Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Keep Your Back To The Wall

And so it starts. Clinton weariness is settling over the party faithful. The constant missteps. Scandals of both the His and Hers variety. The videos of Hill being shrill. The videos of Slick Willy oozing the lubricant that prevents anything from sticking. The Kennedys at Camelot they are not.

I can remember a day when a younger, less shop worn, Hillary was the shoo-in  candidate for the Democrat Presidential nomination. She was, as they say, already measuring for new drapes in the White House. But she had history. Some would say, she had baggage.

Then came the Democrat National Convention. A young, black, one term Senator from Illinois made a speech. A soaring exhibition of oratory. A game changer. Suddenly Hillary was out and Barack Obama was in.

Then Hillary made, what I consider, the political mistake of a lifetime. She sacrificed her position as a Senator, possibly the best job in the world, to be Secretary of State. This was like James Bond going to work for Dr. No. 

She was put on a plane and shipped around the world to every dark hole that could be imagined. She was stifled by a lack of freedom and control. Her term ended with a record of zero achievement and Benghazi.

So, dawn the morning of a new election cycle. An older, frailer Hillary stands at the top of the nominee ladder. After all, it's her turn, is it not. She has name recognition, money, and a support base. She's a natural.

But she also has enemies. So the trickle starts. Benghazi, of course. Her reticence to speak to the press. Questions about her health. Claims of poverty. Then the gusher. An illegal  e-mail system outside of proper governmental control. Hillary-mail with her own private server.

When these sorts of things happen in a party that is famous for it's ability to run a cover-up, there is a reason. Hillary, somebody doesn't like you and they have brought the long knives out. There are those with power that want someone younger. Possibly less white. Certainly, someone with less baggage. Someone who will not have Bubba back in our house.

So, Hillary, get your back to the wall. As much as you want to be the first woman President, the odds appear to be shifting against you. But just think of all the money you can make selling your memoir.

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