry and Obama, it is music from heaven. They want a deal so badly that any deal is a great deal.

President Obama is desperate for a legacy and Secretary Kerry is in hopes of a Nobel Prize. He still thinks about being President and he feels that would help. So as they scream "death to America", blow up a pretend US aircraft carrier, and promise that their next project is to wipe Israel off the map, our hotshot negotiating team, blinders firmly in place, pretend things are going well. "We just need a few more months."

Meanwhile as time passes and more sanctions are lifted, they continue to add centrifuges. They continue to make weapons grade uranium. And they continue to talk technology with their other best friends in North Korea.

It seems that they have these really interesting discussions about building ICBMs and the nuclear warheads that would fit on them. They talk about guidance systems that would direct them across continents and oceans.

So when they have stalled long enough. When they have all the bits and pieces in place. When they think they have the weapons to stand up to the United States and the European Union, they will sign a treaty. It will be passed to the Grand Ayatollah and he will simply say no. And that will define an exercise in futility.