Friday, July 29, 2016

The Cult Of The Thug

Thug is actually a very old word. It is derived from the word thugee. The Thugees were a cult of assassins that started in the mid-thirteen hundreds and lasted for about six hundred years. The Thugees seem to have started in Muslim countries but moved into India. As time went on, the cult was shared by Muslims and Hindus.

Today, we have a brand new thug cult. It has originated and has its base of support, right here in the United States. It may have started years ago with the Irish gangs of New York and later the Italian gangs, lovingly depicted in West Side Story, but rappers, extolling the gangster lifestyle, have driven it into popular society.

They told powerless and aimless young men that they could have power by acting the punk. By abandoning civilized standards and by raining violence down on the unprepared. Attack at random and make sure that the odds are long in your favor, is their mantra. Jail time is considered a badge of honor.

When one lives in poverty, with no role models, education, hope, or skills, grabbing what you want at the expense of others must seem like a viable alternative to having nothing. 

Now we have another group encouraging the thug life style. It is called "Black Lives Matter". It would better to call it, "Police Lives and White Lives Don't Matter". To make a bad situation worse, these misguided people have the encouragement of the President of the United States, the Democrat candidate for President, and much of the Democrat party.

This evil group-think will have to end. Society will not allow this level of violence much longer. When it ends, it will end badly. Many black lives will suffer. The pandering politicians will suffer. And society as a whole will suffer. Right now, thuggish activity has inertia. weak minded young people are buying into it. They have not the experience nor the foresight to realize that they must fail.

Barack Obama promised "hope and change". What he has delivered is "hopeless change". But change will come. It always does. True hope seems a lot harder to come by. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Delete The Political Elite

It is way past time to delete the political elite. They have overstayed their welcome. Most have betrayed their oath. Most care not a whit for the country or its citizens. They care only for themselves and the wealth and power that they gain through their high offices.

To be clear, I am not referring to just the liberal elite. With a few rare exceptions, the eternal members of both parties are guilty. Those who arrived in Washington with no intent to ever leave. Most that come to our great capitol, even if they have stars in their eyes and a desire to serve, soon get corrupted.

Human nature makes us all similar in many ways. There are those in Washington who understand that and specialize in the manipulation of the gullible and the greedy. Very few politicians end their careers poor. Just look at the money that the Obamas have accrued in twelve sort years. Very little of that was from salaries.

Washington is the public equivalent of a J.C. Penny store. Everything has a price tag. Pay the price and your fondest desires will be delivered. But if you don't bring money or large blocs of votes to the party, you get the left over dregs from the garbage.

To prove a point, look at the veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country. Look at the way those in Washington treat these brave men and women when they are in need. They are sloughed off like so much detritus by uncaring civil servants who have poor, if any, management.

Competence is a liability. Just do what you are told. Directions come down from the top. Pass it on down and do what you are ordered. No one ever gets fired and unearned bonuses are the order of the day.

The disruption of this years presidential campaigns show that people are catching on and they are angry. I only hope they stay angry for a good long time and clean out the mess that is our political elite.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Don't Interfere

When someone you disagree with is, single-handedly, destroying their own argument, stand out of the way and let them. In that spirit, this will probably be a very short essay. I am referring to the Democrat debacle in Philadelphia. Though in this case it is not a single handed effort. They are all just champing at the bit to go politically suicidal.

The decor of the arena is a tribute to the Democrat party. Gray, dull, and missing the American flag. Suddenly to these elitist intelligentsia the United States has just become a wide spot in the road to globalism. Their dreams of a massive federal government are only exceeded by the nightmare of an even more massive global government.

What a great idea to let twenty something aides and staff, email their fondest ideas of ways to disrupt the opposition through lies, innuendo, and false flag plots. Just let their most destructive impulses roam free and in writing. Hey, what are the chances that it will ever become public and take down the chairman of the DNC.

The best move at that point is obviously to turn the gavel over to the Mayor of Baltimore who, when Baltimore was under siege, told the police to stand back and give their local thugs room to destroy homes and businesses.

Speakers are very important at a political convention. They set the tone for the next four years. With the rash of murders of police officers lately, it might have been nice to invite some of their family members to remember the lives of those who have fallen in service to their communities.

That is not to be. Instead they have chosen to have the families of those killed in confrontations with police, casting doubt on the police and exacerbating the problems of the inner cities. Mistakes do happen, but most of the time it's cops versus thugs. I'll take the cops, thank you.

So, much of the attending crowd is Bern-ing up. Their shouts and jeers play well to those of us in fly over country. We all know that they are living back in the power politics of the past. Power is never given away. It must be torn from the hands of those that wield it. That will not be this year in Democrat land.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Right To Be Wrong

In the case of this little essay, we will define wrong as being divergent from the opinions held dear by the liberal elite. With most people true or false is an absolute term. With liberals, everything is relative.

But Hillary has a cure. If she should become President, (please God, don't let it happen) she would open "Fun Camps" where dissenters could be sent for re-education. Probably similar to other fun camps like those in Russia, China, and North Korea. 

Really? In the land of the free and the brave, a presidential candidate wants to open American gulags. That is, far and away, the most frightening thing I have heard in years.

Then there are those wonderful state Attorneys General who, at the suggestion of that great liberal thinker, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, wanted to sue companies and organizations that differ from the liberal cant on global warming. Or climate change. Or global climate chaos. Or whatever divisive name they are calling it now.

Climate science, like any other science, needs disagreement by a peer structure. Otherwise we would still believe the sun circles a flat earth. Liberals don't seem to understand that science is not a political decision.

We must also include Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a member of the DCC, (Democrat Criminal Conspiracy) who would prosecute those who speak of Islam in anything but positive and glowing terms. She deems that hate speech, therefore prosecutable. Apparently her copy of the Constitution has had the First Amendment removed. Of course, she has no such problems with Christianity or Judaism. 

It is strange times in which we live that American people, particularly high ranking American officials, think like this. It is not only strange, it is dangerous. It is Orwellian. I pray that Americans who go to the polls this November think very carefully about where they place their vote. Those "Fun Camps" won't be much fun.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Police Are Surrounded

I do not mean that the police are literally surrounded. I mean it in a more figurative sense. There are those at the top and those at the bottom, and both  mean to do harm. But in, oh such different ways. One group with words and the other with bullets.

First of all, let's all offer up a prayer for those who have cruelly and unjustly been taken from us. Also pray for those still willing to go out on the streets in spite of the abject evil of those stalking them to do even more harm.

The greatest danger to our police comes from people at the top. They are building the narrative that feeds the anger of the minority population. Some of those at the top are public people who's names we know. The president. Nancy Palozzi. The Black Political Caucus. Harry Reid. And a large cast of far left pols. 

The tale of racism in the police departments is supported by a liberal press who see every card drawn from the deck as a race card. But the most important are those that finance these protests. Does anyone really believe that these protests are spontaneous gatherings of interested citizens. Please. They are well planned and paid for. 

I understand that the going rate for a protester is five thousand dollars a month and all you can loot. Transportation is provided. That is why some faces show up at every fracas no matter where.

Once again, those at the top of the heap are manipulating those who are most needy or most greedy. Nothing new there. But among the most needy, there are always a few who become true believers. Their belief compels them to take action. 

Sometimes these true believers act on their own. A few have military skills. Most just act in deranged anger. There are also those out there who will assist them with guns, ammo, explosives, what ever they need to create chaos. 

When an group proclaims a need for violence and murder, they have gone over to the ranks of terrorist organizations. I include in this, Black Lives Matter and the Nation of Islam. One more point. Every police chief and sheriff in the country should require protective armor and tactical helmets for all officers and all officers should travel in pairs. 

Protect the cops. We need them.

Friday, July 15, 2016

An Open Letter To France

To the people of France, our prayers are with you. Once again, you are in the midst of a war that you had no part in starting, a war that has been waged for over a century. This is a war waged by Fundamental Islam against all who they see as infidel. 

France was one of the first victims of this war back in 676 AD, when Muslim armies attacked Tours. What we are facing today, is that same war. It is a war supported by those that accept the Quran as the immutable word of Allah as disclosed by their prophet Muhammad. The word is the law and true believers must obey.

Some obey by acquiescence, some by support, and some by taking part in what has been labeled Jihad. Those believers that would support an Islamic reformation are mostly silent for fear of their lives. Such thoughts alone make them infidel.

I believe President Hollande to be a strong and motivated man. All of France should stand with him. But France cannot fight back alone. The newly independent Great Britain would be a worthy ally, as would Israel. I am embarrassed to admit that my own country would not be a reliable ally at this time. Pray God, that will change soon.

While we are civilized people, they fight in the most uncivilized way possible. Meanwhile they strive for ever more powerful weapons. When they feel they have reached a tipping point, they will not hesitate to open the gates of hell. Armageddon is their goal.

Civilized people everywhere must realize that this is a true world war, in every sense. And we have all let the enemy into our tents, so to speak. We must guard our homes and our borders. We must stand as one. We must void ourselves of suicidal political correctness. Civilization depends on it and this is Frances' opportunity to lead.

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Great Enabler

Last night I sat awake having a problem with an achy hip. As I was hoping for sleep my mind was wandering and I started thinking about Barack Obama. Having pain and being tired makes my mind play evil tricks.

Thinking that, since they called George Washington the "Father of our Country" and Abraham Lincoln the"Great Emancipator", we needed a name for our present President. Thinking about his record over the past seven plus years, I came up with the Great Enabler.

It started when he enabled the drug cartels to send straw buyers to gun shops in the United States to purchase firearms and smuggle them back into Mexico. They were going to track these weapons and close down the cross border gun trade. Someone forgot to tell those who were supposed to do the tracking, so the tracking never got done. But this massive error enabled those guns to be brought back into the US in the hands of criminals.

He enabled the IRS to harass conservative groups speaking out against the Presidents policies and enabled those employees of the IRS who were responsible to avoid paying the price.

He enabled people from other countries to cross our borders, live in our country, drive a car, vote, and get welfare. He enabled those from Muslim countries to come here, form enclaves, and promote sharia law in opposition to our Constitution.

He enabled racial division in this country worse than I have seen in my lifetime. He has enabled those that hate the police to feel justified and righteous taking the law into their own hands.

He has enabled grown men to follow young girls into a ladies rest rooms without fear of repercussion. He has enabled boys and men so inclined, to play sports as women, totally ruining the experience for those who have a true right to play the game.

He has enabled the one percent to get even richer over his term, while the middle class and the poor languish.

He has enabled the nation of Iran to act as if they were a super-power. To take American sailors prisoner and get away with it. The threaten our greatest ally in the Middle East with impunity. To Finance terrorism around the globe.

He has enabled the existence of ISIS.

He has enabled Vladimir Putin to reassert Russian dreams of the old and failed USSR and for China to create a Chinese hegemony in the South China Sea. 

With a record like that, he certainly deserves the title, "The Great Enabler.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Touchables!

Back in my youth, there was a television show that I much enjoyed. It was called "The Untouchables". It starred Robert Stack as Eliot Ness. The show was based on a group of FBI agents, formed to go after organized crime by any and all legal means.

The men that were part of this super-squad were called the untouchables because they were seen as devoted to the rule of law and honest beyond reproach. They could not be reached by bribe nor threat. Their job was to mete out the law with neither fear nor favor.

Every kid in those days wanted to join the FBI, grab a Thompson sub-machine gun, and follow Robert Stack into whatever dens of iniquity they could find. Ah, yes, those were the good old days.

Today, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is not looking so hot. As a matter of fact, they are looking a little shabby. "Without fear nor favor" just got flushed. As did "equal treatment under the law". 

James Comey, the Director, had a reputation as a lawman's lawman. A stand up guy. It was said that if his investigation into Hillary Clinton got flushed, he would resign. He would go public and embarrass both Secretary Clinton and the Obama administration.

No one expected him to flush it himself and embarrass no one but himself. He has become Hillary's wing man, her beard. He has become, I am sorry to say, the leader of "the Touchables". This will never be a hit TV show and no one want to star in it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Random Thoughts - Eighty-Three

Last night, as I have for many years, I watched the Boston Pops Independence Day celebration. I was hugely disappointed. The magnificent Boston Pops orchestra was relegated to being a bit part player supporting two mediocre talents with a program aimed exclusively toward teeny-boppers with barely a hint of the great patriotic music I had hoped for. I shall not waste my time next year.

That nice chummy meeting, on the tarmac, between old pals, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, just made me wonder how many chummy meetings they may have had in Bill's glory days. And, of course, it is a coincidence that the day after, Hillary said the she would like to keep Ms. Lynch on as AG. Now I don't want anyone thinking that there may have been influence buying or selling there. I am sure this is all perfectly innocent. Right?

So now Air Force One has become the campaign bus for Hillary and the President. In your face America!

So now we find out that Hillary sent her daily calendar to be incinerated. That was government property that was supposed to be archived. She knew that. But she is the new queen. Welcome to the monarchy of America. When will they be bringing out those guillotines that they have stored away?

With a good VP pick and a more presidential manner, Donald Trump could pull this out. He may not be the perfect choice, but compared to Hillary, he is George Washington and Superman, rolled into one.

I enjoy the Sunday evening show, "The Insiders", on Fox News. But Doug Schoen's sickening smirk when he gloats that Hillary is ahead in the polls is getting to me. He may be her friend, but that should give him even better insight as to how she would handle the presidency. 

I was beginning to lose faith in my Red Sox, but they seem to be coming back strong. Hey, every team slumps once in a while. They seem to need some immediate changes made in the pitching staff. I can think of three who have exceeded their "sell by" date.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy Independence Day

Everyone have a happy and safe Independence Day. Spend a few minutes thinking about the genius of the founding fathers. They built the framework for future generations to build a great nation. Be proud to be an American, it is a privilege not to be waste. 

Image result for american flag

A cautionary note: Do not spend the fourth drinking a fifth for you will be truly sorry for it                                        on the sixth and the seventh.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Free Trade Ain't Free

First of all. I believe in free trade. Free trade was explained to me in my junior high school civics class. Back in those days there were forty-eight contiguous states. Free trade was explained by exemplifying produce grown in California and bought in Massachusetts. There were no tariffs or taxes added. Cost of product plus cost of transportation plus profit was what you paid. (Yes, I know that is over simplified, so don't pull my chain.) That is the free trade that I believe in.

The difference between that "free trade" and today's "free trade" is freedom. In the upper forty-eight, you applied for a job. If the wages were unacceptable, you moved on. Entrepreneurs started companies and sank or swam by pure ability, ambition, and hard work.

Not so much in today's market. Free trade is no longer under one national government. It is an international treaty. The differences in countries and governments far exceed the differences between the states. 

In some countries the price paid for labor amounts to slave wages. So, if a manufacturer, anywhere in the world wants a product produced, that manufacturer will go where the cost of labor is cheapest. In those countries, it benefits the ruling class to keep their people hungry and poor.

When a company sets up a manufacturing facility in a foreign land they bring their technology with them. At that point, they lose control of that technology because that, oh so friendly, foreign government now has access to it. Governments that have no concern about American patents and trademarks. Since basic technology has many uses, many times this "borrowed" knowledge surfaces as weapons of war.

One of Americas greatest strengths is our creativeness and ingenuity. These trade agreements force us to pass out the fruits of this creativeness like candy at Halloween.

Ultimately, today's version of "free trade" has a price. It is a price that the American people pay in lost jobs in order to get cheap products into the Walmarts and Costcos. One thing is sure, we have to stop giving away the store.