Monday, March 9, 2015

Uninformed? Really?

The United States has the greatest technology in the world. What we don't invent and manufacture ourselves, we have access to. Sitting all alone here at my desk with my Chromebook, my Kindle, and my Iphone, I have faster and better communications ability than a naval carrier group had during the Korean war.

The United States has hundreds of thousands of highly paid people spread around the globe who's primary task is the collection of information. From the embassies themselves, to State Department Intelligence, to the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the DIA, and who knows how many other agencies are out there, gathering information. Far more than I have just mentioned.

There is no single communications system in the world that is even close to the communications system that serves the President of the United States. No matter where he is, from the golf course to the beach at Waikiki to Martha's Vineyard to soaring through the skies on Air Force One, he can reach out to any one in the world.

The President is offered, I understand he doesn't always accept, daily security briefings to make him aware of any trouble that may appear on the horizon. He has a staff who has fingers on the pulse of world events, politics, public perceptions, what is happening with Beyonce and Jay Z, and anything else of critical interest to the President.

So, please explain to me, why, whenever the shinola intersects with the rotor, does the President drawl, "I never knew a thing about it until I saw it on the news". Really. If that is true, which I doubt, all of the millions of dollars that we spend on White House Support is just wasted. 

So the big question is, does his immediate staff shield him from critical information if it may not be to his liking, or does he sit alone in the Oval Office with his eyes closed and his fingers in his ears. So, how many things that he demands action on is he really uninformed about. Really!

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