Friday, February 21, 2014

Sex And Politics

The United State may go bankrupt. Jobs may completely disappear. Our children may become the worst educated in the civilized world. Violent gangs may rule the streets and the malls. Every political leader in the world may laugh at us. Our military may become the least feared in the world. We may, in fact, become a third world nation.

All of that does not matter. All of that is second place compared to the truly important factors in American life. So what is more important than the survival of our country and the success of it's people. The number one subject that seems to control public opinion in American politics is abortion on demand at any time. And it must be free. If you so much as question this, along with free contraceptives for women, you are accused of waging a war on women. Your reasons for being against abortion matter not at all. You simply do not have a vote in the matter.

A subject almost equally important is "gay" rights. If you do not go ecstatic when the homosexual community insists on marching en flagrante' in parades that are heavily attended by families with small children, you are obviously a homophobe and unfit for reasonable society. God forbid you should be for the tradition of marriage being exclusive to a man and a woman. Horse whipping is not sufficient for such moral turpitude. 

Only a neanderthal would not realize that the United States should be a beautiful park from coast to coast. No drilling. No fracking. No mining. Green energy only. Electric cars. No green house gasses. No manufacturing. Let those strange foreign countries that use child labor and have dirty air deal with all of that industrial type stuff. We'll have green trees with deer gamboling in the fields. It will be a virtual Utopia. The Garden of Eden writ large.

The problem is, the things that are really important to our country do not have pressure groups with huge amounts of money to attract the attention of our politicians. And we do have the best politicians that money can buy. They are a flexible group that will accept the rightness of any position that fills their campaign chests.

I can remember a time when politicians could come out of the mold on occasion to be statesmen, when the good of the country was at stake. It seems that those days are no longer. Civility is lost. Today, it is all money, power, and agenda. 

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