Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Two Worlds Of America

Liberals are different from you and I. They have different expectations. They see things differently. Their logic seems to be firmly anchored in the clouds. Trying to be fair, I understand them, but I don't understand them.

Let me explain. I hear their words. They speak in English. Except John Kerry, who sometimes speaks in French to prove he's smart. And I understand the words. It is their logic path that I don't get. Sometimes it seems like they get from point A to point D without going through points B and C.

It is examples you ask for. OK. Global Warming is always a good example of weird logic. The global temperature hasn't risen in seventeen years. The polar ice caps have been restored and then some. Two thirds of the United States is under a blanket of snow with more on the way and we are freezing our backsides off. But our liberal friends tell us that Global Warming is unquestionable. Who are you going to believe, reality or a bunch of semi-scientists that are making a ton of money from government grants. Their newest theory is that the trade winds are pushing the warm water in the oceans down to the bottom and the colder water is coming to the surface. Hence, freezing your butt is Global Warming. I mean, that is just silly.

Another example? I can do that. Lets say you are an average middle class family. You have two point three children and you are getting along on sixty thousand a year with health insurance as part of your benefit package. Now most of us in the real world know that that is just about making ends meet. All of a sudden, because of Obamacare your job just became part time. You have lost your health care insurance and you are now making forty thousand a year. You are required by law to buy your own health insurance. So you go to the government exchange and purchase their terrible bronze package. Those ends that barely met no longer meet at all.

But you should be thankful and happy because your all knowing government just freed you from the bonds of labor. You now have time to enjoy your hobbies or learn yoga or spend more time at the beach with your family. Don't let the fact that you can barely afford food and rent deter you from your happiness.

Liberals live in big cities for the most part. The look down on conservatives that live in fly over country so they tend to avoid them. They live in a world of unproven ideas that they discuss interminably among themselves. When they are involved in national politics they go to Washington. Here, once in power, they can make their dreams a reality. But those that create this reality isolate themselves from it. They have created their own world. In Washington no one gets cut back to part time. No one gets fired in the political class. Listen to them. Pay attention to their words. They are always talking about nuance, so listen to their hidden meanings. You will find there are two worlds of America.

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