Friday, March 27, 2015


This will be a very brief blog today. I am being censored. I am not sure by who, but I think Facebook. I have had this blog for three years and written over 650 articles. While my blogs are rough on politicians, they are not rude, crude, or socially unacceptable. My grandkids read them on occasion and I would never write anything that I would not want them to be exposed to.

I put my blogs online in the morning. Then I view it myself to double check it is as I want it. Next I "share" with Google. Then I do the same on Facebook. For the past three days, when I try to share with Facebook, it comes up "service unavailable". 

If there is a way to get help on Facebook, I have yet to figure it out. So, if someone reads this, please try to share a link on Facebook and leave a comment sharing your results with me.

Thank you, Cranky

It seems I pulled the trigger too fast on that one. I just tried again and the link got posted. That is just weird. So all I can say is that I apologize to Facebook and anyone I have inconvenienced. 

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