Saturday, June 20, 2015

We See Satan's Work

Good people, people that gave to their community, gathered together in the peacefulness of their church. They gathered to study the Bible. The guidebook of their Christian faith. And a stranger came among them. They greeted him and made him one of them, as Christians are won't to do. He spent an hour in their company and he betrayed them.

As Judas Iscariot betrayed Christ, this foul and debased young man drew a gun and shot these good and innocent people who had no means to protect themselves. He claimed a cause against blacks. He claimed heinous crime had been committed by them. His claims were untrue. These kind and wonderful people that he confronted certainly didn't commit any crimes. They were a respected minister, older women, and Christian believers. What they were was a safe and easy target for a coward.

Although I have a religious background, I have never believed in Satan. Until now. I looked into the face of Dylann Roof and I understood. Call him Satan. Call him the anti-Christ. By whatever name, their exists an evil entity.
The Face of Evil

From Charles Manson to Jeffry Dahmer, we have seen sick and depraved killers before. But they were different. They burned with a sick fire to be corrupt. Roof has a hollow coldness that is unhuman. His soul has been taken away. He feels neither joy nor remorse. He is on his masters path. If his master calls he will answer. Otherwise, he will wait.

On the other side of this horrible coin, the families and those that survived were allowed to speak at Roof's indictment. As one they forgave the evil that had been done to them and prayed for this young man's soul. They are better people than I could ever be. May God bless them for their strength.

I can only hope that the political hacks and race pimps will show some, well deserved, respect for these people. Charleston seems to be well equipped in all aspects to handle this storm without outsiders trying to capitalize on their grief. 

I can only ask that the prayers of all good and right thinking people will help to support those in their grief and may the wounds heal quickly. This will never be forgotten. 

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  1. The very concept of race is at best pseudoscience. WE would be entirely rid of it by now like small pox, were it not for the libtards and their 'Identity Politics' which require racism to continue to exist in order to justify their asinine bilge.

    When the libtards complain about racism it is little more than political theater as they are the font of most of it today.