Friday, January 30, 2015

Are You As Smart As A White House Guy?

Barack Obama, being the smartest person in the world, only hires the best and the brightest to work for him. Of course, since he is smarter than any of them, he never listens to anything they have to say. But that does not mean that their time and salary are wasted. Mr. Obama sends them out to talk to us.

Each and every one of them is way smarter than any of us are. I can tell that because when I see them give an answer to a question or an explanation of policy on TV, everyone in the audience looks befuddled and confused. The administrations answers and declarations make perfect sense. Just not to us because we are not smart enough.

Let me give an example. Just recently there has been a great deal of discussion about the difference between releasing five vicious terrorists for the return of Bo Bergdahl and the proposed release of one insane woman suicide bomber for a Jordanian pilot. According to the White House, Bergdahl good, Jordanian pilot bad.

Why, you may ask? Well, it seems that since ISIS holds the pilot, and they are terrorists, the trade would be grievously wrong. But since the Taliban are not terrorists, Bergdahl was just a prisoner swap at the end of a war. See, you all thought the Taliban were terrorists. Taliban in Pashtu, their native language, means students. Those poor students can't be terrorists. They are just trying to get an education. And kill people and other bad stuff like tearing down historical artifacts. 

Those that run our government and would run our lives see these nuances very clearly. The rest of us despise them because they are evil stinking terrorists. But to the White House they are so much more. They are students of Islam. The religion of peace. Don't let the details, like killing little girls just because they are trying to get an education, cloud your thinking.  

This is just one example. I am sure that any time you hear someone that is part of the administration speak, you scratch your head and profoundly say, "huh? That makes no sense". And I am also sure that when the President speaks, you are left in a total quandry. 

I just wish that the rest of us were smart enough to get it. I guess you have to be at the intelligence level of Sheila Jackson Lee or Elijah Cummings to gain that complete understanding.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Joy Of Computer Models

 We just had a major snow storm go through New England. A good old nor'easter blizzard. Hurricane force winds. Lightening. The works. As people are prone to say lately, "it wasn't my first rodeo". In fact it's not even my second or third. Over the years, I have seen many blizzards and been through many years of heavy snow accumulation. 

Back in the day, it was illegal to broadcast a private weather forecast. All radio and TV forecasts were originated by the United States Weather Service. The TV stations would hire comely young women to deliver said forecasts. The forecasts were not terribly reliable. But that law giving government control of weather forecasting was changed. Then the TV stations hired trim young folks with degrees in meteorology, except for Al Roker, to deliver their own forecasts. It was still not terribly reliable.

Then came the glorious days of the computer and computer modeling. What could be better? Right? Well maybe, not so much. Computers don't just do these modeling things on their own. Someone has to write a program. That program writer decides what factors are important and what are not. Then they have to enter it. Test it. Debug it. And finally put it into beta testing. For an important program, it is a long and arduous process. And to be honest, some programmers are better than others.

But in the end, a computer model is a programmers idea of the relative importance of various factors that effect weather and the results those factors will create. There is not just one model that all meteorologists agree on. Our blizzard was tracked and forecasted by, probably, a dozen or more models. The forecasters look at the ones they consider most reliable and base their predictions on those.

Mother Nature has a way of dumping any or all of those models in the trash can. There are just too many variables involved in weather to get it right every time. There may come a time when computers are powerful enough to handle a task that complicated, but I wouldn't expect it any time soon.

I think that the forecasters did a formidably good job with this last storm. It moved off shore a little. That saved New York and New Jersey. They nailed it on New England. An A+ performance as far as I am concerned.

Now all of this having been said, modeling can only take you so far. Pretty accurate, two or three days. Sort of accurate, a week. Beyond that, a computer generated guess. But there are those that would have you believe that computer modeling can go far beyond that. They would have you believe that they can predict the climate for our whole planet out some thirty years or more. No. Not today. Not any time soon. And any time someone tries to tell me that the science is settled on any question, I know that they are fooling themselves or trying to fool me. The science is never settled on any question.

There is one thing that I know. And I know this for sure. Mother Nature has no tolerance for know it alls. And you can't fool Mother Nature.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-Three

It seems to me that if the press had put as much effort into getting to the truth in Benghazi, or Fast and Furious, or the IRS scandal, or the VA scandal, as the have in "inflategate",  we would know a great deal more than we do about important issues and the country would be better off. Today's press has the interest level and the attention span of a six year old.

Our petulant President is all bent out of shape because Bibi Netanyahu is going to address Congress at the invitation of John Boehner. Does he not understand that Congress is a co-equal branch of government and do not need Mr. Obama's permission. Remember Mr. Netanyahu is the man that our President disrespected at the White House. Mr. Obama left Mr. Netanyahu standing their as Mr. Obama walked off to go to dinner.  

That is some Obama success story in Yemen. Remind me, isn't that the place where we have been sending back terrorists from Guantanamo? The Islamists keep expanding their base and the administration keeps denying their existence. We have an existential problem here.

The effete elitists of the country still don't understand why American Sniper is so successful. Mad Howard Dean, failed Presidential wannabe, thinks it is because we are all a bunch of angry Tea Partiers. And I think he's a demented clown. So I guess we are even.

The Feds have completed their investigation of Ferguson. It appears that they will support the verdict of the Grand Jury. This will exonerate officer Wilson.  I fear that there are still many out there that will still not accept this. I just hope he stays safe.

Why does the administration keep trying to take guns away from honest citizens. Do they think that criminals and terrorists are the only ones that should have them. They are now attacking legal gun shops by cutting off their access to banking. They don't like the Constitution so they keep finding ways around it.

Ted Cruz is entering a bill that would prevent those leaving the US to fight with ISIS from coming back into the country. I am all for that.

People of Boston, pray that you don't get the Olympics. It will ruin your perfectly good city.

One more time just to remind. This relates to the new Saudi King and the negotiations with Iran. We are kaffirs, infidels, as far as both are concerned. That allows the to practice the Muslim rule of taqiyya in dealing with us. This allows them to lie and dissemble to non-believers in the furtherance of Islam. The Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, privately support terrorism even as their government is our ally. The Iranis will stall negotiations and do what they please. They will be a nuclear power. Right now, we cannot stop them without a Mid-East war.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow? What Snow?

Starting tonight and over the next few days, we are going to have a blizzard. The mayor of New York is waxing long and loud on TV, about the formidable task ahead for him and his people in the sanitation department. He spent much time extolling the virtues of those crews that will leave home and hearth to clear a gazillion miles of city streets. (Be nice if he showed as much respect for the cops). 

Weather people are lecturing with their brightly colored maps in the background. We know where this storm is coming from. Where it is going. What it will do when it gets there. And it's timing, almost down to the second.

It seems that weather people and mayors alike agree on one thing. There has never been a storm like this before. It is a monster. A virtual snow hurricane. Bull!

Apparently these people are too young to remember, or choose not to remember, the blizzard of seventy-eight. We ended up with three feet of snow in front of our house. We lived in Warwick, RI at the time. It was a week before we got plowed out. 

The worst part of that storm was the lack of warning. We were told there would be a snow storm but no one saw that beast of a storm coming. Those were the days when everyone had CB radios. I had one in the car, and our oldest daughter had a base station at home. That CB radio saved me. I was on the road when the storm hit. I started hearing reports of intersections jamming up and vehicles stalled out on route 95. I headed back to the barn.

Soon we were hearing that cars and trucks were being abandoned on the highways with people taking shelter wherever they could. So for a week we lived on french toast, soup, cereal, and what ever we had on hand. Actually, it was kind of fun. Like camping out for a week.

Then there was the year, I think it was 2001, that we had a winter total of 128 inches of snow at our condo in Woonsocket. There was no one real huge storm but every few days another eight inches or a foot. Now that was a miserable winter. 

But it is coastal New England in the winter. We are going to get blizzards. Every once in a while they will be monsters. That's the price you pay for living in God's country. Now go buy bread and milk, hunker down, and enjoy the experience. And let the young'uns do the shoveling.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Professional sports is about money. Lots of money. King Midas amounts of money. Winners get more of that money than losers. Many in sports try to gain an advantage. Baseball players have been known to cork bats. Pitchers sometimes get accused of throwing spitballs or shineballs. Some players of various sports have been known to chemically enhance their own bodies. 

The New England Patriots are winners. Since Tom Brady took over as quarterback and Bill Belichick has been coach, their record has been unsurpassed. They are hated by many because they are that good. The fans of other teams hate them because when the Pats win their team loses. Other teams hate them because, even if they have a bad day, they find ways to win.

Through all of this, Belichick is taciturn and unsmiling. But, unlike some coaches, he never whines and complains. "The circumstances are what they are. Don't get distracted. Just keep trying to score." That is the Belichick motto.

Tom Brady is one of the classiest players in pro football. He works hard. He doesn't act out. Best of all, he doesn't make a fool of himself doing stupid commercials. For some unknown reason, many broadcasters keep touting others as the greatest quarterback in football. Peyton Manning and Aaron Rogers are a couple of current favorites. But take all of the stats and count up the division championships and the Super Bowl rings, it is impossible not to put Brady's name at the top of the list.

So why were they playing with soft footballs? Belichick and Brady both deny involvement. How could it happen. So here is a possible scenario. Equipment guys want to please their quarterbacks. Pats equipment guys know Brady likes the footballs a little soft. So when they fill the footballs, in a nice warm room, they fill them to the minimum 11.5 lbs. Maybe they even hedge a little so it is a barely noticeable tad under the minimum. Maybe they even use a pressure gauge that reads a little high. Now they bring those balls out onto the field where it is very cold. The temperature change causes the air in the balls to contract and the pressure goes down a little more. Voila, 10 psi.

OK, so maybe this is a fantasy thought up by a dedicated fan. But, hey, it makes a good excuse doesn't it.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Two Ways To Roll

I have, on a number of occasions, expressed dissatisfaction with John Boehner as Speaker of the House. I feel that he has been less than aggressive in promoting the conservative view. I'm sure he is a fine man and is doing what he believes is right. But he has one trait too common in establishment Republicans. He has been too passive.

This time, however, he has hit a home run. Bringing Benjamin Netanyahu in to speak to Congress at this point is a stroke of genius. For multiple reasons. Mr. Netanyahu will speak from the same dais that President Obama spoke from last Tuesday. The contrast will be telling. Mr. Obama, who sits in a safe and well protected catbird seat, gave an unabashedly political oratory disguised as a State of the Union speech. 

It was pretty evenly split between self praise, impossible promises, and threats to those that don't comply with his wishes. His exaggeration of his achievements and his avoidance of the reality of today's dangers was astounding. It is hard to believe that the President of the United States is convinced that "global warming" is a greater threat to Americans than global Islamic jihad.

The contrast with Mr. Netanyahu should be an eye opener for Americans. As the Prime Minister of Israel, he leads a country that faces annihilation every day. They are a tiny country surrounded by those that hate them and would wipe them off the map if they could. They have been America's one true ally in the Middle East. But the Obama administration has treated them with disdain.

The Muslim nations of the Middle East refer to America as the great Satan and Israel as the little Satan. But for some unearthly reason, Mr. Obama feels that if he ignores Israel and bows down to Iran and the Saudis he can change the world. That is naivete' in the extreme.

So America will see the difference between a "boy king" President and a serious man that carries the weight of his countries survival on his shoulders. Mr. Netanyahu must stand strong and live in a world of stark realism. 

Last Monday I posted saying why I wouldn't bother watching the State of the Union. I guess that I just gave the reasons that I will watch Mr. Netanyahu's speech.  

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Control Those Impulses

Some people have poor impulse control. Believe me, I know. There was that shiny new red Thunderbird..... Never mind. You get the idea. Some types of stores I would have been better avoiding in my life. Auto dealerships, gun shops, those hardware stores that had great displays of power tools. 

The latest display of lost and forgotten impulse control is the childish and overwhelming success of Twitter. Why anyone beyond the age of fifteen would sign up for a twitter account is beyond me. Why any adult male is not humiliated to admit to Tweeting amazes me. That's as embarrassing as a grown man having a wax job. 

But the walking egos of the world are out there tweeting there life away to an adoring bunch of public idiocy. "Just belched that meat ball sandwich I got at Cranky's. Even good the second time around!!!" All of a sudden Cranky's Sand Witch Shoppe has more business than they can handle. Depending who is doing the tweeting of course.

But if you are Michael Moore or some dude named Rogan, who is apparently famous for some unknown reason, you might want to grab hold of that impulse control lever before you start trashing true American heroes. That may go a long way among their elitist snob friends but out in the hinterlands where real Americans live it's about as popular as pate' at a barbecue. 

I have even heard rumors that some people set up hordes of fake followers so they will appear well loved and important. I have heard that is a popular thing among a bunch of people that live in a town on the banks of the Potomac River. That I have no trouble believing.

Public attention is something some people crave. Fine, if that is what you want. But just remember, when you go out and do or say something incredibly stupid, and you will, that public spotlight will shine twice as bright as it does when you burp on a meatball. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Free Electricity?

OK, so it is not completely free. You need the equipment to generate the power. It is still a lot cheaper than Hoover Dam. I'll explain. For years now, I have been wondering why they didn't take advantage of tidal flow to power generators.

I saw on TV today where they are attempting to do this in Tokyo. Their solution is different than what I had in mind. They have assembled a big float with the generator inside. On the top is an upright wind vane. It a lot shorter than those monster wind farm generators. On the bottom is a water vane that takes advantage of the tidal flow. I like the concept. Easy to deploy. Easy to repair.

This was a lot different from my original idea. I had pictured a long narrow coffer dam. As the tide rose, it would fill, turning a series of generators. As the tide ebbed, it would empty, again, turning generators, similar to the locks in a canal.

There is a lot of power going to waste as the tide rises and falls. I cannot understand why it has never been exploited.

I am still convinced that within a couple of decades we will have a new power source. Probably cold fusion. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if someone, like the geniuses at DARPA, doesn't have cold fusion in a testing phase today. The only problem may be sufficient He3. 

Time will march on and these problems will ultimately be solved, as they always are. Wind, solar, tide. These are all nothing but temporary stopgaps. It is sad that our politicians can't tell the difference between a stopgap and a permanent solution. So they keep pouring our money and our resources down various rat holes.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

True Confession

I confess. I won't watch the State of the Union address tonight. I never intended to. Why bother? The State of the Union speech, has nothing to do with reality. Those who watch will be told what great shape the country is in. It is not. Actually, it is pretty much a mess. 

It will be explained to a bewildered audience that the tireless efforts of our President and his remarkable vision for the future have put us where we are. That, I guess, is true. The problem being, that most of us are in touch with reality and see things much differently than the President does. 

The rich continue to get richer. The middle class and poor continue to lose ground. Our military is falling to pieces and those that run it are unhappy to the point of actually speaking the truth. We have people trying to kill us and our President can't even speak their name. He seems to be more focused on vacations, golf, sports on TV, and buzzing around the world on Air Force One, bolstering his ego through grandiose speeches.

He will make promises of new and expensive programs that he knows will not get through Congress. He will do this just so he can continue to say, "look at those Republicans. Still the party of no." Even if these programs passed they would do little or nothing for jobs or the economy. It would be like giving an old outhouse a new coat of paint.

Since Mr. Obama can't run again, one would think that, if he were truly concerned about the country, he might swing back to a more centrist position. That is just not happening. So as usual, it is agenda over America and the American people.

The 2016 election is critical to the survival of the Republic. The past six years have reduced Congress to a non-entity. The fourth estate has been reduced to a flock of obedient hand maidens. And since Mr. Obama still has the bully pulpit, he will spend the next two years dumping the blame for everything on Republicans. It will not be an easy time. 

Republicans must find a strong voice and go on the attack. If they don't take the White House and we end up with another extreme liberal Emperor President, we can forget about the Constitution. We will have traded the Republic for an autocracy.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Obama's War On Vegans

One cannot say that Barack Obama shirks his obligations as President. He just has a different worldview from, well, just about everyone. Many Americans today, think he should be waging a war on Islamic terrorism. But Mr. Obama as an evolved man feels the need, nay, the compulsion, to wage war on vegans. Actually vegans and cows.

With his innate ability to approach a problem from the side rather than head on, Mr. Obama is calling this a war on methane. But believe me, it's vegans and cows he is out to get. The average person can't explain why our President is taking on this battle. They in their average minds think that jobs, terrorism, and the economy are the fights that need to be fought. But being pretty much average myself, I haven't a clue as to what that man may be thinking.

Obama claims that the war on methane is the ongoing battle against global warming. But since the globe hasn't warmed in eighteen years, that makes no sense. We all know that methane smells really bad. We also know that a diet of legumes and Brussels sprouts generates large quantities of methane. We also know that the President loves to give dinner parties at the White House. In this modern age, I have been told, it is tres chic among the elite to be vegan. (I hear they use terms like "tres chic") So, imagine, a bunch of vegans chowing down closed up in the White House dining room. I think you get my drift.

There is a rumor out there that after a party for a bunch of Hollywood types, it took three days to air out the room. It must have gotten really rough around midnight.

The war on cows is a little harder to understand. It is a fact that even lady cattle produce prodigious amounts of methane. And I doubt if Barack has ever had a relationship with a cow of the dairy variety. One might think that he is honestly concerned about methane. But I have learned, with Mr.  Obama, nothing is ever as it seems.

My guess is that, since the USDA army got run off that ranch in Wyoming by a bunch of cowboys on horses carrying lever action rifles, they are feeling embarrassed and under utilized so the President is giving them something to make them feel useful. They will, undoubtedly, be in charge of monitoring cow farts. I am sure that will bring everything back into balance in Obamaworld.

So while he is letting terrorists out of Gitmo, cozying up to Iran,ignoring the need for good jobs rather than Macjobs, and pretending he really did win the war on terrorism, Mr. Obama proves his relevance on the world stage by waging a war on methane. Whoopee! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

You are walking in a tunnel cut through a mountain. You have made it half way through walking the railroad tracks. Suddenly you see a light. It is coming toward you and it is coming fast. You talked to the man that owns the train. He told you, without equivocation, that he would never send that train down those tracks again. But here it comes and you have no place to go. 

As the train comes nearer, you can see that it is the same old engine towing the same old freight cars. Even the same old caboose. You can tell it is from New Hampshire because it has White Mountain Railroad painted on it's side.  You are doomed to be crushed by a train that cannot carry the freight.

I think that pretty well describes the condition of the Republican party today. Please do not get me wrong. I admire Mitt Romney. I think he is a marvelous businessman with a wonderful family. But he has had two shots. He may be great at a lot of things but winning Presidential elections is not one of them.

He is an establishment Republican in the mold of John McCain, Bob Dole, and everybody named Bush. The proof that he should not run again is in the fact that he went right back to the "old guard" to get his campaign leadership. Take John Sununu. Nice man. Smart man. But so nineteen-seventies. 

It would be the same old campaign. Be nice. Don't be too aggressive. Always smile and never get angry. Politics is war, not tiddly-winks. If you want to win you have to show people that you are a fighter not Casper Milquetoast.

I would not be surprised if the Democrats do exactly as they did in 2008. Dump Hillary and bring in a new young face with a personality and speaking ability and spend gazillions making him look Presidential. I'm betting on one of the Castro brothers from Texas.

I endorsed John Kasich. He has the qualities that the Republicans need. There are a few others that would be able to get it done. But, above all, the country needs a conservative to bring back reality. Someone that is solid, responsible and skilled.  

Mt. Manadnock, NH

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fight The Pen With The Pen

I have been trying to understand Islam and what motivates those that practice this brand of religion. Not that I wish to agree with them. I, most certainly, don't. Not because I admire the profundity of their philosophy or the words of their religious leaders. I find neither profound. I try to understand Islam because I think it wise to understand those who hate you and demand to either convert you or kill you. 

Islam was founded in the seventh century when Muhammad, the Arab worlds greatest political and military leader went to Mecca and Medina. He had created the Quran from verses he claimed that he had been given by God. The Quran and the Hadith, the teachings and practices of Muhammad, are the two most holy books of Islam and Muhammad is venerated as the one true prophet. 

In the Islamic world the Quran was and is accepted as the words of Allah as given to the Prophet. Given directly from Allah. Second in standing only to the Quran, the Hadith is esteemed as the Prophet's perfect understanding of the Quran. Both are said to be unalterable. 

In other words, we are dealing with a religion that was founded around the year 622 and has not changed since. While most religions today are either intrinsically benign or have evolved into a non-acceptance of violence, Islam has never gone through any sort of reformation.

I give you some verses from the Quran:

 Qur'an 5:33 - Murder (Punished, crucified for objecting to Sharia!)

"The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement"

Qur'an 9:29 - Dominate The World (Dhimmi / death / subdued!)
"Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued."

Qur'an 9:73 - Apostates & Hypocrites (Non-Muslims are to be hunted like animals!)
"O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination."

Harsh language. This is but a small sample. There is much more. I remind you that these are accepted as the true and immutable words of Allah.

The "sins" against Allah that provokes such vile, hate filled, and violent reactions in those profanely violent young people that think them selves believers are words and drawings. "Sins" of the pen. The Islamic cure is the cure of the AK47.

These foolish young men are told, and apparently believe, that by martyring themselves they will immediately go to paradise to be served by fifty-seven virgins. I can give them one proof that this is wrong. Why haven't the old men that tell them this tale already martyred themselves?

In this day and age civilized people, when aggrieved, write a strongly worded letters. Or sue. Or picket. But they don't draw down and kill a bunch of innocents. That type of behavior is so seventh century.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Look! Everyone's Out Of Step But Barack!

Like just about everyone, I have been greatly troubled by recent events in France. I have been to Paris and I like the place. Not love it, but like it. I learned enough tourist French so that my wife and I got along pretty well. The French seemed to be independent people, not much given to groupthink. When I saw the pictures of thousands upon thousands of people crowding the streets of Paris, I was amazed.

It appears that all of France has adopted the motto, "je suis Charlie". And they are hitting the streets to prove it. I commend them. I wish that I could be with them. This may be, and I hope it is, the first sign of the tide turning. Civilized people will only tolerate barbarism so long. As it is, we have tolerated it too long.

It was especially gratifying to see world leaders marching arm in arm at the head of the parade. From Bibi Netanyahu to Mahmoud Abbas, they formed a chain the width of the plaza. The world was in step against evil. But there was one. There is always one, it seems. One world leader that thinks that he is the one in step and all other are taking dangerous risks by not following his drumbeat.

Barack Obama, either fears Islam or loves Islam so much, that he dare not speak it's name in connection with terrorism. When you cannot name your enemy, you cannot defeat your enemy. You cannot be a leader and "lead from behind". 

The enemy identifies themselves. In every attack, they have identified themselves as Islamists. And it is obvious to even the casual observer, that they have the support and encouragement from many Imams, Ayatollahs, and many on the Arab street. 

Those Muslims that are not in the war against civilization must find a way to separate themselves. Many in their faith are mentally stuck in a love of seventh century violence to promulgate their faith.  President al-Sisi of Egypt made a brave speech recognizing the need for an Islamic reformation. Muslims would do well to listen to him.

Meanwhile, the world marches to one beat and our President marches to another. He is falling behind in the parade and may never catch up.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Is It Finally Sinking In?

Is it finally sinking in? There is a war going on. The battle lines have been drawn. We did not draw them. Others did. The war is between Islam and civilization. I did not say radical Islam. I said Islam. There is but one Islam. They are those that worship Allah, accept the Quran as their holy book, and accept Mohammad as Allah's one true prophet.

 Just as they will not separate modern Christianity from the Crusades of a millennium ago, I will not try to separate the most radical from the least. Their holy book demands the most radical of this activity. Many of their Imams, around the world support this activity. Their oil sheikhs finance this activity. Their madrassas  indoctrinate their children. In many cases their mosques are used to plan these activities.

While I am sure that some of the faithful do not agree with the intense violence, it is they who must separate themselves from it. It is not a task that the rest of the world can or should do. People are identified by those that they keep company with. 

The violence is spreading. As long as it was restrained to the hell holes of the Middle East and Africa, most of the world shrugged it off and stayed in deep denial. Those "good old days" are rapidly departing. England, France, the USA. Coming soon to your own back yard. 

It is time for the politicians in the Western World to open their eyes and see what is right before them. They can make all of the soothing sounds that they wish. Their constituents no longer believe them. Our sworn enemies laugh at them. Reality check; these are people that will not be assuaged. They are dedicated to an Islamic world of the seventh century model. A world that contains no America, no Israel, and bows to shariah law.

Eventually, we will fight back. Eventually we will win. The question is, how much damage will occur and how many lives will be lost, before our minds clear and our spines stiffen. It would make sense to fight this war now while the enemy is weakest. Each day that goes by, they gain in strength and numbers. Meanwhile we have politicians that would make Nero look like a model of eager efficiency.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-two

Obama can brag all he wants about jobs creation, but one third of the population is out of the work force. That means that we are losing jobs faster than they are being created. Considering that about one third of the population are children, that means half of the adults are out of the work force. Worst since the Carter years.

The gift that keeps on giving. Bubba Bill has a new sex scandal. Hey Hill, ain't that some fun. You gotta love these "good ol boys".

Record snowfall in Florida. Fourteen states colder than Mars. Please sir, may I explain to you about the threat of global warming? Mr. Obama says we must spend more money to cure it. Maybe he could put it under Obamacare. OK, I know that was snarky.

Michelle has just named a "food justice activist". Food justice! Really? Only in the "Through the Looking Glass" world of liberals would food and justice be used in the same sentence. 

A constant theme of mine is situational awareness. Considering the latest happenings in France, I feel obliged to repeat myself. If you are on the street or in a mall, put away the cell phone. Take the headset from your ears. Know what is happening around you. In back and both sides as well as in front. Listen for the sounds of trouble. Many times you will hear it before you see it. It is simple good sense, but it may save your life.

Je suis Charlie! Everyone who tries to bring their view of the world to the public should adopt that motto. We are dealing with people who are less than the sole of my shoe.

Soon the President will have the Keystone XL pipeline bill on his desk. Either he will sign it and show his support for the country or veto it and prove his disdain. Which way are you betting. 

Have you ever noticed how politicians are always touting infrastructure jobs to kick start the economy. They do this because infrastructure jobs are union jobs. What they don't seem to grasp is that infrastructure jobs take years to get off the ground. Surveys must be done. Specifications must be written. Design bids must be taken and awarded. Architects and engineers must collaborate on a design. That design must be put out for bid. The job must be awarded and contracts signed. Then the winning contractor takes bids from vendors on materials. Those contracts are awarded and the needed material must be manufactured and delivered. Finally after all this. People can get to work. Years have passed since the initial idea. Maybe getting some manufacturing jobs back from China and Mexico would do more for the beleaguered American worker.

It is Saturday night as I write this and my Patriots just won. For the rest of the evening I will not be cranky. I will be the Happy Conservative.

I hear they're thinking about putting Obama's picture on milk cartons. You know. Missing!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Thank God

Thank God we have a President that Doesn't leap to conclusions. It takes much time and thought to make world shaking decisions and he mustn't be rushed. You cannot call those insane killings in Paris terrorism any more than you can call the murders at Fort Hood terrorism. Despite the fact that Allahu Akbar was shouted by the perpetrators in both cases. Paris was mere violence and Fort Hood was work place violence. Since an Islamic phrase was shouted, and our President has assured us that Islam is a religion of peace, it absolutely can not be terrorism.

Thank God that the astute head of Homeland Security with the professional assistance of the NSA has been able to track down the true source of a threat of terrorism in the land. It is not all of the gang members and criminals flooding across our southern border. It is not the twenty-two plus Islamic jihad training camps that exist on our soil. It is not explosives smuggled into the country in a container on a freighter. It is not even the New Black Panthers who are now patrolling some streets in some cities armed to the teeth. The brilliant analysts at the DHS have decided the real threat is those older folks in the Tea Party coupled with Christian Evangelicals. I hope the FBI has infiltrated these deadly organizations.

Thank God New York City finally has a Mayor who is smart enough and strong enough to put those New York cops in their place. Now that they have changed New York City from a hell hole, back into one of the worlds great cities with the help of vile and despotic mayors, it is time to put them in their place. Put aside that they have brought down the crime rate in the poorest parts of the city. Put aside that they have taken drug dealers and thugs off the street. Put aside that they put their lives on the line every day. Put aside that almost everyone that is done violence by a cop has earned it. After all, thugs have rights too. Cops carry guns. And they are not always perfect. And sometimes they swagger a little bit. That's the thing Mr. Mayor. Let's cripple the cops and take the city back to those good old days.

Yessir, with leadership like this the ship of state is on a course and sailing at record speed. Excuse me Admiral Obama. Is that an iceberg I see dead ahead?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Repeal "Freedom Of The Press"

Can a conservative blogger really want to repeal "Freedom of the Press"? Of course not! That was just the red cape in front of the bull. And that is why I used that title. We are getting too much bull. 

Most of the press has abrogated it's responsibility. They treat President Obama as if he were a misunderstood holy man. Gandhi, he is not. But the lives of the college educated press adhere to the liberal faith. To them, any liberal policy is a good policy. Ideas are equal to actions. Failure is acceptable. It is the attempt that counts. Government is good. Big government is better. 

Liberals are smart. Conservatives are dumb. Liberalism is love. Conservatism is hate. Up is down and black is white. And have another bite of that mushroom Alice.

This meme pervades the press. They believe. They are indoctrinated. When a liberal press office gives them propaganda and bill it as news, the press accepts it as gospel. That is not reporting. That is kow-towing. 

Anything from a conservative source, though, needs to be poured over until a misspelled word becomes a major policy error.  Sometimes I think it was better before journalism schools got first shot at molding these soft and pliable young brains. What the press needs is more effective BS filters and the elimination of "politically correct" filters.

It is not just the fault of those that, nowadays, sit at desks taking phone calls and e-mails, accepting those as the basis for their profundity. The editors that don't kick their butts out the door, telling them to use some shoe leather and find something hot, bear even greater responsibility. They used to be the adults in the room that made the young ones work for their pittance. Now it's just one big happy club.

No, you don't have to take away the freedom of the press. It has fallen into disuse anyway. Nobody cares any more. The press has become the rewrite desk for the favored politicos. No strain. No pain. But I can remember a time when, if a reporter didn't cause a couple of pols a week to turn red in anger or embarrassment, that reporter wasn't doing his job.

Portland Head Light - Maine

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Music Of The Spheres

I find myself writing more about religion lately. I'm not sure if it is because I am getting older or because I get tired of writing about creepy avaricious politicians with egos overly pampered. But regardless, religion has been a long slow path for me. I don't believe that I am any where near the end.

Religion is not necessarily church going and church going is not necessarily religion. Religion is a philosophy and you can be part of it where ever you are and whenever you try to come to a better understanding of life and your place in it. It is the better understanding of religion that tells one to do the things that are intrinsically good. You don't become religious by doing charitable works. You do charitable works because you believe that in aiding others, you help yourself.

You don't know God. No one knows God. When someone claims knowledge of what God expects of you or what God forbids, they are spouting their own dogma. I believe in a forgiving God that is pleased by good works. But because I believe it, does not make it fact. But in my world, those that preach hate and exclusivity are on the wrong road. It just does not make sense. A true God reaches out. A false god excludes.

God is logical. I have come to the point where I believe that science and religion look at the same evidence from opposite sides. Science and religion are not exclusive. Since the Biblical seven days of creation are not the seven days of man's week, we can look in wonder at how it all came together giving us life, all we need to sustain it, and even more to use toward our comfort. It seems that whatever man required, the means where there to create it, and more besides.  

The philosophy of Jesus is the starting point for Christians on their quest. Peace, love, and tolerance make a good personal philosophy regardless of how you come by it. Other faiths start from other points. Some far less tolerant and peaceful.

If your religion cannot accept the true faith of others, it is not a godly religion. It is a cult. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

On Cops and Racism

I have known a few cops in my lifetime. A couple of times I have met them when I would have preferred not. I have shot beside them. We have a couple in the family. And I have a grandson who is considering it for a career.

I think I can assure people of one thing. The only thing different about cops is that they are willing to do many things that the average person can't or won't. That makes them exceptional. Other than that, a cross section of cops is a cross section of the population.

In society, there will always be racists. There are people that hate. Whether from fear or ignorance they will always be with us. One thing that I can assure you. There are fewer today than in the past. When I was a wee small guy (many, many years ago) all sorts of bigotry were common and spoken out loud without fear or reservation. I grew up with that. I'm just glad that I didn't catch that bug.

So, as with the rest of society, there will always be a few racist cops. And by the way, contrary to the insane and inane spoutings of Al Sharpton, racism works both ways. Racist cops are the rare exception. That is especially true in New York City. That police force is as integrated as it is possible to be. And most New Yorkers have spent their live in worlds largest racial melting pot.

I also remember the old New York of "Fort Apache the Bronx". In those day the South Bronx was to be avoided for fear of your life. Crime was rampant far and wide. Once again liberal policies were destroying a great city.

Then along came Rudy Giuliani. He changed everything. Some people found his policies harsh. He did sweat the little things. He went after broken windows and graffiti. People that dressed and acted like gangsters got stopped and frisked. It had nothing to do with race. It had to do with quality of life for every citizen. And it worked.

Now the people of New York City, in their infinite wisdom, have elected a very foolish man who shines the bright light of racism where none exists. The police have become targets of scorn. The nihilist are back and that lovely "quality of life" that was so hard won will go away. Not all at once. In dribs and drabs. But go away it will. 

The police will survive. They will do what they must, and do it very carefully. The rats will come out of the woodwork and take over the street corners again. Vandals will be out in the dark of the night doing their dirty work. And Al Sharpton will dine at Gracie Mansion.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Quick Pick

It seems that Jeb Bush is ramping up his program for the 2016 Presidential election. He is making an early try to extend the Bush dynasty. I think Jeb is a good man. But I wish he would not run for President. He is the epitome of the old Republican party. White, male, rich brahmins. That is the exact reason that I left the Republican party years ago. They tend to want thins orderly and genteel. But politics is war. I will admit that I generally support them with my vote because they are usually the most conservative game in town.

Times have changed. Republicans must change, too. If they do not the country will get a Hillary or, worse yet, an Elizabeth for President. If that happens after eight years of Barack, I'm not sure the Republic can survive.

So I have decided to come out with my picks early on just to present a different point of view. My selection for a Presidential candidate is John Kasich, for many reasons. At 62 he is young enough for the job and old enough to deal with people and situations in a mature manner. Having grown up in suburban western Pennsylvania, he is a heartland American with conservative roots.

Kasich has a grasp of finances and economics, having spent time in the financial sector of the business world before he got into politics. He spent three years in the Ohio State Senate and eighteen year in the United States Senate from Ohio. So he knows Washington and how Congress works. He has been the very successful Governor of Ohio since 2001. He has management skills. He knows how to get a consensus.

Kasich looks Presidential and is well spoken. He has a reputation for fairness and honesty. He treats political office as a responsibility and not as a source of privilege. So, I am proud to support John Kasich for President.

Marco Rubio has impressed me. He is my candidate for Vice President. Three things come to mind that suggest, to me, that he run for V.P. He is smart, (a JD from Miami U.) he is young, and he is Hispanic. I know that he would like to run for President, but the experience from a couple of terms in the second seat would serve him well for a run later. 

Lacking management experience is a pure handicap for any one trying to run a country, but I feel that Sen. Rubio is of Presidential quality and will be ready in time. A stint as V.P. will also allow him time to build a Presidential quality support structure.

The country has been put in peril in many ways. The next election is no time to experiment. We need solid candidates whose agenda is the restoration of the Republic. These two men would make a formidable team with the ability to take on the task.