Thursday, March 12, 2015

U Turn

I think we have had enough. Our country is just too dysfunctional to continue. The financial hole continues to get deeper and deeper. Positions have become polar. Discussions have been aborted but the screaming has never been more shrill. The country is in need of a major proctological examination. There are just too many rectal orifi out there.

There are regulations regarding the flying of the American flag. They have been in place for generations. Everyone who has been in the Boy Scouts or the military is aware of them. They are appropriate and necessary. Any flag flying within the scope of those regulations should never be questioned. No one should ever be forbidden the honor of flying our flag.

As to the young jackasses and jennyasses of college age, that seem to dislike the American Flag, I suggest they find a country that they think would improve their lives and go live there. They are not an asset to their country and bring shame on their family.

When they find that country, try the same garbage there. See how much tolerance you find for disrespectful behavior in other fun places. Over the years many good people died protecting the rights that that flag represents. To use those rights to disrespect the flag and those who gave their lives is disgraceful.

Grow up people. Stop taking umbrage at every little perceived slight or insult. Not everyone sees things through your eyes. Not everyone means their words the way you take them. The world does not revolve to insult you. And almost no one cares what you think. If you feel insulted, walk away. Don't tweet. Keep your comments off face book. Be a grownup.

Another thing. It is never appropriate to denigrate a persons faith. The military just told a Catholic chaplain that he couldn't talk about Jesus. That is just over the top on stupid. That is what chaplains are there for. There are people of faith in the military. They need and want the services of the chaplains. It is not the job of some fool in  a brass hat to tell a chaplain what he may and may not do in regards to his religious duties. 

There is no such thing as moral equivalency. There are things that are just plain bad. The idea that some may think a bad thing to be good, does not excuse it. Sneaking up on people and hitting them in the head seems to be popular among some. Even though those doing the hitting think it is fun, it is evil. As is stoning and genital mutilation and beheading. Intrinsic evil is never right no matter where the approval comes from. 

So lets turn a Uey here and start showing respect, honor, discipline, ambition. All the things that made Americans great people. We are losing that. Sometimes the old ways are better.

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