Saturday, February 8, 2014

Once Again, Down Is Up

I have been listening to the chattering class on TV, holding forth on Obamacare. In spite of what I hear those in obeisance to the President say, it is beyond a train wreck. It is more like "The Last Days of Pompeii", with Vesuvius shaking and smoking and spitting up lava. It is all going to flow downhill, as most problems do, and bury us. Those that created the monster will shrug their shoulders and walk away, unaffected.

The thing that hasn't been spoken about yet is that this has become a totally elitist plan. Obamacare was sold as a plan that would give inexpensive quality health insurance to those that couldn't afford protection today. But it has gone upside down and backwards.

In the Obamacare exchanges there seem to be four basic categories. They are the gold plan, the silver plan, the bronze plan, and medicaid. The names alone should pretty much define the problem. The gold plan is for the rich folks. It is expensive. But it has low co-pays and a low maximum out-of-pocket expense. Not a problem for the rich to pay for and since they are rich, what the insurance doesn't supply they will pay for in cash.

The silver plan is for those not quite rich but doing well. They will pay less for their policy and pay a little more out-of-pocket. But they can probably afford what ever they need. Maybe they won't be happy about it, but they will cover the tab.

Then there is the bronze plan. Cheaper still, but still not cheap. Higher co-pays and a much higher out of pocket maximum expense. This is the plan that most middle class families will purchase. What this amounts to is cataclysmic health coverage. What was supposed to improve health care for those that have a problem with cost will ultimately ruin their health because the plan cost along with the out-of-pocket expense will force many families to forgo more expensive treatment and testing, should they be required.

Finally we have medicaid for the most indigent. Many doctors are bailing out on the medicaid program as the payments are low. So if you are poor, and you can find a doctor still in the system, and you can get an appointment soon enough to help you, it will probably not be with one of your towns prime physicians.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have paid a lot of hard earned cash for this turkey. And there won't be a Thanksgiving. The politicians will just tell us to "get stuffed"

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