Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Third Grade Redux

When I write my blog, I look for new and odd things in the news. I look for economic policies that I feel are ill fated or confusing. I look for changes in policy that I disagree with. That includes almost everything lately. I do not look to pile on when people have embarrassed themselves either through speech or behavior. There are more than enough people out there willing to pick up that cudgel.

I admit, I was almost ready to suspend that rule for Ted Nugent. Mr. Nugent and I have some common ground on the Second Amendment, but other than that I just don't care enough about him to bother, other than to say, he must had all of his stupid cells working overtime when he made that remark.

The point that I ultimately wanted to make is that the news out of Washington lately is like a repeat of a rerun. Our President has been in the White House, make that been in office, for five years now. He actually doesn't seem to spend all that much time in the White House. Like many zealots, he came in with a game plan. It hasn't worked. But he is going to keep using that game plan until it succeeds.

He is beginning to remind me of the dumbest kid in the third grade. Remember this. The teacher asked little Jimmy to spell cat. He stood up and proudly said, "kat". The teacher corrected him and told him the correct spelling is "cat".

A couple of days later, there was a pop quiz. Of course, one of the words was cat and little Jimmy, true to his nature, spelled it "kat". His kindly and loving teacher took him aside and explained to him that the proper spelling was "cat".

A few days later they had an in class spelling bee. Who doesn't remember those exercises in embarrassment? And once again little Jimmy is asked to spell "cat". And once again he said kat.

Barack Obama reminds me of little Jimmy. No matter how many times a plan fails he tries and tries again. Because in his mind, his way is the only way. Tax, spend, and regulate. It is all about the power of government. His agenda is that government rules. What freedoms that we have come from our rulers.

The IRS, the NSA, and now the FCC, they think that they exist to bestow on us the freedoms that our betters allow us. Wrong! We are the power. We are free Americans, and no politician should ever forget that. I am a Constitutional Conservative. Our ranks are growing. We will not be a third party. God willing and common sense prevail, we will be the new party.

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