Thursday, February 6, 2014

Skills Required

For the past five years, we have had the political equivalent of a shopaholic in the White House. As he walks down the liberal version of Rodeo Drive, there is no social program that he will not purchase. The price tag doesn't matter. It doesn't even matter if some peoples lives are harmed in the process. If it sound good, it is good. "Just toss that right into the shopping cart, please.  We're spending other peoples money so just load us up."   

"Green energy? You bet. So it doesn't work now. It will some day, maybe. Electric cars? Sure thing. So people don't want them. I'll explain it to them and change their minds. Health care? We can work wonders with that. I picture a beautiful website where everyone will want to go and spend hours examining options and filling out forms. It will be just lovely. I'll mention that to my people. They will have that up and running in no time".

Then the dream faded and reality struck. They spent money that we can't afford. The green energy companies went bankrupt. The people could not be convinced to buy electric cars. The Obamacare website was and still is a disaster. Obamacare is costing more money, jobs, and confusion than it is worth. And now on the horizon Obama has spotted "climate hubs". This will, of course, be another black hole into which our wealth is poured.

So, why did this mess come about? We all know, but I'll say it anyway. Obama was not properly vetted as a candidate. That is the job of the press. But instead of doing their due diligence, they immediately took him to their pathetic little liberal hearts based on cool. It is so cool to have a President that is cool. I prefer the other "C" word. Competent. The man had neither skills nor experience, and now we pay the price.

The 2016 Presidential campaign is already starting to crank up. Most of the press and, apparently, most Democrats are already deifying Hillary Clinton. The only difference that I see between her and Obama is the pastel pant suits.

Her greatest achievement to date was marrying Bill and learning to sing "Stand by Your Man". Her career as a lawyer leaves some major questions. She had a major failure with Hillarycare. She was a so so Senator. She accomplished little as Secretary of State and allowed the debacle at Benghazi. Not exactly a sparkling resume to be President.

We cannot afford another eight years of mismanagement. So the Republicans better get their act together. Re-enact Reagan's eleventh commandment. Find a solid conservative with positive management experience and unify behind that person. This is not a game and we need a serious person with the skills required.

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