Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Toilet Paper Partnership

I know, TPP doesn't really stand for toilet paper partnership. It stands for Trans Pacific Partnership. It is another Obama project that gives lie, once again, to his promise of transparency. This huge change in American policy is held as secret as the Manhattan Project once was. Only politicians with a "top secret" security clearance are allowed to read it under threat of prosecution if they divulge it's contents. It is kept in a secret room under guard. It cannot be removed or copied. 

It is amazing to me, how the press is not going after this like the pit bulls they are supposed to be. I know that their heartfelt love affair with their idol President, though slightly weakened, is still strong. I know that they think he is beyond error. But, how can they still believe he is beyond chicanery?

We have had some leaks, compliments of Julian Assange, of WikiLeaks fame. It appears that signing on to this agreement would amount to signing over some of America's sovereignty to TPP. In other words our domestic policies in areas affected would have to agree with all TPP policies.

One of the most heavily affected areas would be the internet. Control would pass from American and independent control to a committee with members from twelve disparate nations from Peru to Viet Nam. Control of the internet would be handed over to the modern version of the Tower of Babel.

Another interesting term of the agreement would be the requirement that we allow the importation of food and drug products that are not up to our safety standards. Why would we be eager to agree to this. And if I hear these things with my limited resources, where is the press with their thousand times greater resources? Because there is more. Much more.

This is just another globalist project designed to dilute American exceptionalism. I can see how the world would have a problem with it, but why do our own political leaders have a problem? They have been trying to bring America low since the mid sixties but, being Americans, we still find away to keep our country great. We just need new leadership to help us along the way.

Our prayers go out to the family of Beau Biden.


  1. Great post, CC, but why leave out Obama's enablers; the leadership of the Congressional GOP? Were it not for McConnell and Boehner this President would be in jail already. They are as much to blame as Obama is and the Republicans in Congress for continuing to re-elect these grifters to leadership positions.

    1. No argument from me, but I try to keep my blogs bite size so people will finish them. Make them too long and folks eyes glaze over and they click off. So I try to make one point and make it understandable.

    2. Yes, I just started a blog and my second one is a bit of a Russian novel. Meh, I'll learn.

      Love your blog, btw.