Thursday, February 13, 2014

Not His Country, My Country

I am an unabashed jingoist and proud of it. My country, right or wrong. America the beautiful. The greatest country ever. Just so you know where I am coming from. 

I come from an era where tall smokestacks belched real smoke. Production lines produced and anyone that wanted to work had work available. People, by the millions, shed poverty and became middle class.

Families bought automobiles. Families no longer had to live with multiple generations under one roof. Towns and cities moved outward as public transportation became less necessary.

Over the years, the country remained a manufacturing power, but electricity replaced steam as the energy source that drove the machinery. Smokestacks disappeared but production grew. Skills became more important than brute force. Mechanics, machinists, and welders made more money than common laborers. 

Education and training became more accessible to the average person. Many took advantage, so the average salaries increased. Many families became home owners rather than renters. During the Eisenhower years the interstate roadway system was so improved that peopled were traveling more than ever, and doing it in American made cars.

About this time the attitude became prevalent that all the young'uns need a college education. Our intellectual elite at the time (politicians consider themselves intellectual elite) decided that we no longer needed a manufacturing economy, we could have an information based economy. For the record, I never said politicians are smart. I said, "they think they're smart.

From that point on growth slowed. We ended up with way more lawyers and insurance salesmen than we needed. But we still needed things so a coalition of business people and pols farmed out our great manufacturing empire to foreign countries where people that we don't understand work for practically nothing.

The intellectual elites, (yes, them again) decided that internationalization is the way to go. One world. Everybody equal. End worldwide poverty. So the American middle class is being sacrificed on the alter of globalization. 

The thing is that the sled that we have been taking a downhill ride on, has suddenly gone over a cliff with the present administration. Up until now, the middle class has improved their lot in life. But suddenly in the last five years, while the rich and the politicians have gotten exceedingly richer, the poor and middle class have lost ground.

The rich are, by nature, financial globalists. Business is global, Finance is global. Therefore those that work in those areas must be globalists. American politicians, particularly American Presidents, should not be globalists. They should be America first, devil take the hindmost. In my, sometimes less than humble opinion, a President that isn't America first is a traitor to his country.

Just as a footnote, President Obama just brought John Podesta back to the White House to help straighten out the political mess brought on by Obamacare. Mr. Podesta was most recently assisting the UN in developing a radical new global agenda. I rest my case. 

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