Thursday, March 19, 2015

Errors Of Commission

Sometimes I feel like I am writing a blog devoted to denigrating either our President or our ex Secretary of State. That is not my intention. It is just that their policies and behavior have been so outrageous that they create the need. So I plead not guilty to Obama-Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

I do not care for the leadership of the Republican party either. But their errors are mostly errors of omission rather than commission. They just seem to be asleep at the switch or don't care to make waves or maybe just snoozing.They are pawns who have taken themselves off the board.

The situation between the United States and Israel has me troubled. The have been a true and loyal democratic friend in the Middle East. And they are truly democratic. In Israel, Arab citizens have a vote just like Israelis. In how many Muslim countries is the reverse true?

Obama and Netanyahu do not see eye to eye, to put it mildly. Actually, they despise each other. It should not be about them, it should be about the two countries. But Obama's ego makes everything about him. His way or no way. 

Obama has a fondness for things Islamic. If one starts from that point of view, Israel becomes the offender. Therefore, take down the offender and the Islamic world becomes your friend. No. That will never happen. We are the kaffir, the infidel, the Great Satan. The most fundamental of Islamic states will never be our friend.

So to accomplish the impossible, Obama has done great damage to our partnership with Israel. A partnership that we need. Obama has tried to dictate Israeli behavior. He has tried to interfere in their election to rid himself of Netanyahu. Now, apparently, he intends to sell out Israel in the UN. There is nothing so vile as a faithless friend.

To put the frosting on a very bad cake, domestically, Obama is now talking about making voting mandatory. Back when we were a free country, if you had a right to vote, you had a right not to vote. What will be the penalty? Fines, imprisonment? Also Obama's minions are looking to monitor your showers and take control of your backyard grill. We are having a real "Big Brother" moment.

Also we must give an honorable mention to Hillary for extravagantly royal behavior. It appears that besides running her own private off-the-books e-mail server, she may also have been running her own private intelligence operation secretly. 

We are seeing new meaning to out-of-control government. Do they not realize that not every idea is a good idea? Do they have no discriminatory thought process? Do they not realize the damage they do?

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