Friday, March 20, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-Seven

Why is Barack Obama's Presidency a failure. Because, in his selection of leadership personnel, he put gender, race, and personal loyalty to him, his philosophy, and his private agenda ahead of loyalty to the American people.

I do not see how Hillary can become our next President. Just too much baggage to fit into the White House. 

How about if the Democrats put up a Gore/Warren ticket. Every time they make a joint appearance, they would fall off the stage with each one trying to be farther to the left than the other. 

I still say that Kasich/Rubio would be a winner and would do well for the country. We really need a good eight years to even start to heal. I think that both are honest and smart and love the United States.

Harry Reid killed every decent piece of legislation for the past two years and Obama will veto anything good for the next two. So how can the call the Republicans the party of no?

The President is throwing Israel under the bus for Iran. That's just crazy. Iran is actively working on ICBMs and nuclear warheads. They just put a new anti-ship missile on line that they brag will take out any American ship. Now they are talking, publicly, about attacking us with a nuclear electro-magnetic pulse weapon to kill our power grid. I suspect they are not our friends and will not keep any promises they make. Just crazy.

Hide your barbecue grills folks. The EPA is out there looking to regulate them, and they have drones. Since they have downsized the army to about the size of two Boy Scout troops maybe you can pick up some surplus camouflage netting to put over that grill. There is a rumor that they are going after birthday candles next.  

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