Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An Exercise In Futility

Who better to send on an exercise in futility than John Kerry. To his credit, he soldiers on (forgive the bad pun) in spite of being, what anyone else would recognize, on the path of wasted time. He will sit at a negotiating table accepting abuse from his opposition as if it were his due. He will continuously back down under pressure. He will agree to anything to get some kind of agreement even if it is just oral.

The administration's new best friends, the Iranians, are playing John Kerry, and in turn, Barack Obama, like a cheap violin. To anyone else the music they play would be shrill, off key, and awkward. To the gentlemen, Kerry and Obama, it is music from heaven. They want a deal so badly that any deal is a great deal.

President Obama is desperate for a legacy and Secretary Kerry is in hopes of a Nobel Prize. He still thinks about being President and he feels that would help. So as they scream "death to America", blow up a pretend US aircraft carrier, and promise that their next project is to wipe Israel off the map, our hotshot negotiating team, blinders firmly in place, pretend things are going well. "We just need a few more months."

Meanwhile as time passes and more sanctions are lifted, they continue to add centrifuges. They continue to make weapons grade uranium. And they continue to talk technology with their other best friends in North Korea.

It seems that they have these really interesting discussions about building ICBMs and the nuclear warheads that would fit on them. They talk about guidance systems that would direct them across continents and oceans.

So when they have stalled long enough. When they have all the bits and pieces in place. When they think they have the weapons to stand up to the United States and the European Union, they will sign a treaty. It will be passed to the Grand Ayatollah and he will simply say no. And that will define an exercise in futility. 

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