Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lose, Lose

Talk about having no coat tails. Talk about being a buzz killer. Help? Thanks but no thanks. So our happy-go-lucky, it's all about me President, has just lost his second election. This one by remote control. But he lost it, none the less.

In a blaze of soaring oration and ambiguous promises, Barack Obama won his first Presidential election. In honesty, the press had so maligned W that fluffy the cat could have won. But the adoring public also gave Obama the House and Senate. Full power. What he could have done with that? 

But he had an agenda. Make government bigger and more powerful and make America smaller and less powerful. And I am sure as I am sitting here that this plan was not just Obama's. There had to be power, planning, and money behind Obama's rise and success.

But he immediately started to take over one-sixth of the economy, down-size the military, and down-size America's place in the world. In these two ventures he has been all too successful.

Americans didn't completely take to his suddenly discovered goals or his tactics. To regain some control, in his second run, they took away the House. So Obama just issued Presidential orders and did what he wanted to anyway. With the full support of his power hungry minions. 

So America took away his lawful support in both the House and Senate. He became a loser. His reckless behavior took down many that devoted themselves to him. But he still revels in his unconstitutional management style with his veto pen and Presidential orders.

But once again, not appreciating reasonable limits, he went after a foreign head of state who is also a good friend of the United States. A man that is dedicated to the survival of his country. Barack Obama detests Bibi Netanyahu. I believe it is because Obama has a fondness for all things Muslim, while Netanyahu sees Islam as an existential threat.

So Obama sent a well financed crew of surrogates to get the opposition candidate elected. They say that some of that financing came from American taxpayers. That would be a crime. Figuratively if not literally. They did this by getting out the Arab vote. Yes, Arabs have full rights in Israel. It did not go well for our President.

So now we have a lose lose situation that we can chalk up to Barack. And just as we are starting into the thick of the next election cycle, with the leading Democrat candidate burdened with tons of well earned baggage, this election could get long, loud, and nasty.

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