Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Journey Must Never End

I enjoy writing about politics, economics, and history. My writings are a bit short on facts and long on opinions. Opinions are something I am never without. I seldom if ever write about myself. Today that changes. 

Like most folks, as I have gotten older, my life has changed. Most radically, in the past few years. I have thought a lot, recently, about how getting older changes one as a person. Some changes are great. Some are almost non-existant.

I always had hobbies. Many of them, as I always wanted to experience new adventures. When I was six years old, my father took me fishing. He didn't fish and knew nothing about it except that you needed water, a hook, and a worm. In a little pond, near where he worked, I caught my first fish. I loved fishing the rest of my life.

When I was ten, I got a Baby Brownie camera for my birthday. I took a roll of pictures, had them developed, and was amazed. I loved photography the rest of my life.

When I was eleven, I went to an amusement park near our home. My father bought me ten shots on a decrepit .22 rifle at the shooting gallery. I loved shooting the rest of my life. 

Age has caught up to my legs so I can no longer wade streams, police my brass, or wander the world with a camera. Those were big changes for me. 

Over the years, I have played tennis and golf. At age fifty I took up long distance cycling. To brag a little, I did a one hundred mile ride my first year. I can't do those any more either. That doesn't bother me much. Small changes.

My first hobby, even before fishing, was reading. I learned to read early and have never been without a book nearby. Other than my wife, my Kindle is my best friend.

When I couldn't indulge my outdoor hobbies any longer, I started this blog. That is coming up on four years now. One thousand essays having been read in one hundred and eight countries. Yes, I'm proud of it. Unabashedly.

As much as I love my blog and my reading, I decided just over a year ago, that I needed more. So I bought a ukulele, thinking to try to teach myself to play. I now own five of different sizes and types. I will never be a good player. I don't care about that. I have through some effort and an on-line course, managed to learn enough to play a few songs. 

But what this long journey has taught me is to forget about the destination. Take joy in the trip you are on. I do this every day.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Come The Revolution

The revolution has started. And the global elitists are shocked and dismayed. Their schedule to bring us into their brave new world has been knocked  asunder. It was done by the proletariat, the great unwashed masses that they treat with such disdain.

Great Britain and the United States have always been leaders in personal freedom, well, at least for the past century. Both countries have seen these freedoms eroded at the hands of the liberal one-worlders.

Britain was far more affected than the US. When they became part of the European Union. their destiny fell under the control of faceless officials in Brussels who couldn't care less about the British people and British tradition. 

I don't believe that England ever fully adopted the EU concept. While every other member gave up their native currency in favor of the euro, England held firm on the pound. The British people have an affection for tradition. The greatness of their history was being homogenized into, just another country. Nothing special.

So, with native wisdom and tenaciousness, they took back what had been given away. Their nation, their history, and their pride.

The anger in England is reflected here in the United States. Those wily incremental elitists seem to have taken it a few increments too far. When the President travels the world, apologizing for us, ignoring Congress and the Constitution, and picking and choosing which laws will be enforced, the hackles on the necks of our own proletariat start to rise. 

We are angry. There is an election coming where, I feel, that the American people will vent that anger in no uncertain terms. At least that is my fervent prayer. Almost seventy percent of the population think that the country is on the wrong track. We will not correct this by voting in more of the same. It is time to turn the ship of state about and find a new course.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Good For The Brits

The rich and entitled elitist are all in a huff, running around screaming; "The sky is falling. The sky is falling." Their worldview of more money and more power for themselves has been threatened by the brilliant British hoi-palloi. 

They are brilliant. They wanted their country back and they found a way to do it. They are patriots. Each and every one of them.

One clue as to the rightness of their decision had to be when Barack Obama crossed the pond to order them to support the EU. Good old fashioned common sense told them that if Obama is for it, reasonable people should be against it.

In fact, it appears that the American people may follow the fine example of the British people and take their country back too. These elitists are pure socialist globalists. The European Union, with everything decided and controlled out of Belgium was just the first step.

William Shakespeare first penned the line, "first kill all the lawyers". Perhaps we would have been better off if he had thrown his barbs at oligarchs. The last thing the good people of this planet need is to live under a world wide oligarchy.

I'm sure that there are people that will look at this and think, "that is insane". Most people will not want to believe that that could ever happen. I feel that it is enough of a possibility that we need to be very careful, how much and to whom we mete out power. Absolute power does breed absolute corruption.

So, patriots of the world, love your countries and protect them. Freedom and independence is more valuable than gold. They are difficult to get and even more difficult to keep.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Resign, Mr. Comey

I think it is time for the Director, James Comey, of the FBI to resign. He is being used as a tool by the administration. It is beneath him to accept that treatment. He has always had a reputation for treating the law in an even handed manner and doing the "right thing" even when it was difficult. 

This latest brouhaha over the transcripts of  the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen's, calls to the police have left Mr. Comey in an untenable situation. Mr. Comey allowed the redaction of these published transcripts to protect Islam and to deceive the American people. Of course, it did nothing but make him, the FBI, the Attorney General, and the President looking foolish. It was all already public knowledge.

The first thing the President did, unsurprisingly, was to deny responsibility and put the whole mishagas on Loretta Lynch. Ms. Lynch, like a good soldier, took the hit to protect her boss. I doubt anyone expected anything better from her.

This administration is run like an old time mafia family. You have Don Obama at the center of things. He has a consigliore, Valarie Jarrett. There are also a bunch of capos around, working in the West Wing. Beneath them are the captains. Ms. Lynch would be one of those. Then come the lieutenants. Mr. Comey is one of them.

The Don never issues orders. He speaks to those closest to  him about the results he would like to see. One of his inner circle conveys a results oriented concept down to the captain responsible. This captain then gives a lieutenant orders. Deniable responsibility.

This same method is, without a doubt, being used to shield Hillary Clinton. The FBI has had more than enough time to investigate all charges. With one hundred and fifty agents involved, they must have come to a conclusion and should have convened a Grand Jury. But they haven't. Most people don't expect to see it anytime soon, if ever. The fix is in.

So, if Mr. Comey is the epitome of integrity, as he has been described. It is time for him to resign and go public. Please Mr. Comey protect America as a country under law.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hating the Bill of Rights

I am doing something that I have never done before. I am reprinting a blog that I wrote back in September of 2013.  It has been a popular read over time. But I think it is more important today than ever. We have a resurgence of attacks on the Bill of Rights as I write this. We are all familiar of the attacks on the first and second amendments. But now we have a liberal Democrat attacking the fourth amendment, "due process under the law". Democratic Senator Joe Manchin wants to eliminate "due process under the law " because it is inconvenient to his cause. The Republic is in mortal danger. And power grubbing politicians like this are the cause.

So here is my original blog:

The Framers of the Constitution, having finished their work, added the Bill of Rights at the suggestion of James Madison and the anti-Federalists. They felt a need to bring better focus on the rights given in the Constitution. And a  fine job they did. As a matter of fact, the first nine amendments itemize specific freedoms of the individual citizen. These first nine amendments may be the most important political documents, to the individual American citizen, in history.Liberals seem to primarily dislike the First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments. These are the ones that they target in legislation or ignore in execution. They will use the courts to get the support they need. Often, even up to the Supreme Court. The problem with the courts is that many of the judges are, themselves, liberal. Also, modern courts seem to have discovered that the Constitution has a "penumbra". I think this means that they think that the voice in their head is James Madison telling them the weird and wonderful things that they want to believe are in the Constitution. One will not find these ephemeral ideas by reading the Constitution.  Certainly, this must be a mental aberration.

There are a couple of reasons that liberals don't like the First Amendment. They do not feel that conservative speech is as important or correct as liberal speech. They know that liberal speech is important because it is generated by great intellects like themselves. And since they all hold the same views, they must be correct. Conservative speech, however, is generated by knuckle dragging Neanderthals. Liberals know this is true because they hate conservatives. Since conservatives are beastly types liberal should be allowed to malign them and assassinate their characters without response, as liberals are always correct. Ask them! The First Amendment also allows sneaky reporters to get information and report things that may be harmful to the liberal cause. That should not be allowed and they must be monitored by the Justice Department. After all liberalism must be protected.

The problems with the Second Amendment, protecting gun ownership, should be obvious. Allowing those stupid knuckle dragging conservatives to have firearms makes no sense at all to liberals. Now liberals that want them should have guns, or body guards with guns, because they may need protection. Let conservatives use clubs like they did in prehistoric times. After all they haven't evolved like liberals have. They are still thick and brutish. If you have any doubts, ask a liberal. Of course liberals ignore the fact that the crime rate goes down when citizens may be armed. Washington, Chicago, and Philadelphia all have strict gun laws and high crime rates. Only the cops and criminals have guns. Hows that working out?

The Fourth and Fifth amendments are sort of joined at the hip, so to speak. Just in case you don't have a Bill of Rights handy, the Fourth protects you against search and seizure and the Fifth protects you against self-incrimination. The liberal cant is that if you haven't done anything wrong you don't need those two protections. Just let them search your home and car. Just answer their questions. If you have done something wrong, you don't deserve those two protections anyway. Just think of all the nastiness that could take place if those Amendments went away or were weakened. You would be at the absolute mercy of anyone in power, from a street cop on up to the President. We have enough problems with out of control officials right now. We don't need to open the door to more.

We are blessed that the framers were intelligent, educated, and insightful men. They understood governance, both good and bad. They understood freedom and personal responsibility. This is not so of today's liberals. So that is why the liberals hate the Bill of Rights.

Remember and honor 9/11. Both the Twin Towers and Benghazi. Two attacks on America on American soil.

I feel badly that I have written so much in a negative vein lately. There has just been so much ugliness going on that those of us that do this are forced to follow the news where ever it leads. Hopefully happier times will come.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Calling All Patriots

Americans are being lied to and being led down the path to destruction and the end of our way of life. This is being done for a number of reasons, but primarily for a warped political agenda that rejects American exceptionalism. Those who are believers wish to bring us down and make us feel the pain.

There are many out there who know the truth but are coerced into silence because their livelihoods, and sometime their very lives, are controlled by those who would harm us. Right now, those who would deny America's greatness, hold the seats of power. 

Those out there, military, ex-military, law enforcement, the intelligence community, and honest politicians, if there are any left, that know the truth, must speak out before it is too late.

Government is erasing the terms sharia, jihad, Islamist, illegal alien, and others from official communications. We know better. Their denying an obvious truth does not make it go away. Blaming Christians, which they love to do, is so bizarre that no one believes it except those foolish fully indoctrinated souls. How many terrorist attacks have been committed by Presbyterians over the past decade?

What America needs now is for every true patriot and statesman to come forth and speak the truth to the power that is attempting to "fundamentally transform" America at a point where it didn't need transforming.

We, as citizens, need to end the practice of allowing career politicians. We need to return to the citizen politician who serves his country for a limited time, then returns to his previous life. We need no more hogs at the trough.

America is the greatest country on Earth. But we have been brought low. We need to go back to the practices and standards that made us great or we will have destroyed that "golden city on a hill". 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Legitimate Grievances, Really?

According to President Obama, the terrorists who are killing Americans have legitimate grievances. The President of the United States is making excuses for terrorists killing American citizens. An act for which there is no excuse.

The man that took an oath to protect the country and the Constitution has done neither. He cannot even bring himself to call them by what they call themselves, Islamic terrorists. It is apparent that he is doing more to protect them than to protect us.

He claims that poverty and lack of jobs is the root cause of terrorism. Except that most of these terrorists are educated. Many come from family money. The Orlando assassin had a decent job with a contractor to the Department of Homeland Security. And that was in spite of being investigated by the FBI for displaying terrorist tendencies. His family is well-to-do. Oh, and his father has a talk show supporting the Taliban.

But, our President claims, Muslims are still upset about the Crusades. There wouldn't have been Crusades if Muslims hadn't already conquered the Iberian Peninsula, half of Gaul, and killed and robbed Christians trying to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. 

Nothing that I have written here is hidden knowledge. Every American student that gets a decent education knows all this. I am sure Barack Obama does too. But he makes a conscious choice to ignore the facts and jeopardize  American lives.

Islam itself is the motivation for these terrorists. All that they are doing, they are instructed to do in the Quran. Again, this is not hidden. You can download a Quran in English free from Kindle. Read the words that they live by for yourself. I have. It is chilling.

The other exampler for their behavior is the Hadith. The life and sayings of their prophet. I have not read that but have been told it is equally chilling.

So the American President is covering up for those who would kill Americans.  This country needs to shift gears. We have been going in reverse. We need to start moving forward with new, strong, America first leadership. Anything less will just cause more blood and pain.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Those of us who are really old or have an interest in cartoon movies may remember Disney's Fantasia. Remember, the movie with hippos in tutus dancing a ballet. I suggest that it is time for a sequel. I would call it Sycofantasia.

The main characters, of course, would be Bill and Hill. But it is the bit players who would make the movie a success. All of the sycofants (I know it is supposed to be ph, but that would spoil the theme. Artistic license.) who, over the years danced around the Clintons, doing their bidding and basking in the glow.

There is also the power of sycofancy. One can approach someone farther down the power chain and stare them in the eye and say, Bill said this or Hillary said that. Instant obedience. What a power trip. Almost as good as really earning it.

The danger in living a life based on sycofancy is that you are the human equivalent of Kleenex. To be used, soiled, and disposed of. Ah, the dangers of flying to close to the sun. Those wings of wax melt so darn easy at elevated temperatures.

The latest, and possibly the most powerful, are Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. You have to feel bad for Huma. She was publicly humiliated by her husband, Anthony Weiner. Now she is under the gun, so to speak, with the FBI, a spot that Cheryl Mills shares. I hope that they don't think that when the pressure is on, Hillary will stand up for them. One must learn through history. How many of the old sycofancy gang are still around?

To get a real understanding of the results of subservience to the Clintons, one should ask people like Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, Bebe Rebozo, Bert Lance, and Vince Foster. Oh wait, you can't ask Vince Foster.

So the joy of sycofancy loses it's luster when the pressure is on. Being so close to the summit of the highest mountain brings a special thrill. But when the avalanche starts, you are swept away without a prayer to your name. Possibly, never to be heard from again.

I think that we all know so much about this movie that we can play it in our own minds. Just another American tragedy.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Random Thoughts - Eighty-Two

Every day, ask yourself, why are the liberal Democrats so intent on disarming honest and law abiding Americans? Then ask yourself, what do liberal Democrats want more than anything else? The answer to both questions is, power and control. Watch your back.

A piece of advice for those that find themselves getting older. The time may come when you can no longer swing a golf club or wade a trout stream. As the muscles weaken and the skin gets thinner, if you are very lucky, the mind will stay active. Never be one of the older folks who sit in front of the TV for hours and hours during the day. Write a book, learn a musical instrument, find something new in your life. Then you will have a real life in spite of Father Time.

Hillary Clinton broke federal laws. Katie Couric's producer broke federal laws to create their anti-gun TV show. Both should be prosecuted. If they are not, we are no longer a nation of laws, and we no longer have equality under the law.

I am just waiting for a male professional basketball player to decide he's feeling female and try out for a women's pro team. That should be entertaining. Meanwhile, politically correct foolishness has put women and girls in jeopardy, every time they wish to use a public rest room.

Meanwhile the Obama administration is putting the rest of us in danger by releasing thousands of convicted criminals onto our streets because it is so unfair for those poor souls to be in prison. We are not talking some kid who got caught with a joint here. We are talking murderers, rapists, and thugs of all stripes. Watch your back.

As the folks who were trying to support Donald Trump were attacked and pummeled by a band of paid thugs, the San Jose police stood by and did nothing. What happened to "Preserve and Protect"? It has been said that this was at the orders of the Chief of Police. If that is so, he should be relieved of duty and sent packing. He's supposed to be a cop, not a liberal activist.

Between two FBI investigations and Gary Byrne's new book, "Crisis of Character", I don't see how Hillary can survive. Maybe the President and the AG can stave off the FBI, but the book is coming and is already number one on Amazon best sellers list in pre-sales.

Monday, June 6, 2016

None Of The Above

How, on God's good green Earth, did the American people get ourselves into this position? The Republican party put up a number of decent candidates to run for President. One by one they dropped by wayside. Good people with the knowledge, experience, and temperament to be our nation's chief executive. They were all thrown aside in favor of a blustering egomaniac who lacks both the experience and the presence to be President. 

Meanwhile, the Democrat party has, through their choices, labeled themselves the geriatric party. Their obvious candidate is an elderly shrewish woman with a reputation for lying, who is also under the cloud of a double barreled FBI investigation. One investigation is for illegal activities in handling classified emails as Secretary of State. The other is for illegal activities as part of the Clinton Foundation.

Her greatest competition is an elderly Socialist to whom the Democrat party is a label of convenience. He has been a Socialist all of his life and a Democrat for only a few years. But he came out of the blue promising free stuff to the young and the ignorant who don't understand how many times Socialism has failed. And failed at great cost in human misery. Venezuela being the latest and greatest example.

Mr. Sanders has never worked at a real job in his life. Ms. Clinton did work as an attorney for a short time, but got into some difficulties. Other than that, both have fed off the kindness of taxpayers. At least Mr. Trump had a real job.  

I have said that I would hold my nose and vote for Trump. That decision becomes more difficult every time he opens his mouth. Which is frequently. I sometimes think we should be allowed to vote for "none of the above". 

But we must have a President. Over my life I have seen some pretty bad candidates float to the top. At no time have I ever seen a bunch that equals this sorry lot.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


I have been thinking about this so-called "white privilege" thing that all of of folks of light complexion are supposed to be ashamed of. It's a big bucket of hog-wash. There is plenty of privilege out there but one doesn't get a chunk of it just by being born white.

Now Hillary thinks that we should show humility for our privilege. She has a point, but it is a purely personal point. She and her husband have been slopping at the public trough all of their adult lives. As have our current President and Vice President and far to many members of Congress. Now that is privilege.

The hue and cry about white privilege started among liberal college professors. (Yes, I know that that is redundant.) Just think of those poor tenured ivory towered cuckoo-clocks, making over a hundred thousand a year and can't be fired, advocating humility for us. That is not only privilege, it is also dripping in arrogance.

Then there is the Greek chorus of those who work in the entertainment business. A business that is based on fantasy and fiction. Because they are adept at spinning stories and spells they have an over blown sense of their own worth, all thinking them selves so brilliant that we, the little people, should hang on their every word. Every one of them, regardless of complexion, are truly privileged.

And athletes. I'm talking the top-notch pros. Those people that are so talented that they seem to be of another species. So talented that, by the time they are in high school, they are already being watched, both by colleges and pros. They live a life in a cocoon of privilege. They are coddled to the point where they have a sense of entitlement. Now that is privilege and color makes no difference.

But the rest of us. We're not privileged. We've worked for every scrap. We have done without when we had to. Many of us fixed our own cars and painted our own houses. We scrimped on our own retirements so our kids could have better. Now those who aren't fit to wash our underwear, tell us that we should be more humble.