Friday, May 31, 2013

Chafee, the Legend

Earlier this week, it was announced that Lincoln Chafee, the Governor of Rhode Island, would be giving up his independent status and join the Democrat party. To those of us from Rhode Island this comes as no surprise. Mr. Chafee is a scion of an old political family who should thank his lucky stars that his father came before him. Lincoln tried to follow a path that his father, John Chafee, had trod before him. He followed in shoes many sizes smaller.

Back in the day, I knew John Chafee slightly and supported his political career completely until his last campaign. John was a Republican. What in those days was called a Rockefeller Republican. While politics has always been hardball, it was a little more civilized then. There were the liberal, Rockefeller, Republicans in the northeast along with the liberal Democrats. Many of the southern democrats were conservative and the mid-westerners were mostly conservative Republicans. Back then they talked and made deals and got things done.

But then liberal Republicans became RINOs and conservative Democrats became blue dogs and lines were drawn and talking stopped. It has gotten to the point where the present administration considers the opposition party to be an enemy that must be destroyed.

But getting back to John Chafee. I first knew of him as the Governor of Rhode Island. He was a smart man and a good governor. The people liked him and re-elected him in spite of Rhode Island's Democrat heritage. He later became Secretary of the Navy and after that was elected U.S. Senator. He had a long and distinguished career and was well thought of by the electorate. Unfortunately, from my point of view, as he got older, he got more liberal. To the point where he lost my support and that of many conservatives.

Lincoln Chafee picked up where John left off on the march toward liberalism. This was not a terribly big issue when he was Mayor of Warwick, Rhode Island. He was appointed to take up his fathers position in the Senate on his fathers passing and was re-elected for one term. As time passed his liberal convictions became more apparent. In 2010 Chafee anounced a run for Governor as an independent. He supported Barack Obama, unions, and higher taxes so everyone expected that one day he would announce as a Democrat.

Now that doesn't sound like much of a big deal. But it puts one more nail in the coffin of Rhode Island as a one party state. A wholly owned part of the Democrat party. So, the abysmal business conditions won't improve. The roads are a mess. The population is aging. The cities are broke and deeply in debt to the public service unions. We could ask a neighboring state to adopt us. We're only little. But they're no better off than we are. Welcome to the world of long term liberal politics. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Think They Snuck One By Me!

You can take it as a given, most governments do not want their citizens to know what they are doing. That is why it is important for reporters to do their job without regard to their own politics. Unfortunately, it seems today's journalists do not understand the virtue of being unbiased. As a blogger and a commentator, I am biased. Admittedly so. I watch the opposition and try to discern their plans.

Sometimes, while I am watching for mice, someone will walk an elephant right past me. Whoops, I didn't see that. That may have happened recently. Let me explain. I saw a news article where "Homeland Security Police" were monitoring and, it seems, pushing around a group of Tea Partiers on public property. Then it clicked. When did we acquire a national police force? 

I did remember, early on President Obama expressed a desire for a national police force equal in strength to the Army. I believe that a national police force is not provided for in the Constitution nor do I remember any bill going through Congress that would establish such an entity. But even worse,  as a person that lived through WWII, this hearkens back to the Gestatz Polizei of Nazi Germany. Is this really needed and how did we come by it? Are we to have national identity cards now?

So I did a little research. The Homeland Security Police started life as the Federal Protective Service. They were charged with guarding federally owned buildings and the people in them. In 2009, President Obama transferred the FPS to Homeland Security and they became the Homeland Security Police. That was a neat little sleight of hand. Take an existing entity, move it to another department, change the name, and you have a whole new critter without that bothersome Congress getting involved.

Now they get to carry guns both in uniform and in plain clothes. They can perform investigations both on and off of federal property. They can make arrests without a warrant. 
And best yet they can "carry out such other activities for the promotion of homeland security as the Secretary may prescribe. The Secretary, of course, is the administration compliant Janet Napolitano. 

Recently, Homeland Security has made some interesting purchases. Billions of rounds of pistol ammo in 9 mm and .40 cal. S&W. Both hollow point. They have purchased fully automatic assault rifles and the 5.56 NATO  military  ammunition to match. They have purchased 50 million dollars in new police uniforms. Here's the best one. They have purchased 2,500 military, armored, personnel carriers. Who do they plan to go to war with?

Does this have anything to do with that recent government report that listed conservatives, Christians, Tea Partiers, and military veterans as possible terrorists. Hopeless change. You betcha!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Random Thoughts Nineteen

I was flipping through the TV and found a show about a para-biologist. He claimed to be an expert on animals that don't exist. How do you train for that job? Do you get an advanced degree from a college that doesn't exist?

Holder has got to have pictures that include barnyard animals. How else can he still be holding on to his job?

Speaking of Holder, don't forget, he controls the FBI. Doesn't that give you the warm and fuzzies?

Among all the muddle of scandals going on in Washington, please do not forget we still need jobs. Our President is an expert at misdirection but it is still, jobs, jobs, jobs. Maybe it5 is time to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, before it's too late. That would help.

Since I'm sure we can all multi-task, also keep one eye on the Benghazi scandal. That is the biggie. 

Apparently, Dick Durbin thinks that bloggers don't deserve First Amendment protection. And here I thought it applied to everyone. How do we find these self serving geniuses that we send to Washington.

I didn't post on Memorial Day. So a belated thank you to those that have served and our prayers for those and the families of those that didn't come back. The defense of your country and fellow citizens is the highest of callings.

Anyone that calls Fox News faux news in the future should be ashamed. Obama has vindicated them in a way no one else could.

Does this administration think that we don't notice when they just move or promote their minions that get caught lying or breaking the law? Fire them. They deserve it and you might regain a little credibility. We understand that they were doing as ordered but they still got caught.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

What Bubble? Pop!

I know a little bit about economics, but no one will ever mistake me for an economics genius. I do know that some economic ideas may, from time to time, be helpful in the short run under some circumstances but can be a disaster in the long term. This administration has taken the ideas of Keynes and Bernanke and turned them into long term policy. Short term, maybe. Long term, no.

For some reason, liberals think of John Maynard Keynes as a economics god. When they took over a faltering economy, over four years ago, they went full, pedal to the metal, Keynesian. They have taken deficit spending to the point that our country's indebtedness could bankrupt us. It will certainly do irreparable harm to the financial health of future generations. In other words, your grandkid's kids will still be paying for Obamanomics. And here we are four plus years down the line with no improvement.

But, you say, there is improvement. Just look at the stock market. I see the stock market just as well as anyone else. We just see different things. American companies are profitable right now so their stock represent a good purchase. They are profitable because they have downsized to the point of profitability, not because of a boom in  business. Mutual funds and folks with serious money are buying stock because, right now, it's the only way to go.

The stock market is not about yesterday's performance, or today's. The market is about the future. Very rich people are making money in the market today because they have money to invest. Average people, not so much. Big investors also watch the market on a second by second basis. Joe Average, who checks the stock market when he gets home. Thinks about it for a day or two. Then makes a move will always be behind the curve. In this market, the rich are getting richer.

But there's more. Back on my February 15th blog I coined the phrase "Bernanke Bubble". I posited at the time that an economy that had artificially controlled, extremely low interest rates and was flooding the banks with newly printed dollars (which the banks are sitting on) is not sustainable in the long term. And when the bubble pops, the wheels might fall off. (I love a well mixed metaphor.)

If you haven't noticed, the stock market is getting a tad shaky of late. Rumors are hitting the street that Bernanke's out by midsummer. The future is on the way. Soon the profit taking starts. The short selling will begin. The bear will stroll in and bite the bull in the butt as it gallops out the door.

The worst part is that because of poor monetary policy, the weak economy that Obama took over has gotten weaker. It is not strong enough to rebound quickly from another hit. Those in charge have not the knowledge, skills, training, or experience to control the situation. It will probably be a very rocky road. And a very long road at that.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Show Must Go On

I know the show must go on. But who is running things.The President doesn't know anything until he sees in in the newspaper. (Note to President: You would find out things sooner if you watched Fox News.) The ex Secretary of State never knew anything about any thing. Everything was done at a lower level and she doesn't know their names or even where they work. All past, present, and future heads of the IRS are not there to supervise. (What then?) Legal Councils tell Chiefs of Staff. But as close as we can tell, the only person making decisions are custodians who decide when windows need to be washed.

I can understand how the President has no time to run things. There is golf, basketball, daily speeches all over the country, finding Marines for umbrella duty. Vacations must be planned. Union leaders must be schmoozed. It is a long tiring day. He just doesn't have time for scandals that are obviously brought about by uncooperative Republicans.

He's the President. Those Tea Partiers and reporters are annoying. They are lucky he is just using the FBI and IRS. After all, they know he controls armed drones. People should understand, his intentions are good. It is just that being President is a lot harder than he thought it would be. Besides, having all that power is so much fun. What good is it if you don't use it.

The President learned back at Harvard that America is too arrogant. All his socialist buddies explained it to him. One world. All countries equal. Nobody gets much, but everybody gets the same. Unless, of course, you are part of the ruling class. That has worked so well in Europe. We can be like France. Isn't that a plan.

After four and a half years, we still don't have jobs. The economy is a ticking time bomb. Don't take too much comfort from the Dow. The First Amendment is under attack. The Second Amendment is under attack. The Fourth Amendment is under attack. The best and brightest in the upper ranks of the military are being replaced by desk jockies willing to go along. The country is being buried in regulations. Obamacare  is blowing up and falling apart. We still have God knows how many czars running the country behind the scenes without Senate approval. The President sits in his bubble and only talks to his inner circle.

Talk about the bloom being of the rose. All we have left from this administration is a bunch of thorns.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Benghazi Fixation

Am I really fixated on Benghazi? I suppose I am. I think every American has the right to be. An armed attack was perpetrated on American soil by a foreign enemy. Four people, including an American Ambassador, were killed. There was inadequate security  before the attack. No one came to their assistance during the attack. The American public was lied to after the attack. Our government created a massive cover up. Our Secretary of State asked ”What does it matter at this point?“ and our President now says, “there’s no there there”. I am sorry, there is plenty of there there and it does still matter. 

The administration has played to the meme that this is all about the altered talking points and the cover up of who was responsible for the alteration of those talking points. Their idea being that Mr. Obama is never responsible for anything. Everyone outside of the White House is lying. And it is all irrelevant anyway. Story over.

Not so fast, please. The latest big question seems to be where was the President when all this occurred. Once again, the administration claims irrelevance. They may have a point as the President, no matter where he is, is tied into a massive communications network at all times. My guess is that he was on Air Force One on his way to Las Vegas for one of his ongoing campaign speeches. The real question is, was he monitoring the situation? That we will probably never know.

There are some important questions that do remain unanswered. Ambassador Stevens requested additional security at Benghazi. It was a dangerous spot and everyone knew it. We were informed that a low level functionary in Embassy Security denied the request. I believe that to be untrue. If an ambassador requests a security upgrade, the Secretary of State must sign off on that refusal. Hillary Clinton continues to deny that she had any part in this but her fingerprints are all over it. 

I have another question that hasn’t been asked yet. Were the two drones overhead when the initial attack took place? If so, who knew to have them in place and what further intelligence did that person have about impending attacks? If the drones were sent in after the attack, how is it we had time to get drones there but not jets or troops? That just does not make sense. It would also be good to have a list of all the people that were watching the drone feeds.

There seems to be no question that someone in the military chain of  command ordered the Special Operations people that wanted to go into Benghazi to “stand down”. The name of that person must be released and that person must testify before Congress. Anything less would be criminal. Whether he likes it or not, Barack Obama sits at the top of that chain of command. As Commander in Chief he is the highest ranking military man in the country. If he does not know the answer to the question, the answer is his for the asking. The men were available, wanted to go, and had transportation arranged. But because of one persons weak kneed cowardice two men died that might have been saved.

Make no mistake. This is still a scandal. We cannot let it be glossed over. The White House has gone through their deny, deny, deny, old news, cycle. But this monster of a scandal still has legs. It was reported on Tuesday that two new whistle blowers are getting lawyers and the information they have is damning. Thank God there are still a few people in Congress with enough backbone to continue asking the questions. Please support them.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Random Thoughts Eighteen

In the aftermath of that terrible tornado in Oklahoma, while people who have lost everything are trying to find their children that were at school, Sheldon Whitehouse, the Senator from Rhode Island, stood up on the Senate floor and blamed the tornado on Republicans. As always, Senator, very classy. You have given new meaning to the term "opportunist".

Can anyone explain to me why we borrow money from China, then turn around and send it back to them as foreign aid? They should be giving us foreign aid.

Speaking of China, have any of the "Balance of Trade" and monetary policy geniuses out there figured out yet how China will take a huge financial hit? My tea leaves say it will happen in the next decade. Longer if we continue on our present political path.

Can the democrats not smell the stink. They had better. It is coming from their White House and if they don't clean up their own mess it will stick to them for years.

Let me see if I have this straight, the liberals are blaming the conservatives because the liberal administration is rife with scandals and criminal activity. I suppose if your a liberal, that makes sense. If you are sane and reasonable, it doesn't.

Is everyone in the Obama administration a clone of Sergeant Schultz of "Hogan's Heroes"? "I know nothing." So many people charged with running our country, no nothing. No wonder we're in trouble.

Two things we still need to know about Benghazi. Who gave the stand down order and who was watching the video feeds? There is more, but those are critical. Come on whistle blowers. Your country needs you. This is not a political scandal. It goes to the nature of our country. It just happened to be caused by politicians.

Under the "You Can't Make These Things Up" category: The woman at the IRS that went after conservative groups for the administration is now running the Obamacare division. Really? 

The Democrat's favorite new word is irrelevant. "We didn't know anything and it's irrelevant anyway."

I still think that these huge numbers on the stock market will implode. The Bernanke bubble will burst one day. Tears will be shed.

I was talking with a doctor last week. He told me that the doctors that he talks to are scared to death about Obamacare. The older ones are just getting out rather than deal with it. So now we will have more people in a much more expensive system with fewer doctors to take care of them. That sounds ideal to me. Liberal heaven.

Anyone that believes that Obama didn't know about these on going scandals until he heard about them in the news has got to be living in a cave. Anyplace that I have ever worked, if anything bad happened their were people that would run you down to be the first one to tell the boss. 

I said that I would let you know when we hit readership in seventy countries. Actually we had a small flurry and we are now up to seventy-two. Thanks to all of you.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The "Mad" Presidency

Barack Obama has turned himself into Alfred E. Neuman. I’m sure you all remember the grinning face iconic of “Mad Magazine”. His enduring motto was “What, me worry?”. It is extremely difficult for someone with such a soul crushing job as that of President of the United States to achieve this level of disconnect. But our intrepid President is sublimely equipped with the inner resources to rise to this level of mental tranquility.

Being the most intelligent man in the world, undoubtedly gives him analytical capabilities that are far beyond what most mere mortals are able to attain. This gives him the capability to examine things in more cosmic terms. His massive intellect allows him to view these troubled years as having little effect on the cosmological history as a whole. 

While he sits in the oval office thinking great thoughts, as only he can, the more mundane matters of the presidency are blocked from his attention. This is obviously why he is not aware of anything that is happening in his administration, good or bad, until he hears about it on the news. Undoubtedly he hears it from the hard hitting reporters at MSNBC. It is common knowledge in liberal circles that, if it isn’t on MSNBC, it isn’t news. This method of keeping informed also allows his underlings to keep their “nose to the grindstone” as they don’t have to interrupt their highly skilled ministrations to keep their master informed.

The President must be a deeply religious man. That is undoubtedly why his long and instructional speeches sound so much like sermons. It is a marvelous thing that he is willing on an almost daily basis to teach us how to understand the complicated workings of a world that is so difficult for our tiny intellects to comprehend. It is good that he keeps repeating the same points over and over, so that we may eventually be able to retain them. Another clue to his deep religiosity is the huge amount of time he spends in Air Force One. Up there at forty thousand feet he just feels much nearer to God. To continue go to

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fear Me For I Am The New Shiva

Usually government is a good thing. It brings orderliness to a country and supplies basic protections. Most countries have rules for government called a constitution. The United States Constitution is an exemplar of what a constitution should be. It limits federal government power. It protects citizen's rights. It assures rights to the individual states. It divides federal power evenly across three branches of government. It has one glaring weakness. Our Constitution presupposes that everyone in government will play by the rules.

If they would, our country would be a burgeoning success forever. But history happens. Sometimes it happens in the form of a war. Sometimes justified, sometimes not. Sometimes Mother Nature takes control like the Dust Bowl of the thirties. Sometimes it comes in the form of an arrogant President so hungry for personal power and so isolated from the citizenship, that he knows no limits and bears no personal responsibility. It makes matters so much worse when this President has a following of blindly worshiping acolytes, not only in his political party, but also in the press.

If anyone dare oppose their new god they are quick to bring out the shield of racism. No matter how egregious the charge or how over reaching the tactic, he bears no fault. He always knows the answers and never doubts his rightness for he has been told he is the smartest man that ever held the office of President. He has never seen or heard anything to make him doubt that.

You see the problem here is, you can attack your opponents as enemies. You can appoint czars out side our system of government. You can make interim appointments when the Senate is still in session. You can insult the Supreme Court in the most public of forums, the State of the Union speech. You can throw anyone under the bus to avoid responsibility.

But when you attack your acolytes in the press because they were just doing their job, you have stepped in it up to your knees. He apparently forgot that old saying, "never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the gallon". The scales have been torn from their eyes. Well, at least some of them. What was two inches on page twelve is now front page above the fold.

There is one thing about a pig pile that I learned as a child. It never stops until every body's in. I'll end with an old Persian saying that I will try to get right. "The man who doesn't know, is unschooled. Teach him. The man that doesn't know what he doesn't know, is confused. Council him. The man that doesn't know that he doesn't know what he doesn't know, is a fool. Shun him." Think on that.

And a small reminder, we still need jobs. We are in the longest recession ever and still bumping along the bottom.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Heroes of the Week!

My nomination for “Heroes of the Week”, perhaps heroes of the year are the intrepid people that sat on the jury of the Philadelphia monster, Kermit Gosnell. I will not refer to him as doctor. He has destroyed his right to that title. I pray that the institution the bestowed that degree on him has the courage to rescind it.

I watched, read, or listened to little of what news was aired on Gosnell’s trial. It was not for lack of interest or concern. I simply just didn’t have the stomach for it. Truthfully, I try not to discuss or write about abortion, even in the first trimester. To me it is a distasteful subject at any stage. What little I did hear about what went on in that toilet, purporting to be a clinic came close to making me physically ill. I have daughters and grandsons. When I hear of the evil treatment of innocents it affects me as I hope it would every civilized person. The man is simply a monster.

How those jurors were able to sit through weeks and weeks, six weeks in all, and then go into a closed room for ten days to discuss what they had heard and seen, and still retain their sanity is beyond me. Anyone that has ever sat on a jury knows how difficult it can be. But to sit on a jury for that amount of time and listen to a recitation of pure evil, day after day, would sap the life energy out of anyone. All of those jurors, each and every one, is a hero beyond laurels. They should all get a life’s pass from ever facing an ordeal like that again.

I have often thought that there should be a “predatory behavior” category to crime. When a person uses strength or position to do personal harm to another human, it becomes predatory behavior. Rapists, child molesters, abusers, those that will beat someone in order to rob them, they are all predators and not worthy to keep company with the rest of humanity. For they have no humanity. Kermit Gosnell certainly fits into this category. To continue go to

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Week In The Life.....

This is not going to  be a good week in the life of  Barack Hussein Obama. Even his tight little bubble of sycophants will not be able to shield him from the storm that is brewing. And it is not just one storm. It is a synchronicity of storms that are going to converge over Washington and rain all over his never ending campaign parade.

Just when they thought that they had successfully guided Benghazi through the "deny, deny, deny, old news cycle", like the movie monsters of old it rose again to create havoc in an administration ill equipped to take the hit. Once the whistle blowers started talking publicly about the mismanagement, bad decisions, and evil behavior previous to and through that horrifying attack, others will be drawn out. It is the nature of people to want to share their bad experiences as it helps to bring healing to themselves and revenge against those that did the harm. When the snow has started to shift,  stand aside the avalanche cannot be far behind.

Since Obama and his administration, by their own admission, have never been responsible for anything bad, someone else must take the blame. They made what is possibly the worst mistake possible in selecting the CIA to dump on. To put it nicely, the professionals at the CIA do not take kindly to taking the hit for politicians. I suspect they put politicians in slightly lower regard than creepy-crawly things with six or more legs that inhabit damp spaces under rocks. But these are smart and devious people at the CIA. They know how to strike back in a way that the President will never see coming and it will not be traceable to them.

On top of that we have the IRS scandal blowing up. It has not been unheard of that, occasionally, in the past an enemy or two of the administration in power might be examined in a little more detail than what would be appropriate. But this group has gone wholesale with the process. Calling for an audit of any group with patriot or tea party in it's name or any group that teaches about the Constitution is way over the top. And that is not to mention individuals that supported Romney and are also getting the treatment. No group of underlings in Ohio could get away with this without the notice and consent of management. Heads must roll. Remember, the IRS is supposed to administer Obamacare. This one could get very interesting.

Under normal circumstances I would think that either the FBI or the Secret Service would investigate these charges against the IRS. But under Eric Holder the Justice Department has become so politicized as to be ineffective. That has been exemplified by the truly poor work and worse communications involving the Boston bombing.

Our government is off course and, I feel, turning against us. It all comes back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But as the President constantly comes on TV stating his abject surprise and dismay over every breaking scandal we ask, who is running the country? We have over three years of this administration left. Pray for gridlock because nothing they do makes life in America any better.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Prosperity is a word that you seldom hear used any more. It seems the politicians that we hire to run our country for us have decided that we have had too much prosperity in the past and they were going to change that. I can remember before America discovered prosperity. Some people had found it, but they kept it to themselves. Common folk could see it from a distance but were not allowed to share. Everybody knew who the mill owner was as he drove by in his Cadillac. He didn't know them.

In the days before WWII, few people owned their own homes. Working people rented “flats” in two and three deckers. They worked with their hands in mills and factories. Every Friday each employee would get a little manila envelope with their weeks pay in cash. Most of the women that worked, took employment in stores as clerks and other basic jobs since they got little or no training in school. If they did get any training it was generally in secretarial work. It was a short trip from high school to the work force in those days.

Suddenly, along came the war and the men went off to fight. The factory work had to be done more than ever, due to the war effort. So the women went off to the factories to produce what the world needed to survive. My grandmother, then in her mid forties and weighing about 90 pounds soaking wet, was a laborer in a wire factory. They were tough days.

But then the war ended and GI s that came back had an opportunity to get an education under the GI Bill. Many took that opportunity. Instead of being mechanics they became engineers, or doctors, or lawyers. Prosperity for the average family hadn't arrived yet but it was right around the corner. Those ex GI s had seen the world. They got an education and moved up in the world. They wanted to own their own homes, not live in flats like their parents. To continue go to

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Dismal (But Necessary) Science

One of the first things my economics professor told our class was that economics has been referred to as “the dismal science”. The second thing he told us was that the economics textbook could cure insomnia. I found that in his second thought he was absolutely correct. The book was deadly boring. But economics as a dismal science is totally wrong.

While the book was useful for looking up individual facts, it was unreadable. In class, however, with human interaction in the form of questions and debate, economics became vibrant and exciting. So much of human interaction is based on economics, I cannot understand how people are not excited by it.

I have felt, for many years, that the college “economics 101” course should actually be taught as a required senior level high school course. What brought me to this opinion was  watching “man on the street” interviews on politically based TV shows and reading the comments section of news articles. I have found that there is a dearth of economic understanding in this country and perhaps in the world. Maybe this is why politicians get away with so much spin. If you sound like you know what you are talking about, and the people you are addressing know less than you do, they will, often, just accept your statements as fact. To continue, go to

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Unofficial Dictionary of Obama-Speak

I watch and read a lot of news. It bothers me how our President will play fast and loose with the English language to his own benefit. So I thought it would be entertaining and informative to collect a few and present them here.

Post Racial = Most Racial

Transparency = Like a brick wall

I take full responsibility = It's Bush's fault

Lead from behind = Retreat

I will not rest until… = I got a tee time in an hour

I promise the American People = Don’t bet on it

I have lowered taxes for the middle class = Hide your money

I don’t want to take your guns = Hide your guns

We need more spending = Even John Maynard Keynes would have bailed out by now

Our borders are more secure than ever = Borders? We’ve go borders?

The job market is improving = In China

Stop the transfer of illegal weapons = Unless to Mexican cartels or Muslim terrorists

Terrorist = Evangelical Christian

Overspending = no such concept

Truth = Whatever Democrats say

Lie = Everything Republicans say

Line in the sand = Line? What line? I don’t see no stinkin line.

Mexican violence = American problem

Islamic terror = American problem

Job training = Paper or plastic, Maam?

I did every thing possible about Benghazi = It's Hillary's fault

I am sure that there are many more. This is just a quick sampling. But in general a great deal of what he says means just the opposite. So watch carefully what he says and watch even more carefully what he does.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Benghazi Final

Thank you to all the people, bloggers, news-people,and the general public, that never forgot Benghazi. The river of information is flowing. It will soon be a flood. The wall of spin and lies is coming down, as it should. When an administration allows good people to die, when they could have been saved it has lost all moral authority. I also believe that they have given up their right to lead. Those in the press that supported this cover up do not deserve your support. They stopped being neutral arbiters of the truth and became a cheering section for illegal and immoral manipulation of public power.

I am satisfied that we are getting to the truth. Even some of the Presidents own party are starting to ask the right questions. I will stop my monthly reprint of my Benghazi article now. I don't know if I helped, but I know I had to try. 

God speed to those that are doing the necessary work. They never weakened. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

See No Evil

Remember “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil“? They used to be represented by three monkeys. I don’t think you can say that now, because it would be interpreted as racist by the politically correct crowd. Let’s just say they were represented by three characters. Those three traits are well represented in government today. And that is not a good thing. The Benghazi cover-up is the latest example that proves the point.

We have a President who represents “see no evil“. First the story was that a mob that erupted over a dumb movie trailer about Islam. He was so sure of this that he sent the Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, out on the Sunday morning talking heads circuit, fully armed with White House talking points, to sell this fabrication. It didn’t sell well when it was pointed out that this supposed flash mob had RPGs and AK-47s. The administration insisted it had to be a mob because Obama had defeated Al Qaeda. But mobs seldom sustain an attack for twelve hours. Usually mobs will get tired and hungry at some point and disperse even if authorities don’t show up to disperse them. 

For seven weeks this story was put out by the administration, hoping that eventually the public would forget about it. The press helped by walking away from, what may turn out to be, the biggest story of the Obama administration. An attack on American territory with Americans, including the Ambassador, being killed with no attempt to save them is a huge story. For the press to walk away from that is malfeasance. To continue go to

Thursday, May 2, 2013

If I Were A Carpenter

Saturday afternoon I was sitting, with my wife, in our living room. I looked for something to watch on TV. PBS was showing “This Old House”. I used to watch that show regularly years ago. As we watched the show, I found myself smiling. It brought back some good memories for both of us.

We had been married for just five years. We had two little ones. My career hadn't taken off yet. But we wanted a house. The fact that we couldn't afford a house did not deter us. We had babies. Babies need a yard. We were going to give them one. The search was on. Everything we looked at was just out of range. That is until a friend mentioned that he wanted to sell his house and told me the least he would accept. He wasn't trying to sell me the house. He was just making conversation. I looked at him and said “sold”.

I called my wife and told her I had just bought a house. As I did this without consulting her there was some kerfluffle, but it all worked out. The day the original owners moved out, I started fixing up that house. I don’t think I ever stopped until we moved out, twenty-four years later. 

I could do electrical work and a little plumbing. But I had a couple of neighbors. One was a good plumber and the other was a good carpenter. We all worked on each others houses. We all got to be better at all the trades. But I learned one thing. I loved doing carpentry. It was too late for me to start all over again on a career path but I truly enjoyed swinging a hammer. To continue go to

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Random Thoughts - Seventeen

The gun haters love to hold England up as an example of a country that banned firearms. Maybe they should check their facts first. I just read where London had 149,654 violent crimes in 2012. Twice the per capita rate of Boston. And, at that, Boston has strict gun laws.

Does any rational person believe that those two idiots in Boston did that all alone? There was at least a handler to organize them and a bomb maker. You don't just read a magazine article and make a bomb like those. They probably had some financial support too.

Slowly but surely the Benghazi cover up is falling apart. This could possibly destroy the Obama administration forever. Beside this Watergate was nothing. I just wish the press would stop being part of the cover up and do what they are supposed to do. Just report facts. Honestly. Now it seems that the government is threatening the careers of those that would testify. Obama claimed at his news conference that he knows nothing. He did not wear his Sargent Schultz uniform at the time. 

Note to Republicans: Do not back down on sequester. For once you are winning an issue.

Has anyone ever heard this phrase from the Hippocratic Oath, "First do no harm."? Apparently Dr. Gosnell has not. How can he stand himself? For me, he defines evil.

Congratulations to Virgin Group on their successful rocket test. It is amazing what private money can and will do if government stands out of their way.

Don't forget Mother's Day coming up. Rubies and roses are always nice.

How about those Red Sox. Amazing what one year and a change of manager will do. Just stay healthy guys. I'm getting old and I want to see one more World Series.

Point of pride. My blog has been read in 67 countries. I'm hoping for 70 this year. I'll let you know if I make it.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis is planning to change the way the GDP is calculated. Traditionally they have added the cost of research and development only when it is successful. Now they intend to use all R&D costs. Even failures. This is just wrong. They are breaking tradition only to give their boss, Barack Obama, a bump in the growth figures. In other words, his ego is more important than honestly reporting the state of the economy to the American people. 

Note to Ron Paul: Give your son a break. He's got a shot. You don't. So why don't you have a few years of silence so he can take that shot.

Can anyone explain to me how the administration can get a lawyer for a terrorist in two days but can't protect Benghazi whistleblowers, as required by law, in two weeks?