Monday, March 16, 2015

It Must Be Nice To Be The King

Separate planes to go to California. It must be wonderful to be King and Queen. It must be grand to go through life with that blase' "let them eat cake" attitude. A whole plane for each of them. Amazing! My wife and I wouldn't have even taken separate cars to the mall. 

And it is not like these were trips of great importance. The Queen traveled all that way, at our expense, to dance on a TV show of little or no importance. While the King traveled to make a guest appearance on an equally unimportant late night show.

A major race crisis bubbling in this country, fueled by the Kings rhetoric, and the King and Queen are yukking it up with their Hollywood buds. The non-Islam Islamist army called ISIS is slaughtering people with chlorine gas, and our great and beloved leaders are prancing across the stage. But soon the King will be dedicated to the important work of filling in the March Madness brackets.

The country goes deeper in the hole, every minute of every day. They know this. They caused most of this. But would they economize in any way. Simply, NO. As I remember on one of their many vacations, they even allotted a whole plane to transport their beloved pooch. Who, if you will recall, the King named after himself. That may be why the pooch is beloved.

I see where they are bandying it about again, that the Queen should run in 2016 to replace the existing King. I know that the Queen feels like a prisoner in the White House. But if the Queen were elected then she would get the big plane and the big office. I'll bet she would like that better.

But if the Queen became the top dog, would the King become Prince Consort? I don't think it works that way, but who knows. The main thing would be to shoot down the Secretary of E-mails, who is actually the acclaimed Queen in Waiting, and not well loved by the present King and Queen.

In truth, the King, the Queen, and all of their tribe have made such a hash of running the realm, broad changes must be made, and made soon or the realm will be a realm no longer.

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