Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Thoughts - Thirty-two

I am in the middle of my mid-winter depression and the only thing that gives me hope is that pitchers and catchers have reported for spring training.

I wish I could understand why liberals hate the Koch brothers so deeply when they good American that just differ in opinion, while they adore a Hungarian, money grubbing, globalist like George Soros.

I am reading where Hillary Clinton is the natural successor to Barack Obama. This is true. Other than a short stint in real world jobs both have lived off of political largesse. Neither has had any previous management experience. The are both far left ideologues. The question is, why in the world would we want her as President.

I must give Barack Obama credit. When ever the question of jobs comes up, he can change the subject faster than I would have thought humanly possible. Mr. Obama, we are not interested in income inequality or climate change. Americans need to get back to work and have an equal opportunity.

So our new Secretary of State has now proclaimed global warming more dangerous than terrorism. Right now I think more people are afraid of freezing to death than heat prostration. Hey, don't let the facts upset your agenda.

And aren't the talks with Iran going well. They haven't even started and Iran is declaring that the United States lost. What is frightening is that they are probably right.

There is no question in my mind. The Republican party needs new leadership. The present leadership has a mindset stuck in the 1980s. Times have changed and it is still your fathers GOP.

Not allowing the Keystone XL pipeline is the predominant sign that this administration does not have America's best interests at heart. It would cost no public money. It would create jobs. It would add to energy independence. It is far safer than transporting oil on Mr. Buffett's tank cars.

In the latest chapter of "Buy a Party", a very rich man named Tom Steyer has pledged one hundred million dollars to the Democrats that will support his anti-American green agenda. This agenda includes voting down the Keystone XL pipeline and fighting "Global Warming". I'm sure that the Democrats, being loyal America first types, will turn him down. Sure they will!

I have been quiet about Benghazi lately. That is because there seems to be a slow but steady leak of information surfacing. I think, soon someone will have an attack of conscience and spill the rest. We are a long way from the end of this story but we are making progress.

There is a recent quote from the White House that "the economic picture is much brighter thanks to Obama". Not so much. While unemployment figures have gone down slightly, fewer people are working than since the early seventies. Many are just no longer looking for work. They have given up so the administration no longer counts them as unemployed. Many that are employed have had their hours cut back to part time. On top of this, we are sitting on a financial bubble that could burst at any time. The big money is moving into protective mode. No the economic picture is not bright.

By the way, Obamacare is still a mess.

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