Friday, August 29, 2014

I Like Turkey

I am not talking about the bird when I say I like Turkey. I like the country. Since I have never been there, it would probably be more accurate to say, I admire the Turkish people. 

I'm sure my admiration goes back to WWII and Korea. The Turks were our good and great allies. They were loyal to a fault, tough as old rhino hide, and fearsome fighters. Things seem to have gotten a little off politically in their country lately, as it has so many places on the globe. I fear for them. While they seem to be struggling with internal problems, a terrible threat is building on their border.

ISIS is growing in numbers, wealth, and territory. They are already referring to themselves as a caliphate. I have no doubt that they would like to include Turkey in their expansion, sooner rather than later. Turkey is a secular state with a predominantly Muslim population. The leaders of ISIS would find a secular state an abomination. And, I fear, that a segment of the Muslim population would quickly support a conservative sharia government.

Not being in government, I have no idea what is going on behind closed doors. All I can do is hope that Turkey is getting the support they need from the United States and other allies. I know it would help their cause having access to the newest and best weapons, first class intelligence, and maybe some special ops operators just to sweeten the pot.

I get a lot of readers from Turkey. I have no idea who they are, but I hope they are friends. You can't have too many of those. I think of them as friends anyway. So all that I can say is that I hope the future goes well for you. It is a dangerous world and you live in a dangerous neighborhood. Good luck. You will be in my prayers. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Killing Politics

It is a common saying, that "politics is hardball".  If that is the preferred comparison, Politics today is like a game between the Gotham Marauders and the Peaceful University's Sorority softball team.

The Democrats, of course, being the Marauders and the Republicans being the sorority sisters. The Democrats take politics and the acquisition of power very seriously. There is not much that they wouldn't do to win an election or do harm to the opposition. Their main idea is, just don't get caught. Rahm Emanuel said it best, "never waste a good crisis".

The Republicans, on the other hand, since the days of the Watergate break in, are scared silly that someone might think they were not just the nicest people ever. That thinking, if it can be called thinking, cost Mitt Romney his run for the Presidency. He was so afraid to go for the throat, he didn't go for anything. In the one debate that he won, he shocked himself into a state of mental paralysis. I cannot conceive of what his advisers were thinking. Were they convinced that if Romney tried too hard the Democrats would get angry.

Now let's look at how Democrats play. In Texas, a States Attorney for Travis County, imbibed far more heavily than is wise. She was apparently too drunk to walk so she, at three times the legal limit, decided to drive. Texas finest took umbrage at her car swerving all over the highway. So they did the right thing. She made a scene and a major fool of herself. Ended up in restraints with a spit shield over her face. I recommend the video. Google it. She ended up doing time. 

Under Texas law she is required to resign. She refused. Governor Rick Perry, a Republican candidate for President, took action to force her resignation which was legal and necessary.
She appointed a friendly special prosecutor, convened a grand jury, and got an indictment using the weakest of evidence. If Perry should be convicted, this decent man could face up to 94 years in prison. That is Democrat hardball.

Teddy Roosevelt said that the President has a "bully pulpit" from which he can reach out to the people. President Obama uses his early and often. So often that some peoples ears just flap down and plug up at the sound of his voice. This is imminently understandable. His constant use of the first person singular gets annoying.

But the second best political pulpit belongs to the Speaker of the House. Someone should probably explain that to John Boehner. He should be a loud and forceful voice, striving to balance the voice of the opposition. Half a dozen quietly restrained sentences spoken at conversational volume, just don't get the job done. 

Democrats take it too far. They have lost track of civilized limits. They ally themselves with people that don't have America's best interests at heart.  Republicans act as weak as the third cup of tea from the same teabag. Neither is good for the country at this time. The country is in danger. We need mature judgement and forceful action. It has been a long time since we have seen either.

Owl Butterfly

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The 1300 Year War

Western civilization has been under attack since the year 711. That is the year in which Muslim armies, under the leadership of Tariq ibn Ziyad, took control of the Iberian peninsula. The Moors, they came from Morocco, were eventually driven back but they still controlled some territory in the south into the fourteenth century.

Muslims also invaded France, then Gaul, and moved inland as far as the city of Tours. They were soon driven back by the armies of Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer).

That was the true start of the Muslim offensive in the West. Today's jihadists would have the world believe that they are seeking revenge for the Crusades.  The first Crusade, which was a rag-tag affair, and not very well organized, didn't start until the year 1096. Long after the original hostilities started. 

The assault on the West has gone on, in a somewhat spotty fashion, all these years. The Barberry pirates, who operated out of North African ports were Muslim. The United States Marines were founded primarily to defeat those barbarian corsairs. As as always, the Marines got the job done. 

Today, piracy is still a growth business in the Muslim world. From the Somalian coast down to the, heavily traveled, Straits of Malacca, where the Indian and the Pacific Oceans meet ships are endangered by piracy.

These pirates are not part of any countries military but as Muslims, their Quran justifies the taking of the kafir.  that is anyone not Muslim, Which they do with great enthusiasm. They demand huge ransoms. And they will kill if they don't get what they want.

Although it is not much spoken of, the Arab world supported the axis powers in WWII. The Nazis were killing Jews. The Arab world saw that as a good thing and got with the Axis program.

Now the jihadists fly airplanes into buildings and strap explosive vests on women and children. Sending  them into restaurants and bazaars to blow up innocent civilians. The culmination of their sub human behavior, to me, was when that seven year old ISIS commanders son posed for the camera, proudly holding up a severed human head.

So, this war is not new. And the West didn't start it. We are just in a new chapter of evil human behavior. Our feckless politicians can deny it all they want. But the war is being brought here. They are rich. They are growing. They are adapting. And they are vicious. 

They will never destroy us, but they can do serious harm. Today's administration drives Americans apart when we need to be more unified than ever. We all have a common enemy and our leaders are whistling in the dark. There is great evil out there and "something evil this way comes".

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Redefining As Required

Politicians are smarter than everyone else. They must be. We pay them to take our money and waste it on things that we would never even consider. For that privilege they supply us with a few needed public services and not much else. Being a politician has got to be worlds greatest con. 

Actually, they are not smarter than us. They just think they are. But since they want us to believe they are smart they periodically reinvent the English language so that they will sound really profound. I cannot speak for anyone else but I find this misuse of words both irritating and annoying. 

The trend started slowly and simply. When the politicians started using "investing" instead of spending, it was kind of funny. You know, one of those things that couldn't fool a six year old. But politicians thought they were fooling us.

Then came "paying ones fair share". Meaning, we are going to raise your taxes once again stupid. They never have enough of your money, you know. Actually, they think it is really their money

The latest re-definitions really grate on my ear. Now, in my dictionary, optics is a system of lenses that are used in a telescope or binoculars. It could even mean the lenses in those glasses that are sitting on your nose. If they mean appearances, why don't they just say appearances. Do they think if they say "the optics were wrong", do they think we won't understand that they mean, "it looked really bad for us"?

Calculus is a mathematical system for tracking output as input data changes. Pretty complicated stuff. It is not a substitute for the perfectly good word "figured". Does saying "the calculus was off" when you mean "we figured it wouldn't work", sound deep and profound. At it's best it is obfuscation. At it's worst it is insulting. 

There is a system of measurement, involving millimeters, meters, and kilometers. It is called metrics and it is prevalent in Europe. Yeah, I know you knew all that. Using metrics when you mean "on balance" is just silly. As is so much in politics. 

Note to politicians; If you misuse words to sound smart, you don't. If you are trying to sound more educated and smarter than the rest of us, you aren't. If you think that by trying to talk over our heads you cause us to mistrust you, you're right. 

The idea of the founders was to have citizen politicians. People chosen from among our ranks to do our country's business. These are people we are inclined to trust. A person that tries to seperate himself too far from the pack will be set upon by the pack. A politician should be like an old shirt, comfortable. A career politician is an abomination.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Random Thoughts - Forty-Three

I am not an Islamophobe. That would mean that I have a fear of Islam. I do not. But with the beheading of James Foley at the direction of, and to please, Allah, I am beginning to despise their religion based political system/political based religion. They are a people sadly in need of a reformation. Maybe two. One might not be enough.

Either Barack Obama loves the United States of America or he loves Islam. He needs to make up his mind. On my scoreboard, he has said more kind things about Islam than the US of A. and fewer unkind things about Islamist barbarians than he has about white cops.

Congratulations to the great kids from Cumberland, RI who made it to the little league world series. They are one of the best Little League teams in the world and have championship heart. And great praise to coach Beslisle. His conversation with the team was perfect and would raise anyone's spirits. Great job to all. We are proud of you. They are going to be honored at Fenway Park on September 5.

Then there's my Red Sox.

If you haven't seen the video of that drunken DA from Texas, who convinced a Grand Jury to indict Rick Perry for his lawful actions, look it up and watch it. My favorite part is when they had to strap her into a wheel chair and tie a spit shield over her mouth. Are all Austin women that classy?

I'm writing this on Wednesday. But I don't have room for it until Monday. It's a target rich environment for bloggers out there.

I do wish that Eric Holder and Governor Nixon of Missouri, would take a breath and let the investigation finish before they start tying the noose. People taking to the streets, rioting and looting, isn't evidence. 

Be careful how you kill time. Ultimately, time will get it's revenge.

Is there anyone more ignorant and arrogant then Bob Beckel. He acts as if no Democrat is ever wrong or self-serving and anyone who disagrees is just plain stupid. The least that he could do is to look into the camera when he speaks. There has got to be someone that could represent the liberal position more civilly.

I have been watching the video clips of Eric Holder in Ferguson. Of all the people that I saw him greet and shake hands with, not one was white and not one was police. This does not bode well.

I address that brave heroic ISIS warrior that takes such great pleasure in beheading Christians or kafirs of any stripe, why are you so cowardly that you hide behind a black mask. Show your face if you are that proud of your blasphemous behavior or crawl back into the stinking gutter that you came from.

I understand the ISIS hero that I just mentioned is left handed. Another word for left handed is sinister. Fitting, don't you think?

OK, I'm going to say it. Obama doesn't care any more. He is just going through the motions. This is a dangerous time and the American people need and deserve better. He can't resign because that would leave us with Joe Biden. Nobody wants that. So Barack, man up. Forget your liberal agenda and protect the country. For once put politics aside and do what's right. And by the way, stop leaking secret operations for political gain. You endanger American heroes in harms way. 

Let me see if I have this right. ISIS plans to attack America on it's own soil. But our President and his liberal sycophants want to deprive honest Americans of firearms that are an inalienable right protected under the Constitution. Where does he get off with that?

If the USA won't stand up to the international bullies, who will? France? Norway?

Richard Nixon would never be seen on television or in the Oval Office without being dressed in a suit and tie, out of respect for the American people and the office he held. Our current President would do well to emulate this.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Where Are We Headed

If you read my blog, you have seen my picture. I'm white and I'm old. It is undeniable. The evidence is out there for everybody to see. I cannot appreciate the experience of living as a black person. Especially living in a rundown area of a big city. 

I have had some black friends in my life. Not many as I live in a predominantly white area. I went to college with some black kids. In my high school class, there was one black. A girl, who was one of the most popular kids in the school.

I have always lived in the northeast. When I was in high school, I traveled some in the south. That was back in the days of the Jim Crow Laws and the KKK. It was a frankly, staggering experience for me. I knew about it, but to experience it was a different matter. As I was young and inexperienced, I didn't know how to deal with it. I did know that I didn't much like it. 

This was all before Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. It was before Selma and the marches. It was before awareness was raised for the majority of the population. I like to think that I would have had the courage to handle it differently were I more aware, but at fourteen, who knows.

Just one brief aside here. The younger people of color today have either forgotten or were never told, it was the Democrats who controlled the south in those days and deprived blacks of their rights. It was the Republicans that got the laws passed to kill Jim Crow and assure voting rights. 

Since those days it seems that things get progressively more strained. What started out as healing has seemed to go just the other way. Obama promised to be a "post racial President". His actions, in office, have only acerbated the situation. Blacks have lost financial ground badly in the past six years and thing have gotten more antagonistic. The fact is, there are blacks who will always hate me because I am white. There are whites that will always hate anyone who is black. That will never change. You cannot control ignorance through legislation or any other way, for that matter.

If this doesn't stop and get under control, I fear it could get very bad. I do not want to see that happen. There is a void of unifying leadership that needs to be filled. Obama had the opportunity and was not a big enough man to carry the load. A white man cannot do it because blacks simply would not trust him. 

This person would have to be of such stature and honesty that all Americans would accept even words that they may not want to hear. For we are ultimately all Americans. Does such a person even exist? I certainly hope so. For if this person is just a fantasy of my imagination, where we are headed, may be straight to hell.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Joy Of Nap

I write about serious things for the most part. I enjoy writing about politics and economics and even a little bit of history at times. With all that seems to be going south in the world today, staying on top of these subjects can, sometimes, get a little wearing. So, once in a while I feel a need to lighten up. This is one of those times.

This is, in ways, a little bit of a confession. My wife is aware of this proclivity. I suppose my daughters are, too. The truth of it is I am a semi-secret napper. I say semi-secret because I frequently get caught reveling in my secret pastime.

I just love a good power nap. It has been my habit as far back as I can remember, that having finished lunch, I would find a comfortable seat, turn on a radio or TV, if available, close my eyes and drift off for fifteen or twenty minutes. Having an unusually clear conscience, I could always doze off in seconds. OK, minutes.

Speaking of being caught in my unannounced hobby, when I was on the road, having eaten my noon meal, I would find a spot, usually in a parking lot, where I had some shade. Minutes later I would be happily enjoying my nap. However, there were times where I would suddenly be brought back to consciousness by a policeman rapping on my window shouting, "are you all right sir?" Well I was until he showed up. The bad thing about a nap is, once interrupted, it's over.

I remember the glory days when I was in college. A bunch of us would be sitting around a dorm room schmoozing. Suddenly I would wake up and everybody would be gone. Now that's embarrassing.

I have had to pay a price for my hobby. Being late on occasion or missing a class that I really needed to be at, sometimes missing three or four innings of a Red Sox game. But, all in all, the trip has been worth the price. As a matter of fact my eyes are getting a little heavy .......................

Galway Bay, Ireland

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

When Politicians Stray

We Americans tend to be overly tolerant of our politicians. We understand that they are avaricious, power hungry, and ego driven. We give them a lot of latitude because most of us have better and, frankly, more important things to do. In recent years they have out grown the license we have allowed them. Time to change things.

We have a President who thinks of himself as a combination king and messiah. He feels his lofty words will charm the snakes from the trees and cause despots to see the light. Therefore he speaks incessantly, waiting and expecting miraculous results. Meanwhile, the snakes still eat the birds and the despots snicker behind their hands.

Although, through his fine, Ivy League education, he is trained in the Constitution, he feels that it does not apply to him. He, with his pen and his phone, and the exigencies of his failing liberal agenda, not only can, but must do as he sees fit to fix this country and the world. Wow! There's an ego for you.

The majority leader of the Senate, the vague Mr. Harry Reid, has through a combination of manipulation of the Senate rules and a total disregard for Senate tradition, pretty much taken over complete control of the United States Congress. This is a situation never intended by our founding fathers and highly detrimental to the country. He has single-handedly taken, what used to be regarded as worlds greatest deliberative body and turned it into a roadblock to America's future.

For local color, we have the new incarnation of "the Mad Woman of Chaillot", District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg of Travis County, Texas. Who was arrested and jailed for drunk driving. While under arrest she was violent and had to be restrained. For these actions, she served jail time. Under Texas law, she could no longer serve as DA and should have resigned. She did not. To force her to do the right thing, Governor Perry, legally, vetoed funding for her unit. She, in retaliation, went before a Grand Jury and got an improper indictment against Perry. All in the name of power politics taken to an insane level.

I realize that my examples cited here are all Democrats. Sorry, but they are the most egregious. It is harder to find Republican examples because they don't seem to do much. Not much of anything, actually. 

Politics is like prize fighting. If you want to win, you have to fight. But keep it between the lines. There is plenty of room there to fight hard but clean. When you blur the lines and fight dirty, most Americans take offense, as the Democrats will find out soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Things Forgotten

In the constant spate of scandals and crises that have abounded during the Obama years, it has been too easy for things to fall through the cracks and be forgotten. Frankly, I think that the White House hive of minions are overjoyed by this, because the public is easily distracted and has a short memory. I am going to list these little reminders in order of importance to me. Not necessarily everybody's choice.

Because people are important, my first selection is Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. He has been languishing in a Mexican jail since March 31. When Mexicans, even their armed military, come into this country, they are either allowed to stay or turned around and sent back across the border. It is an insult to America that the Mexican government has done differently to this hero. Why does our President not take action? Also, there are two American Christian missionaries who are being held in countries that hate us. One in N.Korea and one in Iran. Let us not forget them.

We must never forget Benghazi. Four brave Americans died because powerful people sacrificed them in the holy name of political expediency. Side note to Hillary: It still does matter. We need those in Washington who care, to keep scratching and digging, looking for the whole truth. Once again, it is about people.

Reaching back way, "Fast and Furious", is still on my mind. People got killed, including an American Border Patrol agent due to misfeasance at the highest levels. What genius could think that sending more weapons to the Mexican cartels was a good idea?

Let's go on to some things where people weren't killed or imprisoned. They just had their lives disrupted. Have they ever fixed the front end of Obamacare or are they still pouring our money down that rat hole? Then there is "Cash for Clunkers" and the Solyndra scam. There is the little publicized fact that while the five percent at the top, have gotten richer, middle class salaries are down twenty-three percent. And along with that, they are out and out lying about inflation. It is probably between five and seven percent, maybe even more, but it is impossible to get good numbers. Grocery prices alone are up about twelve percent.

How about the IRS scandal? If AG Holder got the FBI investigating that, as quick as he got them out investigating that mess in Ferguson, Missouri, we would have some answers by now. As of yesterday, the score is, Ferguson - 40 FBI agents; IRS - none. But the IRS scandal isn't racial and AG Holder loves racial.

It seems that they only put lipstick on another pig with regard to the Veterans Administration debacle. Months and months and still the vets suffer. The degenerates that left these heroes to suffer are still employed.

We must salute the genius plan that loosed five dangerous terrorists to get back one pathetic army deserter. A deserter that may also be a turncoat. Bowe Bergdahl was returned at too high a price. Americans will pay that price sometime down the line.

Then we have the NSA spying on Americans and the leadership lying about it. To me, it is more about the lying than the listening.

I undoubtedly missed things, but I think that I have made a point. I just want to finish up with one thing that I consider a major scandal. That is the way Barack Obama has danced around and obstructed the Keystone XL pipeline. By preventing our country from being energy independent he does nothing but enrich Arab oil sheikhs. But then, that may be his ultimate aim. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Two Is Enough

President Obama is scoring very badly in polls. His spin crew, when asked about this, justify it by saying, " Oh yes, but the approval rate for Congress is even lower." And that is correct. It is lower. It is probably justifiably lower. Although, I'd call it a tie if asked. They are both pathetic.

But, strangely enough, in spite of this, a large number of districts seem to be supporting their sitting candidates. I think this supports something that I have thought for some time now. While people hate Congress, they think "it is those fools from the other districts that are useless. My Congress person is doing just fine. But we need to replace all those others."

Let's face the truth. They are all pretty bad. They get power hungry, avaricious, and lazy. They forget about the people who sent them there because they allow themselves to be shielded from the voters. They come out of their Washington hidey-holes just before an election and pretend interest. Shake a few hands. Attend as many fund raisers as possible. Then when re-elected disappear back to Washington to hide among their fellow members of the political class.

There should not even be a political class. That was not the way our government was designed. We do not need and should not have rulers. We need citizen politicians that take on the responsibility for a short time then return home to their real lives.

To this end, we need to reexamine the idea of term limits. We, very wisely, did that to the office of President. Now it is time to take the next step. I think circumstances have proven this to be so.

The obvious next step would be the Senate. There are people who have served in the Senate, longer than most Americans have been alive. If they had grown in wisdom and understanding in that time, I would not need to write this article. But, then, I must, for they have not.

The term for a Senator is six years. Limit them to two terms. Twelve year is enough. The term for a Representative is two years. I think either four or five terms would be more than adequate. Washington needs a change in motivation and America needs a change from the power hungry.

Friday, August 15, 2014

An Army Of Psychopaths

I spend most of my day either reading news or working on my blog. In the evening I tend more toward entertainment shows on TV. One that I frequently watch is "Criminal Minds". It involves the crimes of serial killers and gets into the psychology of their actions as seen by FBI profilers. It is supposed to be fiction based on fact. I find the treatment of the psychological aspects interesting.

There is one group of serial killers that would overwhelm, not only the actors on the TV show, but the whole FBI. There is a group of serial killers loose that think nothing of mass beheadings. They triumph in burying people alive. Including children. There is no manner of slaughter that is too repugnant for these vicious animals. (I'm sorry. That was an insult to animals.)

This group teaches their own children to kill with impunity anyone who differs from them. In fact, their leader had his seven year old son hold up a severed head for the cameras and threatened the civilized world. His fathers reaction was a proud, "that's my boy".

There are two things that make this insane army special. The first is that they consider themselves the army of the new Muslim Caliphate. It is their intention to control the Mideast and, ultimately, the world. To do this they will slaughter any opposition. They have conquered huge swaths of territory, caring nothing for any borders they may cross. It all is absorbed into their Caliphate. They have captured heavy weapons, armored vehicles, and a lot of money. They will probably, ultimately own Iraq. 

The second thing that makes this army of psychopaths special is they do their evil in the name of Allah. That is Islam. That is what we have been told, time after time, is "a religion of peace". I have not seen much done in recent years that would convince me of the truth of that statement. But this army that calls itself ISIL take doubts about Islam to a whole new level.

If Islam is a religion of peace, why hasn't every Imam in America shunned and denied ISIL? I saw a TV interview with one Imam. When he was asked if ISIL was acting as terrorists, he stated, "I do not know ISIL". He gave the same answer when asked about Al Qaeda and Hamas. American Muslims need to take a public position. A real position, not a position based on taqiiya. They want our trust and to live in peace. Christians and Jews want the same. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

In The Long Run

One problem that the United States has is the inability to formulate a long term plan. Since we change administrations every four or eight years, we are lucky to get a four year plan at best. Frankly, I think the last President to come into office with any kind of multiple year plan, was Ronald Reagan. Our present President seems to have no plan beyond what the next news cycle pushes him into.

The Muslims, however, have a plan that has spanned the centuries. It was presented to them in their Quran. The book that they see as the literal word of their God, passed down through their prophet, Mohammed. Anyone who hasn't read the Quran, should at least browse through it. It says some interesting things that belie the idea that Islam is a religion of peace. 

The plan passed down through Mohammad is simply, that Islam shall rule the world. Kafirs,  that is you and I, must convert to Islam, subjugate ourselves through taxation, or be killed. To the true believer, a kafir can never be a friend. But it is acceptable to let the kafir think there is friendship, as long as the aim is to advance Islam.

Many people think that the hatred of the Muslims for the west, started with the First Crusade. This is untrue. In the year 711, almost four hundred year before the First Crusade, Islamic armies invaded France advancing as far as the city of Tours. At the same time, Moorish armies invaded Spain. In the language of the school yard, "they started it".

The First Crusade did not start until 1096. Christian pilgrims attempting to visit the Holy Land were set upon, robbed, and killed even though they came in peace to visit their holy sites. So a ragtag bunch of knights and peasants marched on the Holy Land to take back those areas that Christians revered.

None of that ameliorates the Muslim thought that the world is theirs. Because Mohammad said so. And it is up to today's Muslims to take it back. They know who their enemy is. It is anybody but them. But first and foremost it is the Jews and the Christians. The only thing that differs in the Muslim world is the depth of their belief and their willingness to shed blood.

The barbarian group ISIL is at the bottom of the scale of civilization. They believe greatly in their faith and no act is too cruel or bloody for them to perform in the name of Allah. They wish to establish the Caliphate and they are making progress. Their military is far more disciplined and trained than others that I have seen on the television news reports. This progress attracts the attention of other young jihadists and jihadist wannabes. Many will go over to the ISIL movement and they will swell it's ranks. This is a potent and dangerous organization.

Our government looks at the Mid East as a bunch of individual actions. They have turned it into a whack-a-mole war. That is a long and expensive path to failure. We need skilled and educated military people to take a realistic look at what is ahead and guide this country in a long term plan. The Commander in Chief is a civilian, an amateur. He needs guidance from professionals. A leader that will not seek and accept this guidance is very dangerous to our future. This is serious business. These terrorists are living in our country today and our government is looking the other way. It is time that they start acting to "preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution" and our country.

African Kafir Lilly

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Fifth Column

The "fifth column" is a term that comes from the Spanish Civil War. A general, approaching Madrid, said he had four columns of soldiers and a fifth column of support from the people in the city. I believe that, today, a fifth column of major proportions is being assembled by our enemies in the United States.

It is pretty widely known that Fundamental Islamic Jihadists are in Mexico and South America. They are working with the gangs and drug cartels. They are there to get "Latinized", so to speak. If they speak Spanish and have a native accent, they can come into the United States and pass as Latino.

These are not children. They are tough experienced veterans of the fighting in the Middle East. As they become Latinized, they head for our open southern border. A trek well within the capabilities of these desert born hard men. Once across the border, they disappear into society's bottom fringes. Most speak English, Spanish, and Arabic or some other Mideastern language. They are well equipped to hide in plain sight.

America is a polyglot country. People who live in the United States can live without fear if they speak with a foreign accent. Even if they don't speak English. We are a "live and let live" society. Those that would do us harm will use that against us. They move about freely.

As citizens and targets of these barbarians we must be aware that they are not at our gate. They are already living among us. Some of them are native born, speak perfect American English, have been through our school system, and hold American passports. Some have gone to fight and train in the Middle East. Some have never left the country.

One thing that they have done, is to organize terrorist training camps right here in the United States. I have seen a report of thirty-five such camps. There could be more. There could even be terrorist day camps operating in our largest cities in old warehouses. Terrorists would look just like work crews, coming to work in the morning and going home in the evening.

Money is not a problem for these jihadists. They are well funded from Mideast oil money. Primarily from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. So they wait and train in these remote camps waiting for the word to come. I suspect they would be willing to follow the first one that lights the fuse, be it Al Qaeda or ISIL.

What should worry us all, is that they appear to be operating under the federal government's line of sight. It appears that our President and AG either fear these terrorists or choose to look away because of their warm feelings for Islam. If either is true, they are creating a clear and present danger to the country.

This is an indefensible position. If this administration endangers the country and Congress refuses to step in, we must replace Congress in this Fall's election, with people with the spine and love of country to do what is right.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Kurd Is The Way

I am not discussing the making of cheese nor "Little Miss Muffet's" diet. I am talking about America's Mideast policy, such as it may be. Those that read my blog know that the Cranky Doctrine on Mideast policy is to let the Muslim hordes fight it out among themselves. Every Muslim sect hates every other Muslim sect. They just hate us, the Kafirs, even more. The more they kill each other, the less they are a threat to us. So I say just stay out on their way and don't be an available target.

Just remember, there is always an exception to any major foreign policy. My exception is the Kurds. First of all, they should never been part of Iraq. These brave, tough, and independent people should have had their own country. Kurdistan! They are the only group not given a homeland back in 1948 when Britain and the UN chopped up the Middle East. They have been a strong ally in that part of the world even as they lived under the thumb of Saddam Hussein. They deserve our unequivocal respect and support. They have always supported us and we owe them our support.

Today, they are backed into a corner by the barbarian hordes of ISIL. Finally as I am writing this essay, Barack Obama has broken out of his shell and is para-dropping much needed supplies to the civilian population. He has also ordered bombing attacks on the ISIL forces. Unfortunately, some say, all of his efforts are so minuscule as to be ineffective. 

The problem seems to be that he is making this about him and his compulsion to stay out of Iraq. This is not about him. It is about protecting good people that need our help and full support. The Kurds need more modern weapons. Some of our obsolete A10 Warthogs would be a great addition to their arsenal. It would certainly help them fight off those tanks and armored troop carriers that ISIL has acquired.

This would also be a good time to infiltrate some CIA specialists to advise and train. Maybe they could even bring along some of those nice fifty caliber Barrett sniper rifles. I suspect that in those mountains, some good long distance snipers could be a game changer.

We do not have to have boots on the ground as direct fighting forces. There are many things that can be done that is more than nothing and less than re-entering this war. Sorties, weapons, and supplies seems like a good place to start. The prayers of the American people who would like to see peace in the Middle East one day, also can't hurt.  

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Chat About Handguns

Unless you are interested in some facts and opinions about hand guns, this will probably be a very boring blog. As I watch TV, both news and entertainment shows, there are some things said and some things implied that give a person incorrect information.

Back in the days when cops walked a beat and they wore blue uniforms, they all carried revolvers. Simple, reliable, and with six shots at your disposal. Detectives and officers, often carried five shot models. The problem was that they weren't very powerful. Typically they would shoot a 148 grain bullet at 690 feet per second. At 25 yards they only produced 138 ft. lbs. of energy.

What makes a bullet effective, is not the hole that it punches. It is the amount of energy that it imparts to the target. This produces hydrostatic shock to the target through the bodily fluids. So the higher the energy produced in the target, the more effective the wound. Bullets that go completely through the target are less effective. 

The criminals of those days had immediately adopted the 9 mm. Luger cartridge that became popular in WWII among the axis powers. It became popular for two reasons. Although it shot the same diameter bullet as the .38, the velocity was higher and it hit with more than twice the impact. Also, it was used in semi-automatic pistols that held up to seventeen rounds. 

Many police departments adopted 9s almost immediately. Some had the ridiculous idea that these guns were too powerful for police. They are a far superior cartridge to the 38 special and have become the most popular centerfire cartridge in the country. So when you hear some TV detective say that the victim was shot with a 9 and the suspect owns one, so don't 80% of the pistol owners in the country.

Lately, police find that they're under gunned against gang bangers and career criminals. Many are upgrading to either .40 caliber Smith & Wesson, or the venerable .45 Automatic Colt Pistol. My personal favorite. In spite of what your great uncle who fought in world war two told you, the .45 ACP is a very accurate weapon and it is a standard in pistol competition.

Let me say, finally, that anyone deciding to purchase a hand gun for home protection should get a qualified instructor to teach them gun safety and gun handling. You need to shoot frequently to maintain a familiarity with your weapon. You must also ask yourself, would you be able to do what is necessary? If you are not willing to do these things, you are better off with a baseball bat. 

A gun is nothing but a tool. But it is a tool that can do great damage if badly used. So check out your mindset and acquire the needed skill set. Then just pray you never need to test either.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Scared And Scarred

If you are an American and you are scared, you have every right to be. I have been a proud citizen of this country since before WWII. In all that time I have never experienced anything like what our country is going through today. As bad as the Carter administration was, this is worse. I hardly know where to start, so I'll start with the newest first.

Most people are not familiar with the term inversion as it applies to business. The business taxes on American companies are onerous. The highest in the world. That hurts US companies. If an American company buys a foreign based company, they can make that companies headquarters their world headquarters. Now they only have to pay US taxes on US profits. That's inversion.

President Obama has been threatening US companies that he, not Congress, just he, would make inversion illegal. An unconstitutional action. Now, Walgreen Pharmacies bought a foreign based company. They had planned to do an inversion. Their CEO was so intimidated by Obama's threat, that he backed down. He cost his company and his shareholders millions. He abdicated his fiduciary responsibility. His board should meet tomorrow and fire him. When the government can control private business decisions, that is scary.

And then there's the "children" coming over the Mexican border. That is a triple scary threat. First, some of those "children" are seventeen or eighteen years old. Most of the older ones are already gang members. Some have even murdered in their home countries. Beyond that they are already recruiting the younger boys and molesting the young girls. Second, many of those kids a ill. They're afflicted with lice or scabies. They can be infected with TB and other diseases. They are being shipped around the country without medical care. Standby for various outbreaks coming to your area. Third, I just heard that there are refugees from West Africa mixed in. That is unconfirmed. But West Africa is the home of Ebola. I just pray that this is untrue.

Then we have DHS sending SWAT teams out to citizen's homes to enforce EPA regulations or decisions by the Bureau of Land Management. The latest one was a home invasion to repossess an old Land Rover that didn't meet EPA standards. Not the USA that I grew up in. 

I'll wrap this up with a reminder that the IRS is not just the country's tax collector. They are now also the Thought Police. They are monitoring religious thought in the churches and conservative thought from those with a political bent to make sure it does not exceed their standards of behavior. That is truly scary just on the level of hypocrisy.

These have just touched the surface. I haven't even started on what is happening to the military, the incredible actions in the State Department, or our place in the world today. But I repeat, we all have a right to be very scared and our great country has become very scarred.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Everything About Nothing

There is an old saw about educated people. They they know more and more about less and less, until they know everything about nothing. I will bet that we have all known well educated people that were competent to do nothing at all useful.

If you intend to go to one of the "better" universities, you had best have a career plan all figured out. Take the appropriate courses. And plan to go on to graduate school. Along the way, you better have some good scholarships, a ton of money, a rich set of parents, or a willingness to blindly take on suffocating debt.

When I went to college, it was common, perhaps even customary, to enroll in a school having no idea where your final interest would lie. So you would take a variety pack of "101" courses, and around the end of your first sophomore term, pick a major. It is interesting. It is fun. It is entirely too expensive in today's universities.

Part of the problem is that the government put a lot of money into the educational system, through loans and grants. Many universities used this money to build glorious campuses with huge amenities making a school year like a visit to a resort. Of course, this required large increases in staff. And the cost of education skyrocketed.

And now, with the cost of education growing, middle class salaries are shrinking. To add to the burden, graduates are getting employment right out of school at a diminishing rate. Even if they have ideas of doing something on their own, the difficulties of entrepreneurship today throw up a pile of obstacles that may make initiative impossible.

There is one trend in advanced education that I see as  a positive. A trend that may be the saving of many middle class students in the future. There seems to be more and more reasonably priced on-line schools advertising on TV every day. Many seem to be accredited and offer to tailor your education to your personal needs. And they have a support structure to help a student meet these needs. Unfortunately students of these schools will be deprived of the "student living" experience. So be it. It is the education that is the important thing.

The great thing about an education is that once you have it, no one can take it away from you. The hard thing is that you have to be tough and dedicated. Keep your eye on the target and stay focused. Any sacrifice is worth the prize.

And a smile for your day.

Blue Clematis Adaption

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lost In Time

So there sits Israel. A country smaller than the state of New Jersey, with a population smaller than New Jersey's. On it's front door sits the Mediterranean Sea. On it's back door sits most of the Muslim world. A world of people sworn to destroy them.

Prior to 1948 the area that is now Israel was called Transjordan. It was a part of the British Empire. Through the United Nations, Britain offered both the Jews and the Palestinians a piece of Transjordan for a homeland. The Jews were offered what is Israel today and they accepted. The Palestinians, at the behest of Egypt, refused the offer. 

Egyptian leadership told the Palestinians that they would drive the Jews out of Israel and into the sea. Then the Palestinians could have Israel's land for their own. The Palestinians bought into the plan. Thus started the first Arab Israeli War. The Israelis won that war and not only did the Israelis keep the territory alloted to them, they took a large piece of what could have been Palestinian territory.

So it was not the Jews that cheated the Palestinians. It was the promises of other Arabs that went unaccomplished that left them without the homeland they could have had.

Look at a map. Look at a map of the Middle East. Look at the amount of territory from Kuwait to the Red Sea, from Turkey to Yemen. There are many square miles there. And so many of those Square miles are uninhabited. But do you hear any offers from those Arab countries to the Palestinians their fellow religionists? Do they say, "come to us? We will give you room to live your life among fellow Muslims." No, you don't hear that.

What you do hear is, "we will supply you with rockets. We will let you waste your young men in a futile war". They are a foolish and wasteful people. If, after the last Jew dies, there is one Muslim standing, they will feel they have won. Won what? Nothing. What could those people whose lives have been wasted have accomplished. Those children that were used as human shields and never had a chance. 

You shake your fist, make grandiose gestures, make loud speeches full of threats that fall on deaf ears. You are lost in time. You are living in a comic opera 1300 years old, and do not understand that you are playing the fools in that opera. I pray that some day you will find a leader that understands that you are making a modern farce of your past greatness and bring you into this century. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Unified Theory

This is my own unified theory. It has nothing to do with math or physics. If it did, it wouldn't be me writing about it.

 In this modern world it is politically incorrect to be against many groups. If you are anti-gay, you will be castigated. If you so much as look cross-eyed at someone of color, you are racist. If you object to what is happening in the schools, you are anti-union. If you don't care for beheadings, you are an Islamophobe. I think you get the idea.

It seems, however, that there are two groups, that, today, it is acceptable to hate. Christians and Jews. Despite the somewhat weird religious musings of our President, this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. The founders were God fearing men. They were well versed in both the politics and the religion of their day. They opened meetings with a prayer and were not shy about bringing God into their political writings. It is those Judeo-Christian principles that gave us the freedom that we have enjoyed for centuries. The freedoms that some politicians are so desperately trying to limit.  

What we need in this country is not another political bloc. What we need is a religious bloc. We need God fearing Christians and Jews, regardless of color or ethnicity to join together and become religious soldiers united against a state that would limit the free practice of their religion. 

I see where the IRS, of all agencies, intends to monitor what is said from the pulpit in Christian churches. It will then be the judge if those congregations meet their definition of religious speech. If they should color outside the lines, they will lose their tax exempt status. I'll just bet they don't intend to do that in Mosques. Oh, no. That territory is off limits. Obama's friends from CAIR would be all over him.

There is strength in numbers. And, in this country, we, Christians and Jews together, have the numbers to flex our muscles. We need to be unified with a common purpose. That purpose is our enduring freedom to worship as we choose. Not as the IRS allows us. I would hope that, if we are able to come together and unite, non-religious folks of conscience would come aboard and realize that in joining with us, they are protecting their own freedoms.

Our country, as it stands today, is as close to a dictatorship as it has been since George III was given the boot. I hope we don't get to the point where we need to find a new Gaspee to burn and sink. Very few people in Washington, of either party, have the political will to return this country to the people. We must as citizens wrest the power away from them. They have come to love their power and privilege far too much. It is time to bring to an end the "career politician". It's time for term limits. It is time for us to take control.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Random Thoughts - Forty-Two

Be an illegal alien coming over our southern border. Top quality health care is immediate, unlimited, and unquestioned.
Be a prisoner at Guantanamo. Top quality health care is immediate, unlimited, and unquestioned.
Be a prisoner in either a federal or state prison. Top quality health care is immediate, unlimited, and unquestioned.
Be an American veteran. You're screwed

One day, Barack Obama will take responsibility for something rather than find someone else to blame. Just kidding. Not going to happen.

Just in case you may have forgotten, the marine that has been left to languish in a Mexican prison by his Commander in Chief, is named Andrew Tahmooresi. Please remember who he is. It seems his government has forgotten him.

The difference between the Israelis and Hamas is that when a school containing Hamas rockets is hit in Gaza, the Israelis morn and Hamas celebrates. Hamas are not religious jihadists. They are Satanic worshipers of the goat god.

Government SWAT teams to take someones private property. Government agencies shutting down legal businesses. The IRS as your final health care arbiter. Does anyone but me worry that we are becoming a dictatorship.

Why hasn't the AG brought charges against Lois Lerner? Oh, wait, I forgot for a second, she's a Democrat. Question answered.

Goodbye Red Sox. We hardly knew ye. And I say again, as I have so many times, the Red Sox prayer. "Wait till next year!!!!!

The Mideast is aflame. Muslims are killing Muslims. Muslims are killing Jews. Muslims are killing Christians. But Barack Obama still tells us that Islam is a religion of peace. If you believe this, grab a Quran and do some reading. It may alter your opinion.

A President who truly loved his country would not be saying in a speech, " we, uh, uh, uh, tortured some folks, uh," just to make himself look good. 

The only way for the United States to go forward is to go back. We have gone too far down the wrong road. We must repair the damage before we can find  the right direction. 

Congress just passed a new bill to cover veteran's health care. It changes nothing. Unions and political appointees still have more protection than our veterans. 

The definition of "Too Much Information". Crazy Uncle Joe Biden likes to skinny dip with Secret Service agents looking on. Uck!

Friday, August 1, 2014

We're Losing The Wind

In my early years, the United States, and by association, the free world, seemed to always have the wind at it's back. Their economies grew. Business was successful. Education was available to everyone so peoples status and self awareness improved. American people bowed before no man and feared no problem as being unsolvable. A great nation continued to get greater. We became, quite literally, Reagan's, "shining city on a hill".

People from all over the world, of all colors and ethnicities, wanted to come to America and enjoy the opportunities that were afforded. We not only allowed them, we encouraged them. There were terms, of course. You were required to have a sponsor. You had to have the ability to support yourself. You had to apply and wait your turn. Millions did and millions came. And millions had a far better life.

We were a growing country with a growing economy. People coming here with skills, knowledge, and ambition made us stronger. Most of them became citizens and their progeny became engineers, and lawyers, and police but most of all they were native born Americans. It was as much their country as it was anyone's whose family arrived on the Mayflower.

For the last decade I have felt that, as they say in boating circles, we are losing the wind. There was, certainly, a gust post 9/11. But since then we have been tacking off course trying to keep the wind in our sails. We seem to keep going farther off course and the wind is dropping.

Why? Oh, so many reasons. Political correctness, I suppose, is a good place to start. We have become a civilization of euphemisms. Our leaders will not say we are at war with Muslim terrorists who wish to kill every Jew and Christian on earth. If you cannot identify your enemy, you can't defeat your enemy. Today, our President is quoted as saying, "Muslims built the very fabric of our nation". Really? Not in any history I ever read.

Another reason is moral relativism. Everyone's ideas are not necessarily equal. We should reward the good and punish the evil. But to politicians today being a "sex worker" is equal to being a nurse. A moral code, as taught by a religion, is no better than than a life of moral ambiguity. Maybe even worse because religious moral codes have standards and recognize immoral behavior. No. There is good and there is evil. If you can't tell the difference, you are the one with the problem. 

The overwhelming fecklessness of the political class is just astounding. How about that as a reason for failure? And by the way, how did we end up with a political class spending their lives feeding out of the public trough, then telling us that we are the problem, using government agencies against us? Send them home to stay. Shut down Obama's domestic army. They are using Gestapo like tactics against American citizens. Close our borders. Reevaluate the effectiveness of all government agencies. Reevaluate how we deal with other countries. Stop wasting our wealth passing it out to those that hate us. They will continue to hate us. Get back our strength and command the respect of our enemies and re-earn the love and loyalty of our allies.

Correct these things. Plus, I'm sure, many others. Only then will we start to feel that wind shift back in our favor. It is never too late to start.