Friday, March 6, 2015

A Political Denouement

Hillary was deprived in life. While she more than equaled her husband in ambition, she never had his political skill or acumen. But even worse, while Bubba is slick and charming, she is acerbic. 

But still, she is a highly placed woman with huge name recognition and an equally huge support base. There are two things that are important to Hillary. Money and to be the first woman President of the United States. Well, she certainly has the money. And she continues to get more regardless of the sources.

As far as the President thing, I don't see that happening. For oh so many reasons. Her qualifications are: she's a woman and she has lived in the Whitehouse playing second fiddle to Bubba. If Bubba was having a good day, Hillary was actually third fiddle. That's about it, gender and exposure.

But she has so much working against her that as a candidate she would be a slowly moving target. Like the bear in a nineteen fifties arcade game. And her control hungry comrades know that. While some would drop her like a hot rock, others see some value in her but not as President.

Then there are some that feel having Bubba back trolling the White House corridors would be like something from Gilbert and Sullivan. A huge comic operetta staged for the entertainment of the "little people".

But with a history of ineptitude ala Hillarycare, multiple scandals through the years, from futures trading through Benghazi, her shrill scream of "What, at this time, does it matter?", and now Hillary mail, even her dear friends at the New York Times are turning on her. When a liberal woman loses the Times, she has lost it all.

The fabulists in the Democrat party see the advantages of a younger, more attractive, better spoken candidate with less baggage. They realize that, as much as Hillary thinks that it is her turn, she is very vulnerable. It is unlikely that she could win in 2016. 

So the long knives are drawn. Favors are called in. Telephone calls are made. The questions get more penetrating. That lovely free ride becomes the roller coaster from hell. The political denouement begins.

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