Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Somebody Out There Hates You

Yes, somebody out there hates you. That is if you are named Hillary and are married to a guy named Bill. The rumor being spread was that Hillary wanted to run for high office. Now, Hillary comes with a lot of baggage. Back a long time ago, when she was lawyering, she was involved in some very questionable activities. When she was questioned about these activities by some Congressmen, she had a sudden attack of dementia praecox, and couldn't remember a thing. 

Fortunately, Hillary recovered from this tragic, or maybe not so tragic, loss of memory and she started a new career as co-President, when Bill was elevated to our highest office by an adoring press and a policy of everything being "for the children". Bill certainly enjoyed his time in office. He thought about it kind of like going back to college and living in a co-ed dorm.

Bills term in office was less kind to Hillary. It is rumored that she didn't particularly care for her husbands exploits. But boys will be boys. She took on the first major attempt to usurp the medical care industry with Hillary-care. Hillary and her close friend Ira Magaziner wrote a health care law the was equal in size and convolution to Obamacare. And after spending years in the creative process, it blew up in her face. These were not good years for Hillary. She was also embarrassed when it became public that she was playing crony capitalism with the White House Travel Office.

But times change and many admired her tough stand by your man attitude. To many Democrats, she had paid her dues. She hung in and kept herself in the core power structure of the party. Most Democrats seemed to be willing to put the Benghazi scandal behind them and anoint her as the next Presidential candidate. The liberal press seemed to be right there willing and able to do their part.

But suddenly there seems to be articles showing up that do not paint such a glowing portrait of Hillary. These articles seem to be gnawing away at the edges of the carefully crafted Hillary image. Two thing are surprising. These articles don't seem to be coming from Republicans and this is awfully early in the election cycle to be going negative. 

It looks like someone doesn't want Hill and Bill back in the White House. And it looks like that someone has juice and a large bucket of black paint if they are starting now. All I can say is watch your six Hillary because it looks like somebody out there hates you.   

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