Friday, February 14, 2014

Oh My! They Must Be Racists

In the five years that Barack Obama has been President the liberals, media, talking heads, and politicians, have been wearing out their race cards. There has been no such thing as a disagreement on policy or a dislike of planned results. If you disagree with Obama you are automatically a racist. Why else would one not cheer every word he speaks.

I do not agree with most of what Mr. Obama does, while not caring a whit about his skin color. He talks too much and says too little. He over extends his reach but not his grip. He procrastinates but does not plan. To his credit, he seems like a good father to his daughters. That goes a long way with me as my wife and I had all daughters. But that does not make him a good President.

Republicans have been vilified and insulted. Not only in their public persona but their private character. The liberals have taken the politics of personal destruction to new levels. It is no wonder that the Republicans have become a little uncooperative. If the President and his party treated me in the same manner they have treated Republicans, I would be loathe to have any part of them. The day he took office, the President forgot his promise to be President to all Americans and became President of liberal Americans.

Now the President's poorly constructed healthcare plan is causing turmoil, even among those he tried to protect with his "get out of Obamacare free" cards. More jobs are disappearing. Economic growth is lagging. People are starting to realize that we never even started into a recovery. In other words, the man with the soaring rhetoric has now become a mill stone to his party.

So now the secret racism of Democrats and liberals is surfacing. While they had the upper hand they could pretend to be just one big happy family where everyone was blue state blue. But when the crunch came and Obama's popularity went down, all those that provided the amen chorus are separating themselves. They are throwing the President off of the cliff. Even the CBC is taking a dislike to some of his policies. Will they start calling him some of the vile names that they have assigned to conservative blacks. If Republicans were racist for disagreeing with Obama, then the Democrats that disagree with him must be racist also.

So the liberal Titanic has hit an iceberg. You know that they must be sinking because you can see the rats abandoning ship.


  1. You're entitled to your opinion, it doesn't take brains or intelligence to have one. This column is exhibit A that anyone can say anything they want without a shred of evidence to support their conclusions. That's one of the things that makes the US great and it's probably it's greatest threat. These posts list many egregious violations of the constitution by previous presidents. Nothing Barack Obama has done comes close to such heinous acts as rounding up US citizens and placing them in concentration camps on US soil or allowing humans beings to be treated as chattel and sold at slave markets.

    linking Obama to notorious figures like Stalin, Hitler and Hussein is an insult to the people who suffered under their regimes and diminishes the true meaning of the word tyrant.

    when Bush authorized torture - Great! - when we went to war against Iraq because of lies - Wonderful! Those wars cost trillions, ruined the economy and threw millions out of work - Super Duper!!! But elect a Black president - Hitler! Commie-Kenyan! Fascist Negro!! You knuckle dragging Cons need to slither back under your rocks and let the grownups bring this country back to greatness instead of dragging it back to some mythical time that never existed except in your fever-swamp minds.

    I remember everyone saying the same thing about Bush Jr., he did more to ruin the economy in 8 years than any president I have ever seen. Of course he has a right to an opinion. But his is quite off base. Obama is not a Muslim, or a Marxist, or a Communist, or a Traitor, or a homosexual, or anything of the like. "His" economy has been recovering much better than what bush did.

    We also give way too much credit and blame for economic "health" and whatever that means to our presidents. I question if a healthy market is a good thing, I run a company and the market never really affects how I make my decisions. The market appears to be ...mainly for the 1% to use as far as I can tell. It generally means a lot more to the people in power, corporate CEOs, I guess I am one but my company is small, but I hire to never fire in concept.

    You can only rate Obama as inexperienced and a republican congress also inexperienced
    As far as worse president. GWBush has that title by a mile!

    1. SoulStraw3 - hmm you seem to be responding to a different column. Yes, I know, its all Bush's fault even 5 years into the Obama administration. (Incidentally, I thought Bush was a terrible president - but Obama has taken corruption and incompetence to new heights).