Thursday, March 5, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-Six

If Hillary keeps shooting herself in the foot, she won't have a leg to stand on.

Barack Obama likes to compare himself to Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. After Bibi Netanyahu's speech, most Americans were comparing our President to a petulant kindergartner.

I'm not sure that I understand, if Hillary's campaign sinks into Dismal Swamp, as seems to be happening, the Democrats second choice is a far left liberal Harvard educated college professor who has lied about their background and has no experience. Have I got that right?
Do I hear a loud dissonant echo here?

The President wants to nationalize all police forces. Is there anyone but him and his inner circle that thinks that is a good idea for America?

One more question. If Mr. Kerry should get some kind of agreement with Iran, does the President intend to just sign it and be done? Treaties are required by the Constitution to get the approval of two thirds of the Senate. Will the Constitution take another hit?

I'm just saying, by comparison, Jimmy Carter looks competent and Richard Nixon looks like Mother Theresa.

OK, I'm old. I remember going to the circus when I was a kid. It was in a huge tent on a vacant tract of land. It was loud and smelly and tawdry and wonderful. Without the elephants it is no longer a circus. Today, in air conditioned arenas far away from the action, sterile, expensive, and controlled, it's just not the same.

So Iran is fighting ISIS and our confused President thinks they are doing it to be our ally. He is the only one that believes that except for those terminally uninformed.

So in ten years or less, Iran will have ICBMs and nuclear payloads to put on them. We are supposed to think that is a good thing. Let me put it this way, a child born today will be no more than ten years old when that child will be facing annihilation by nuclear armed mad mullahs. Some treaty we're considering.

Barack Obama will be remembered with the same affection as Neville Chamberlain.

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