Monday, February 10, 2014

Do You Know Who We Owe?

I was thinking about the national debt. I was primarily thinking about how much we owe China, because it rankles me that our numb butt politicians would have so little self control that they would put us in this position. So I Googled it, and I came up with this link.  I was astonished. These figures are a little old. We owe even more now and our President wants to push the ceiling up again. The people in Washington do not understand restraint

I am not only upset by the amount of debt our politicians have put on us, I am astonished at the number of countries and organizations that hold that debt. How can the United States be honest brokers and peacekeepers in a world where so many own a piece of our action.

Between the National Debt and the financial bubble the Fed has built, this country is in serious trouble and we need solutions not people digging the hole we are in deeper. Why the smartest President ever doesn't recognize this I cannot understand. I mean, we really need those solutions now.

My basic premise is that no matter how big the problem, there is always a solution. The difference being that some solutions are more palatable then others. So in all modesty, I have a suggestion for Mr. Obama. It may not be the best solution, but if we can prime the pump of ideas perhaps something will come of it.

I am thinking that we could trade some property for our debt. To be practical it could not be on this continent. In fact it should be distant. It must have enough value to settle what we owe and maybe even pick up a little profit. I'm thinking the Hawaiian Islands. Not all of them of course. Maybe just a few of the smaller ones.

What does Hawaii have? Military bases, tourists, and pineapples. We could still buy the pineapples. One of my favorites, by the way. We would keep the islands with the best military bases. The tourist trade would certainly be a selling feature that would bring our creditors to the table.

"The longest journey starts with a single step." Now I have taken that first step for our President. The rest of the journey is up to him. But he'd best hurry. Time is getting short.

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