Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Define Ally

It was, a short time ago, that America had allies. It had enemies. And there were a few neutral parties around and about. Our President promised to "fundamentally transform" a country that needed no transformation, so now we have a very different situation.

We now have America's allies. Obama's allies (I can't really think of any real ones). Those that Obama think or hopes will prove to be his allies. And Switzerland.

For some inexplicable reason our long time and faithful allies such as Great Britain, Israel, and Canada seem to be held in some level of disdain by our President. These countries have been great and good friends through the years. They have always had our back as we have had theirs. They deserve better respect.

The scary ones are the ones that our President wants to be his allies. The ones he kow-tows to in the hope that humble behavior will earn their friendship and trust. He tried it with Russia and they walked all over him right into the Crimea. 

He has promised the Ayatollahs in Iran everything but a night in the Lincoln bedroom and it appears that within ten years they will have ICBMs with nuclear warheads. Plus huge oil profits to continue funding terror. Well that went well. 

Well there is always the Castro brothers. The ones in Cuba, not the ones in Texas. We have yet to see where that goes, but it seems Cuba is very active in South America assisting Iran in turning old neglected friends there, against us. Soon, Cuba, Russia, and China will wield more influence from the Panama Canal south than we do.

So who is the Obama team making overtures to now? Bashir Assad, that's who. Yes, the man that ignored Barack's red lines, one after the other, is now a candidate for new best friend. 

So once again I say, thank God for March Madness. All Presidential activity will stop until the brackets are filled and the tourney is over. Then off to the golf course. And there must be a vacation coming up. This may be the only hope we have for the immediate future.

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