Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just Ramblin'

I couldn't think of what to write today. It is not that the world is calm and peaceful, so nothing is happening. Just the opposite. But on most worthwhile subjects, I have all ready made my thoughts known. So I thought I might just ramble on and update a few things.

The first has got to be the train wreck that is Hillary. Dear God, don't ever let that woman become President. She is bitter. She is angry. She, like our present President, thinks that she is above the law. Another trait she shares with our present leader is that, in any room, she knows that she is the smartest one there. She has neither the skills nor the experience to lead our Republic. She may be the only person in the world that hates the United States military, more than Barack Obama.

Then there is the happy little group of letter writers in Congress. Really? A letter to the Ayotollah Khamanie explaining your Constitutional prerogatives. Do you think he cares? I sort of sympathize but that was a silly thing to do. The Republican party needs some adult leadership. Boehner and McConnell are not getting the job done. Given free rein, they will give us President Hillary unless the Obama clique is successful in shooting her out of the saddle.

Next we have the Greek Chorus of crying and moaning Democrats complaining that Republicans are interfering with the President's right to negotiate. "This is unheard of", they say. Well, how about Nancy Pelosi's visit to Bashar Assad when George Bush was trying to get Syria under control? Or the time David Bonier and two other Democrats went to Iraq to meet with Saddam Hussein and undermine Bush' efforts there? Or when Jimmy Carter went to the UN to try to block Bush the elder's efforts in Kuwait? As usual, it is OK when the Democrats do it but not Republicans.

Finally, we have an opportunity to make a good and powerful friend with el Sisi of Egypt. He wants to be our friend and would counterbalance the attempt at hegemony in Iran. Iran will never be our friend but Obama is bound and determined to put all his eggs in that basket. He is dangerously wrong.

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