Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Behind The Broadsheet Curtain

From the time that he got his drivers license, the President has lived behind the broadsheet curtain. To be more precise, he has lived in big cities and in liberal conclaves. From Boston in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts to Chicago to Washington D.C., he has never lived out among the people.

Our President has not had the experiences that have molded most of us in the country. He has never had to climb up on a roof to fix a leak. He has never hiked in woods that didn't have man made paths and signs to prevent one from getting lost. He has never gone out and caught, cleaned, and cooked his own dinner.

In a news article last week, we were told that the President has an 80 % approval rating in Washington D.C. That is the bubble in which he lives. It is also the bubble that he takes with him when he travels. He is surrounded by handlers and protection. He hears what they tell him and read what is in the Washington Post and the New York Times. All else is just background noise to be ignored.

Out here in the cities and towns, among people that will get their hands dirty, the experience of living is far different. We know that we are not people of privilege. We know that we are the working stiffs that just want a decent job and a chance to get ahead. We also know that it is successful companies that give us opportunity, not the almighty government.

We have learned through life experience, something that hasn't penetrated the broadsheet curtain. We have learned that government does not give, it takes. We and the country are successful when it takes less. We fully realize that a government that cannot restrain it's own baser instincts causes, sometimes irreparable, harm. That is what we are facing today.

A President whose horizon is no farther than the sound of his own voice, is not a President for the ages. A man who hears only the voice in his own head, is not a visionary. Circumstances, both foreign and domestic, are closing in on us. And what solution is presented to us. Even more of what has so far failed. The only happy place is behind the broadsheet curtain. 

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