Friday, July 31, 2015

Taking Point

Anyone who has been in the Infantry or the Marines knows what it means to take point. It means to take the lead on an operation. Go out ahead of the rest of the troops. Take the biggest chances and protect your buddies. 

You would want the most savvy guy taking point. A guy that can find paths that almost don't exist. A man that can make his way soundlessly through woods or jungle and spot the enemy or booby traps before they can do harm. Someone who knows how to use his weapons to silence the enemy before they have a chance.

It strikes me that Donald Trump, whether by chance or by choice, is taking point for the Republicans. Of course, it is a little different in politics than it is in the military. Trump is out there making a lot of noise. He's attracting heavy fire from both the Democrats and the press. Due to his magic armor, made of hundred dollar bills, he walks on unscathed. Like a hero in a computer game he seems to gain power and stature with every round that bounces off him.

He's in a long game. Will he continue to gain strength and vanquish his opposition? Or will he, as often happens with computer heroes start to cede power and fade? Will the cost of a campaign start to leave holes in his armor? Do his enemies, and they are legion, have a secret weapon that he cannot repel? 

Will a dragon appear from a cave in the guise of a dark horse candidate and woo the princes and princesses of the electorate away from Sir Donald? Taking point is fraught with danger. Does he have minions that can seal the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua in her castle counting her millions?

And, as in every game, there are evil wizards out there. They arrive at various TV channels on Sundays in their guise as talking heads. There they spin their magic spells, casting lightning bolts at their enemies and cones of spun sugar at those they adore. And all for a buck.

The game will play out. Casualties will lay on the wayside bleeding and battered. There can be only one victor in any race. But in this game, the ultimate winner or loser will be the United States of America. May God bless and save her.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Secret Race War

I have never liked Planned Parenthood. As I viewed them from afar, never being much interested in them, they seemed hypocritical to me. They seemed more interested in abortion, a process that I detest, than in any form of helpful counseling. Most of the other services that they tout, such as mammograms, are available in medical labs in most neighborhoods. 

Then, suddenly, I'm seeing news broadcasts and videos showing, what we are told are doctors from Planned Parenthood, negotiating the price for fetal body parts over wine and hors d'oevres while discussing a new Lamborghini. I could not believe the level of callousness. 

It gets even worse. Today, I heard a report of live birth fetuses, viable fetuses, being butchered for parts. I pray that this is not true. If it is, the police need to be involved.

Remember the "War on Women"? The liberal strategy that is turned on the Republicans in every recent election. They forget that half of Republicans are women and the men have wives and mothers and daughters. It is a made up meme supported by Planned Parenthood. They support the liberal policies and the liberals support them with taxpayer money.

I remembered some controversy about the founding of Planned Parenthood, so I did a little research. Margaret Sanger started the movement that became Planned Parenthood. In 1916 she opened the nation's first abortion clinic. It expanded from their and eventually she became the first president of Planned Parenthood. 

Ms. Sanger also believed in eugenics, population control through abortion. There are many groups that she considered inferior and she felt that they should not be allowed to breed. Some say that she was an out and out racist. The evidence is not completely clear, except that some of her misgivings did involve race.

That being said, a black baby is five times more likely to be aborted than a white baby. Since 1973 abortion has eliminated 25% of the country's black population. Half of black pregnancies end up in abortion. These are not my statistics. I got them from African-American Outreach.

If there is a war, it is not being waged on women by Republicans. It is a secret war being waged on blacks by liberals and their well funded minions.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I Like Mike

I like Mike Huckabee. He is smart, well spoken, and understands the issues. As a successful ex-Governor, he is a highly qualified candidate for President of the United States. If he were on the ballot, I would vote for him, with a smile on my face, knowing that I voted for a man that I respect.

Mr. Huckabee speaks plainly. He picks his words carefully and means what he says. That does not prevent the talking heads on TV from putting their own spin on it so they can act aghast at the impropriety of it all. By doing this they can hold another conservative's feet to the fire and try to embarrass him. Would that they were equally hard on liberals.

Mr. Huckabee said that the Iran agreement, that is not really a treaty, opens the oven doors preparing for a new holocaust. (I paraphrase.) And he is right. Remember one thing. Those that are ripping him know WWII and the holocaust only from history books.

I am going to repeat some personal history here. During WWII there were news papers and radio to give us the day-to-day stories of the war. The only way people that weren't fighting the war saw the hellacious misery of battle, was through Movietone News, which played between double features in the movie theaters. Through their battlefront films we were given a taste of the ugliness.

While I have never been to Auschwitz or Dachau or any of the other death camps, I remember vividly the images that I saw when our GIs liberated them. I remember the ovens and the trenches, filled with emaciated bodies. I remember equally emaciated prisoners,barely alive, clinging to the barbed wire, watching our soldiers marching in to set them free.

Now, picture this. Ten or twelve or fourteen years down the line. Time does not matter. A, now rich, Iran is free to expand their nuclear program. They have successfully miniaturized their warheads to fit on medium range missiles and ICBMs which they have built or bought.

Since 1979 they have poked and prodded the United States, found them feckless, and have no fear of reprisals. They launch their missiles at Israel. Nuclear missiles. Ten, a dozen, two dozen. As many as it takes to complete destruction. An hour before they launch on Israel, they launch ICBMs toward America's major cities with Electro-magnetic Pulse devices. Game, set, match.

If anything, Mr. Huckabee may have been too mild in his comments. But the appeasers will continue to appease and never name our enemy. All for the sake of a legacy. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fun And Profit

I am old enough to remember when abortion was illegal. Young women, in those days, could be divided into four groups. There were those that abstained. There were those who took their chances and lived with the results. There were those who had connections and went to a hospital and had a D and C. For you younger folks, that is a Dilation and Curettage. What it was, in most cases an abortion in disguise. And there were those that were desperate and had a back room abortion. Many suffered badly for that choice.

I hate abortions. I wish no one ever had one. When used as a method of birth control, in my mind, it is borderline criminal. But because of those poor foolish women who risked their lives for an abortion performed by an amateur in unsanitary conditions, I could never object to it's legalization.

I never expected to see abortions become a giant industry that advertises and recruits. I never expected to see second and third trimester abortions. I never expected to see anything like those disgustingly vile partial birth abortions. I guess I am just naive. I never expected to see medical professionals so callus and hardened that destroying human fetuses was just a job that pays very well.

Through my life, I have done a fair amount of fishing. When I caught a fish that was worth keeping, I would carefully clean it and cut it up to get the most out of that fish. It provided a meal for my family. It was only a fish, but I treated that animal with more respect than has recently been shown by doctors providing abortion services. 

Although, I understand that it is illegal to sell human organs, there were doctors recorded blatantly discussing price levels in a party like atmosphere. Then discussions went on as to how best to destroy a human fetus and save the most salable parts. Remember many of these fetuses are in a viable or near viable state. 

This whole business has turned into something disgusting and reprehensible. The wholesale business of dealing in fetal human parts must be ended. It is no better than grave robbing.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Benghazi Again, Too

This last weekend seemed to be the official, let's all dump on Hillary, weekend. OK, she deserves it. The business with the e-mail and the personal server more than smacks of illegality. She, like Julius Caesar, is surrounded by assassins. To her benefit they are wielding cutting words rather than steel blades.

So, who am I not to join the crowd? But I want to bring up another subject. One that may have fewer legal ramifications but is far more morally reprehensible. That, of course, is the debacle in Benghazi. I have written about this many times since those great Americans, Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty, were murdered.

Even as this subject surfaces and periodically becomes current news once more, Hillary's cohorts in the Democrat party take pains to minimize it and call it "ancient history". They call it a political ploy by the Republicans to make something out of nothing. Well the lives of four good men serving their country is, most certainly, not nothing. American lives matter!

So, what does this have to do with Hillary? They were in Libya and Hillary was.... Oh, we have never been told where she was. Strange. But that is not the point that I wish to make.

The point is that Ambassador Stevens knew he was in a dangerous place. He asked for a higher level of security. He knew it was needed. He knew it was dangerous. His request was refused, but he went anyway. It was his job. And he died.

There are only two people that can refuse an Ambassador's request for security. They are the President of the United States and the Secretary of State. One of them is culpable. We deserve to know which one and why this decision was made. If Hillary didn't make the decision, she knows who did. We deserve answers and she doesn't deserve to be President.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Trump Card

Donald Trump is soaring. Like the trump card in bridge he takes the trick. There is no other candidate like him. He is big and loud and brash and super rich. But he is also smart and he is saying the things that trouble almost every man and woman in this country. He speaks to and for the majority of us out here in flyover country.

What he is not being, is dishonest and sneaky. He is leaving that for the career politicians inside the beltway. There are plenty of them there willing to pick up that cudgel. The worst of them lately have been the ancient and protected order of the Republican leadership. They are a shifty-eyed lot who speak conservative and bow down to the liberals. They have overstayed their welcome. But they control the money, therefore the power.

Trump can trump them. He doesn't need their money. He can buy and sell them. He doesn't need their consultants. He already has plenty of the best. He has a press that hangs on his every word hoping that his words will hang him. They have no love for him, but he is still great copy and sells papers, so to speak.

Should he be President? As exciting as he is, I say no. One reason that he is exciting is that he is excitable. That is not a trait that serves an American President well. A good President acts promptly when action is needed but with reason and reserve. Trump tends to heavily toward reaction rather than reason. Reserve isn't in his vocabulary.

Trump also tends to be a little bit of a bully. Remember his two favorite words. "You're fired." Especially in international politics, subterfuge gains one more than confrontation. I want to see manufacturing jobs come back to our country. I want to see America once again respected in the world. I want to see respect for our Constitution returned to Washington along with the balance of powers that our founders gave us.

These things will not happen with bulldozer tactics. People will not be bludgeoned into the proper response. There are a few good solid people out there that have the tools and are motivated to get it done. People that would be good for our country. But for now, it is so much fun to have Trump rattling the cage.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Brief Appraisal

There are just so many people out there that think they should be President, I feel required to express my opinion on some of the worst. Names will not be named, but I think everyone will know about whom I refer.

1. A self aggrandizing gazillionaire who thinks the world is his oyster and he will use a sledge hammer to open it.

2. An angry money grubbing old woman who makes her own rules and her own truth and believes that she is entitled to be the first female President.

3. A Texas gunslinger who, when asked a question, rolls his eyes up like he is trying to remember what his handlers told him to say.

4. A failed ex Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland, who backed down from saying "all lives matter" and believes that ISIS is a product of "global warming".

5. A curly haired isolationist who can't seem to separate himself from his father's somewhat strange ideas. 

6. An odd old man who thinks the government should supply it's citizens with all the comforts and has no clue as to where the money will come from.

That's enough for now. I think I've dumped on both sides evenly. But I did notice that on one side, I have taken out, so to speak, their three top candidates. I think that says something right there. In my humble opinion, none of these people have the skill set or the persona, or possibly both to be the President of the United States.  More to come as the field of candidates raise my crankiness.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Newton said that "Objects in motion tend to stay in motion until acted upon by some outside force." Basic physics tells us that the bigger and heavier the object, the more energy has to be absorbed or added to change the energy level. That is why trucks have bigger engines and bigger brakes than cars. Most of us learned this in high school.

Now, think of the Earth as an object in motion. It moves through space. It orbits the sun. It spins on its axis. That is a lot of motion. It is also quite large at 8000 miles in diameter. I was going to give it's weight but there were just too many zeros to deal with.

On Earth we have vast oceans. We have huge masses of ice at the poles. We have deserts and mountains. We have great rivers and rain forests. There are weather controlling currents in the oceans as well as places like the Sargasso Sea that absorb sunlight and produce enormous amounts of plant and animal life. We have el Nino and la Nina as well as other weather making winds around the world. In other words, we have a huge mass with a gigantic amount of energy stored up. 

A number of years ago a researcher in England built a computer model based on his own private theories. He predicted "Global Warming" with all kinds of dire results. The fatalist clique jumped on board, led by that great intellectual Al Gore. Our own "Chicken Littles" were convinced that the sky was falling. They turned this into a religion that brooked no heresy.

In twenty-one years there has been no increase in temperature. In fact, we are told now that the sun is moving into a state of lowered activity and we may see, what has been called in the past, a "little ice age".

The Global Warming crowd, fearing ridicule and, worse yet, less government funding, changed the name of their religion to "Climate Change". Fewer hurricanes. Climate change. More snow. Climate change. Drought in California. Climate change. Who could be a doubter now? To show how bizarrely dedicated these people are, Martin O'malley, a Democrat candidate for President, stated that it was climate change that created ISIS. 

The fact is, there has always been climate change and always will be. It is the nature of complicated ecosystems to fluctuate. That is why that cold island to the north of us is called Greenland. When it was named it was much warmer than it is now and they could farm the land. That is also why we had an ice age where glaciers scooped out half of the lakes we enjoy so much in the northern hemisphere.

And all of this happened before those horrible SUVs were invented. Man's pathetic little efforts don't effect the overall situation one iota. It is good to care for our planet. We have to live here. But let's do the right things for the right reasons. There are smart people out there that know what is right and good. Listen to them, not the whack-a-doodles.

Monday, July 20, 2015

On A Personal Note

I started this blog about forty months ago. I had to give up some of my favorite hobbies, so I was looking for something new and constructive. I have always enjoyed politics and economics so the blog seemed like a natural. And it has been.

The problem is that I may have become a little too focused. I have written about 750 articles and essays since I started. With that and the time I have spent reading news and doing research, I was getting a little depressed.

That is not like me. I was always a little bit of a "class clown" type. But constantly reading about turmoil and ineptness can take you down a notch or two. 

I have already made some changes. I needed to  bring some fun back into my life. I have always wanted to play a musical instrument. So I bought a ukulele. I did this about six months ago. I have been teaching myself with the aid of what I can find on-line. Believe it or not, I have had some success and I just bought an on-line course in fingerpicking. And yes, I am having fun. I play some every day. Some of it even sounds a little like music.

There is one other change that I am going to make. I'm not going to grind out five blogs a week any more. If I have something to say, I'll say it. If I don't, I won't. Some weeks it seems like I am poking the same hornets nest but from different angles. There is just too much utter insanity out there to get a grip on.

Beyond that, I don't want to come off as a conspiracy theorist, but I see things and read thing that I do not like. There are policies and actions taking place in government that should have politicians screaming and purveyors of news shouting from the roof tops. That is just not happening. The things I see take planning, power, and intelligence. Our politicians don't plan, except for their own careers. Most of them have little real power. And as for intelligence, just listen to their comments.

I fear for our future. I hope that I am overthinking mere coincidences. But if I am not........

Friday, July 17, 2015


I love words. I love reading them. I love using them. Words have meaning. That meaning gives them power. Because of that power, I try to use them accurately. I try, hopefully successfully, to make my meaning crystal clear. If I err in my usage, it is of little consequence because I have no power and little influence. But, still, I try.

The President of the United States has great power and great influence. As his soaring rhetoric shows, he is extremely adept in the skill of using words. When he first ran for office, he could bring an audience to their feet cheering with spellbinding speech. He could strike a cadence that was almost hypnotic in it's ability to hold people's attention.

We have seen him use words to publicly cut the members of the Supreme Court off at the knees. He has used words to marginalize opponents while inflating his own thoughts and plans. He has used words to create straw men to justify actions that were difficult to justify. And he could do this in such a way as to make it believable to much of the population.

He also uses words to hide and avoid subjects that are difficult for him. He will not use "Islamic" and "terrorism" in the same sentence.  He will not associate ISIS, what he calls ISIL, with the Muslim Faith. Terrorist murders in America are identified as "workplace violence" or "domestic terrorism" even if the murderers are screaming "Allahu Akbar"  as they fire round after round into American citizens. 

Unfortunately, he also believes that his words can alter the very nature of people. Shortly after being elected he made his "American Apology Tour". He visited heads of state around the world, bowing down and abasing himself, as he apologized for, what he perceived as, America's past sins. Promising to sin no more, he took the position of "leading from behind". Whatever that might mean. To me it entails an abrogation of responsibility.

Then, finally, we have words that tout great successes. Green energy, saving the economy, creating jobs, Obamacare. Words, words, words. Words like balloons. hollow and inflated. Today in America, nothing succeeds like words about success.  

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nothing And Everything

I am not sure if this is a blog about everything or about nothing, today. I don't want to write about a specific topic because, frankly, I feel myself overwhelmed. I have seen good governance in this country, and I have seen bad. Never have I seen the, across the board, level of insanity that I see today.

It was crazy in the 60s because the population rose up against the Viet Namese war. It was a bad war micro-managed by politicians who had no idea what they were doing. It was the first war, but not the last, where lawyers were running things instead of warriors. It was destined for failure, and fail it did. Badly.

Then in the 70s the Iranians stormed the American embassy and held our people for over four hundred days. Jimmy Carter was frozen in place, not having the intestinal fortitude to take the necessary action to free our people. 

Later we had Watergate with Nixon and bombing aspirin factories with Clinton. Bush senior made a mistake that forced him to go into Kuwait to correct it. Bush the younger went into Iraq to finish the job his father didn't finish and had 9/11 piled on top of that.

There were crazy times. But nothing like the last seven years. There has been a new crash and burn sequence almost monthly. Look at the results. Nothing is getting done and everything is a mess.

If you have a Confederate flag, it is not to celebrate your southern heritage. You are a racist. If you disagree with any of the President's policies, you are also a racist. If you are against gay marriage, you are not a person of religious conviction. You are a bigot. But is OK to attack cops, Christians, and our Founding Fathers. Colleges now have micro-aggression, free speech zones, and white privilege.

Like Russia in the bad old days, liberals are going crazy, trying to rewrite history. Wanting to tear down statues and dig up graves. If they want to start that why don't they change the name on all of those buildings named after Robert Bird. That good Democrat who, for year, was the Grand Kleagle of the KKK.

The Constitution and law have become mere suggestions, while the IRS and the Justice department have become political hit men. Our, once proud, military is weakened by the day. The President now writes law, insults the Supreme Court, ignores the Congress, who accept his cavalier treatment, and shreds the Constitution.

The Middle East is a powder keg in constant turmoil. ISIS grows in power by the day. We have been manipulated into a very bad nuclear weapons pact with Iran. As of today, they are pretending we are now BFFs and trying to put room between us and Israel. I just know that this administration will believe them because, like the pact, they want it so bad.

So, ultimately, we are messing up about everything and we will end up with nothing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

When Is A Deal Not A Deal?

President Obama and Secretary Kerry have their deal. They have their legacy. Their virtues will be extolled in the liberal press. Their names will feature prominently in many history books.

Congress will be rankled and try to toss the agreement. Bibi Netanyahu has already called it a "terrible deal". I doubt that there is much cheer among the Saudis, Egyptians, and Jordanians, also. But, I suspect, in spite of a spring tide of ill feeling, Obama will, somehow, cram it through.

Normally, the Senate has to ratify treaties. But, it seems in this case, things have been turned around. They call it an agreement instead of a treaty. Once again circumventing the Constitution. Bingo, ratified treaty that is not really a treaty, like it or not.

The agreement does nothing more than kick the can down the road, at best. It has a term of ten years. In the Persian mind, time is irrelevant. They play for the win regardless of how long it takes. 

A lot can be accomplished in ten years. With the sanctions lifted, wealth will flood back into Iran. They can buy or develop ICBM technology. North Korea and Pakistan always have technology for sale and Iran has many well educated engineers and scientists. They can run tests, miniaturize nuclear warheads, and in that amount of time, they can do, oh so many things that are not to our benefit.

But, back to the treaty. IAEA inspectors are allowed to go in and inspect. They have to ask for permission and specify the sites, fourteen day before they go in. Iran can refuse. Then it goes to negotiation. In pro football, this is called "eating up the clock". Time marches on and the centrifuges spin.

And we don't even know where all of their labs are or how much nuclear material they really have. For years now, they have been building labs deep under mountains and under military installations where they will never be inspected. Hidden and unfound. Even if we knew, we couldn't admit we knew. That would be key to destroying hard won intelligence.

There is one other stumbling block. The biggest stumbling block of all. That is the the Ayatollah Khamenei. It matters not who negotiates. It matters not who agrees to what terms or locations. At the last second the Grand Ayotollah can raise his hand and say "no". The sanctions will have been lifted by then. There will be no useful inspections. The deal will be over and we will have been played.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Random Thoughts - Sixty-Five

If some people would trade in their - "Hey, I'm Offended" button for a "Hey, That's Funny" button, we would all be better off.

I remember in the early days of TV there were Irish comedians telling Irish jokes. There were Jewish comedians telling Jewish jokes. Everybody laughed. No one got their knickers in a twist. Actually, I was offended. No one told Welsh jokes. I guess we are inherently unfunny.

I read where Janet Yellen just wants to prevent an economic crisis during her tenure. I have news for her. We are in the middle of one. It has just been so long term, it has been accepted as the new reality.

So Hillary's plan to increase salaries for the middle class is to increase taxes on the rich and increase regulations. Isn't this what hasn't worked for the past seven years? Just dig the hole deeper. Don't they ever learn?

I see where the government is spending $300K to make engineering classes LGBTQ confirming. What? What does that even mean? I worked as an engineer most of my working life. I never knew that it was about sexual orientation. Hell, I don't even know what some of those initials  mean. But somehow I was still able to do power distribution design and machine control design and things worked. The only plumbing that engineers should be concerned about is the plumbing in a construction project.

Note to those who would rule us: Do not get any ideas about bailing out Greece. That is a European problem. Let them deal with it.

With the natural resources it has and a population of hard working people, Mexico should be one of the world's great nations. Instead, it remains a third world thugocracy. It is a true shame. 

Does anyone really believe that there is one drop of sincerity with Iran in these sham negotiations? Obama and Kerry are desperate for a legacy. They will accept any terms and claim victory. Iran cares nothing about a treaty other than getting the sanctions against them lifted. Once they have that they will do whatever they choose, ala North Korea, and we will look like fools.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Balloons Are Fun

Yes, balloons are fun. Until they burst. If you are soaring high above the landscape and your balloon bursts, it is going to hurt. Thus it is with the American stock market. Back in the questionable days when Ben Bernanke ran the Fed, he brought interest rates down around zero percent. He did this to support his President's plan to restore jobs and rebuild the American economy. It did neither.

What it did was drive money out of the banks. Municipal bonds were in ill repute with more cities and towns bumping up against the reality of unfunded obligations. Bank interest was down around a quarter of a percent on savings. People with money want it to work for them. So, who you gonna call? Stockbrokers!

So you call your broker. Now where are you going to buy stock? The European markets? With Greece and Italy and Portugal and Spain? I think not. How about China? A market and a currency that is one hundred percent controlled by the Communist hierarchy? Not such a good idea. 

Even though the American market has a few problems, it is really the only safe game in town. Money flooded in to the stock market and the averages swelled like a broken toe. That is what I call the Bernanke bubble. He created it. He will forever own it in my mind.

So the Fed has had this balloon on a string for seven years now. They would like to get rid of it, but they don't know how. The market is nervous. We have instability in all political arenas. Any bad news at all will cause a two hundred point drop. If Janet Yellan even thinks about an increase in the interest rate, beads of sweat appear on the foreheads of big investors.

One day, it must happen. They missed a chance with the situation in Greece. They could have snuck in a point or a point and a half in under the cover of Greece's problem. It probably wouldn't have made things any worse. I'm sure the smartest investors are prepared for it. They will profit, as they always do.

So balloons can be fun. But when you've had one tied to your bedpost for seven years, it starts to get old. You want to get rid of it but it is still floating. But if you have matured in those seven years, you know you have to do the adult thing.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Naivete' Too

As a very young man of fourteen years, I spent some small amount of time with a family in rural South Carolina. This was before TV. I was as clueless as it is possible to be, having spent my youth in Eastern Massachusetts. All those around me were of English or Irish or French heritage. 

They were very nice people who owned a small business in a very small town. This was the first time in my life that I had been introduced to a person of color on a one to one basis. She was a single lady who cooked and helped with housework for the family I was staying with. They supplied her with a small house and she seemed happy with her circumstances.

Their son and I went into a store in Florence. Being a tad thirsty, I headed for a water fountain against a wall. When I saw a sign, "Colored Only", I pulled up short. I had heard about Jim Crow laws, but, at fourteen years old, this was the first time I had to confront them. As young and naive as I was, I knew this was deeply wrong.

I knew about the KKK from reading and from Movietone News. I never saw any signs of KKK activity the short time I was there. But I did feel there was much that was not obvious to the casual observer. I would bet they were there but unseen.

Shortly after that, the world changed. There was Medgar Evers and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. There were politicians blocking school doors, police with dogs, and people marching for freedom. There was violence and there was blood.

I was a Republican in those days. I was proud to be because the Republicans were the ones that passed civil rights legislation and the Voting Rights Act while the Democrats struggled to block them. It was a great day in America when those Jim Crow signs were ripped from walls throughout the south.

Also in my naivete', I never knew that the Confederate flag was flown atop the South Carolina  State House in protest of the passage of civil rights. That is evil and should never have been. But it was and it has long overstayed it's symbolism. It is good that it is gone. Better late than never.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Tale Of Two Firearms

There are two bastions of liberal thought (yes I know that is an oxymoron) that were mentioned in this past week's news. The first was CNN. The first line of defense for left wing politicians. They have a warehouse full of softballs to toss to their favorites as soon as the camera is rolling and the mike is on.

The second is the, used to be great, city of San Francisco. The famed asylum city where local yokels have decided that federal law doesn't apply to them. In San Francisco, you have a right to be anything you want except Christian or conservative.

Lynne Russell is a former news anchor for CNN. She does not, however, fit their mold. She likes guns. She owns guns. And, apparently, she is willing to use a gun. She even married a guy who is ex Special Forces. 

They checked into a motel. While her husband showered, she went out to their car in a security patrolled parking lot. She was jumped by a thug with a gun and forced back into their room. So much for low end security. Hubby comes out of the shower. They manage to access their guns. One less thug in the world. Chalk another one up for the conservative point of view.

Meanwhile in, oh so protective, San Francisco, another thug, a vile animal who has been arrested six times and allowed to walk free, acquires a gun. One stolen from a federal agent. Said animal decides to use this gun to plink at seals, or so he claimed until he decided that the gun took on a life of it's own and just started shooting without his help. And he killed an innocent young woman walking with her father.

Another case where a sanctuary city protects everyone but those that they should protect. Meanwhile, our administration floods our streets with more thousands of these illegal criminals. And once again a legal firearm saved lives and an illegal one killed another innocent.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


The image was striking. A line of military top brass. All decked out in their finest bib-and-tucker uniforms sporting more "I was there" ribbons than a cruise ship full of tourists. It was reminiscent of the reviewing stand at the Kremlin for their May Day parade.

And out in front, at the microphone, was their leader, Barack Obama, the President of the United States. Once again, he announced to the world, "we will never be at war with Islam". Well, that is all right Mr. Obama, Islam is at war with us. Maybe not all of it, but extremely large chunks of it are willing to do anything, including martyring themselves, to destroy us.

Then our leader explained that you don't "defeat an ideology with guns, you defeat them with better ideas".  Given the American experience, starting with our own Revolution and through two world wars and beyond, that statement in unbelievably naive. Then to state that those professional military men behind you, agree wholeheartedly, just doubles down into the realm of irrational.

Those men agree with you because they want to keep their jobs. Some, because they know that their skill and training will be valued and needed at some point. Others just because they have no wish to find another line of work. I will guarantee that none of those men think that the bloodthirsty monsters of ISIS or any other of the radical jihadis or even those that quietly support them, will be persuaded by ideas.

Those that hate us and wish to destroy us, call us "the Great Satan". I guess that would make our President the modern iteration of Beelzebub. Their charter is the Quran. A book that they believe is the holy word of Allah presented to the Prophet in the seventh century. They worship this book as literally true, blessed, and immutable. These are the words that Islam has lived by for fourteen hundred year.

Along comes Barack Obama. A man trained in the law at Ivy League schools, with no real world experience, and a few short years in the political arena. A man with the ego to think that he can present ideas that will stop billions of true believers in their tracks. The scales will then fall from their eyes and these inbred and strongly held beliefs will alter. And the lion will lie down with the lamb.

What then, Mr. Obama? A stroll across the reflecting pool. Change some water into wine. Find a few lepers to cure. No matter what else he has done or will do, that little bit of business at the Pentagon will seal his legacy forever as the President that never understood the words "preserve, protect, and defend".

Monday, July 6, 2015

Random Thoughts - Sixty-Four

So Hillary's crew have learned from the cowboys of the old West. Make a corral out of rope and keep those critters confined where you can control them. Unfortunately, the critters seem to be the press assigned to her. More unfortunately, they seem to accept it.

Speaking of Hillary, one young female reporter got a chance to interview her up close and personal. The reporters question to the woman who would be President, "What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?" Opportunity lost.

So, Donald, buy up Greece's debt. Take ownership and turn it into worlds biggest resort. That is a Donald style project.

If you want to see some honesty in the news, tune in Harrison Faulkner's show called the Insiders at 7:30 on Sunday evening. Two Democrats and a Republican open up and give you the inside story. If you haven't been there it will open your eyes.

I was just watching the movie "Jack Reacher", based on the books by Lee Childs. It stars Tom Cruise. In the book, Reacher is six foot five and two hundred and thirty pounds. Cruise is a munchkin. He is the Alan Ladd of modern movies. Put him on a box and shoot from low.

Congratulations to the US Women's Soccer Team. A great win!!!!!

Think what you want about Trump's comments but, truth be told, you wouldn't want a lot of those coming across our southern border as a next door neighbor. They include members of MS-13 and unfriendly types from the Middle East.

Now Obama's EPA wants to ban firework and grills, as they create a little ground level ozone. Which, by the way, is not even a problem. Can you say,"drunk with power". 

Behold Greece and learn from them. We may have a long way to go, but we are on that same downhill road. Politicians don't care because it will be a problem for someone else.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Thank God For The Red White and Blue

My wife and I have a long standing tradition for Independence Day. We stay home. I cook her a nice meal. Then we watch the concert and fireworks on TV. It makes for a pleasant, stress free, evening with patriotic entertainment and fireworks. One problem is that I know the words to all those great patriotic songs. It is kind of like that Minions poster. "Just because I can't sing, doesn't mean I won't sing."

So, this year we started with the show from Washington, DC. If you have listened to the news out of Washington lately you would surmise that there would be few people without protest signs, and anti-American petitions. You would expect Black Panthers, the KKK, and gays in outlandish costumes trying to disrupt the proceedings. I didn't even hear of any attacks on police.

What I did see was Americans that the politicians seem not to see. They were dressed in red, white, and blue. They were all races with all hues of skin color. They were smiling. They were dancing. They were singing along with the patriotic songs. They were cheering the military bands. 

Did they import these people from Kansas and tranquilize them. No, these were denizens of the Washington area being proud of their country and it's heritage. They were real Americans. 

When the show in Washington was over, I turned to the show of New York's celebration. I give them five stars for the best fireworks display. It was awesome. But this was New York. Most certainly something news worthy will happen to mar this show. But no! It was like Washington moved north. Young and old of all colors and faiths decked out in America's colors, singing and dancing and just having good old fashioned fun. They even cheered the cannons in  the 1812 Overture. Hey, who wouldn't?

So average people, from two of the most blase' and sophisticated cities in the world were being up close and personal with patriotism. As an avowed and proud jingoist, nothing could have made me happier. Mr. Obama, it is not your America. I hope you looked out your window last night to see the throngs. It is their America.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Proud To Be Proud

I was born in 1938. About the time I started retaining memories is about the time that Pearl Harbor was attacked. So the first of my growing up years were inundated with "The War". Three of my favorite uncles went off to serve. One in the Army, one in the Navy, and one in the Army Air Corps. They made me proud.

In those days, Americans supported their military and the war effort, overwhelmingly. Since the war was expensive the government sold "War Bonds". And the public bought them. Children in school bought "War Stamps". They glued them in little books. When they had enough, they could exchange them for Bonds. It was not just our duty it was our country. We were proud to give our support.

Hollywood, in those days, was pro America. They made movies that elevated people. Casablanca, Mrs. Miniver, Back to Bataan and so many more. Each and every one a patriotic effort. Many movie and sports stars enlisted and did military service. Bob Hope took his show on the road for the USO, to entertain the troops in Europe and the Pacific. They were proud to give "our boys" a taste of home.

And the parades! Every town, every city showed the stars and stripes, rolled out what ever bands were available that could play John Philip Sousa's great patriotic marches. The military supplied what groups they could, along with the fire departments and police departments, even the Shriners. And the crowds thronged to these parades. We were all proud of those who marched, proud of our flag, and proud of the greatest country in the world.

It has been a long time since those glory days. We still have the greatest military on the face of the earth. And is Pax Americana such a bad thing? The media and Hollywood seem to enjoy tearing down our great country rather than building good will. Those that style themselves as comedians love to ridicule our institutions. Many college professors would rather rant than teach. And God knows, our politicians are more unfeeling, unknowing, and avaricious than ever before.

But we still have heroes. We are a country of good, God fearing people, with poor leadership. But our strength is in our people, not our "leaders". We are smart. We are innovative. And we work damn hard. And I, for one, could not be prouder of my flag and my country.

Happy Independence Day. Enjoy the Fourth of July. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rules Of Engagement

We are losing the battle against radical Islam. We are losing badly on two fronts. We are losing to the mullahs in Iran and we are losing to ISIS, just about everyplace else. Why? We are America. We have the best weapons. We have great technology. We have a highly trained military. We spend a fortune educating our command level military officers at the greatest educational institutions around the world. 

What we also have is a President who is desperate for a legacy and who is convinced that he has all of the necessary knowledge to micro-manage everything. To his shame, he doesn't know what he doesn't know and he doesn't understand what he doesn't understand. He wants to be center screen with the best lines at all times.

Until last week, he wanted a nuclear agreement with Iran at any cost. It did not matter what he gave away, he just needed a signed piece of paper. The fact that it would endanger Israel and start a nuclear arms race in the Middle East was irrelevant. It is all about the legacy.

The Robert's Supreme Court gave Mr Obama wiggle room. When they kissed his ring and unconstitutionally wrote law, they gave our President a legacy. Now the Iran negotiations become less important. Now he is actually talking about walking away from a bad deal. I believe he will still take whatever is offered.

Mr. Obama does not like to be told that he is wrong. By anyone. So now we have an officer corps that will say, "yessir Mr. Obama  sir. What ever you say." So rather the telling them to go destroy ISIS, or as he calls them, ISIL, he writes the "Rules of Engagement" himself. Not only does he write them, he gives them to the news outlets to publish so that he will look like a great humanitarian.

So we aren't going to put "boots on the ground". Very reassuring to our enemy. So we won't attack schools or hospitals. Great, now ISIS knows where to store their weapons. We won't bomb when there are civilians in the area. So ISIS mixes in with the town folks and become untouchable. The Kurds, who are willing and able to fight, need weapons. We will give them to the "legitimate" government in Baghdad and they will send them along to the Kurds. But they never do.

The Middle East gets worse by the day as ISIS gets stronger. Young Muslims from around the world are flooding to their ranks. Both Israel and Saudi face an existential threat. Our war fighters are hampered by a civilians idea of rules of engagement. All for a legacy.