Monday, February 17, 2014

Not Only Chickens Get Fried

It is becoming clear to me that the Obama administration hates birds. Most people, especially those that have perused the wonderful art of Jame Audubon, appreciate the beauty of even the least of these creatures. But the majesty of the large, taloned,  predatory birds is just amazing. Especially our national symbol, the bald eagle.

I have written in these pages before how the the Obama administration turns a blind eye to the damage done to birds by the whirling sword like blades of windfarm generators. The operators of these monstrosities are given a free pass to do what would land you or me in a dimly lit room listening to the charges that were going to be brought against us by the government.

In spite of the cost, ugliness, and inefficiency of these "green energy sources", they are favored by this administration that loves that which is politically correct.

But wait. It gets worse. Remember those, much touted, solar farms. Those that are even uglier, more costly, and less efficient than the wind farms. And why do they call them farms? Farms are nice places with fields of wheat or corn or some other goodies. They are picturesque and a joy to the eye. They are everything that energy farms are not.

But back to solar farms. From the Bureau of Unexpected Results. It seem that all that heat reflected upward by those nice shiny solar panels accumulates in the air immediately above. And this air warms up. Really warms up. To temperatures in the realm of 1000 degrees. And surprise surprise, the birds can't read the warning signs. Not that they have warning signs. So you get fried duck or eagle or barred owl or what ever flies over. I hope it is never some dude in one of those little ultra light planes. Zap.

President Obama is out on the road making more speeches about spending more money to defeat global warming. Why doesn't just save us all a few bucks, and a few birds too, and just shut down that massive solar oven. Green energy, indeed.

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