Monday, March 30, 2015

A Nation Of Laws

Americans are a free people. Most likely, we are still the freest people in the world. We are blessed with the God given freedom that is owed to all of mankind and promised to us in our Constitution. But we are also a nation of laws. We are, every one of us, of what ever station, constrained by those laws.

But, we the people write our own laws. Not directly, of course, there are just too many of us for a direct democracy. Our founders gave us a republic, whereby we elect our representatives and put the burden of writing fair and honest laws upon them. They take an oath and swear to act honorably and justly in our behalf.

To our detriment, some of our elected official have an terribly weak sense of honor. They see elected office as a potential for personal financial gain, a gain in personal power, or both. Examine the finances of any politician who stays in office more than two or three terms. Somehow they all seem to leave office far far better off than how they arrived.

The press, in their own inimitable style seem to find that faults of some politicians more egregious than others. To put it bluntly, in today's press, liberals get a free ride. Presently, Hillary Clinton is their superstar. Wow, she's a woman and wants to be President. Their eyes widen and their breath quickens and real qualifications no longer matter. Faults no longer matter. High crimes and misdemeanors no longer matter. 

So what that she lied about good men getting killed at Benghazi. So what that she shrieked during a congressional investigation, "at this time, what does it matter?" So what that she used her position as Secretary of State to solicit funding for the Clinton Foundation from foreign countries who want favors from the United States. So what that she ran an illegal e-mail system to hide her activities. So what that she destroyed much of that e-mail system when she was under fire. So what that she likely ran a personal off-the-books intelligence operation. Hey, she's Hillary. The darling of the liberal media.

We have a President that shreds the Constitution and is ruling rather than governing. Then we have a woman who wishes to be his replacement, who thinks that she is a law unto herself. Both situations are just wrong. We need better. And if we don't have better very soon, we will be destroyed. We are already sliding down the scale of personal freedom and financial freedom. Let us not hit bottom.

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