Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Artful Dodger

The Artful Dodger was a character in Oliver Twist noted for his cunning. Unfortunately, our modern day artful dodger, also noted for his cunning, is not a character in a novel. He is the President of our country.

He may be called the artful dodger because it impossible to fathom whether he is making a mess of everything that he is involved with or scoring perfect bulls eyes in an agenda that is beyond our understanding.

Take, for instance, our relationships with our two greatest international friends, Great Britain and Israel. Mr. Obama has turned them into a shambles. They no longer trust us. We have, in fact, even threatened Israel that we would shoot their bombers out of the sky should they attack Iran. So, does he just not play well with friends or is he being a bully to them as a tool to gain Iran's trust?

While Iran is screaming "death to America" and destroying a replica of an American aircraft carrier, our President is cutting them slack by the mile. While freeing Iranian money sanctioned in the United States, he has acceded to every demand within the nuclear agreement negotiations. Even to considering letting them keep the refined uranium that they had agreed to ship to Russia. Is this inept bargaining to get an agreement accepting that any agreement will do and will enhance his legacy or does he think that a nuclear armed Iran is a good thing?

Why does Mr. Obama pull a such a quick trigger on racial issues publicly, before all of the information is known. It does nothing but stir up anger and unrest. Is it because he is an angry man and not near so contemplative as we were led to believe? Or is he purposefully exploiting the race issue to divide Americans?

With Barack Obama as our President, the stress level in the world in general and here in the United States has increased immeasurably. This is, in large part, either due to his direct actions or due to his lack of action. Is he as inept as he appears or is he truly an artful dodger with an agenda that is not completely clear?

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