Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Hope Americans Get It!

I hope Americans get it. I know that the politicians either don't get it or just don't care. Most people understand it when their own households are involved. But Mayors don't get it. Governors don't get it. Presidents don't get it.

You cannot continue to outspend your income year after year. Also you cannot enter into expensive contracts that will bankrupt your town or state of country years down the line, when someone else has to clean up your mess.

There is a name for this behavior. It is called "Greece". People want to retire at forty-five years old? God bless them. Give teacher golden retirement plans with full health care? No problem as long as endorsements and votes are forthcoming. Contracts to political cronies without a care for competence or results? Hey, it's expensive to run for office. Let the little people and businesses pick up the tab.

So deficits go on and the national debt continues to grow. Worse, it is growing at an accelerating rate. Cities and towns are declaring bankruptcy and are unable to perform basic services. Oops! California is about six feet under water financially. But they go blithely along doing all the wrong and wasteful things. 

What we need to understand is that we are now ruled by a class of career politicians. Their attention span extends no further than the next election. Their overriding mind set is -"what is in it for me?" Their next thought is - "how can I move up to the next highest office?"

So our National Debt is currently at $18 trillion. That is 18 with twelve zero's after it. If you want to see something really scary, Google the National Debt Clock. It will put things in perspective in seconds. The worst part is that much of that money is owed to people who don't much like us. 

So if you didn't "get it" before, I hope this little exercise helped you to "get it".


  1. Great analysis and I agree. The problem is that they keep us distract....oh, cool, did you see the story about the non-shooting at the Navy Yard?

  2. Yes I saw the story. But I wrote this three days earlier. Time marches on but politicians just get more demented.