Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Welcome Bibi!

I, along with many Americans, welcome Bibi Netanyahu. As the primary representative of our greatest Middle Eastern ally, he should always be welcome in this country. America and it's leaders should hear what he has to say with gratitude, because what he has to say is important to both countries.

I fear that I must apologize for the small minded politicians who have acted in such an ungracious manner to a great and good friend. We are allies in a war that neither country wants but which has been thrust upon us by evil and small minded people whose credo is stalled in seventh century brutality and violence.

Unfortunately, we are afflicted with politicians that think they understand everything and have all of the answers. But for the most part, they are lazy people who do not study history or economics, the two subjects that are at the core of the ability to govern. 

Our leaders tend to decide on the answer before they look at the evidence. Then they select the evidence that fits their preconceptions. This is the obvious reason that whatever hole we find ourselves in, our leadership is ever willing to dig it even deeper.

This is why our President and our Secretary of State insist that they will get a treaty with one of the most divisive regimes on Earth today. The Ayotollahs of Iran are not stupid. They have power backed by their own beliefs (what ever they may really be) and the support of the true believers that the rule with an iron hand.

They have played our negotiators like a yo-yo for years. But, in spite of the evidence, our negotiators continue to believe them because they want to believe them. The treaty is to be their great legacy. If there ever is a treaty at all, it will be broken at the first opportunity. That first opportunity could be an existential threat to Israel.

So, it is good that Mr. Netanyahu is here to speak to our leadership about the Middle East muddle from Israel's point of view. This is an important speech. He will be serving his country, not himself. Something that Americans have not seen much of recently.

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