Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Take Two Aspirin

Anyone who thinks that ISIS is not an existential threat should tell that to Christians in Syria or Kurds in Iraq. They are a growing threat as they connect with Boko Haram and al Qaeda all over the Middle East and into Africa. They threaten vile and evil retribution against all they consider infidel. Anyone who isn't them.

But they go far beyond guns, swords, and blood in the field. They have brains and training. ISIS plans for the future. They understand the digital world. It started with using social media to recruit. They go to the impressionable young people where they live, right into their bedrooms. They give them e-messages about the glory of living a life fighting for Allah and the greater glory of martyrdom. It works. Young men and women are flocking to them.

They understand the value of intelligence and of having a fifth column out in our world. Not all of their recruits are used as cannon fodder. Many are sent out to infiltrate the enemy. Us. Either to glean information, become a lone wolf threat, or to group up and form a cadre behind enemy lines.

They understand the use of psychology. Combined with computer technology, they have a new and modern method to spread fear. The names and addresses of one hundred American military families have been posted on their website including pictures. These were not random selections. The people they named were specifically involved in air attacks against ISIS. They asked those that believe in Allah and ISIS to attack these fine service people and their families, including innocent children.

To get the information on these families, ISIS had to have someone on the inside or had very capable hackers that could break into our military sites. Either situation is intolerable. ISIS must be destroyed. They get stronger and more vicious by the day.

Our country and American people need the protection that this administration seems incapable of giving. They cannot commit. ISIS is not the Junior Varsity. They need to be stopped before they do more serious damage. But we have people running the country that can't even refer to them as Islamic even though that is the term they use to describe   themselves. Our Presidents approach is the equivalent of "take two aspirin and relax. You'll feel better in the morning." I don't think so.

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