Wednesday, December 30, 2015

In Obama-World

In Obama-World Christians can't pray in school, but the children are taught to say Allahu akbar.

In Obama-World the President is not bound by the Constitution, it is merely an outdated roadblock to his agenda.

In Obama-World Christians and conservatives are harassed by the IRS and the Justice Department while criminals and terrorists are set free.

In Obama-World it is the Presidents job to go around the world and apologize for his America rather than to stand up proud of our country.

In Obama-World a man of color who has twice been elected President feels justified in excoriating the populace as being universally racist.

In Obama-World it is OK for a President to preside over a back-breaking national debt and still spend millions and millions of taxpayer dollars on his own personal vacations.  

In Obama-World the President never misses a tee time regardless of any national crisis.

In Obama-world it is just fine for him to stand in the way of school choice even though those that would most benefit are poor children in the inner city.

In Obama-World it is fitting to ignore gang violence, ignore terrorism, and to ship illegal guns into Mexico while trying to, unconstitutionally disarm honest law abiding American citizens.

In Obama-World it is proper to allow our once great country to exhibit such weakness that Vladimir Putin and Francois Hollande are considered premiere the world leaders.

In Obama-World it is a President's right to care more for his legacy than his country.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Random Thoughts - Seventy-Six

First I would like to thank my readers. My little blog just went over seventy-five thousand hits from one hundred and five countries. Not bad for a tiny one man operation.

How about if all of the politicians just went silent for one week. I think the public could use a break at this point. Too much. Too loud. Too long.

I see where the Iraqis took back Ramadi. I can only hope this is the start of the destruction of ISIS. The world does not need a revival of the fourteenth century.

Prayers please for the victims of tornadoes in Texas. The pictures show astounding devastation.

Barack Obama has just come in first in a "Most Admired Man" survey and Hillary Clinton won "Most Admired Woman". They could only have taken this survey at Government employees union meetings. What ever they were drinking, I don't want any.

RIP Meadowlark Lemon. A great entertainer and a great athlete.

Hillary says that Bill is going to be more active in her campaign in the future. Will she start advertising "two for the price of one", like her husband did in his campaign. It was no bargain then. It will be so much less of a bargain now.

Trump is amazing. He insults people with impunity, but demands an apology when he perceives himself as being insulted. Take the lumps baby, it's hardball.

I'm keeping it short and sweet over the rest of the holidays.


Stay safe and drive carefully over the New Year. Remember, New Year's Eve is amateur night. I need my readers. I don't want any to become statistics.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Entitlement Of Liberals

The liberal cartoonist who depicted the two very young daughters of Ted Cruz as trained monkeys provoked me to write this little essay. It struck me that liberals are insufferably arrogant. They feel that their inherent superiority gives them free rein to do or say anything to move their agenda forward.

They are also overly sensitive when they get repaid in kind. It is OK to paint innocent little girl as monkeys, but if someone did that to the Obama girls the volume of screaming would shatter every wine glass in liberal country.

If liberals feel that there is a conservative threat to an office they hold, they do not debate the issues. They try to destroy the candidate politically and personally. If they can get their minions in the Justice Department to indict on any trumped up charge, so much the better.

Just compare the treatment Sarah Palin got when she ran for office with the treatment Hillary Clinton gets today. The Palins were harassed even for personal family situations including over exposure of a grandchild who should not have been even brought into the discussion.

Hillary, however, is a mean natured incorrigible liar with delusions of grandiosity and a lousy track record. But the press still treats her like a rock star. If anything goes wrong with her campaign, they drag up that old "vast right wing conspiracy" that is out to get her.

Hey it worked for Bill. Just keep that ball rolling. They also, on occasion, bring out their well worn, "it's for the children" mantra. No matter what outre' program they put fourth, it was "for the children".

Liberals take politics beyond hardball. They will drive spikes through the ball and throw it at your head. Conservatives have to adopt the liberal version of politics or be forever 

Thursday, December 24, 2015



If you are one of my readers who does not celebrate Christmas,
please accept this as a blessing of faith and love.

Monday, December 21, 2015


Most folks today are familiar with icons. Those little gizmos on your computer screen that you click on to open a program or go to some web site. On occasion one clicks on an icon and ends up in unfamiliar territory where they would really rather not be.

If things keep going as they are now, our next Presidential election will not be between candidates. It will be between icons. One icon will be labeled "FEMALE". The other will be labeled "GREATNESS". Icons can be very deceiving.

The greatness icon will bring us to Donald Trump. "The Donald", an arrogant affectation, was born on third base. Got a million dollars start up money from dear old dad, and is now convinced he hit a home run. Donald is great. If you doubt that, just ask him. Everybody loves Donald. Women, Muslims, Chinese, just everyone loves large loudmouths with a sour expression that dress like an unmade bed. Hint to Donald. It may be your billions that they love.

Well Donald has an answer to everything. When asked his plans, he paints with a very broad brush. And uses gallons of whitewash. Truthfully, Donald is not stupid by any means he's just a little over the top. OK, a lot over the top.

Then there is the icon marked female. That icon brings us to Hillary Clinton. Hillary is convinced that she has the right to be the first woman President of the United States. The total of her qualifications for the job is that she is female. Period. She has been a political hanger-on all of her adult life. Because she is driven to attain power she would always play closer to the flames than was good or right. From Whitewater to cattle futures, she grubbed for money at the expense of others. As first lady she covered for her husbands out-of-control libido while spending three years inventing Hillarycare. A health plan so over reaching, it never saw the light of day. 

As Secretary of State, with the aid of her boss, She turned a tumultuous Middle East into a firestorm. All of these anti-qualifications along with her weak and shaky relationship with the truth and a tendency to set here own rules, disqualify her for the Presidency in my mind.

If it really does come down to these two icons of modern politics, I fear I will have to do what I have done a number of times in the past. I will hold my nose and vote for the least bad candidate, Donald Trump.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Ideas Evolve

Ideas evolve, but they don't evolve in an informational vacuum. Candidates go public and expose themselves and their plans to scrutiny. Except for Hillary, who is apparently hiding behind a couch somewhere. 

Debates are held. The masses are surveyed on an almost daily basis. Some numbers go up. Some numbers go down. Are these numbers accurate? Do they mean anything? Most likely, no.

It would seem that this is the year of the gasbag. Shout, bloviate, and brag, screaming intended great deeds and the public loves you. At least some seem to. The fact that these great deeds go undefined, seems irrelevant. Neither the bloviating candidate nor the public supporting him, seem to realize his inability to make good on his promises.

Two candidates that I liked have sunk into oblivion. They are governors and smart men, but missteps did them in. I find it hard to get enthused about the candidacy of Senators, no matter how smart they are because they have no experience running a large multifaceted organization.

There is one candidate that has impressed me. He is a candidate that I gave short shrift to at the outset. He is a small state governor with a funny accent and attitude. But this year, it seems attitude sells. Of course I'm talking about Chris Christie. 

What has impressed me is that he has stuck to his guns. Big stage, small stage, he doesn't care as long as he can advance his story. He works at his job and he works hard. He is smart. He is experienced. He is capable. And he has a "take no prisoners" attitude. He has persuaded me that he is the best person for the job.

His greatest qualification to be President is that he loves this country and will do what is needed to protect it. He understands that our greatest threat is terror attacks, not global warming. And he is certainly not one to appease those that hate us and would kill us all.

So I can only hope that people consider what the job of President entails, and realize this is not the time for on-the-job training. Christie is a "grinder", not a dilettante. Seems to me that is just what we need.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I Am Tired

Yes, I admit it. I am tired. You may ask, of what am I tired? "Oh so many things", would be my answer. I am tired of the droning sound of every day Presidential lectures from an ideologue who believes he knows everything but knows so little. I am tired of his constant use of "I" and "me" along with his frequent very expensive vacations. Would a week at Camp David once and a while kill him.

I am tired of the frequent repetition of the name Trump on the TV, on the radio, and in print. I am also tired of the sound of his voice. When Obama is not droning, Trump is shouting. Trump's repetitive use of "I" and "me" is  almost always modified by "amazing" and "fantastic" and any other superlative he can come up with. This gets very old, very fast.

I am tired of hearing that Islam is a religion of peace. For one thing, it is not just a religion. It is a theocratic system of government, based on the Quran and the Hadith, that incorporates religion, executive control, and judicial control. The most fundamental form has hated us, infidels, for thirteen centuries. The problem being that we don't know who are the fundamentalists, who would support them, and who want nothing to do with them.

I am tired of a government that is more willing to appease and protect Muslims than to protect American lives and property. Of all of the people out there willing to do us great harm, most are Muslim. We need to take that to heart. Note to Barack Obama; they want to fly their flag over the White House. That is where you live. If they got through the door, your soft words would not protect you. Nor your family. Remember what they do to women.

Finally, I am tired of talking heads on TV that pontificate based on their intimate knowledge of what they are making up as they go along. Many pretend to be reporters, but they are just gasbags expelling fumes of moral justification for their own agenda. 

How the American people can be exposed to all of this on a daily basis and not be tired is far beyond my ken. Maybe they have just stopped paying attention.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Reasonable Regulation

In the first six months of 2015, there were 18,600 motor vehicle deaths in the United States. Mothers, grandmothers, children, it is an indiscriminate blood letting. This is unacceptable. This is not who we are. 

Congress and the President owe it to the American people to remedy this national disgrace. There are reasonable regulations that can be put in place that will help to stop this mayhem. If the Congress won't act, then the President must act on his own, as he has shown he is willing to do.

I have some suggestions. No car sold to the general public needs an engine larger than four cylinders. They should also be restricted to fifty horsepower. It has long been know that an engine of this size and power is capable of getting a reasonably sized automobile to highway speeds.

Engines would be lighter. Also the rest of the drive train could be made lighter, making for much more economic operation. Also the use of composite materials would make car bodies lighter and stronger.

Publicly sold vehicles should be restricted to five passengers. No reasonable person needs any vehicle larger than five passenger. 

Finally, the government should confiscate any vehicle over four cylinders and shred them for scrap. Cars over sixty years old could be exempt as long as they were in a museum, and not on the road.

I know that this proposal will be controversial. I know there will be pressure from manufacturers and organizations like AAA. But many in our country have seen the logic of similar restrictions to be placed on guns, so I am sure they will understand the logic when applied to the much more serious problem of the dangers we face from automobiles.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Random Thoughts - Seventy-Five

The only person that I can think of who is more entranced with the first person singular pronoun than Barack Obama, is Donald Trump. They make my ears hurt.

Some things never change. The Republican candidates have there circular firing squad well organized. If they don't get their heads out of where they presently are, we will be saying President Hillary. That will be a tragedy.

Just think, if Hillary Clinton should get to be President, she could set things up for a Chelsea run in 2024. Chelsea will be forty-four. There's a concept that should scare people straight.

I see that the "War on Christmas" is back in full swing. Especially in those bastions of free speech, American Colleges. No Christmas parties lest someone be offended. Any person who gets offended by someone else's faith and joy, does not deserve to be catered to.

Actually, is there anything more offensive than people who look down on others simply because they believe differently? Yes, I mean you secular humanists that are so smarmy and intolerant.

In our lives, we say Merry Christmas. It is our Christmas. It is our holiday. And we apologize to no one. How come no one acts terminally offended by Ramadan?

I still have to ask, with all of the danger that we face on a personal basis today, from gangs to terrorists to our own government, why do liberals insist on trying to disarm us? We have a Constitutional right to protect what is ours. Not that liberals care much about the Constitution.

I see that Rush Limbaugh just came out with a great revelation as to why President Obama uses the term ISIL. Those that read my blog knew that months ago. Just sayin'.

I see where Hillary wants to fight terror with love and kindness. That should work out well. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Echos From The Chasm

There is a deep chasm filled with anger in America. The American people are beyond anger and they have a right to be. We have a President that is more concerned with the feelings of Muslims than he is about protecting our country and it's citizens. We are being attacked and murdered in the name of Islam and he is incapable of saying the words.

Under the circumstances, it troubles me some that both the President and his ex Secretary of State who would be President, both rely on Muslims as their chief advisers. This just does not play well under the circumstances.

What also doesn't play well, is that both of these "servants of the people" play fast and loose with the truth. From this, we would be fools not to expect a reaction from the public. While the American people may be placid and primarily concerned with their own day to day life, they are not stupid and will, ultimately react.

Hence the phenomenon of Donald Trump. He is big and brash and loud and, if not really angry, he plays it well. He doesn't parse his phrasing. He is bold and clear and totally 
un-PC. But it plays well in Peoria as show folk used to say. He has tapped into that great chasm filled to overflowing with citizen anger and amplified it to the world.

Whenever he comes out with a new, over-the-top, idea, for every liberal that screams and moans, there are a thousand Joe Six-packs that are thinking; "Yes, yes, he gets it. That is just what I was thinking." When put upon, and Americans have been highly put upon by the Obama administration, Americans vent their spleen. When Americans are angry they rage. They shout and they cannot be appeased with hollow phrases.

In spite of all that, most Americans want their President to behave with dignity. They don't want a leader that blows up like a two dollar pistol. (Old saying, two dollar pistols now cost three hundred dollars.) While they don't want a President that leads from behind, they do want a President that is wise, thoughtful, and operates from a love of his country.

With the right President, our problems will be solved over time and the echos from the chasm will fade away. I just question if that is a task Donald Trump is up to.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Readings From The Book Of Platitudes

Last night President Obama went on television to give a major speech. What it turned out to be was a series of readings from the "Book of Platitudes". You may wish to read this book yourself, but you cannot. You see, there is only one copy and it exists only in the mind of Barack Obama.

"We are not at war with Islam." Well, some part of Islam is, most certainly, at war with us. ISIS is growing the new caliphate and Iran's leaders scream "death to America". People are killing shouting "Allahu ackbar". Seems like a war to me.

"All religions have some among them that are radical." I have not seen attacks, as yet, by Methodists or Buddhists or Presbyterians. Come to think of it, it has been a Muslim only situation.

"We've hardened our defenses from airports to financial centers." Except that there are twenty-two Al Qaeda training camps functioning on American soil today. There are over seventy people on the no-fly list employed at major airports. The FBI has insufficient capability to monitor all of our suspected radicals. Our borders are a sieve and more are getting here every day.

"Assault weapons are too dangerous and must be banned." True assault weapons are already banned except in certain circumstances. Politicians have labeled some common semi-automatic weapons as assault weapons to demonize them. They are no more dangerous and usually less powerful than your average deer rifle.

" Guns are too easy to purchase." Not if you buy them legally. I have been through the process. I had to go to a state building and take a gun safety test. Then I had to go to an in state federally licensed dealer. After picking out a gun, I had to fill out a form in great detail. The dealer had to send the form to the local police and to the Attorney General. If they both signed off I could get the gun after a three day waiting period. So, you see, it is not that easy. The only time it is easy is if they are smuggled in or you contact some guy in a bar on the seedy side of town who deals in stolen guns. No forms to fill out there. 

"I have formed a huge coalition of the willing that will side with us in this fight against ISIS." Then, where are they? France did nothing until they were attacked. England is helping out now. You won't arm the Kurds and Turkey's AWOL.

"ISIS is not getting any stronger. Most Muslims will not have anything to do with them." To many Muslims, the great caliphates of the past were the glory days of Islam. They see that ISIS as trying to restore those glory days. With every success, with every infidel slaughtered, ISIS image gains a little more polish among the believers. With each victory more Muslims want to bask in that perceived glory.

Thus ends today's reading from the Book of Platitudes.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Life's Great Truths

  1. It never works the way they claimed it would in the commercial. 
  2. That bargain won't be such a bargain when you add shipping and handling.
  3. That kit that you bought will always be one special part short.
  4. And the instructions for that kit will be written by someone who learned English in an oriental country.
  5. It won't fit where you thought it would.
  6. It won't come with batteries.
  7. If it is too heavy for one person to move, all your friends will be out of town that weekend.
  8. That one time you need AAA, everyone else will too. Enjoy your two hours sitting in a snowbank.
  9. Flat tires occur when you are already late for an important appointment.
  10. There is no way to stop those long distance phone calls labeled 800 service or from some distant city where you know no one.
  11. And they always call when you are eating.
  12. Those little GPS gizmos aren't perfect.
  13. Cell phone batteries discharge themselves when you most need them. Really, it's them not you. I'm sure you remembered to charge the little bugger.
  14. Pizza just doesn't taste the way it used to. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Random Thoughts - Seventy-Four

It appears that our military intelligence gurus are altering their reports to make it fit the Presidents preconceived notions. It also seems that NOAA is playing loose with their findings to support the Presidents stand on "global warming" or "climate change" or whatever their latest catch phrase is. The Fed is keeping interest low to try to force the economy to recover in the face of bad policy. Our ex Secretary of State and would-be President has lied about almost everything and is facing a possible indictment. It must be so fun to be a Democrat running for office today.

In the face of new information, a person who is not willing to change their position is a fool. I still think that Donald Trump is too much bluster and insult to be a good President but as things shake out I am thinking that Chris Christie would be a good choice. He is tough, a little on the rough side, but he is smart and experienced. If he were the candidate with Rubio for veep, they would be hard to beat and it would also give Rubio the seasoning and experience for a later run.

I enjoy football and am a Patriots fan. But I watch other games too. The officiating in the last two Pats games had a definite aroma about it. My opinion, like the proverbial rotten fish, it starts from the head. The NFL needs new management.

By the way, it speaks well of Brady and Belicheck that, in spite of the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" in the form of injuries and insults, that they are ten and one. And I will never be convinced that, absent two bad calls in the last game, they would be eleven and zero.

I see that Russia has banned two of George Soros' groups. Would that we could do the same.

I do not know who are the biggest pantywaists, the poor little entitled babies that whine their way through college, being unprepared to face any new ideas or the reality that not everyone is nice and accommodating, or the weak and inane college officials who are willing to cuddle them and abolish free speech. These dolts will do really well in the real world.